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So, here I am, driving with my boss in the service truck, going to a house to look at somebody’s broken central air. Why the hell is HE even here for? I’m very well capable of doing this myself. Nothing sucks more than getting stuck with the boss all day long. Oh well, at least I can watch him make an ass out of himself like he normal does with EVERY customer. It’s a beautiful Summer day-nice and hot. Sunny. The middle of Summer. I feel bad for people whose air conditioning has died on them during heat waves.

We find the address, but not before my idiot boss has driven to the wrong street ten minutes earlier. A nice house, fairly big, set back from the street. Actually, it was hidden behind the house closest to the road. Kind of a weird set-up I thought. Either way, here we are.

Me and the boss get out of the truck, and stroll to the door. I already know what HE has planned-lying to the customer, and telling him that he needs an entire system replacement. Dumb-ass.

As we wait, I notice the yard is filled with toys for a little kid. Well, at least there’s a chance that this person will be a mom. Hopefully a milf? As the door opens, I feel my heart skip a beat. At the door, stands a beautiful blonde goddess. She has beautiful blonde, curly hair, beautiful blue eyes, and what looks to be a beautiful, sexy body. She’s wearing a “Michigan” t-shirt (just so happens to be MY team too), and a pair of black yoga pants. She was barefoot, and had some of the sexiest feet I’ve ever seen on a woman. I have a major foot-fetish, and one of the first things I look at on a woman are her feet. Hers are beautifully pedicured, with nice high arches, and beautifully proportionate toes. The dark red toenail polish highlighted them to perfection. She looked about a size seven. About five and a half feet tall, and while not fat, not skinny. The perfect milf body.

“Hi there, we’re here to look at your central air!” my idiot boss says.

“Thanks so much for coming-it’s SO hot in here!” she replies.

I had to agree with her that SOMETHING was hot anyway!

She holds the door open, and as we walked past her, she smiles at me. I managed to smile back, being fully aware of the bulge growing in my pants. After about fifteen minutes of looking at her central air, it was determined that her furnace needed a new blower motor. Actually, I was more interested in looking at this beautiful woman standing next to me. I would occasionally catch her looking at me as I pretended to be helping my boss. Although not model material, I consider myself fairly good looking. I’m twenty-five years old, about six feet tall, and am a stocky two hundred pounds. I keep my hair shaved like a cop does, and sport a mustache and goatee. I’ve had my fair share of company after the bar on a Saturday night. I thought to myself who could be so lucky to be married to this lady?

We didn’t have the part for her furnace, so it was determined that we would fix it tomorrow. We made arrangements to come back tomorrow, and get her machine up and running. All the rest of the day and night, I have a hard time not thinking about my fantasy woman.

The next day finally came about, and off I go. I had to stop at the supplier to pick up the part first, but it only delayed me for about an hour. As I got to her house, I drove slowly up the driveway. I noticed that there was a car in the yard today. Weird I thought. As I knock on the door, a guy I could only assume was her husband answered. My dreams are destroyed at that instant. As it turns out, however, he was on his way to work. I noticed my dream woman in the kitchen-she was wearing beige capri’s and another t-shirt. Easy access I thought, but not very sexy. Nice ass and legs though

I’m working in the basement, and heard some mumbling from the main floor. Apparently, the husband is saying goodbye, as I heard şerifali escort the door slam on his way out. Since it was such a nice day out, I decided to take the entire blower assembly out to my truck, and change the motor in the fresh air. I grabbed the assembly, and ventured outside.

“Is everything OK?” she asks as I went outside with the part.

“Yes, I just want to to do it all outside in the fresh air!” I reply.

“Yes, it is beautiful out, isn’t it?” she says with a smile.

“Very!” I reply. Little did she know that I was relating to how beautiful SHE is, and trying hard to keep from passing out from lack of blood to my LITTLE head!

After about fifteen minutes, I heard the door slam. I looked over, and to my amazement, my lady has decided to join me. She’s changed her clothes however, and is wearing a bikini top, and Daisy-Duke shorts. Her beautiful feet are sitting in a pair of flip-flops. She has amazingly long, toned, tanned legs. Her breasts, now barely restrained by her bikini top, are clearly real, and a DD cup at least. My jaw drops, and she smiled.

“Mind of I join you and catch some Sun?” she asks.

“Not at all!” I respond. What kind of male would refuse the scenery? I’ve noticed that on occasion, a woman will come to the door to greet me, and then quickly excuse herself, only to come back with her hair done, and fresh makeup on. It’s somewhat intriguing to know that women find me attractive enough to try to make themselves appear attractive to me, once they see me.

With that, she pulls over a deckchair, and lays down, on her back, with her feet facing me. I’m sure she notices my cock getting fat and hard in my pants. How I wished she was sucking it right now. She kicks off her flip-flops, so I had the beautiful view of her bare feet. Beautiful pink soles, nice long legs, flat stomach, and beautiful, firm tits. She is amazing, and to die for.

As the job progressed, we got to talking. Her name is Natalia, and she’s three years younger than i am. It seems she’s married to a guy who barely pays her any attention. She’s very open with me, and as the talk progresses, it becomes rather flirty. I’m sure she could smell my pheromones from where she was laying. I only wish she could see the precum leaking into my drawers. I could swear I could smell her pussy from where i was working. Was she getting as hot as i was?

Sadly, the job finishes. I have no choice but to leave, and consider myself lucky to have a least an awesome fantasy to masturbate to. The rest of my day sucks (and NOT the good way)!

The next day comes around, and again, it’s beautiful out. I decided that I would check up on my beautiful Natalia. It was later in the morning, so I knew her husband would be gone to work. Just to be certain, I drive past her driveway once, to make sure it was safe. I have to be careful, because what i was doing is totally unscheduled, and even somewhat unprofessional.

As I park in her driveway, my cock is already straining. Should I just leave, I wonder? Too late! I’m slowly getting out of my truck, I and the door opens. There was my Natalia, looking as beautiful as ever. Today, she has on a light blue denim mini-skirt, and a matching tank top (with spaghetti straps). I almost blow my load right then.

“Hi there, is everything OK?” she asks, with a devilish smirk on her face.

“Yup, I just wanted to make sure that everything is working OK!” I respond. Luckily, I have a good enough excuse in mind.

She leads me downstairs, and I pretend to be interested in her furnace. In reality, I can’t keep my eyes of this beautiful, sexy bitch, who was standing next to me. I’m sure she notices my fat, hard cock, straining against my pants. How could she not???

We head upstairs, and I let her lead the way. As she’s silivri escort climbing the stairs, I managed to be in a position that allows me to quickly look up, and low and behold, I could see up her mini-skirt. To my pleasant surprise, this woman isn’t wearing any panties! I already know she wasn’t wearing a bra, considering her house was cold enough that her nipples were protruding through her tank nicely. As I look up, I could see her pussy fairly good. Very bald, and her lips are very well contained inside her vagina. I don’t notice, but as I keep looking up, to my surprise, she’s staring at me. She makes no effort to hide the view that she was showing, but smiled sweetly.

“Have a seat , while I get us a drink!” she says, as she points to the kitchen table.

“Sure!” I say, as I look around the clean house.

She brings over a can of coke fro both of us, and sits beside me at the table. She smells beautiful. I can smell the shampoo she had used that morning, and her perfume is amazing. Was it almost like she had been expecting me? As she sits down, she smiles at me, and gently bends forward to adjust herself, giving me an ample view of her cleavage. It’s so wide, that I could see her belly button.

“Is everything OK with it?” she asks.

“Yes, it seems to be. I noticed that your house is nice and cool now at least!” I say, as I glance at her nipples.

“Yes, it is!” she says with a smile.

As the conversation progresses, we slowly drink our drinks. She kept fidgeting around, as if she’s nervous. Maybe she is? Or, as I would find out, maybe she’s just too horny to keep control of herself.

“I went out with the girls last night,” she randomly says. She continues with “It seems that my girlfriends noticed that I was in a better mood than normal. When we got to talking, it turns out that YOU became the topic of conversation. It seems all of us neglected housewives are looking for a little excitement in life, and the fantasy of a hot serviceman fucking us is a common thread among us!”.

“Well, that sounds very interesting!” I say, barely stopping from choking on my pop.

“I don’t think it’s interesting. But I think it CAN be!” she continues, with an evil, naughty smile starting. “I noticed you saw my swollen cunt as we came up the stairs. Which do you like better, my tits, ass or pussy?” she asks.

“I don’t know yet, I’ve only been able to see, not touch.” I reply.

“Well, I haven’t even seen anything of YOURS!” she says, almost demanding, more than questioning.

“Well, that can be corrected,” I say. I stand up, and stand in front of her. I look into her eyes, and undo my belt. She looks down, and she slowly raises her hands to my zipper. She unzips my shorts, and as she pulls them down, my boxers come down with them. My already hard, swollen cock stands at attention, not six inches from her face. I notice that there was a steady drip of precum hanging down from the tip. She looks at it in admiration, and gently starts a thorough inspection. I’m a nice seven inches long, but a nice girth of five inches in circumference. I shave my balls and ass crack-just to keep it nice and clean down there.

“Very, very nice!” she purrs. She gently slides her right hand down the shaft, and with the other hand, slowly starts fondling my testicles. They’re already swollen and tight.

“Let me give YOU something to look at!” she says.

With that, she stands up, and grabs the bottom of her tank. As she pulls it up over her head, her massive breasts jiggle, and eventually settled to perfection, standing nice and firm on her chest. Her already hardened nipples are about half an inch long, and surrounded by an ample aureola. I look in amazement. She keeps smiling, as she slides her skirt down around her ankles. Her bald pussy şirinevler escort is absolutely amazing, and dying for a good tongue lashing. It turns out her husband barely touches her anymore. His loss I guess. I was going to make sure this woman was satisfied.

“OK, stud, I need some fixing now too. Prove to me that my girlfriends are correct, and that I managed to hit the gold mine with you coming into my life. Make me happy, and I’m yours for as long as you want me!” she says with a playful wink.

“Gladly!” I say, as I stand closer in front of her.

We kiss passionately for what seems like hours. Our tongues intertwine with each others, and explore each others mouths, with no abandon. Every couple of minutes, I kiss her beautiful neck, and nibble on her ears. Every moan tells me I’m doing something right. I reach down to her ass, and gently squeeze it. I grab it tight, and lift her onto the table, and laid her on her back. I look at this goddess on her kitchen table, waiting for me to satisfy her carnal desires. As I look at her, I grab her right ankle, and bring her beautiful foot to my mouth. I gently lick her beautiful sole, and when I get to the top, I take each toe in my mouth, and suck them deeply. Every time I suck, I hear her moan, which makes my cock swell even more. It’s so fucking erotic, and she loves it. As her moans increase, I push her feet towards her, so her legs bend at her knees, and are resting on her chest. I look down between her legs, and see her beautiful, shaved asshole. I kneel down, and using my right hand, spread her ass cheeks wider, and start licking her rosebud, which made her squirm more than a little. I use my other hand, I gently slide it up and down her cunt lips. As they get wetter from her juices, I can easily rub her swollen clit. I can hear her gently moaning, she is definitely in heat. I begin licking up and down her slit, and occasionally tease her by hitting her swollen clit with my tongue. I gently nibble on it, and she apparently loves it, going by the way she’s squirming. I can feel her legs begin to quiver, and before I knew it, there’s a gush of love juice erupting from her pussy, all over my face.

“Fuck yes, make me cum you fucking stud!” she screams.

As I watch her cum, I notice how beautiful her asshole is. I think that IT needs more than a tongue lash to make it satisfied. I notice a butter dish on the table, and with one swift move, I take a fair sized chunk on my finger, and gently rub it all around her rosebud, and inside, as far as my finger can go.

“Please do!” she says with smile.

And with that, I guide my fat, swollen cock to the entrance of her ass. It slides right in, as far as it can go. I pump about 7 times, and my balls tighten, almost to the point of no return. Luckily, I heard her scream in pleasure, and feel her body shake as another orgasm comes over her.

After a minute of shaking, she slowly comes back to reality, and then smiles a wide smile.

“Holy fuck, baby, I need my cunt filled now!” she moans.

And with that, I place her ankles up on my shoulders, and look into her eyes. I reach up, and gently massage her nipples and firm breasts. I slide my cock into her swollen cunt, and begin thrusting. As my balls start hitting her ass, I could feel them tighten even more. Since I get extremely tight balls when I get horny, it takes very little time for me to cum. In a matter of no more than a minute, I can’t hold back, and I let myself go. As my cock clamps down on itself, I can feel my hot cum squirting into her tight, wet cunt. It seems like I would cum forever, and when I look down, there is a huge load of my thick, white cum all over her ass, and dripping onto her kitchen table. I slow down and stop, and just stared into her beautiful face.

“Well, was that good stud?” she asks.

“Fucks sakes it was! Can I keep you as my whore?” I reply.

“I think I would like that!” she purrs.

I smile with a satisfied smile.

And with that, we kiss passionately, knowing that I have to return to work. My day is now complete. We become lovers, on a regular basis. She occasionally shares me with her horny milf friends (but only if she joins in too). Life is great!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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