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It had been a while since I had seen her this happy. Her brown eyes glowing, her smile taking up all of her face. She had come into the restaurant that I was working at, and requested me for her waitress. As I walked up with her Diet Coke on a tray in my hand, I was taken aback by her beauty that she still contained, and by the love I still had for her.

I placed the soda in front of her and asked her how her day was going. We did the whole “waitress and customer” dance for a while till I took her order. As I went to give the order to the kitchen, I wondered why she was here. What it was that she wanted. If she still wanted me. I pushed all the feelings aside and told myself that I was so jumping to conclusions and that she just wanted something to eat.

I tried to avoid her. But every time I walked into the dining room, I could feel her eyes upon me. As I bussed tables, I felt as if I was being undressed right there. When I looked up and our eyes met, I felt naked in her presence. How could I feel this strongly for a person that I have been trying to let go for so long? How could I feel the butterflies for her like the first day we ever spoke?

I get her order ready to take out, and as I do so, my manager tells me that she will be my last table. All my side work is done so now I just have to wait for her, my first love, to finish and leave. I take out the order and ask her if she needs anything else. She looks up at me, with those curious eyes and foxy smile and says, “Just you.” I chuckle, aware of how much I am blushing now, and under my breath I tell her, “Maybe tonight.” and went away.

I walk back a couple minutes later to see how she is doing and she asks me when I am off. I tell her when she leaves. I realize how bitchy it came out, but I couldn’t find a way of hiding the pain that I have felt for so long without her, and now that she is here, beyoğlu escort in my presence again, I just didn’t know what to do. So without another word she was gone, just as fast as she came in.

A little while later I walk out to my car to leave and there is this hot pink Chevy truck parked next to my car. And she was driving. I walk up to my car, trying so hard not to notice her in the driver seat, but as I hear the window roll down I turn around and see her fabulous face. She asked me to hop in and I did, and we drove.

I didn’t know where we were going and it felt great. The silence was thick and I couldn’t help but stare at her when she shifted gears on the highway. It had started to rain, and the song “Kiss The Rain” came on the radio. While the song was playing, she told me that we were going to the cities. That she was kidnapping me and that we needed to talk since we hadn’t talked in over a year. I told her she was right and that I had meant to call but was afraid. I had let my fear of her telling me that friends was all we could be and that I hadn’t yet fully dealt with not being with her, feeling her, tasting her. She smiled and said, “Same here”.

We started to talk about meaningless stuff. Stuff that didn’t really matter until we pulled up in front of a hotel. Puzzled, I asked her what it was that she was planning and she said, “What ever happens baby.”

OMFG she called me baby! This couldn’t be happening. Not today, not now, I must be dreaming. However as I go out of the truck and slammed my knee in the door, I knew that I wasn’t dreaming today. We walked into the hotel, she grabbed my hand as we headed up to the front desk. With such ease she paid for a room and took me upstairs.

Our room number was 420. I looked at her and asked if she requested the room number. Chuckling she said, “No, but wouldn’t be funny if I did?” At that sarıyer escort point she told me to close my eyes as she lead me into the room. I had to keep them closed until she said to open them. She led me to the bed and I heard her lock the door and walk back towards me. She told me to open my eyes and I stared at her. She had taken off her sweatshirt and lounge pants to show a very skimpy bikini. I looked around the room. At the fireplace, a dozen of purple irises, a hot tub, and just couldn’t believe it.

She kissed my softly as she told me to just lay back. She laid down on the bed next to me. She began to tell me how she couldn’t stop thinking about me and that she was single. She told me that she had moved to about a block away from me and have seen me so much in the past two weeks that she decided to do this. Then her voice changed as she started to say sweet nothings and undressing me. When I was completely naked, she grabbed my hand and lead me to the hot tub. Getting in I was still silent. I didn’t know what to say but I knew what I wanted to do. I leaned over and kissed her. Her lips were soft and her mouth tasted as sweet as I remember. My hand traveled up to her short reddish curly hair as her hands roamed my body. I untied her bikini to expose her breasts and pulled her closer to me.

The water was bubbling around us as the lust for each other filled the room. she stroked my leg as I kissed her neck. My hands ran down the sides of her body till they reached her bottoms. She moved so smoothly as I took them off and tossed them out of the tub. Her hands where in my hair as I touched her legs. My hand ran up to her pussy. I played with her clit as I kissed her deeply. I kissed her neck again as she rode my hand. Her breathing picked up as I nibbled on her ear lobe. I pushed a finger inside her, wanting her to consume me. She moaned and pushed my head maslak escort onto her breast.

I took her nipple in my mouth. I pitched it between my tongue and teeth. I pushed my fingers deeper in her, gently touching her g-spot. I sucked on her nipple as she arched her back. Her hole was contracting around my finger. Her body was shivering in the hot water. The bubbles were dancing on her tan stomach as I pushed another finger inside of her. She placed her leg between mine and I started to ride her knee as she rode my fingers. Her pussy kept getting tighter, her breathing heavier. Her heart pounded to the rhythm of the waves in the tub.

She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer as she came. I held her with my one free arm until the shuddering had stopped. I pulled out slowly and moved across the tub. I got out and outstretched my hand to help her out, to guide her to the bed. We dried off and turned on the air to try to cool down the room. She just starred at me.

She said wanted me to let go as she kissed my nipples. Her hand trailed up and down my legs, teasing at first. Then her hand found my clit. She played with it softly, with her head on my stomach. My breathing became more rapid as she increased speed. She kissed my stomach as she slowly pushed her fingers into me. I began to ride her fingers as she fucked me. She sucked on my nipples softly while pushing deeper and deeper in me.

She pulled her other arm out from under me and just sat next to me. She reached up and played with my hair. She sat there, watching me as I rode her fingers. I began to ride her hand harder and faster. I arched my back as she hit my g-spot. She hits it with every thrust and whispers “Right there?” in her sweet seductive voice.

We stopped. Just stopped. I didn’t want to but needed to. I didn’t want this night to end but I knew it would. We laid there, just talking. I wanted to know everything about her again. And she said that she wanted me again. I turned to her, wrapped my arms around her and told her that I would never go. She would never lose me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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