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Mason, the Handsy man

As the lockdowns wore on, my poor bored wife kept coming up with little projects to do around the house. One of the craziest parts of the pandemic was how quickly toilet paper, of all things, became hard to get. Luckily we had bought a huge pack from a warehouse before all of this started, so we were in good shape. Talking one night, we realized we had both been getting ads for bidets that you could add to your standard toilet. If toilet paper supplies were going to continue to be an issue, maybe it was a good idea.

I found and ordered two bidet attachments, and hatched a plan. It looked like they were pretty easy to install and it likely wouldn’t take too long. One night while my wife was in the shower, I got onto her phone and added a contact entry for a handy man named Mason. It took a while for the bidets to arrive, but eventually they were at the house ready to be installed. My wife asked me if I could get around to doing it. I told her I was pretty worn out with all of the projects, and needed a weekend off. I suggested she check her phone, she would find a contact entry for a handyman named Mason that could do the job.

“He comes highly recommended and is known for working very well with his customers, especially women. I have heard he is willing to consider alternate forms of payment as well,” I said. “He only answers texts, so contact him that way, he’ll likely get back to you promptly.”

She grabbed her phone, was surprised to find the name in her contacts list, though wasn’t surprised to find it went to my phone number. She knew the game was on, and a role play would accompany this particular project.

“Okay, I see his number here, hope he’s a big strong man, and not afraid of getting a little dirty,” she said with a cute little smirk. “I’ll see what I can schedule.”

“He’s a big, old school tradesman, with rough hands, and a slightly rough demeanor, but he’ll treat you right,” I said with a knowing grin.

I headed out the door to go to the shop. Kept thinking about the plan I’d hatched and kind of worked up a personality and background for my alter-ego Mason. Decided he needed a bit of a Western drawl, more common in rural areas of Colorado than the cities.

Not long after I got to work I got a text:

Hi Mason, My name is Vanessa and I need your help with a little project at my house. My husband has been very busy and just hasn’t gotten a chance to do it. You come highly recommended. Hope you can fit me into your schedule.

I sent back:

Hi Vanessa, When did you have in mind? Busy week, but I might be able to fit you in on Saturday. Always willing to help a lady in distress.

My phone pinged again:

Can you do Saturday Afternoon? I am finding the house budget to be quite tight this month, anything I can do to keep the costs down?

I grinned at that gift of an opening and replied:

I have a job in the morning, I can be there about 2PM, if that works. I’m willing to work with you on the pricing. I give discounts for hot wives that know how to handle a big guy like me. If you’re hot enough, we could offer each other a freebie. I am very discreet, your husband will never know how you got that big discount. I will get the job done, whatever that job might entail.

She sent back a blushing emoji, and then replied with:

2PM is perfect! I think I’ll be trying for the big discount, but only if I find you hot, you cheeky devil.

I laughed out loud. I knew she wouldn’t have expected that little comment and would find it a bit misogynistic. It was all going to plan. Needed her to think her new handyman was also a bit of a caveman. I planned to treat her a little roughly, and “use” her, for my own pleasure. To be sure I was going to give her pleasure as well, I just wanted to add to the illusion that Mason wasn’t me.

So I sent back:

Ooh, you’re a sassy one, THAT I like. Especially when what they really need is a real man. I look forward to meeting you. BTW, I do other plumbing as well, if you need your pipes seen to 😉

She sent back a lol emoji and replied with:

See you Saturday, better do the job right, or you aren’t getting any of this.

A moment later she sent me a selfie of her in a tight little chemise that showed off her commendable assets, and she had pulled up the hem so I could just about, but not quite, see where her legs met. That surprised me a bit. She did this kind of thing occasionally, but this one was pretty hot. I had to figure out how to get back into the dominant position in this little scenario of ours.

I decided to send back:

Well, you sure look hot, but hot is more than looks, see you Saturday!

Have to say, I was a little distracted the rest of the week. One of the things I love about creating a fun scenario for us is that it generates an erotic Haramidere escort bayan charge that builds ands has us both ready for action when the time comes. My wife and I flirted the rest of the week. At one point I even said, “With all of this pandemic mess, money is tight. Do whatever you have to to keep the cost down.”

She smiled, and replied, “Mason sounded quite reasonable, I think I’ll be able to get us a discount. Well, as long as you don’t mind how I get it…” She trailed off, looking a little shy about what was likely going through her mind.

I played the cool detached husband and said, “Do what you have to, I have a project I have to see to on Saturday, so you’re on your own. Make sure you’re satisfied with his work.”

I got up, cleaned up the breakfast dishes and headed out the door. It was Friday, and I knew we’d be doing our own little Happy Hour when I got home. Worked all day and tried to keep Saturday off of my mind, I had a lot to finish up so I could relax on the weekend. I had ordered some things to add to the illusion, and all of them had come in during the week. It was going to be fun to see how she reacted on Saturday.

Friday night I hid my purchase in the garage and slipped a couple of things out of the house as well. We had a few drinks and watched a TV show we had been binging. It was a relaxing night, but there was the hint of an erotic charge between us. We missed being able to go out to our favorite bar, but this was a decent substitute for now.

Saturday morning we both got up, had some breakfast and got all of the household chores done.

“I have to head to the shop and get that project done, I look forward to trying the bidets when I get home.” I gave her a kiss and headed out the door with about 20 minutes before Mason was due to arrive.

Once I got to the garage, I stripped down, folded my clothes and put them in one of the storage cabinets. I splashed on some musky cologne that I wore years ago, making sure to not smell quite like I usually do these days. I was hoping this older scent on me would bring back some youthful memories. Next I pulled on some mesh boxer briefs, and a slightly undersized tank top that showed off my broad chest and large shoulders well. Then I pulled on some coveralls that I had just gotten. They looked like the kind of thing a plumber or handyman would wear as a uniform, nice and crisply pressed, luckily they were a good fit. Then I pulled on my steel toed work boots and grabbed my tool belt. I loaded the tool belt with some of the tools I would need for this small project. Then I grabbed the bottle of lube and the small rechargeable magic wand I had snuck out of the house, and put those in the tool pockets as well.

I opened the garage door, grabbed my tool caddy on the way out, and walked down the alley. Proceeding around the end of the block, I walked up to our front door and rang the bell. Our dogs lost their furry little minds barking, and I waited for my sexy wife to let me in.

My wife answered the door and my mouth just about fell open with lust. She stood there in a stretchy shirt that hugged her curves, some very tight little booty shorts, and a pair of wedge sandals that made her legs and ass look amazing.

My wife greeted me with. “Hi, you must be Mason, come on in.”

She stepped back, opening the door, and I stepped into the house. The dogs finally realized it was me, quit barking, and went looking for a place to have a nap.

“Nice to meet you Vanessa, what is it you need me to do for you today?” I asked.

She led me across the room to where the bidet attachments were sitting on a table, and said. “With all of the crazy toilet paper shortages, my husband and I decided these would be a great way to save TP. I need them installed on the two toilets upstairs. And I might have a pipe that needs looking at as well, we’ll see.”

I grinned, looked over the install instructions and said, “Sure this shouldn’t take too long, I’ll have you up and running soon. Lead the way.”

She had been sitting primly, but when she got up, she spread her legs wide to shift position and stand, giving me a clear view of her covered crotch before she stood. The wedge sandals did their magic, her butt and legs looked amazing as she climbed the stairs. She took full advantage and put a serious sway in her step, I felt my cock stir at the sight.

We got up to the bathroom, and I dug into the first install. Had to shut off the water line and install a T in the line. Next I took off the toilet seat, put the parts for the bidet in place, then hooked up the water line between the bidet and the T. It took maybe 10 minutes. While I was working on it, Vanessa stood in the door with her arms up on the door frame making her tits look amazing, youthful and full. She then dropped one arm to her side and leaned against the door frame, a very sexy pose. As I finished up, being curious how it would work, she came over, bent deeply Escort İkitelli at the waist and gave me a lovely view down her shirt.

“So, how does this work?”, she asked.

“Not sure actually, there are little symbols on the valve, but I am not sure what they mean. There are two nozzles for some reason.” I answered, then barely turned the valve, squirting water onto my own chest and then as I dodged, all over the wall in front of the toilet. Panicking I turned the valve too far the other direction and set off the other nozzle with a similar result.

We both laughed at the accident, being surprised with the pressure these little nozzles put out.

“Hmm, this one symbol looks like a couple of butt cheeks with a water spray, guess we know what that’s for”, I said with a grin. “According to the instructions the other nozzle is for lady bits.”

“Oh? That could be handy, hope the pressure isn’t quite that high for that one though, youch!” Vanessa exclaimed. “Let’s get that other one installed, my husband will be home in a while.”

We went to the Master bath to do the second install. I was getting quite warm in my coveralls.

“Hope you don’t mind, but it’s warm in here,” I said as I unbuttoned my coveralls to the waist, pulling the upper shirt part off, and tied the arms around my waist to keep the rest of it up. So my upper torso was now covered in just a tight tank top, showing off my strong arms and shoulders.

She looked at me appreciatively and said, “It is getting hot.” With that she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Underneath she had a very thin white tank top, and her hardening nipples were clearly visible through the fabric. I finished the second installation in record time.

“You are a hot little minx,” I said with lust in my voice. “Might be we can work out a 100% discount on this visit, let me see what I would be getting for my efforts.”

I grabbed her shoulders, spun her around to face away from me and made her lean over using her hands on the wall to keep her balance. Much more roughly than usual, I ran my hands all over her body. I reached around her and got a little rough with her breasts. She seemed to react very well to this rough treatment, but then I went a little too hard, her physical reaction and little yelp told me to back it off a bit. I slid my hands down her back and grabbed her hips. Then I ground my coverall covered cock against her ass. Pulling back a little bit I ran my hand between her ass cheeks and rubbed a finger over her very warm loins. She jumped at that a little, enjoying my exploration of her sexy body. I grabbed her little booty shorts and pulled them to the floor, lifting one foot after the other to get them completely off.

“Let’s see if you have any skills that are worth my money,” turning her back around.

I untied the arms of the coveralls and then unbuttoned them the rest of the way. I worked them down to my ankles. She knelt on the bathroom rug, and teased my cock through the mesh briefs I had on. Teasingly stroking my hard cock, and running her fingernails over the fabric, she had me rock hard in seconds. Then she leaned into me a bit and ran her mouth over my bulge.

“I think my skills are pretty solid, my husband never complains,” she said in a low, sexy voice.

With that she grabbed the front of my shorts, pulled them over the tip of my manhood and down. My hard cock sprang out of the shorts with a bounce or two. She engulfed me with her mouth, moaning and sucking me off. She worked my shaft for a bit and got me throbbing with desire.

“Sit on the toilet lid, let’s get those heavy boots off,” she suggested.

I sat, and she worked to untie my boots, then she turned sound straddled my leg, making sure to give me a lovely view of her ass, and pulled one boot off after the other. Then she worked my coveralls off with lots of touching and stroking to keep me interested. My cock was popping out of the shorts she had put back in place after the blowjob.

I stood up, pulled her close, and gave her a deep kiss. Tongues dancing in each other’s mouths we were both very aroused, or hands wandering all of each other’s bodies.

“Now you sit on the toilet lid. I have another tool I want to try out on this project.” I said reaching for my discarded tool belt.

Her eyes widened a bit, with what I hoped was lust, when I pulled the vibrator and bottle of lube out of the pockets. I turned it on and ran the round vibrating head between her legs and slowly worked it around. After a bit I focused a bit more near her clit, and she threw her head back with the sensation. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and with her willingly wiggling her cute butt, managed to pull them down and off.

Squirting a little dollop of lube onto my fingers, I spread it all over the head of the vibrator, making sure it was good and slick.

“Tools always work better with the right lubrication,” I said with Çapa escort a smile.

Then I went back to work, working the head of the vibrator all around her delicious lips. I teased her opening and then ran the head up to stimulate her clit. Again and again I teased her clit with the vibrations and then back to her opening. I knew the head was much too big to insert into her, but she was reacting very nicely to the tease. Nearing orgasm, she reached down, grabbed my hand along with the vibrator and drew it up to her clit , holding it there tightly. She came with a scream and just held it in place riding another wave almost immediately. At this point, I was rock hard and wanting. It is so erotic to watch my wife lose all sense of inhibition and just let the sensations take her. She pulled the vibrator down and away, and I flicked it off.

“Time to pay the piper, well, in this case plumber. Go to the bed, assume the position, ass up, face down, ” I said with a low growl.

My wife was still in a post orgasmic daze, and did as I asked. I knelt on the bed behind her, lubed my cock and teased her opening with the tip. She pushed back toward me and the tip of my cock slid into her pussy. Being all nice and lubed up I slid into her easily, being careful to not go too deep. This position can be a little hard on her as, at that angle, the head of my cock can slam into her cervix and she is not a fan of that sensation. On the other hand, this is one of my favorite positions, looking down at my cock moving in and out of her, wet with her milky juices. The eroticism of doggy style always charges me up in a hurry, so I slowed down and eased off my approaching orgasm.

“Reach under and play with your clit.” I kept slowly pumping into her, loving the view of her round ass and sexy back. I could feel her hand working her clit and my balls made contact with her hand every time I was deep inside her.

She was starting to get wound up again, breathing quickly, as little tremors through her body made her pussy squeeze my cock. That did it, as she started coming again, I picked up the pace and grabbed her hips, carefully fucking her so I didn’t go too deep and ruin her momentum. She started to cum and I was sent right over the top, deluging the inside of her with my cum. It was an epic way to finish the long tease.

I leaned over her, and said, “Stay right where you are.” I pulled out of her, grabbed my phone and took a picture of her swollen pussy with my cum starting to drip out of it. “We’ll consider that shot to be proof you are paid in full.” Then I knelt back on the bed, placed my still hard cock against her entrance and put myself maybe half way in and took another picture.

“That one is just for me,” I said.

I pumped in and out a few more times, gave her a pat on her cute butt, and pulled out. “Thanks for the business Vanessa, be sure and let me know if you ever need my help again. More than happy with our payment arrangement. You are my hottest customer.” I went back to the bathroom, washed my “tools”, and pulled my clothes and shoes back on. I grabbed my tool belt and caddy and headed for the stairs. My wife was on her side in the bed, naked from the waist down, still wearing the tight tank top.

“Well, given that your service was so good, and you did such good work, you’ll be hearing from me soon, ” she said with a satisfied smile.

“Well, I do aim to please, best way to keep a customer. Enjoy your new bidets,” I replied. “I do hope you have another project for me soon.”

With that I walked out the front door, back around the block and opened the garage. Took a little time to redress, and gather myself. I left the garage, locked up and headed for the back of the house. My dogs were staring out the door wagging their tails, this was the way I usually came home. It was like they hadn’t just seen me go out the front door 15 minutes ago. I greeted them and loved them up a bit, put my briefcase where I usually do. Then I sat down to relax and watch a replay of a soccer game that had been played in the Premiership earlier that day.

I heard the shower running upstairs, and figured my wife was cleaning herself up a bit. She walked down the stairs in a t-shirt and shorts maybe 15 minutes later.

“Oh, you’re home, how did it go?” She asked.

“Not bad, got the project done, at least I’ll be a little ahead of the game when I get in Monday morning. Did the handyman come?” I replied.

“Sure did, we’re all set, they seem to work great.” she said enthusiastically.

“How much did this little project cost us?” I asked wanting to continue the illusion that she had just fucked another man.

“Mason was great, he said it was really easy. He really enjoyed my company, so he didn’t even charge us.” She said with a sexy little smirk.

“Well, I know you are an engaging conversationalist, he must have enjoyed your company”, I said back with a wry smile. “What else did he ask of you?”

“Nothing I want to talk about, you have a dirty mind,” She said with a broad smile.

“Oh, you have no idea, and you like me that way.” I quipped.

“I sure do!” she said, walking across to me She sat in my lap, and gave me a long deep kiss.

My cock stirred as I thought of her on her knees, with my cock buried in her sheath.

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