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Title: Necrophism PT1
Author: Morbidreams


Amber glided easily between the rows of headstones, the Magnolia trees and the oaks hanging heavy with Spanish moss. She walked slowly through the graveyard, enjoying the warm breeze and the way the light of the full moon broke through the trees lighting her way. This graveyard was the only thing she liked about this shit whole town in southern Alabama. She could feel the night calling to her as she walked, hearing the crickets, an owl and the soft padding of her footsteps.

She wore her knee-high leather boots, ripped fishnet stockings, black satin mini-skirt, and black corset. Her pale white skin gleamed through rips in her skirt and her stockings, and her silver rings glistened from her fingers and Ankh hung around her neck. Her ears were pierced six times each her left eyebrow had two rings, her lip three rings, her nose had one through the right nostril and her tongue had a barbell, and if her mom would let her she would pierce quite a few more places as well.

“Damn, it sucks being seventeen” Amber thought, “especially in this hick ass town. Fuck, at least the hicks leave me alone.”

As she got closer to the grave she was looking for in the older part of the cemetery, she could hear some faint music coming from the distance. “Dumb ass hicks throwing a party in that cow shit infested old barn again,” she thought to herself. And it was spring break too, which would mean all the collage losers from this town would be back since they didn’t have anywhere else to go.

It didn’t matter, they could all get drunk and high over there in that barn and puke their hearts out, but she had work to do in the grave yard. All, she needed was just a few things from on of these old stone sarcophagi, or more correctly from what was in them. She was sure some of the older ones would have some nice bones in them that she could use for one of her spells.

Finally, finding a nice large stone sarcophagus that looked promising, she set her back pack down and pulled out a crow bar. It took her a few minutes of straining before she was able to remove the lid. As the lid slide off it caught on her skirt tearing it to her belt, revealing the black thong she was wearing, and her pale rounded ass. She cursed thinking about how much she loved the skirt, but it was nothing a few safety pins wouldn’t fix. Removing the wooden lid from the coffin underneath was a bit quicker.

Bending over and reaching into the Sarcophagi she picked up a femur, and examining it deciding that it would do for her “spell.”

“hoooooooooly FUCK! Look at what THIS sick bitch is doin!” Someone yelled from behind Amber causing her to freeze in her place.
“Shit damn, boys! I always knew she was a freaky little witch.” She heard another voice say and she slowly turned around to see five members of the football team and two who had graduated last year.
“hmmmm. Nice ass though.” Said another, and she mentally cursed the tear in her dress again.
“yeah she does.” Said one of the others reaching out for a feel.

“Oh fuck,” she thought. She would never live this down, sure they all knew she was a freak and she kind of liked that because it scared some of them and the rest left her alone even though they called her a “slut”; but she didn’t like the thought of them staring at her practically bare ass. And, worse, she definitely didn’t want some drunken hicks pawing at her she thought as she quickly slapped his hand away.

“Fuck you bitch, you’re the one showin off your ass!” He yelled at her.
“Damn, I don’t think she likes you, man.”
“I’ll make the bitch like me.” He said as he started to move toward her.
“Get the fuck away from me assholes!” She screamed at them as the slowly closed in on her.

She turned to run, but before she could even take a step he had grabbed her tightly by the arm. With force he spun her around and threw her against another sarcophagus; bending her young body over it at the waist and forcing her ass back into him. Her torn skirt hung open allowing her bare ass to rub against his rough jeans, her little thong offering no protection. She felt his strong hands close over her mouth before she could even think about screaming, almost as if he had read her mind.

The other boys leapt toward her as if on cue. canlı bahis One grabbed each of her arms and pulling them wide; her hand still held the femur. Another pressed her chest and head hard against the top of the sarcophagi. She could hear the others laughing as they went through her back pack, and dropped its contents on the tomb by her head. A large ceremonial knife, several black candles, a skull from another tomb she had visited before, a book dedicated to the dark arts, incense. She could feel others hands on her as well, some were untying her corset she knew, others she felt pulling her legs wide exposing her to the boy holding her down from behind.

Amber felt a hand sliding between her legs pressing up against her crotch, she didn’t even know who’s hand it was; it could have been any one of the seven. She felt a hard yank and her thong was torn from her body and she knew her unguarded cunt and ass was now pressed up against one of her assailants. She shivered with the horror; knowing that she was about to be gang raped, and shivered again with the morbid thought of it happening in a cemetery. What an appropriate place for the last of her innocence to die.

She felt the hard, rough stone of the sarcophagus on her breasts rubbing cruelly on her nipples as they finally removed her corset from her young body. The cold stone pressed against her, and immediately her nipples hardened from the sensation. She felt it rubbing against her thighs and belly, pressing in on her. She had often dreamed that this is how her “Dark Master” would take her. The boys forced Her mouth open, and some cloth was pushed in. She slowly realized that it was her panties, or at least what was left of them.

She screamed into them and the hand pressed against her mouth as she felt fingers begin to force their way into her pussy, and she promised herself she wouldn’t cry. She could feel them inter her young cunt, pumping in and out; and then slowly another forced its way into her ass; and she bucked back. She had used candles on her own pussy and ass before when masturbating imagining her body being used by a deamon or vampire. Yes, Amber imagined herself being raped by those monsters, but it was just imagination, FANTASY; and this was very, very real.

Suddenly she realized the fingers that were raping her pussy and ass had left her, and something else was pressing into her, forcing her cunt lips wide. It must be the boy behind her, it was his penis, she realized; it had finally begun. She felt him slowly push inch after inch into her, and then with force he slammed his whole cock deep into her. His cock ripping through her hymen, and stole her virginity. Again and again he rammed into her as she heard the other boys laughing at her humiliation. With despair Amber realized she heard more than seven boys laughing, word must have gotten back to the party about her being here for the taking. How many had come she wondered? How many would take her? How many would abuse her young body, humiliate and rape her?

Again and again he rammed into her, and then she felt something pressing against her ass and knew it was one of her black candles. Her ass slowly stretched to accommodate it, just as her pussy had spread to take his cock. She felt his pace speed up, his thrusting pelvis rapidly hammering into her as he pushed the candle deep into her. Finally she felt him grunt, and she tried to scream out as she felt him cum deep in her pussy. He slid out of her; cum dripping from his now flaccid cock and her pussy, and he was quickly replaced by one of the other guys. The first guys cum and Ambers own blood began to trickle down her leg.

This one had an even larger cock, and she figured he was one of the college guys. At least this one slid into her deflowered pussy easier thanks to the cum from the first guy. She could feel the candle still deep in her ass wiggling with every thrust of that mans hips. She felt his balls slapping against her with the force of his every thrust. Finally he came exploding, forcing his cum into her tight little cunt. With a slurping sound he pulled his cock out of her, she could feel his and the first guys cum erupt out of her used, sloppy hole and run down her spread legs. The next guy wasted no time in taking the other guys place, easily slipping into her sopping, cum filled cunt.

Another guy, and then another guy took her; filling her with bahis siteleri his cum. Some of them would use the candle to fuck her ass, others would just leave it in her as they used her cunt. She had no idea how much cum was filling her young pussy and running down her legs. Her cunt felt like it was gaping open, they must have been fucking it for over an hour now. Occasionally she would see a flash of light, and realized someone was taking pictures with one of those disposable cameras. They were no longer even holding her down, she was just laying there with her legs spread wide open as they took turns. Amber had accepted her fate; she would lay there and let them use her young body again and again.

She moaned softly as she felt the next guy remove the candle from her ass, she almost felt empty with it gone until she realized with horror what that really meant. She grunted with force as his large cock rammed it’s way into her ass; her thong flying from her mouth with the force of her grunt. More cum spilled out of her over filled, well used pussy and ran down her legs with each thrust. She could hear the guys around there and a couple girls voices laughing as her ass was deflowered. Finally and with much force he filled her ass with his hot cum. When he pulled out, he quickly pushed the candle back into her ass so that none of his cum escaped before passing her off to the next guy.

The next several guys also use her ass, and when the last one was done the candle easily slide into her ass and hung there loosely. She figured she must have been fucked by 16 or so guys now, and thought they must still be coming from the party for some young tail. Her bowels were beginning to feel full with her cum enemas and she knew the only thing holding all that cum in her ass was the candle. She could actually feel some of the cum sliding around the candle, and begin to run down her ass. She knew her anus must be nice and loose now.

The next guy made her stand up and she felt the candle just drop from her gapping sphincter. Cum burst out of her with an explosion and she heard everyone laugh again as it ran down her legs and dripped out of her gapping ass. She thought it was over until she felt his cock begin to slide into her loosened ass, and then saw another one of the guys step in front of her and she knew then that they were both going to use her. She felt both of those massive cocks penetrate deep into her well used holes, thrusting in and out of her. She felt as if she was in a trance, and barely felt the cocks as they slide in and out of her with ease.

She could barely stand as they held her between them, thrusting in and out of her. Amber felt the one in her cunt cum in her, and then his cum drip out of her abused pussy. No sooner had he finished, than he was replaced by another. Then the one in her ass finished, exploding in a forceful thrust deep into her, and she groaned out. He too was replaced by another as more of the guys took their turn filling her two holes simultaneously and cumming into her, stretching her, using her young petite body.

The guys were enjoying ramming her as hard as they could, trying to get her to grunt from their thrusts, but she was getting so used to it and so well lubed by all the cum, she was barely noticing their efforts. Finally, the guy in her pussy pulled all the way out to slam his rock hard cock as hard into her as he could… but he missed. His large member slammed, and slid right into her ass; both the guys stopped and looked at each other, knowing they were now both deep inside her ass. She didn’t even make a sound as her ass was stretched by two cocks like that at the same time.

“Oh my god! We’re BOTH in her ass!” One of the guys yelled out, “Quick someone take a picture!”

More flashes went off as the two guys started to use her dirty, gaping ass. The guys pounded into her, again and again reveling in the abusing this young girl that was held helpless between them. Finally they both came, almost at the same time; Amber felt the new cum shoot into her and quickly run out of her hole. They then passed her off to two more guys.

She had no idea how many had used her body when they finally dropped her back on the sarcophagus. Her ass and cunt were numb and she could barely feel the sticky wetness between her ass cheeks and legs. She could hear the four or five people left laughing and talking about how wide bahis şirketleri her cunt and ass were and how no single man would ever please her, how she probably wouldn’t even feel most guys. She laid there on her belly with her legs spread wide as one of the guys held her pussy and ass open so that someone could take pictures of her gaping, sloppy holes. She had no will to even move, no strength left… … until she felt something hot dripping on her back!

She screamed out as her back was scalded, hot wax from one of her candles splattering over it. She felt rough hands roll her over and recognized one of the former college guys as he stepped between her legs, and held a candle over her body. She barely felt his cock as it entered her gaping, well used cunt; but she definitely felt the hot wax as he began to drip it on her bare, young breasts. She could feel her nipples hardening again under the hot wax, raising, begging for more?
Her breath caught as he thrust into her and let some of the wax drip on her clit, it didn’t matter that the two or three other boys were laughing at her humiliation and debauchery. The older man thrust again and again into her, roughly, forcefully enjoying her looseness. Cruelly he dripped the wax over her nipples, over her clit, over her navel. And passionately she came under her torture, thrusting her abused cunt into him as her nipples coated in wax pointed to heaven.

The guys laughed evilly with her humiliation. They chuckled as the guy came in her, adding his cum to all the other. She could barely think as this one added his cum to the others, she didn’t even know how many had used her ass or cunt, all she knew was they were full of cum and gaping open and that she would never be the same. The laughed again as the guy pulled out and more cum ran down her legs. She saw more flashes of light as they took pictures of her laying there, spread open and covered with cum.

That was when she felt something large and hard pressed against her gaping pussy, something hard, long, and old. She looked down and saw the sadistic man who had just taken her forcing the large bulbous end of the femur into her cunt. Slowly she watched as her cunt enlarged and took the end, and then more of it slipped into her. She gasped as half of the bone sank into her cunt. And then she gasped as she watched him pick up her ceremonial dagger, and moaned as he pressed the hilt of the dagger against her slick and sticky ass hole. She felt it slide in easily and knew that it was larger than any normal cock. She moaned as even more flashes went off, more pictures taken.

And then the boys left, going back to their party. Leaving her there, covered with the cum of over 30 high school and college guys; covered with hot wax, and her own juices; and stuffed with a femur and her own ceremonial dagger.

Slowly, carefully she reached between her legs and felt where the bone and the dagger entered her, felt their cum, and how stretched open she was. She realized that even these large objects didn’t hurt her, but aroused her. And then she thanked her dark lord for her humiliation as she slowly began to pump the femur in and out of her cunt and knew her spell would be complete when she used it, and then they would pay. They would all pay.

* Epilogue

As Amber gathered her items and tattered clothes to put in her backpack she felt the cum drying on her pussy and ass. She could actually feel the wind as it blue over her gaping holes. She knew that she must look like a complete slut, with her dress ripped open, covered in cum, and her corset torn in such a way that it didn’t completely cover her breast.

As she peddled her bike to her house, she felt the front of the seat slip easily into her pussy and knew that she must be really stretched. She actually liked the feeling, how dirty it made her feel; but that wouldn’t stop her from getting revenge. Those guys would pay, and so would the girls that were there.

She crawled into bed with her clothes still on, and when she woke up her bed was completely soaked with cum from where it had continued to leak and run out of her abused pussy and ass. Amber slowly moved her hand between her legs and felt her aching pussy, sliding 4 fingers easily into it to feel just how loose she was. When she removed them she brought her cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked the foul semen off. She must shower now, and then she would begin work on the spell for her revenge..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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