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Relishing the cold, winter air hitting her lungs, Kate was pounding the streets on her daily run. Closing in the 8 mile mark, the traffic was building as she returned to town. Dressed for running, her toned body was receiving attention from the male drivers as the cars slowed due to traffic.

“Hey love, fantastic arse!” yelled a van driver as it sped past.

Kate beamed with pride at the comment, the hard work to do 5-8 miles a day had toned her body, even in her early forties, to a state which simply demanded attention. Flicking to the next tune on her iPod, she powered on back into town.

As the traffic slowed due to red lights, Kate started to catch up to the same van driver who had yelled the compliment. Trying not to smile, she fixed her neutral expression and ran past the van, who tooted his horn as she passed, making her smile once more. Kate continued as the traffic started to move again, but didn’t need to look over her shoulder to realise that the van was just behind her again, she could feel the eyes on her lycra clad backside, as she ran.

As she neared a major crossroads, the lights turned to red, forcing both her and the traffic to stop, but Kate still had a plan. Jogging on the spot at the pedestrian crossing section, she looked left and right. To her right, she could see the female passenger was glaring at her, but the male driver was undressing her with his eyes; to the left, nothing, but she did see her admirer in the van approaching. Kate then jumped into an open stance, and bent over to touch her left than right toes. At this point, a couple of things happened: the pale blue running leggings were stretched even further across her taut bum, almost appearing to go translucent, revealing to the world that she wasn’t wearing underwear; and secondly, with his attention on her backside, the van driver bumped into the car with the glaring woman.

The lights turned green for Kate and she set off, immediately back at pace as angry words were exchanged further and further behind her, an excited buzz coursing through her veins at the thought that her backside had been centre of attention.

Back at home, Kate peeled herself out of her Lycra, admiring her toned body in the bathroom mirror as the shower warmed up. She turned round and looking over her shoulder, recreated the pose that had caused the bump.

“Oh my god” she thought, “Would they have seen that much through my leggings?”

Putting on the tight leggings again was more difficult due to her moist legs than she thought it was going to be. Kate struggled back into the leggings, then bent over, recreating the pose.

“Good god, they are see-through.” She exclaimed to herself, “No wonder he was staring at me.”

Stripping off the leggings, she jumped into the shower. Firstly washing her auburn hair, then soaping her entire body with foam. Kate’s hands lingering on her small, but perfectly formed boobs, and her waxed pussy, still tingling from the run and the events from the run. Placing one hand against the shower wall in front of her, she let the shower rinse the soap from her body, as she started to play gently with herself. Having always been vocal, her gentle moans of pleasure increased in volume as the pressure to her pussy increased. Kate was soaking wet, and it was touch and go whether this was due to the shower or her fingers slipping between her lips and rubbing her clitoris. Kate knew she had been turned on, but replaying the scene in her mind, knowing just how much the van driver could see, was driving her mad with passion as her fingers gave herself so much pleasure. Kate could feel her orgasm starting to build, her legs started to shake and her breathing coming in gasps as she no longer could hold herself up. Pushing back from the wall she slipped to the corner of the shower, both hands now devoted to reaching orgasm, one hand slipping two fingers into her tight pussy, the other teasing her clitoris mercilessly. Gasping louder and louder, she started to work her pussy as hard as possible.

“AHHHHHHHGGGGHHH!” Was all Kate could utter as her orgasm started to build and her legs gave way, helplessly sliding down the shower wall to the floor as her legs started to shake, whilst she moaned in pleasure. Sat on the shower floor, Kate devoted all her attention to her tight slit, and direct pressure to her clit.

“FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK! bostancı escort YES! YES! YES!” Was all she could utter before the orgasm peaked throughout her body, she could see stars, and wanted it to last forever.

It took Kate a good few minutes of panting to catch her breath once more, and a few minutes more before she could trust her legs to hold her up. Turning off the shower, she exited, grabbing a towel and started to dry herself off.

Whilst blow drying her hair, Kate’s phone buzzed with a text message from her husband Stephen.

“Honey, having to finish something at work before I can leave. It’s going to be tomorrow before I can get home. Sx.”

“Shit.” Was all the Kate could utter.

They’d made plans for tonight, she also had plans to screw his brains out, that would have to change. However, at the moment, she was still naked and had her hair to finish off before she could do anything about tonight.

“How thoughtless of him” she thought “I’ve had my done, got my nails done and I’m freshly waxed. Doesn’t he know what he’s missing.”

Annoyed and frustrated, Kate finished her hair, then stood to admire herself in the mirror.

“No point letting it go to waste.” She said to herself, then dressed in yoga pants a simple off the shoulder t-shirt, both of which showed off the fact that she was wearing sexy underwear.

Later that day, Kate had resolved to go out for the evening, she was going to enjoy her night out she’d planned, with or without her husband.

As Kate walked into the hotel restaurant, she felt a number of eyes land upon her body. Dressed elegantly in a halter neck, black dress, which barely covered her stocking tops, patent 4″ inch heels and a glitzy clutch bag, she confidently walked across to her table following the young waitress. Kate didn’t need to rush, she was in heels after all, and anyway, the longer she took to get to her table, the longer others would get to see her. As she passed a table of an elderly couple, Kate heard the old woman say,

“You can put your tongue back in your mouth, Richard.”

Kate handed the waitress her coat, revealing that her halter neck was backless, and that she wasn’t wearing a bra, then sat so she could look back into the restaurant, but mostly so that others could see her. Returning with her bottle of wine and a glass, Kate poured herself a glass and started to choose her meal.

The waitress returned to take her order, and the menu away, and Kate sat back to take in the room. Although the the room was filled with tables of people, the most attention she was receiving was from a table of two men about 15 feet away from her. Clearly not a gay couple (they’d continued to do more than just undress her with their eyes since she’d walked in), she pegged them as business men on a trip.

Whilst in the middle of her meal, the waitress appeared with a drink.

“From the two gentlemen, on the table over there.” She said, indicating the table with the two business men.

Kate raised her glass to the two men, before mentioning,

“I will have to go thank them in person.” Smiling to the two men.

When the waitress took her meal away, Kate stood and clipped over to the table with the two men, placing her hand on one of their shoulders, she said softly,

“Thank you for my drink, my husband couldn’t make it tonight, and I always like having a man buy me drinks.”

One of the guys virtually choked on his mouthful of food, before the older of the two said,

“Well, maybe we could buy you another in the bar when you’ve finished?”

Kate beamed warmly, she had these guys just where she wanted them.

“That would be lovely.” She said.

Returning to her table, she savoured her drink, before paying and retiring to the bar, taking a seat on a high stool in the centre of the bar. The barman swiftly asking for and delivering her drink with a genuine smile, which Kate returned.

Kate was quickly joined by the two men, and Kate gestured to them to sit one each side. Waving to the barman, more drinks quickly appeared for the two men as small talk took over. However, Kate was surprised when one of the guys said,

“Is your husband fucking stupid? There’s no way I’d stand you up looking that fucking hot.”

Kate grinned as the compliment büyükçekmece escort elicited a surge of electricity through her body. Kate responded with,

“Well, I see that you are also married, does Mrs know you are buying hot women drinks in a hotel?”

This comment resulted in a blush from the guy, before the other man laughed and responded,

“What the wife doesn’t know, won’t hurt her. I’d fuck your bloody brains out if I got the chance.”

Kate laughed, but that comment had turned her on. Placing her hand in his thigh, she looked demurely up at him and said,

“Baby, you have no what you would let yourself in for.”

From that moment on, the talk was filled with innuendo, both men being more and more forward, with Kate being more and more turned on by the thought of two men wanting her so badly.

After a number of drinks, Kate asked the two men,

“Do you have a room here, because I think we should retire from the bar guys.”

Kate had said it, maybe it was the drink talking, but she was craving some physical contact, and a good fucking. At this point in time, she didn’t care which one it was. In fact, at this point in time, she didn’t care if it was both of them at the same time.

“I’m in room 265, come this way.” With that, the trio walked off, Kate in the middle of the 2 guys as they wandered out of the bar.

Entering the room, Kate was offered a drink from the mini bar, which she took, sitting on a single seat, legs crossed, stocking tops obvious.

“Well, guys I don’t care who fucks me, but I need to get out of this dress and be fucked. Who’s going to be the one.”

The guys looked as if they would trip over their tongues at this statement, and were even more dumbstruck as Kate stood, untied the halter neck dress and shimmied out of it. Standing wearing only heels, stockings and a smile, she looked astounding.

“Fucking hell.” Was all the guys should say.

Kate sashayed over to the bed, where she crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees, ass up. Meanwhile, the guys were tearing off their clothes, Kate pouncing on the first one to expose their underwear, grabbing the guy through his underwear with a satisfying moan coming from her lips as she did.

The other guy, Kate didn’t even remember his name, was the first to get naked and he started to maul her boobs, rolling and squeezing her nipples making her truly turned on. Kate took her attention off the quickly hardening cock in the boxers, and looking over her shoulder, said huskily,

“If you want to make me wet, eat my pussy.”

As if this was an order, he swiftly moved his attention from her boobs to her bare pussy pointing at him.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, oh yes, your wife must love when you do that.” She said happily.

Kate returned her attention to the man in front of her, who had rid himself from his underwear, his thick cock stood to attention. Kate took it in her left hand before looking the man in his eyes and kissing the tip of his cock. She parted her lips and her tongue flicked the tip briefly, moans of appreciation from its owner. Then she locked eyes with him again and sunk her mouth greedily down, struggling with his girth, she still managed to deepthroat him, her nose rubbing against his body.

“Oh my fucking god, not even my wife had done that to me. You suck cock better than a bloody hooker.”

Kate slipped her lips off his cock and said,

“That’s what my husband says, I wonder how you boys know what a hooker’s blow jobs are like?” She said wickedly.

The man eating her pussy, clearly thought Kate was ready, as he’d moved back into his knees and was aiming his longer, but less thick, cock at her very wet slit.

“UggghhMMMMMHHHH!, GOD that feels good.” Kate moaned loudly as he started to slip into her warm and very wet pussy.

He started to slide half his length into her in slow strokes.

“That is one hot pussy. You are so fucking wet.”

“I told you I would be if you ate my pussy. Now fuck me with that cock.”

Needing no further invitation, as he slowly withdrew and slammed all the way in, slapping loudly against her ass cheeks.

“UUUGGHHMMMMM.” Kate loves the noise of flesh slapping against flesh.

Fucking Kate with long, slow strokes, the guy to her rear reached çekmeköy escort forward and actually high-fived the guy getting his cock sucked by Kate’s hungry mouth. Kate was struggling to concentrate on sucking the cock in front of her due to the fucking.


“Man, I want to fuck that pussy, move.”

Blowjob guy, now became Fucker and vice versa in Kate’s mind. She didn’t care anymore she just wanted to suck cock whilst getting fucked. Kate’s attention was again placed on the cock in front of her, which she again demonstrated her skill and deepthroated the longer cock, suppressing a gag.

“Fucking unbelievable, she is an incredible cock sucker.”

Meanwhile, the thicker cock was nudging against her very wet lips of her bald pussy in a most delightful way. Then he started to exert more pressure and the head of the thick cock popped in.

“MMMMMPPPFFFFPPPTTT FFFFUCCCCK” wailed Kate as the thicker cock stretched her pussy.

However “Thick” simply slapped her ass and pushed in another inch or so.

“Ohhhh YES.”

Again, Thick slapped her ass, pulled out, then pushed slowly back in all the way to the hilt. Making Kate literally purr as she sucked “Long” in front of her. Thick started to fuck with slow steady strokes, making Kate grunt in pleasure every time he bottomed out. Kate was in heaven, she loved being fucked, the spit roasting was even better than she thought it could be and the excitement was making her orgasm build quicker than normal.

“Look at her fucking legs, they are shaking.” Said Thick as his thighs slapped against Kate’s tight ass.

“Mmmmmm. YES, DON’T STOP.” Kate said as she slipped her mouth off Long. “Fuck me till I come.”

She then turned round to look at Thick, then Long before she said,

“But you are both going to come on my face.” She said with a wicked smile.

This statement spurred on both guys, Long taking a handful of her auburn hair and guiding her back onto his cock, and Thick speeding up his thrusts. Kate could feel the orgasm nearing, her legs shaking, as she concentrated on sucking the cock in front of her. The sensation of being stretched by Thick was incredible though. Kate braved moving a hand down to her pussy in order to finger her clit. Rubbing her engorged clit in a circular motion was enough to maximise her pleasure and she started to really get noisy.

“MMMMMMMPPPPFFTTTT!” Was all she could managed with Long’s cock buried in her mouth. However, it did make him realise that she was ready to come and he withdrew.

“YYYYESSSSS, FUCK ME, MAKE ME COME!” She demanded loudly. If the room’s neighbour hadn’t already guessed what was happening, they had no doubt now.


With that, Kate’s arm slipped and her shoulders fell to the bed. Her whole body shaking, her pussy quivering & gripping Thick so tightly as her legs shook uncontrollably.

It was a few minutes before Kate could actually trust being able to sit upright, but a promise was a promise. Kate’s breath still coming in gasps, she slid off the bed and knelt in front of it, gesturing the two cocks towards her. It did not take the guys long to assume the position, so that Kate was holding their cocks, one in each hand. Kate started with Thick, licking her wetness of him, before plunging her lips down his cock. Then it was over to Long, angling him down to horizontal before deepthroating his length, swapping her gaze between the two men. Kate could tell the guys were enjoying this spectacle, they were so hard, and as only an expert cock-sucker can tell when a man is about to unload, she was prolonging this for the boys’ own benefit.

“God, I’m going to come.” Said Thick.

Kate pulled off Long and pumped Thick, head back, eyes half closed, mouth agape, tongue hanging out.

“I’m going to cover your fucking face.” He said as he started to shoot. Kate let his first shot fire, over her cheek and to her forehead, but eagerly swallowed his resulting spurts. She withdrew and showed Thick the mouthful she’d captured. This pushed Long over the edge.

“Coming.” Was all he could manage to say as he grabbed Kate’s chin and aimed. His first shot hit her chin, before she re-aimed and collected the remains in her mouth. Kate then scraped the stray shots up with a finger before sucking the come off, showing the guys the mouthful of come before swallowing in a gulp.

The two men collapsed on the bed in satisfaction, Kate stood, before picking up her dress and putting it on, then her coat. She picked up her purse, finished the drink that had been poured for her before the fucking, downed it, then left for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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