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The early summer sun alternately blasted in the side window and windshield of my car as I wound around the twisty back road. The road ran along the top of the ridge overlooking the current river, over three hundred feet below. It wouldn’t be a good place to go off the road, but the view was breathtaking, looking over a series of ridges that stretched for miles, the river twisting and turning like a snake through the valleys. It was a view my wife and I enjoyed many times as we came down to the river to canoe. The segment that I was overlooking now was our favorite stretch of water, lots of small riffles and rapids that were not difficult to navigate, and the slow spots still having enough flow so you didn’t have t work hard to keep moving. Over the years we had floated this section dozens of times in all seasons, including winter.

I started down the long hill, losing the view as the snaky road made its way down to the old ferry crossing that served as one of the largest canoe outfitters in the area. I pulled into the almost deserted headquarters building and went in to reserve my canoe. On a weekend this place would be packed, but mid week it looked like I would have the river pretty much to myself. In a few weeks all the schools would be out and even weekdays would be fairly busy, but today looked to be peaceful. I arranged with the lady behind the counter for a single person kayak, something I had always wanted to try. Normally I would have been with my wife and we would have selected one of the nice old town canoes and enjoyed a relaxing float, but that was now a thing of the past.

In some ways I wasn’t sure that this was a good idea, there being so many good memories of her doing things outdoors with me. But my friends pushed me over the last year to get back to doing what I loved, being outside, and to stop making my life miserable. When the heart attack took her nearly two years ago it was a shock, and even now there are days when I expect her to come walking down the hallway in our home. But two years is a long time and my friends insisted that I take a day off and go enjoy the outdoors like I used to. I think they secretly hoped it would get me out of the cycle of either being melancholy or bitchy.

The lady told me the bus would pick me up in a few minutes out front, so I thanked her and headed toward the door to go park in the floaters parking and get my small pack and cooler. A pair of ladies came in the door as I held it open for them before heading out to my suburban. It only took a few minutes to park and get my stuff back and I was headed back toward the building to meet the bus. The ladies I had held the door for were standing under the tree where the bus picked up, waiting for their ride as I would soon be.

One was a bit older, maybe mid thirties at most, and what I presumed was her sister, based on similar looks, seemed to be about ten or twelve years younger. Both were similar height and reasonably thin, with the older of the pair being slightly heavier. Even so I doubted she would tip the scales at more than a hundred and forty pounds for her roughly five and a half foot frame. The two had medium length blond hair that was done in similar styles, framing smiling attractive faces. Their legs were long and slender, looking well muscled and tanned, but between the faces and legs it was hard to tell much. The older of the two had what looked like a conservative dark blue one piece swim suit on, covered by an men’s long sleeved dress shirt, while the younger was wearing an oversized t-shirt that covered her down to her thighs. There were a couple pink strings hanging out the top of the shirt, indicating she probably had on a string type bikini. I didn’t really have much time to look more as the small bus arrived pulling a trailer loaded with canoes and my kyak.

I queued up to the door of the mini-school bus behind the sisters, waiting for my turn to climb in. As the younger one climbed in a tube of sunscreen fell from her bag, unnoticed, so I stooped and picked it up before climbing into the bus.

“I think your sister dropped this.” I said handing the tube to the older sister , who was sitting on the aisle side of one of the bus seats.

She looked up with an odd smile before replying “thank you” with a pleasantly melodic voice. I dropped into the seat across the aisle from them after handing her the tube and got situated for the ride as the driver climbed in.

“Everyone ready?” he asked as he started the engine. We all replied we were and he started off, heading down the twisting turning gravel road that was a short cut to the paved county road that we would use to travel most of the way to the put in point.

The ladies seemed to be fascinated with the scenery as we wound around through the trees and over the hills.

“First time down here?” I asked the older sister, trying to keep my mind off the fact this was the first time I had ever made this trip alone.

“Yes it is!” She replied. “It’s beautiful!”

“If bahis siteleri you like this, wait till you get on the river! You and your sister will love it there.”

She looked at me with that odd smile again before asking me. “Have you been her often?”

“Yeah. My wife and I made this float a couple times a year.” I answered.

“OH. I didn’t see her get on, couldn’t she make the trip this time?” She asked me politely, clearly looking at my hands rather than my face.

“Um. No.” I answered quietly. “She passed away almost two years ago.”

Her gaze moved to my face, causing her to pause for several seconds before she responded. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stir up things.”

“It’s ok. It’s just the first time I have been down here since then. In some ways it’s kind of hard.”

“I can imagine.” She said with a knowing tone in her voice.

We rode the rest of the way in silence, both of us lost in our private thoughts.

The bus arriving at the put in point was almost a surprise, I was so lost in thought. I stayed seated while the ladies got out first, indecently giving me a pretty good view of the older one’s backside under the shirt as she bent over to pick up her bag. I followed them out as the driver was unloading a canoe, finding the two ladies looking a bit lost.

“Have you canoed before?” I asked the older one.

“Some, but not around here.” She replied.

“Here.” I said reaching into the trailer and digging out a couple paddles that looked the right size. “You’re going to need these.”

“Thank you.” The younger one said, taking the paddles from me. She turned and handed on to her older sister and then made some motion to her that was mostly hidden from me as I dug in the bottom of the trailer for a double ended paddle. I had always wanted to try one of the kayak things. They were plastic scoop type kayaks that you sat on instead of in. I worried that it might be tippy, but I really didn’t want to have to manhandle a canoe by myself. I had the ability, but not the attitude today.

“Um. Since we’re new here, and you have done this before, would you like to float with us and kind of be a guide?” I heard the older one ask me as I was pulling out my paddle.

I thought for a moment, trying to decide if I really wanted to float alone or not, and I heard myself answering “Sure I’d love to.” before I had a chance to really sort out how I felt about it.

“Great. My name is Amanda, and this is my daughter Tina.” She said with a large grin.

“Daughter!?” my brain screamed. “HOW did I miss that one!?” Fortunately my brain didn’t scream it out loud and I was able to say something a bit more reasonable.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean… I mean I didn’t want to imply… I mean…” I stumbled to say before she reached out and touched my arm.

“Don’t worry. It was a lovely compliment!” She said softly with a friendly smile. “It’s not often that a woman my age gets that kind of a compliment.

“Your age?” I blurted out as my brain struggled with the situation. “How old are you?”

Without losing her smile she replied. “Didn’t you know it’s not nice to ask a woman her age? How old do you think I am?”

“Well.” I said, “To be honest I thought mid thirties.”

Her smile grew even larger. “Thank you. That really is a compliment. But you’d be closer if you added ten years to that.”

“I never would have thought that. I mean, I figured older and younger sister… twenties and thirties.”

“You are sweet. I wish I was that young again.” Amanda said sweetly. “But then, I’m afraid those years are gone. I suppose that you may want to change your mind about guiding us. I mean you may not want to hang out with an older woman.”

It was my turn to be stunned. Older woman implied that she thought I was younger than she was. I tried to keep in shape, working out daily, but I really didn’t think I looked young. “Thank you, but you’re hardly an older woman.” I replied.

“Really?” she said with surprise replacing her smile. “I would have placed you around thirty five or so.”

“Add another dozen to that.” I said simply as I pulled out a couple life jackets. “Shall we?” I said as I held my arm out toward the river, trying to change the subject from my age.

“We shall!” She replied, her smile returning to her face as she looked toward the river.

It only took a few minutes to get all our gear in the canoes and get things situated. Amanda peeled off her shirt and stuffed it into her bag before climbing into the canoe. I was correct; it was a conservative one piece suit that fit her like a second skin. The material seemed to be nearly seamless as it flowed over her firm body, making her easily C sized breasts look more prominent. I could see the bumps begin to protrude as her nipples hardened from the cool water she was standing in. The effect of course stared my own hardening and I had to scramble to readjust the tent I was making before either of them noticed it.

“You know mom… One canlı bahis siteleri of these days you are going to have to get a new suit. That one is getting so old and it’s so fuddy duddy.” Tina said as she climbed into the canoe.

“But I like this one and it’s very comfortable.” Amanda replied as she bent over to hold the canoe.

I started to settle into my kayak as she began to climb into their canoe. From straight on and even above, her suit was quite opaque, but from below, as I was now, the suit became quite translucent. I wondered if she realized how good of a view I was actually getting as she stepped into the canoe. I could clearly see that the suit top had no built in support, so her form was actually her natural form, and I could make out the size and texture of her larger areola. As she swung her leg over the edge and held it out to shake the water from her shoe, I also had a long look between her legs. I could clearly make out her folded pussy lips, held tight to her body by the material, and her neatly shaved mound, with only a small triangle of blond curls.

I was so startled by what I saw and my concentration so broken that I slid right off the side of the small craft, ending up sitting in the water.

The view may have gone away as she sat down, but my mind recalled every detail, and not having had any sex in nearly two years, my dick quickly grew to formidable proportions as I climbed back into the seat of the kayak. I hoped she wouldn’t notice as I tried to adjust myself, but my wet swim suit clearly outlined my raging hardon, practically putting a flashing neon sign on it.

“Shall we?” Amanda asked as she looked over at me with a huge grin. I had no doubt that she had seen as good of a view of my proportions as I had of hers a few moments earlier.

“Certainly!” I replied as I stroked out in the small kayak, hoping to dodge any uncomfortable comments. As my little yellow craft scooted past the canoe, Tina looked over at me. I saw a grin come to her face as she watched me paddle past, apparently seeing my hard dick in my wet suit as well.

We made our way down the river, often moving side by side in the slow parts, but dropping to single file for the rapids. They handled the canoe with ease and the small Kayak seemed to do my bidding without too much thought. As I had thought, it was a quiet day on the river with only a few other canoes from other outfitters being on this stretch.

Time went pleasantly, with friendly conversation. I learned that she had indeed just moved to the area to take a new job as a teacher, although she didn’t say where, and that her daughter had elected to move with her, wanting to make a new start after breaking up with her boyfriend only three weeks before they were to be married. Seems that he wasn’t quite ready to stop playing the field yet, and she caught him screwing her best friend in their pool. Apparently not a pretty situation. Amanda on the other hand had been divorced for several years, not really prepared to dive back into dating after her husband of twenty years left her for a younger woman. Tina was quite graphic in her description that he was robbing the cradle.

Tina had spent some time teasing me and tossing water with her paddle, which quickly turned into a small paddle water fight, which I ended up losing when I nearly fell out of the little kayak. But just the same it was fun, and it did get both of them wet, allowing me to see more of Amanda, since the wet material was even more translucent from below than it was dry. I also was treated to several glimpses of pink string bikini as Tina wrung water from her shirt by bunching it up and wringing it out.

Our first break came after we had gone a mile and a half or so, the ladies wishing to get out and get wet. We pulled onto a gravel bar and the three of us waded in the water up to our waist, the white shirt Tina was wearing was threatening to float right up her body as she walked into the water. The clear river water allowed me to see some of what she was wearing, but the distortion really destroyed any detail.

“Water fight!” Tina hollered as she began splashing water at me handfuls at a time.

I very quickly became inundated in a wall of water as Tina and Amanda scooped handful after handful of water at me. Outnumbered and quickly being drowned where I stood, I did the only sensible thing, I dove under the wall of water directly at where I had last seen Tina standing. The clear river water helped me zero in on the pair of tall thin legs that I knew had to be Tina. I grabbed both legs as I drew my own legs under me, lifting her clear of the water and tossing her over my shoulder like a bag of dog food. She squealed and laughed as I gave her shirt covered bottom a swat with the flat of my hand, the slap echoing across the river as I allowed her to slide off my shoulder head first into the river. Tina came up a few moments later sputtering and laughing as she came at me once again, this time intent on dunking me. canlı bahis She launched herself at me, putting her hands on my shoulders and trying to press me down into the water. The only effect of her efforts had been to lift her slim body up until she had her firm stomach plastered against my face. She held herself high in the air, laughing and hoping that I would somehow yield and fall into the water as Amanda began splashing me all the harder. I reached up through the cascade of water that Amanda was throwing at me, in an attempt to dislodge her daughter. My hands slid up her body in search of a hand hold, both of them sliding under her soaking wet shirt as they sought a perch. One hand found an arm pit, although my fingers were tangled in strings, and my other found a firm mound of flesh. My mind didn’t process just exactly what my hand holds were until Tina was flying through the air on her way to a meeting with the cold river water.

As I watched Tina land with a splash and come up again, her shirt and suit top somewhat askew, I could hear Amanda behind me, laughing and still splashing water on my back. I tore my eyes from the brief look at Tina’s firm exposed tit and turned to deal with my other tormentor.

“Oh no you don’t!” Amanda cried as she turned and tried to run for the shore. My current position left me the advantage, and I launched myself across the top of the water, wrapping an arm around her middle and knocking her off her feet. Clutching her tightly I gathered my feet under me and stood up, pulling her up with me. My intention had been to dunk her but not hurt her, so I pulled her upright and held her tightly to me while she sputtered and rubbed the water from her face. I could feel my hardening dick press against her ass as well as the softness of one of her firm breasts under my hand as I held her close. Once she had cleared the water from her face she began to struggle, laughing and trying to escape my grip. In one smooth motion I picked her up with an arm under her flailing legs, allowing her body to twist in my arms. I carried her kicking and laughing and screaming out into deeper water where I unceremoniously tossed her into the drink. I stood close by to make sure she got up and had her feet under her. Instead of worrying about clearing the water from her own face and hair, she launched herself at me, knocking both of us over into the river. It took me several seconds to get my arm under me and lever myself up out of the water, Amanda still on top of me. I wrapped an arm around her and lifted her from the water as I stood up, one hand around her waist, clamping me to her and the other around a leg to keep her from sliding.

“Truce!” She cried when she realized I was about to toss her once again into the water.

“Had enough?” I asked her.

She started laughing heartily. “I suppose so.” She said. “Now if you’re quite done feeling me up, you can let go.” She finished, still giggling.

I realized I was holding her swim suit covered tits against my face, one of her hard nipples only inches from my mouth, and my hand was wedged between her legs, pressing against her pussy.

“I’m sorry!” I said as I withdrew my hand and allowed her to slide down my body until she was standing. “I didn’t mean to… I mean, I wouldn’t….”

Amanda laughed all the harder at my discomfort, finally slowing down enough to tell me. “I didn’t mind, really. It was all in fun.”

“Well, you’re a good sport at least.” I said as I turned and started slogging through the water toward the shore.

The water I was in was only up to my thighs when Tina, who had been standing to the side fixing her suit, caught up to me. Clearly still upset about being dunked, she grabbed my trunks from behind and yanked trying to pull me backwards into the water.

“You’re mine now!” she screamed playfully as I leaned forward to keep my balance. The action was intended to keep me from going under, which it did, but in the process allowed Tina to pull my trunks down my legs, ending up at my knees as Tina sat in the water at my feet. I stood in the water, unable to move, my hard dick fully exposed to Amanda and Tina.

“OH!” Tina cried, letting go of my trunks. “I’m sorry!” She said in a squeaky voice, trying unsuccessfully to not look at my dick sticking straight out only inches from her face.

“Well, looks like you enjoyed feeling me up as much as I did.” Amanda said as I pulled my suit back up and covered myself, blushing as I did.

“I really am sorry.” Tina said as she stood up next to me. “I didn’t mean to do that, honest.”

“No problem. I can be a good sport.” I said with a laugh. “I mean it’s no secret that I was turned on when we left earlier, so I guess all you’re doing is seeing a bit more now.”

“Well it’s a nice looking cock.” She said in a whisper as she kissed me on the cheek. “If you ever need someplace to put it, just let me know.”

“Thanks. I’ll remember that.” I said as I stepped away from her and headed to the bank. “But for now I think we are sufficiently wet and cooled off.”

“Definitely wet at least.” Amanda said, still looking at my wet swim suit clinging to and outlining my hard dick it as if I wasn’t wearing anything at all.

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