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Dave was relaxing in his room one day watching TV in a big comfy chair when he heard a loud thump. A cat meowed.

“Haha what the fuck was that?” He laughed to himself. He stood up from his chair and looked out the window. He was a big fellow about 6 feet tall and a nice build. Not too muscular but not too frail. He had green eyes and had brown hair that was cut short. He was 17 years old.

He saw through the window a very sexy blonde girl. Hair to the middle of her back and at about 5′ 6″. She was wearing short shorts and a small white t-shirt that clung to her sexy athletic body.

“Holy shit.” He whispered. He turned around and sat back in his chair, not wanting to be seen. He pulled out his cell phone and began to dial his friends number but paused in the middle.

He went back to the window and looked a little farther. He saw a U-Haul truck. “YES!” he shouted. He went back to his chair and finished the number.

“Dude, Sam!” he said into the phone, “Your not gonna believe this! Theres this REALLY hot chick next door and shes moving in!”

“Your bullshitting.”

“Am not. If your ass hadnt went and moved about 3 hours away maybe you could see!”

“Wait. Take a picture of her.” Sam said. His deep voice was almost unreal. He had moved about 3 months ago but they were still awesome friends. They were going to meet again this summer. If what Dave said was true then he had something to look forward too this coming summer other than meeting his old friend. Sam was staying at his house (Daves’) and was gonna have a hell of a time if he was serious.

CLICK! “Okay hang on….Sent!”

Sams phone chimed and he looked. “Daaaaaaaamn!”

“Haha I know!” Dave looked out the window again. “Oh shit man hang on!”

He took another picture and sent it to Sam.

“Fucking perfect! Check out the new one!”

She was leaning over into her car. Those short shorts went down a little. Maybe from sitting. But what Sam saw was a thong. A sexy blue one. “Dude shit! Look hard enough and you can see the word sexy on this little gold thing on the back!”

“Oh my I like that very much.”

They both laughed. They got off of that subject and began talking about their old teachers and how the health teacher was still an old wrinkly fugly bitch. That was something Sam did not miss at all from the school.

“Well man I gotta go. Thanks for the pictures. Maybe we can get inside of that hot bitch sometime.”

“Maybe. I dunno man I feel kinda bad talking about her like that.”

“Sorry, bro.” Sam said. “Work time yo. Catch you later”

“Aight man see ya” Dave replied and flipped his phone down.

He went back to the window and looked out side. “Uughh” he said grimacing. He guessed it was her father but he bent down and his asscrack was hanging out. He didnt like that as much as he liked the girl.

Dave wondered what her name was and sat down in his chair. It was about 630 in the evening and it was about to become dark. He was glad the day was friday. He had no homework surprisingly, had no plans or a girlfriend.

“Yet. Haha” He said to himself. He was going to go over but decided not to because he didnt want to mess up his chances with her by spooking her.

He heard a big clang and went to the window. The last box had been taken by the girl and the big door to the U-Haul truck was closed. Her father hugged her and she went inside with the box. Her mother (he guessed) waved bye and she got in the car and her father got into the U-Haul truck. They were dropping it off! Oh sweet! They got everything and he was going to have alot of time to talk to her the next day!

He saw his mothers blue Honda Civic drive into his drive way and dissappear into the garage.

“Awesome food time!” He said making himself laugh. He was in a great mood.

As he walked out his door to go down stairs and stubbed his toe on his weight he had on the ground.

“Ahhh fucking damnit!” He moaned. He bent down and rubbed his toe. “Hurt like a bitch.”

He walked down his hallway and went down the stairs. He went through the living room past the kitchen through the laundry room and into his garage. “Ahhh. The nice smell of air.”

The garage door was still open. He went outside and looked to see if the girl was back yet. “Aww” she was gone and so was the truck.

His mom opened the car door. She stepped out and picked up her breifcase. “Why Hello, Dave!” His mother chimed.

“Hey mom! We have some new neighbors.” He said to her.

“I thought we did I saw the truck as I drove home.”

“Logical, no?” He said.

They both went into the kitchen. He helped his mom cook some dinner by cutting some veggies and frying them. They made a nice portion of food and just as the put the gravy on the table his dad walked into the living room.

“Hey dad!”

“Hi Son! Hey Margret!” His dad put his keys on the coffee table and put his coat on the sofa.

“God I hate teachers meetings” He said.

Daves’ father, also named Dave, was a teacher at Daves school. He went by David instead of Dave. He hated being called by his last name, Smith.

His father sat at the table as Dave put a plate in front of him with his utensils. They all sat down and ate and talked about the day. Nothing too interesting. His mother, a lawyer, said she was going to win the case she had been working on for about a month. His father said the scores from school were good.

After a good hour of eating they all finished and washed the dishes. It was around 8:30. His parents went to the living room, and before he went to his room, his dad called “I have to do some tutoring at school tomorrow and your mom has to work so your going to be home alone tomorrow. Is that okay?”

“Yeah dad!” Perfect he thought. He ran up the stairs to his room.

He turned on his guitar and sat on the same big chair he had earlier. He began playing and practiced his songs he had known.

He was a very skilled guitarist. He had been playing since he was 13 and loved it. His fast movements on the fretboard were going to make him famous some day.

He put his guitar down after about an hour and went to his bed. He began trying to make himself tired anxious for the next day. He wanted that girl so bad. He began thinking about her nice ass canlı bahis and that incredible body. His cock grew. He took his dick out of his pants and began moving his hand up and down on it.

“Mmm yeah..” He moaned. His long 9 inch cock was giving him incredible pleasure. He stroked faster. every minute getting closer and closer to an orgasm. His balls began to tingle and he knew he was about to cum. He thought even harder of her tits and and began thinking of her swallowing his cum as he shot his load into her face.

“Ohh fuck.. Fuck yeah… Ahhh mmmmmm… Shit yeah!” he moaned as he came hard into his palm.

He finished cumming and cleaned up with a few tissues. He walked to his bathroom that was in the diagonal direction to his. His room was at the end of the hallway. He opened the door and flushed the tissues and washed his hands.

“Shit that wore me out!” He looked into his own eyes and smiled. He went back to his room and lay on his bed. He yawned a big yawn and after a few minutes finally went to sleep.


The alarm clock rose with volume and annoyance.

“Unnhh..Shutup!!” Dave said and hit his alarm clock. It was off.

He looked at the clock. 10 in the morning. “Excellent” He said. A decent hour to meet the ne girl next door.

He put on some jeans over his boxers and put on a green shirt with the Stride gum logo on it.

“Mmm mmm! I look minty fresh!” He said making himself laugh again.

He went to the bathroom and shaved. He then took a piss, washed his hands, and brushed his teeth.

He went down stairs and put on his shoes. Nike Air Forces 1s that were black and white.

We went out the door and walked to her house. He walked up her stairs and rang her doorbell. He waited awhile and looked to the left. Both cars they had were gone.

“Shit is she–” He said, being cutoff.


“Hey. Im Dave.”

And there she stood. With pink thong sandals on, a blue jean skirt, and a pink polo. “My names Ariana.” She said, putting out her hand.

“Pleased to meet you” he said smiling. He grabbed her hand, bent down and kissed the back of her hand. He wanted to fuck her already.

She giggled. “You seem sweet. Would you like to come in?”

“Why of course.” He said trying to not to fuck shit up.

He went into her house. It had the same kind of layout as his almost. Everything was still in boxes except for the furniture. “Hey, your house is alot like mine.”

“Thats cool. You know where everything is!”

They both chuckled. They both sat down on the couch and began talking about things and bands they liked. They both loved movies and they both liked The Doors. They were both kind of slackers but were still active in ways. She played basketball. He told her about how he played guitar.

“Oh wow!” She said genuinely happy. “I have a guitar but Im not that good.”

“Maybe I can teach you sometime?” He said.

“Yeah, maybe you could” She said back.

“So have you checked out the neighborhood yet?”

“Ive only driven through it but Ive liked what Ive seen.”

“You wanna scope it out and see some cool things?”

“Sure! Lets go!”

They both went out the door. She left the door unlocked because she couldn’t find her keys.

As they walked they talked somemore and about how cool the school is. He told her how her dad was the French teacher and how he was an only child. She was an only child too and she took French just like he did. They reached the center of the neighboorhood around the time they got to the French conversation. The center of the neighboorhood was a big fountain but around the edge you could sit by the water. In the water you could throw coins for a wish and there were fish in the water. At the front of the fountain there were 2 wooden benches.

“Oh wow” she exclaimed.

“Yeah I said that too when I first saw this” He said. He pulled out 2 quarters from his pocket. He handed one to her. “Make a wish”

She tossed hers into the fountain. He asked her what her wish was.

“To be loved.” She said. That was his cue. “Throw yours in!” She said.

“I dont need to.”


“Becuase your here. And from what I can see, your all I really need.” He smiled at her.

She blushed and looked up at him. He looked down at her. She stood on her toes and he bent down a little. They met in a kiss.

He slowly began to put his tongue on her lips. She opened her mouth and he opened his. They put their tongues in eachothers mouths and began to explore.

Dave picked Ariana up in the middle of the kiss and carried her over to the bench. He put her in the middle and he sat on the right and they kissed in front of the fountain. His cock began to get hard and he made his move.

He put his hand on her leg and moved it up. Slowly to make sure she wanted it. He kept moving and moved his hand to the inside of her theighs. He brushed her pussy and fet the moistness of her panties.

She moaned in his mouth.

“Lets do this at my place” he said pulling away.

She panted a little but managed an “Okay” and they both ran.

They reached his house fast. He kicked open his door and kissed her in the doorway. They began walking up past the living room and whatnot to the the stairs. “Up there. At the end of the hallway” He said.

He opened his door and kicked off his shoes. He then moved the weight to make sure she wouldnt stub her toe like he did the day before. He kissed her and she went onto his bed. He got on top of her and kissed her. He moved his hands up her sides and began to feel her tits. He rubbed them and cupped his hands around them. At least 32 Cs. As he cupped them he felt her nipples get hard. He flicked them at the same time. Ariana moaned.

He moved up and took off his shirt showing off his body. A washboard stomach and nice pecks she noticed. She came up with him after his shirt was off. She lifted her arms.

He grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly moved it up. When it got to her tits he flicked her nipples again. Again she moaned. He pulled it past her head and got it off her. Holy shit, he thought. A black lace bra, filled with her incredible tits.

He kissed her mouth and moved down her neck. He moved down to her tits and went down even lower. bahis siteleri Dave moved her so she was laying down. He kissed her pussy and inhaled her scent. She gasped and sighed. He came up again but only to her tits. He unhooked her bra from the front and her tits seperated. He moved each cup off, one then the other one.

“Jesus Christ..” He moaned. Her tits were incredible. Her cushion under her nipple was about the size of a nickel. The nipple itself stood out about a half inch.

He rubbed her tits some more massaging them. He moved his head down some and licked around her nipple, teasing her.

“Ohh baby, give it to me please..” She begged.

He went around her nipple a few more times before he put his mouth on her nipple all the way. He sucked on it and swirled his tongue. He did the same to the other one making her pant.

He moved away from her tits and went down to his own pants, his boner making his cock press against his jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them down, his boxers showing off his 9 inch cock.

He moved to her skirt and unbuttoned it as well. He pulled it down as she raised her ass for him making it easier for him to take off her skirt.

Her pussy was covered by a matching black lace thong. He moved to her pussy and moved her panties to the right, but not taking them off just yet.

He licked her shaven pussy. It tasted so sweet and the odor wasnt too bad. Ariana Moaned loudly.

“Ohh fuck yeah baby. Eat me out.” She cried. She moved her hands over her face and ruffled her blonde hair rubbing and squeezing her nipples and suckling on one occasionally.

He licked away at her clit and sucked on it a little. She began lifting her legs. He stopped for a second and pulled down her thong and resumed licking and sucking.

He swirled his tongue clockwise around her clit one more time before putting two fingers in her pussy.

“Mmm yeah Dave finger my fucking cunt!” She cried.

Dave worked in and out slowly. She was so tight! It was like putting your fingers into a vacuum piped or something.

He kept fingering her but quicker now as it stretched. He put his head down and licked her pussy once again. He licked her clit and sucked on it for only a few seconds before she began crying louder moaning harder. She was going to cum!

“Ooohh yeah baby! You wanna see me squirt? Mmm yeah! Oh fuck!!” She moaned as he fingered her harder and licked faster. “MMMMM YEAAAHHH!! OHH FUUUCK!!!”

He licked her one last time and she squirted a spray of cum onto his face. He loved it.

After she came he wiped his face off with his hand and licked it up. He moved to her and made out with her once more. Now his cock was like a pipe. He could take it no longer.

He reached towards his night stand and pulled out a ribbed condom.

He raised his eyebrow at her seeing if it was okay to fuck her brains out.

“Baby, Ive wanted your cock since I saw you looking at me out your window” She said smiling.

“Wha- what?” He asked, shocked shed known.

“How did you think you saw my thong?” She said giggling. “Now fuck me. Hard.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. He ripped open the condom wrapped and pulled his boxers off finally exposing him completely. He threw them, along with the wrapper, on the floor. He rolled the condom on himself.

He moved her on top of him and kissed her.

“Ready?” She asked with a sexy smile.

“Fuck yeah.” He moaned, Ready to penetrate her with his cock.

She held his dick in her hand and she raised up. She guided his cock to the folds of her pussy and rubbed his dick on her. “Mmmm” she moaned. She slowly sank down on his cock.

“Oh shit..” He panted. The feeling of that tight pussy on his cock felt incredible, even with a condom on.

She bit her bottom lip and waited a few seconds. She lowered some more and waited again. She kept doing this until she was all the filled. Only a little of his cock wasnt in her.

She had never delt with a dick this long or thick before so she was nervous. But was ready for some deep dicking.

She then raised up some and slammed down on his cock. He and she both groaned at the feeling. She raised higher so only the tip of his dick was in her. She slammed down again. The ribs of the condom making it feel that much better.

Dave on the other hand was in heaven. He watched as her tits jiggled as she fucked him. He didnt want her doing all the work, so when she went up he went down. Then they both met as she slammed down and he came up making them both shudder with ecstacy.

Dave continued going like this until she finally came again.

“Mmm Oh fuck yeah baby!! Oh Daaavee!!” She squealed.

He waited for her to stop. When the orgasm subsided He turned her over and began pumping her pussy, but doggy style.

“Mmmm fuck baby thats my spot!!” She cried

“Yeah you like this dick in you?” He asked.

“Fuuuck yeah!! Make me your bitch!”

And that he did. As he pumped her even harder he slapped her firm ass. Not hard but it made a pink mark. He slapped her ass again as he fucked that tight wet pussy.

“Oh yeah, slap my fucking ass!”

He fucked her faster. As he did his nutsack began swaying quickly and slapped her in the ass. The clap, clap, clap drove them both to the edge. He began to feel his nuts tingle. As he felt it he started to finger he and fuck her too. He rapid did both until they both exploded into an atomic bomb of an orgasm.

“Ohhhh shiiit!!” Dave moaned.

“Mmmmmm Auughhh!!” Ariana screamed.

Dave collapsed to the side of Ariana. When he came out of her her pussy made one final small squirt, and the orgasm was over.

She turned to him on his bed. They faced eachother and kissed for a few minutes, but it felt like hours.

Dave took off the condom and put it next to the wrapper on the floor.

“Lets wash up” Dave said with a smirk.

“Alright baby.” She cooed.

They walked off into the bathroom. Dave opened the sliding door of the shower and let her in first. He closed the door as he entered. He turned on the steamy water and put the water on jet. He pulled Ariana back and spread her legs letting the water hit her pussy .

“Mmm Davey, that feels soo good..” She moaned getting horny bahis şirketleri again.

Dave got an erection fast. She noticed as it bumped her back.

“Hey baby, let me fix that for you..” She said sexily.

She moved down onto her knees and wrapped her hand around his thick dick. She began pumping.

“Oh shit that feels great.” He groaned.

“Mmm you havent felt anything yet.” She said. And on that note she opened her mouth and slid his dick in her mouth. She started sucking on the knob making dave almost fall over in the shower. “Like that?”

“Ohh fuck, ahhh… mmmm yeah..” He panted.

She opened her throat and moved her head down… All the way to the hilt.

Without gagging.

“Holy shit” he said. “You dont have a gag reflex do you??” He asked loving the tight feeling

“Mmm mmm” She moaned trying to say nuh uh.

She moved her head all the way to the tip of his cock and licked it. She moved down to the bottom again and hummed making him nearly fall over from pleasure. She came off his dick and licked from the bottom to the very top and then swirled her tongue around his solid cock. She moved half way down his dick and stopped. She took her right and began to jerk him off with his cock in her mouth.

“Oh shit” He moaned. He leaned against the wall for support.

She kept sucking and pumping on his cock and began jerking faster and sucking harder after about 10 minutes.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck!! Im gonna cum again!!” He cried out.

She sucked at her hardest and let him shoot into her mouth. She almost choked from the force but managed to swallow all of his cum.

“Ahh ahhh… Mmmm…” He sighed.

She sucked on his knob one last time before it deflated to its normal size.

She stood up again and opened her mouth to show she had swallowed it all. “Good girl” he said and patted her cheek. She stepped out of the shower for a second and washed her mouth out with mouth wash and returned shortly.

“Now kiss me!” She begged.

He made out with her in the shower and gently fingered her, once again getting a boner. He pulled away after a minute or so. “How about we fuck one last time. But in the ass?”

She had never been fucked in the ass before but was willing to try. “Hmmm…”

Davids’ eyes filled with hope looked down at his girl. Almost as if saying “please let me”.

“Yes! But go slow… please..”

“I will.” He replied.

He put his dick in her pussy and used it as lube. As he pulled it out he used his hand to shield it from the water pounding down.

“Ready?” He asked her.

“Yeah.. Please go slow.”

He did go slow. He slowly slid his freshly lubed up dick inside of her ass. Only the tip. Ariana yelped.

“Want me to go slower?” He asked her.

“Just wait and Ill tell you when to go again.”

He waited for about 30 seconds and she gave him a hand signal telling him it was okay to go. He pushed in a little further and slowed. She did another signal to tell him it was okay. He pushed halfway through. Went some more.. and then he was in all the way.

“Okay let me get used to it.” She said groaning.

It must be uncomfortable… He thought.

It took a minute or so but she finally was ready. “Pump my ass baby.” She cooed, turning her head to him, smiling.

Dave slowly pulled out a little groaning with pleasure from the tightness of her little rosebud asshole.

“Mmm yeah. It feels strange… but very good…” She moaned.

Dave pushed in again. But at a decent pace. He moaned again as her ass was still very, very tight.

“Ooh baby, you like my ass? My tight virgin ass?” She was moaning. Dave looked around and saw her fingereing herself.

“I like it alot baby.”

“Mmmm fuck me you fucking big dicked, sexy, man!” She moaned.

He loved dirty talk. He loved it more when he could say it back

He fucked her harder “You like that bitch? You like my fat dick in your ass?”

She began rocking on his cock “Ooooh fuck yeah I love it! Keep going! Make me your fucking slut! I want to be your slut! I love your fucking cock baby!”

He fucked her harder. She rocked faster. “You love my cock huh?!” He moved his hands to her tits and squeezed her tits. “You like it when I fuck you? And feel your tits and eat your fucking cunt? Do you?!”


He pumped into her ass faster by the second. His nuts began to tingle. He slapped her ass hard. That big round beautiful ass.

“Im gonna cum you fucking whore! I hope you like it!!”

“Im gonna love it! I love being your whore!!”

“Aughh!!!! Fuuuuuck!!” They both yelled.

She squirted hard against his feet. He shot his load hard into her ass. She loved the feeling in her ass. He loved the feeling of her cum hitting him. They both fell to the shower floor.

They both panted. “That was incredible” She moaned.

“Your incredible” He said. “Im sorry about that talk back there” They both laughed.

“Its okay. I love it.”

“Lets really wash up now.” Dave said giggling.

Dave pulled his cock out of her. He got some body gel and washed her tits and ass. He rubbed them and rubbed her cheeks. Both ass and facial cheeks. He washed her stomach and arms. He washed her neck. He turned the shower on spray and washed her off after awhile.

“Your turn!” She said with some suds on her nose.

She took some gel and washed his chest and abs. She washed his muscular arms and down his legs. She washed his back and ass. She went down and around and washed his nuts and cock.

“Were good at washing!” He said laughing. He washed off.

They stepped out of the shower and dried off. Dave put on his old clothes and threw away the condom and wrapper. She put on all of her clothes as well except her thong.

“A souvineer!” She told him.

“Thanks!” He told her smiling.

He walked her back to her house. He kissed her goodbye and opened her unlocked door for her.

“That was a great tour” she told him. “We should do it again sometime” she said smiling.

“Definately.” He kissed her slipping his tongue in her mouth and before he forgot asked her for her number.

“See ya sexy.”

“Bye babe” He said to her.

He walked to his house and ran to his room. Damn was this a great story to tell Sam! And wait for the summer. They (Him, Sam, and Ariana) were going to have a hell of a time!

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