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Female Ejaculation

My next door neighbor, Carole, is a very sexy and wanton wife and mother of three boys. At first glance you might not consider her to be in the MILF category but she is one wildly fabulous fuck. Her husband, Tom, is a very straight laced conservative and doesn’t appreciate his wife’s desires, talents and skills. For this, I am glad since I am now the recipient of her lusty and nasty intentions. A while ago, Carole and I settled into an agreement where I would take care of her private needs with her becoming my personal whore and quite a hot and wild, slutty whore she is.

One thing that makes Carole such a terrific slut and whore is her appearance. Most of the time she appears to be a very pretty but chubby, dedicated wife and mom, but it is just a disguise to hide the “real” Carole. When she dresses and makes herself up as a slut to be my whore, she has a way of emphasizing her dirty desires, her need for cock and the fact that she is someone’s wife and mom as well. The combined contradiction is devastatingly arousing.

While a bit overweight, she has an exaggerated hour glass figure with the excesses settled into the best of places. Her body is cushy and inviting with big, pillowy tits that have big, long nipples which are wonderful to suck and a round soft ass that begs for attention. Her legs are surprisingly shapely and toned. She looks spectacular in stockings and heels. Carole looks every bit as fuckable as the busty, curvy pinup girls of the fifties such as Jane Russell and Jayne Mansfield.

Over the past few months, I have bought Carole some very sexy lingerie and a few outfits which really make her sluttiness shine and emphasize her status as my personal whore. She is required to wear her “naughty undies” whenever she is around me so that I have complete access to her lush and sexy body. This includes the times when Tom and the boys are around. She can generally make herself up and dress in such a way that she is emphasizing her availability to me while not giving her family any idea of what is going on. Since I have a great love for irony and the inherent contradictions in life, this excites me no end.

I have a very lucrative position with a local electronics manufacturing company, managing both working shifts and this leads to long days. I am not home before 8:00 pm on most evenings. Carole has come up with a plan to alleviate her daily boredom and make herself readily available to me. She is working as my maid during the day, helping keep my abode neat and tidy and I am often able come home in the middle of the day for extended periods to relax and relieve tension. I am an organized person, so there is very little for Carole to do in keeping up my house. Her only real duty is to fuck and suck me when I come home.

Unless otherwise instructed by me, Carole is to wear a sexy little French maid’s outfit when “cleaning” my home. It does nothing much to cover her but it does a wonderful job of accentuating her plush figure and showing her off as a slutty whore.

Her maid’s outfit gets us so hot and horny that we have fucked, sucked and played everywhere in my house. Both of us have vivid imaginations which we put to good use during our playtime.

In talking about our play, both Carole and I admitted that we found the wickedness of our actions to be a major factor in our arousal and enjoyment of one another. Carole told me that she felt as if she was a “she-devil” out to seduce the men of the world into depravity, starting with me. The image of her as a devilish seductress stuck with me and took on a life of its own in my mind. This image became the seed for our latest adventure.

I found a red, revealing “she-devil” outfit at a local adult store. With a few modifications it became perfect for what I wanted. The outfit had a red corset with attached garter straps, a set of red fishnet stockings, a small set of red horns, and a long, red pointy tail. I shopped for a couple of other items in the store, including a pair of metallic red pumps with four inch spiked heels and ankle straps, and brought them all home.

Having spent the past several years in electronics manufacture made the next part of my plan relatively easy. I took the powerful vibrating motors out of a couple of old pagers and used them to replace the original motors of two vibrators. I bought a cheap cell phone to use in triggering the vibrators. One vibrator was a large realistic looking rubber dildo with a small protruding button to stimulate the clit. The second vibrator was a shiny silver butt plug. To the second one, I epoxied the devil’s tail.

I arranged to take the following Monday and Tuesday off knowing that Carole was attending a family reunion that coming weekend. They were going to leave early Friday and I knew that she wouldn’t have anytime to attend to her needs all weekend long from her lamentations, so come Monday she would be incredibly horny. The last part of my plan was to call a friend and poker buddy of mine who was wild enough to help me with Sakarya Escort my crazy scheme.

Mark works for UPS as a manager and occasionally gets out for delivery work, which he enjoys. I told him to arrange his schedule so that he would be delivering to my home late Monday morning and to play along with whatever happens because it would be worth it. As I thought, he was game.

Carole came over extra early that Monday and was as horny as could be. She made sure that Tom and the boys got an early start so she could come over and hoped to convince me that I should leave for work late after attending to her needs. She was more than a bit surprised when she found me dressed and ready to leave so early. She had figured on me being ready to take advantage of her desperate horniness.

I greeted her at the door and handed her a wrapped package containing her new outfit.

“A present for you, Carole. Try it on and show me how it looks.”

With a happy smile, she headed off into the bedroom and put on her devil’s costume. She came out beaming and gushing.

“Ross, this is wonderful. It is so sexy and so naughty. Now I really feel like a she-devil.”

The corset cinched her waist and lifted her big tits wonderfully without covering them in the least, accentuating her natural hourglass figure. The red fishnet stockings and the metallic red pumps showed off her shapely legs. The little, red devil’s horns on her head were perfect for the effect. Carole had gotten into the mood. She fixed her makeup so that it had a very dark sultry look, extremely slutty and seductive. She used a dark red eye shadow and deep red lipstick and nail polish. Just perfect.

She showed me pointed devil’s tail with the silver butt plug attached to it and asked, “What about this, Ross? What do I do with this, baby?”

I had no doubt she knew exactly what it was for but she wanted to hear me tell her.

“It’s your tail, you slutty she-devil. It goes in your ass of course. Get the anal lube from the bathroom and I will help you put it in.”

She came prancing back with the tube of lube in her hand.

“Go over to the sofa and lean over the arm. Expose yourself for me, slut.”

I watched her move across the living room floor to the sofa. There was a very seductive and satisfied sway to her hips and ass. Her tits jiggled enticingly, enhanced by the sexy rolling gait that the heels gave her. Little did she know what I had in store for her. I listened to the heels click on the hardwood floor. There is something so very exciting about the staccato clicking of a woman’s high heels on a hard floor.

Carole did exactly as she was told. She stood before the arm of the sofa with her legs spread and then bent over at the waist, exposing her already slick and shiny pussy lips and the winking, pink pucker of her ass. She leaned over with her hands on the sofa cushions so that her big tits were dangling freely. She knows that I love to see her just like this, so needy and so exposed. Her ass was wiggling with giddy anticipation and her tits swayed gently too and fro. Yum!

I walked across the room to my waiting devil woman. I made sure that she could hear my hard soled shoes tapping at the floor as I approached slowly. We take delight in teasing one another to distraction. Anticipation really builds the arousal and the excitement. It usually ends up with an explosion.

Carole knew I was enjoying teasing her. As I approached, she let me know just what she wanted.

“God, I need to be fucked! Please, don’t make me wait any longer! Fuck your slutty, little whore, Ross!”

I stopped alongside the arm of the sofa and reached down and lightly caressed Carole’s warm, soft ass. She whimpered and tried to wiggle and shift so that my hand would come in contact with one of her more sensitive and needy parts. As she shifted her pussy under my caressing fingers, I reached over and squeezed a dangling, jiggling tit. A thick finger slid into her swampy fuckhole and I pinched her long, erect nipple sharply. Now she really moaned in her arousal and need.

“Ooooohhhhhh!!!! Oooohhhh God, I need to be fucked, Ross! Please, please!”

I moved behind Carole and knelt at her round, white ass. Extending my tongue, I gingerly licked up the length of her dripping slit and across her pink puckered ass. Her whimpering and moaning intensified as I slid my tongue into her pussy and began to tongue fuck her. She pushed back at me as best as she could from the position she was in, laying across the arm of the sofa.

I pushed down on her back, limiting the movement, but her ass swayed side to side and her hips bucked up to reach and swallow more of my tongue. Occasionally, I would let my tongue slip across her swollen clit just to elicit another whimper or moan. God, I love listening to her when she is so much in need.

I stood up to her imploring me, “Please don’t stop, baby! Please Ross, please! I need you to get me off!”

I moved to her side Sakarya Escort Bayan so she could see me as I picked up the devil’s tail and squirted the anal lube on it. I rubbed the lube along the silver shaft of the vibrating plug, showing it to her and smiled down at her predicament.

“But Carole, I thought that you wanted to know what the tail is for? I am going to show you.”

I squirted the cold lube onto her hot, pink rosebud and watched her shiver at the contact. Slowly and gently, I rubbed the lube onto her ass pucker. She was moaning and shivering in anticipation. Still teasing her, I slid my index finger into her ass, past the sucking grip of her tight, puckered ring. I added more lube and slowly slid my finger in and out as she moaned. I finger fucked her sexy ass until she began humping back trying to take it whole.

With more pleading whimpers, I withdrew my finger and began rubbing the tip of the plug inside the tight ring of Carole’s ass. She began wiggling and humping at a frantic pace. I took this as a sign and slowly and steadily slid the plug into her ass. She gasped as the bulbous head passed through the tight ring and then gripped the narrow neck under the bulb.

I gave her a quick slap on the ass and told her, “Stand up you slutty little devil. Check out your new tail.”

She yelped at the slap but jumped up as quickly as she could and pranced over to the full length, rolling mirror that decorates my foyer. The tail was held out from her ass by some light wire to stiffen it. It danced merrily as she moved with a sassy sway across my living room to the foyer mirror; a very sexy sight. I walked up behind her a moment later as she was moving around admiring her bobbing new tail.

“Oh, Ross! I love it! It makes me look like an animal, an animal in heat!”

“I’m glad that you like it, Carole. It has one other little surprise.”

“Oh, what’s that?” she asked as she turned at all angles to check her bouncing tail in the mirror.

I reached into my coat pocket and took out the cell phone without her noticing. I hit the preset number and the butt plug began to vibrate. Carole began squealing and moaning as she grabbed the nearby railing to stay upright. Her beautiful full ass began an exciting and arousing dance right in front of my face.

“Eeee!! Ooooohhhhh!! That feels so good, baby! Oooohhhh!!”

“Do you like your little surprise, slut?”

“God, yes, Ross, but I still need to be fucked, baby, please!”

“You will get fucked real good in due time, slut. Remember your place. You are my whore and will do what I desire. Right now get over here and get on your knees and suck my cock. Be a good whore and suck it to a gooey mess.”

Carole readily did as she was told and knelt down in front of me. I thought that she would tear my zipper as she yanked it down. She pulled my hard cock out through my suit pants and quickly engulfed the head. She gave me a sloppy, wet blow job. She slathered my length with her dripping tongue and slurped noisily on as much of me as she could swallow.

From my vantage point I could look down and watch her sucking hungrily on my cock or turn my head to the side and look into the mirror to watch her in profile as she slurped and licked on my big, thick cock. There was something very decadent and exciting in watching her suck my cock this way. Seeing Carole dressed in her bright red devil’s outfit with her big tits and round ass fully exposed and jiggling as she slurped sluttily on my cock as it stuck out of my business suit pants with me otherwise fully dressed nearly made me cum on the spot.

I held back as best as I could while watching Carole perform her magic. Her head and those little red horns bobbed rapidly and her tail danced merrily as she continued her voracious sucking. Her dark red lipstick was smeared all over the shaft of my cock and her mouth. Her hair was wildly tousled as I wove my fingers into it and told her through gritted teeth as I tried to hold back and prolong this delicious treatment, “I’m going to cum you slutty whore. I am going to make a big, gooey mess of your pretty mouth and your tongue.”

Carole immediately opened her mouth wide and began dancing her agile tongue on the sensitive area just under my cock head. She knew exactly what I wanted. I bellowed out, “I’mmmmm cummmminggg, whore! I’mmmmm cummmmingggg in your slutty mouth!”

I watched as my jizz shot out of my cock into her mouth, onto her waggling tongue and all over her smeared red lips. She never stopped slurping and licking my cock as my cum dripped from her tongue and lips and coated my cock in a thick and sticky syrup. Once my cum stopped shooting, she hungrily cleaned my cock by licking and slurping up the sticky mess.

With all this attention, my cock was still hard but I needed to put the next part of my plan into action.

“Put it away, slut and zip up my pants.”

Carole voiced her disappointment but did as she was told. I pulled Escort Sakarya her into a standing position and she was all over me, rubbing her big, soft tits on my chest and wrapping a leg around mine as she moved a spiked heel up and down my calf. Her hands were playing with my cock through the thin material of my slacks. I watched as she licked the last drop of cum from her smeared and sticky lips.

She was so wanton and needy and so enticing. She whispered, “Please, oh God, please.” over and over as she nibbled and licked my ear. I was so tempted to throw her down and fuck her right there on the foyer floor but I resisted. I needed to get to the next part of my plan and I knew she would enjoy it.

I kissed Carole’s sticky lips and told her, “I have another devilish surprise for you.”

“Oh God, what next?”

I reached into my pocket and closed the cell phone disconnecting the call to the butt plug vibrator. I pulled out the second vibrator and showed it to her. Carole licked her lips in anticipation of having something nearly as big and thick as me buried in her boiling pussy.

“Bend over and grab the railing if you want this big thing inside of you.”

She complied immediately and sassily waggled her ass and tail at me as she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me.

“Don’t get sassy with me slut. I know how to make you smile and how to make you moan.”

I rubbed the big head of the dildo up and down her overflowing slit to get it lubricated and the slid it all the way inside of her with a deliberate pace. Carole pushed back with her ass, trying to get it all into her at once.

“Mmmmmmm, baby that feels so good. Almost as good as you.”

As soon as the dildo was in all the way, I yanked it out of her with a wet pop and listened to her whimper and beg.

“Oooooo, please baby, please! Please put it back in, please!”

Once again, even more deliberately, I slid the big dildo back into Carole. She tried to keep her hips and ass from moving so I wouldn’t have a reason to remove it from her again. She shivered and shuttered as it slid in, making her big tits wobble and sway. Once it was all the way in, I slowly and gently fucked her with it, making sure that the knob rubbed her clit each time.

As she began to get into the fucking, moving her hips to help engulf the dildo and rub the knob on her clit. I let go and moved to the side. Reaching under and squeezing her big tits and taut nipples, I watched as she bucked and wiggled her hips and ass, trying to fuck the air in frustration.

I stepped back and told her, “I will be back around noon. Don’t touch that dildo unless you have a real cock to replace it.”

As I walked out the front door, I reached into my pocket and used my cell phone to call the second preprogrammed number and the dildo immediately started vibrating. I turned around and watched her swoon and hold tightly to the railing to prevent herself from falling to the ground. Since the front door of my house is well concealed by shrubbery, I left Carole quaking on rubbery knees framed in the open door.

I figured it would take Carole a few minutes to get her bearings and be able to close the front door so I quickly moved around the house and came in the back. As I took off my shoes and moved quietly to get a vantage point so that I could watch her in the foyer, her moans filled the house.

:Oooooohhhhhh!! Oooohhhhh, God! Fuuuuck that feels so gooooood!!! Oooohhhh!!!”

She was shamelessly fucking herself with the vibrating dildo with the front door still wide open. The idea of being seen like this must have really made her hot because she kept looking out the door as she moaned and pumped herself clearly exposed to anyone walking up the path to the door.

I closed the phone in my pocket to sever the connection and turn off the vibrator. It startled Carole and she stopped pumping her pussy with the dildo to look around to see if I was there. Satisfied that she was still alone, she wobbled over to the front door and shut it, her hips twitching and rocking while she walked. As she walked through the foyer to the living room to get more comfortable and to finish fucking herself with the dildo, I phoned again, this time for the butt plug.

As the plug wedged in her ass started to vibrate, she staggered for a step and let out a long groan, “Uuuuuuhhhhhhh!!!”

I called the house phone using my regular cell phone. Carole went to the kitchen and answered. I told her, “I am on my way to work but I just remembered something.”

“What’s that, you devious monster? I just got the surprise of my life with that vibrator. How did you do it?”

As she talked to me on the kitchen phone, I moved quietly up the stairs to the loft. This gave me a good observation point to anywhere on the downstairs level of the house.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Yessss,” she hissed into the phone, “until it stopped. That was mean!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it but I forgot to tell you that you may not cum until I get home. Do you understand, Carole?”

I watched her waggle her buzzing ass around in the air, the devil’s tail dancing wildly and sexily as she answered, “Oooohhh God, baby, I don’t know if I can help myself. I need to cum soooo bad. You are such a naughty tease.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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