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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


New Friends in the Breeding Pens

Sunset glowed outside the breeding pens, a crimson orb casting sultry rays over a facility that knew no end to the pleasures of the body. The Breeding Pens were well known throughout the capital city, even if they were not the only breeding facility that existed in the British Isles. There were plenty more around, but The Breeding Pens had worked hard on their reputation for providing a clean, safe facility for needy females in heat – or looking to scratch a particular itch – to satisfy each and every wicked urge their minds could dream up.

No female, of course, left the facility without a little one growing in their belly or clutch of eggs quickening. Customer satisfaction would always be held to the highest possible standards.

The studs… Well, the studs were another story entirely. Only the best of the best were accepted to work at the programme and were paid well for their duties, as if the pleasures of the role were not payment enough. Bipeds and quadrupeds were welcomed, with the facility not discerning between one or the other bar the female’s preference for how she wanted her offspring to turn out. But, whichever male ended up on stud duty for a single female or a group, the pens were yet to send away a disappointed female. Most of them left with semen still trickling down their thighs, cheeks flushed as they held their heads high, elated with the knowledge that they would soon have the family they had entered the pens looking for.

Boasting indoor and outdoor pens, the centre commanded a solid block on the very edge the city, their high walls so placed to keep away prying eyes. Despite evening crawling in with irrevocable hunger, the pens were still as active as ever with the weekend crowd flinging caution to the wind and taking the leap instinct and longing said was just the right next step, seeking that heavily swollen belly and leaking teats.

In one of the quieter pens set back from the orgy rooms, a room decorated to look like a small, indoor equestrian arena, two females wriggled, strapped into bondage that barely let them shift to ease the growing ache in their muscles as they waited on their breeding stud. Although the arena would have been too small in practice for anything other than round pen work, it was certainly suited to one of the females, a proud, lean mare with definition shimmering through her finely trimmed back fur. With a coat of such a dark bay that it was almost black in places, she huffed and let her pale white mane spill down the crest of her neck, fetlocks neatly buckled to either side of a standard breeding stand. Her stomach pressed to the padded wood, buttocks vulnerably raised, and she flicked her tail, ears twitching to catch the swish of hair striking the air.

Beside her, a gryphon with strangely avian quadruped hindquarters, dragged a talon through the sand, barely able to put her weight on her birdlike feet as she hung suspended from the ceiling. Her crimson feathers appeared brushed with an orange sunset over the back of her head and along the tips of her wings, feathers shimmering as they caught varying nuances in the low, tasteful light. Her slender tail, tipped with a cluster of longer feathers, flipped freely from side to side, occasionally pushing up over her own back as if she was readying herself. She was surprised that it had not been bound too when she’d requested the ‘special’ treatment, but found it a welcome distraction from the constant reminder of how helpless she was, eyes roaming the faux fence bordering the room over and over again. It was unnatural to be held so tightly in an intricate web of ropes, instinct screaming and mentally rebelling with waves of panic even as her submissive side crooned.

Some desires did need a certain feather to tickle. She puffed up her chest the best she could while tied up, ropes crisscrossing her body and holding her hind legs apart so that she could not have closed them if she’d wanted to. But she hadn’t expected to have her special breeding so rudely interrupted with the arrival of a mare that wasn’t even a quadruped like her.

“Who are you?” The gryphon demanded rudely at last, squirming in her bondage. “I didn’t realise I’d have to share this pen with a biped.”

The mare snorted and shot her a look out of the corner of her eye, tensing her shoulders so that she pushed up against the limits of the leather straps pinning her down to the stand. With her legs spread so wide, her hooves could only scrape back and forth a few inches to dig a furrow through the sand, as immobilised as the gryphon was even as their bondage rang with different notes.

“You should have read the fine print. cebeci escort I guess the qualities we ticked off for our breeding stud meant that we have to share this time.”

Shaking her head, the gryphon eyed her, clicking the edges of her beak together.

“What’s your name?”

“Apalala. Yours?”

“Rovoska.” She turned her head as if to preen and winced as the ropes pulled tighter still across her feathers. “I’ll have you know that I’m going to be bred first.”

Rovoska rolled her eyes as Apalala twisted, trying to catch a better look of the gryphon out of the corner of her eye, as she could not turn her strapped down head enough to see clearly. The mare’s expression rang with as much need as hers, if but for a split second. And then it was gone, yearning desire replaced with cool confidence as she blew a sliver of wayward forelock out of her eyes.

“And why do you say that… Rovoska, was it?”

Hissing, the gryphon shot her as proud and as cocky a look as she could manage. With her wings tied down to her back, however, it was a more difficult feat than usual.

“I’m not about to have a wet cock in me.” She rolled her eyes again, tail lashing. “You think a male would be ready to go again so soon and be just as good if you have him second? I don’t want your juices in me!”

A tiny smirk pulled at the corner of Apalala’s lips.

“If you need to be bred so badly, you can go first. I’m just here to have my fun and I’ll get that either way.”

Rovoska didn’t seem to hear her, only pausing to tilt her chin thoughtfully to the side.

“He better be good enough for me. If not, I may have to send him away and demand another one.”

Ruffling her feathers, she sighed dramatically.

“If he’s sub-par, you can have him all to yourself. You look like a female that really needs to be bred.”

Cackling, Rovoska threw her head up, eyes glinting with mischief.

“What, your heat get the better of you or something?” She goaded the mare, ear-tufts twitching. “Couldn’t hack it this time, huh? Just got to get a nice, thick cock between your legs, pretty-filly?”

“Mares don’t go into heat – it’s called coming into season,” Apalala snapped, teeth clicking together as she pinned her ears flat to her skull. “And I do not need to be bred!”

“Then why are you here?”

The mare ground her teeth together, half-thinking to not bother giving the snarky gryphon the time of day. She was there for the same reason as Apalala, so just who the hell did she think she was anyway?

“I’m here because I want to be,” she said, turning haughtily away. “Maybe if you’re spouting off bull’ like that, you’re the one that was so needy that she begged to be tied up in the breeding pens and fucked until she’s as weak as a hatchling?”

Gaping, Rovoska squawked and tried to flap her wings. She swung back and forth in the ropes, barely moving as she struggled against herself to get to the mare. Apalala pricked her ears and snorted with laughter, eyes watering as the gryphon dangled.

“Look at you!” Apalala egged her, a grin stretching her lips wider and wider as she amused herself. “You’re just trying to push back onto his cock already, need that fat shaft spreading you open and giving you a clutch.”

“Ladies, ladies… There’s plenty of me to go around.”

A voice cut across their somewhat good-natured bickering, sending them both into an abrupt silence. Heavy steps thudded into the arena as the door swung close at the stud’s heels and both females whipped their head around to get the first look at him.

A four-legged stallion trotted into the arena with his head held high, tossing his silver-white mane from one side of his neck to the other. His coat boasted a like colour, splotched through with darker silver that draped over his coat like water, flowing and moving with the bunch and pull of muscle beneath the skin. A long tail flicked behind a set of hindquarters rolling with power as he snorted, ducking his head down to his hooves as he threw in a buck for good measure, showing off for the females he’d been brought in to breed.

Apalala sucked in a breath, heart hammering and tail flicking up over her hindquarters against her will. For a moment, the mare forgot how she was doing the breeding for herself – of course she was, she always did everything for herself and herself alone – and let her pussy squeeze down on nothing. She groaned and arched her neck, unconsciously flirting as her tail flicked to better spread her hormones through the air, making herself impossible to resist. The stallion skidded to a halt, kicking up sand, and peeled his upper lip back from his teeth, sifting through her intoxicating scent as her body begged to be bred.

For that’s all she really was in the breeding pens – a female in need – and it was why she’d requested to be tied down. She wanted to make a pretence at choosing a stud for herself, maintaining even through signing in at reception that çukurambar escort she didn’t really need to be bred, but it was all a lie – a ruse of the highest calibre. Apalala was as needy as the next mare in season, pussy drooling with sheer, unadulterated need.

The mare groaned, head swimming. By the horse lords… She hadn’t expected to be paired up with a stallion! Let alone a feral! She should have squirmed in trepidation, but all the sight of him and that full, heavy-looking sheath did to her was make her marehood wink, tugging up reflexively to show off how desperate her body was to feel him driving up deep inside her.

Apalala inhaled deeply and slowly, calming herself even as her nostrils flared and the hunk of a horse pranced between them, as light on his hooves as a dancer. The gryphon chirped, tucking her beak into her chest as her tail curled and uncurled over her rump as if she was trying to draw the equine’s attention. But he was too busy flicking up his hooves like a colt on his first spring grass to notice such a minor detail. Smirking, Apalala pricked her ears and shot Rovoska a sly look.

“Name’s Durst,” he whinnied, pivoting on his hind legs between them as if trying to take in both females at once. “But you won’t remember that name. Not after I’m done breeding my mares of the evening.”

Chuckling, he snorted and flared his nostrils, pawing at the sand.

“No one leaves my breeding pen unsatisfied either. You’ll both be carrying my foals before the night is out.”

“Hey, stud.”

Rovoska’s voice wound sinuously around him, calling the stallion’s attention. He lifted his head, eyes bright and curious.

“You’ll be remembering my name for sure, because I’m going to be the best lay you’ve ever had,” she crooned, ear-tufts twitching. “I’m Rovoska. Her name doesn’t matter.”

Durst stretched out his neck towards her, golden eyes shining with intelligence. As if struck by their rarity, Rovoska blinked at him several times in quick succession, dulled for but a brief moment. The stallion arched his neck, one hoof lifted.

“I’ll hear it all the same.”

“I’ve made my introductions with birdie over there already,” Apalala took her chance to speak up, though it was difficult to force out the words with a heat-riddled body. “But I’m Apalala. You won’t need to remember my name.”

She flushed, turning her head away. Just why had she said that? Was she so far gone in season that she would say anything to get a cock in her? But it seemed to work wonders with the stallion, who snaked his neck out to nip her sharply on the shoulder. Squealing, Apalala tried and failed to kick out, shuddering at how just that bite along made heart pound, blood pulsing through her veins like liquid fire.

“I like you, little mare,” he nickered, butting his forehead into her hip as he inspected her from head to hoof. “I like you a lot. You’ll be my first of the evening.”


Rovoska shrieked, swinging as she fought her bondage once more, wings shuffling the little that they could move.

“What about me? I deserve to be bred first! What do you need me to say? I’ll be a better fuck than she ever will!”

The equines ignored her, wrapped up in their perusal of one another. Durst shifted his weight from hoof to hoof, sheath plumping up with the main course that was to come. Lipping down the length of her back, Durst snorted and she trembled as his hot breath warmed the underside of her tail. Of course, it was flipped up and pushed to the side, the fall of white hair shimmering as he pressed his nose into her sex, inhaling quickly in short, sharp breaths.

“Oh, sure, go for the mare, why don’t you?” The gryphon huffed, snapping her beak with such force that the edges came together in a rowdy ‘clack’. “It’s always the same with you equines, you lot go like for like all the fucking time.”

“Now, now, birdie,” Apalala nickered breathlessly as Durst lapped up her cunny lips. “Don’t be a sore loser. It’s all the same in the breeding game, isn’t it? You’ll leave here knocked up either way.”

Rovoska snorted.

“Yeah, but I’ll be having your sloppy seconds.” The feathers between her beak and rounded forehead ruffled. “His dick will still be wet from you!”

The mare would have smirked if she’d not been busy trying to push back onto the stallion’s muzzle, his tongue scooping up her juices as quickly as her body produced them. He licked his lips, savouring her taste as his mottled pink and brown cock dropped below his stomach, bobbing and slapping the rounded underside of his barrel. As Apalala’s pussy winked, pushing out more of her arousal as she ground her teeth together to stop herself from verbally begging him to breed her, Durst half-reared, dancing back and forth in his eagerness to mount.

“You’re going to have some strong foals off me, mare…”

Apalala groaned.

“I can’t have twins!”

Horses usually only birthed single foals, with twins demetevler escort being a rarity within the species. Far from correcting himself, Durst nickered a laugh, mounting her with as calm and collected an air that any stallion had ever bragged. The cock slapping the underside of his belly only heightened his air of masculinity.

“I am well aware of that, but I also know that you will be back for more, once you’ve had my cock once.”

Mounting her backside, he pushed up over the breeding stand and the tied down mare, lips brushing through her mane. She moaned and tried to lean into the warmth of his body, shivering delightedly when her bondage denied her even that pleasure. It was a strange feeling to be so denied, but made her all the hornier, heat spreading down her neck in hot, sweaty patches.

Cock bobbing, the stallion rolled his hips forward, fleshy cock sliding over her buttocks. It may have taken a lesser stud several jabs to hit his mark, but the tip of his shaft caught and drove in with a single thrust, easily impaling her tight tunnel. Squealing, Apalala clenched down around him, eyes bulging as her pussy was stretched further than she had ever managed with a male – only her toys had given her such girth! She hadn’t managed to find a partner with such a cock as Durst had, that much was sure!

Ruffling her feathers, Rovoska grumbled and muttered to herself about not getting bred first as the scent of sex and delicious scene before her drove her arousal to a peak that she could not have imagined was possible. As the mare was bred – before her! – the gryphon rolled her head from side to side and chirped, trying to claw at the sand, but not quite able to get the purchase to draw their attention back to her.

Apalala panted and writhed as much as she could beneath the long, driving thrusts of the stallion, submitting to him with every powerful stroke he delivered. The length easily slipped into her past the medial ring, her body designed to take such a large cock even if there was a noticeable size difference between them. His cock drove into her with loud, lewd slurps of their combined sexual fluids, drooling virile pre-cum as he grunted and shuddered above her. Apalala’s head rolled, mouth hanging open as her vision flickered, sensation after sensation overwhelming her body from all sides.

It was exactly what she’d been craving for oh so very long.

Her climax came upon her quickly and unexpectedly, gripping her in a fist so tight that it was several minutes before her neighs and whinnies of pleasure subsided. Spasm after spasm wracked her body, claiming it for its own ecstasy, until she returned from the blackness of orgasm to a heaving body above hers, rump moving quicker and quicker as Durst fucked her with short, sharp thrusts, snorting heavily.

The stallion was close.

But he would not be outdone and would not cum so quickly that his mare was not satisfied. For all the gryphon chattered about having standards, so did he – and steep ones too! Durst rolled his eyes. He was the best for a reason.

Groaning, Durst pinned his ears back and slammed into Apalala who neighed loudly, still sensitive from her orgasm. That didn’t matter – he’d be pushing her into another very shortly anyway. Huffing and snorting like a wild stallion on the plains, he fed her every inch of cock-meat her body was willing to take, struggling even in himself to hold back as her hot passage clenched and rippled around him. Sweat darkened a line down his neck, sand scuffing up beneath his hooves as he worked his hindquarters in closer for the best angle to thrust, pleasure rising and rising with every passing second.

Durst snorted headily, feeling the mare tense up, clearly on the edge of another climax. Even he could not last forever with such a needy mare beneath him, hormones flooding his nose as he drew in breath after breath, needing to breathe even as it drove him closer and closer to the edge.

“Ready for my foals, little filly?”

Apalala didn’t have a chance to respond before he rammed in with a proud whinny, tail flagging as his cock throbbed, delivering the first thick spurt of cum into her needy passage. His balls twitched up closer to his body as he groaned and thrust shallowly, keeping his cock as deep inside her as possible as he spent himself. Rocked into her second orgasm, it was all the mare could do to stay conscious as he filled her, imagining that her belly swelled a little from the sheer volume of cum he was pumping into her.

The stallion grunted and groaned, rocking into Apalala as his climax tapered off, the last spurts of cum splashing right up to the back of her passage. He was sure that, already, his semen was racing towards her eggs, his services as a breeding stud complete, at least for the moment. He whuffed softly at her neck, sides trembling and heaving for breath, nostrils puckering softly. Although his first climax had momentarily drained him, if in mental need alone, he couldn’t forget that he still had a job to do.

Snorting, he dismounted with a heavy thump of hooves hitting the sand, cock drooping softly below his stomach. That didn’t bother him, the fact that he was soft for the moment; it would be but a few seconds before he was hard and ready again.

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