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Three weeks after our morning fuck session, and after the final in Foundations of Chinese Medicine, I got a call from Joy on a Saturday afternoon. The New American University of Chinese Medicine was on their academic break. Caren was on a trip to Delaware to visit a friend and I had been working extra hours for a slightly larger paycheck. So, while I wasn’t expecting Joy to contact me, I was very happy to hear from her.

“Hey, Adam! What’s up with you? Wanna come see a movie with me tonight?” She asked excitedly.

“That sounds like it could be good. I’ve got nothing else going tonight,” I responded, “What did you want to see?”

“I was thinking about a documentary film playing at an art theater near Los Feliz. It’s about two two Chinese healers—so, it might be interesting,” she told me.

“You’re right, that might be interesting. What time is the show?” I asked.

“At 7:45. You pick me up, and I’ll buy your ticket?”

“Nah, I’ll drive and buy the tickets. That way if it’s really terrible, I’ll be okay walking out,” I countered.

“Great! That’ll work for me,” she laughed, “See you at 7?”

“I’ll text you when I’m there so you don’t have to wait on the street,” I said, “See you then.”

At about five-minutes-to-seven I pulled up in front of Joy’s apartment complex in West Hollywood’s eastern edge. This area hadn’t been gentrified the way that the areas to the south and west had been, so the rents were still reasonably affordable, according to Joy.

I picked-out a quick “I’m here” text to Joy, and about three minutes later I saw her coming out of her building, carrying her usual over-large purse and a small, folded gray blanket. The evening she was wearing three-quarter length, black leggings, a large white t-shirt with the collar cut out, that she had tied to the side at her right hip, and a white tank top under that. Rather than her signature very thick soled flip-flops that she loved ’cause they gave her an extra three inches of height and were “insanely comfortable”, Joy was wearing a pair of black patent leather, platform high heels that had to have made her about five inches taller and, I noticed, really accentuated her already spectacular calves and pert, round buttocks.

Opening the passenger door and getting in, she greeted me with a cheerful, “Hey!”

“Hi there. Those shoes are pretty insane, are they new?” I asked.

“No, I’ve had then for about a year, but I haven’t had a good reason to wear them out,” she said, “Plus, you’re tall and I thought these might even things out some.”

“Well, they look great, so I’m happy you could wear them, but what’s with the blanket?” I asked.

“It’s one thing with two uses,” she told me, “If it’s cold in the theater I can wear it, or if I can’t see the screen, ’cause ya know—short, I can sit on it.”

“Smart,” I said, “Now where are we going?”

Joy gave me directions to the theater on Sunset, right near where Hollywood ends. Traffic on the surface streets was its usual mix of too many people, people who didn’t know where they were going and people who don’t know how to şişli escort drive. All this to say, what should have been about a ten-minute drive took just under twice that. We found parking on the street, and arrived at the theater with about fifteen minutes to spare. I purchased our tickets and we went inside.

This particular theater was an old one that originally had only one screen and huge audience area that some-time in the past had been divided into four smaller screens; two downstairs and then two upstairs in what had been the balcony originally.

Our show was upstairs in one of the smaller screen. This screen had its seats set up almost stadium style, probably following the original layout of the balcony, and seemed to have been recently had some renovations done. Rather than the uncomfortable plywood-and-thin-padding seats I was expecting I was pleased to see high backed, cloth covered newer seats with wide armrests with a circular cup holder at their ends.

We were the only people in the theater.

“Where would you like to sit?” I asked Joy, hoping that she wouldn’t want to sit right up front.

“How about up there?” Joy suggested, nodding up toward the top row of seats.

I’ll admit that I watched, and enjoyed watching, the movement of Joy’s ass and the interplay of the muscles of her strong legs and hips as she climbed the stairs leading to the seats she wanted. After the last time we were alone together, I had some hopes about taking her back to my place after the film.

We sat down in two seats in the middle of the top row and chatted while we waited for the movie to start. Joy placed her blanket on her lap, her purse on the chair next to her, and said to me, “Well I won’t need this to be able to see, but we’ll see if I get cold.”

Lifting the armrest between us, I looked at her and said, “Well, worst case scenario you could always snuggle up to me for warmth.”

“You’d like, that wouldn’t you. But I don’t need no stinky boy for warmth when I got my blanket,” she teased in response to my suggestion.

“I think you’re mistaken, I don’t stink, I took a shower yesterday,” I teased back.

Sniffing in my direction in an exaggerated way, Joy nodded and said, “Yeah, you’re right you don’t stink. You’re cleared for emergency snuggle duty.”

“Happy to help,” I said just as the theater light started to dim and the screen flickered to life.

The less said about that movie, the better. Calling it a documentary seriously stretched the definition of that word beyond all recognition. It was really more of an infomercial, a well-produced sales pitch with a soundtrack, than a documentary about a pair of Chinese faith healers. The film had about as much as to do with the Chinese medicine we studied as “Bambi” did with nuclear theory.

After about fifteen minutes, I looked at Joy, slumped against the far arm of her seat with a bored look on her face, and loudly whispered over the suddenly swelling music, “You enjoying this?”

“Not even a little bit,” Joy whispered back, taksim escort “I’m really glad I didn’t waste my money on it.”

That made me chuckle, “Yeah, smart of you. Com’on let’s go.”

Instead of grabbing her things and getting up, Joy moved the arm rest between us up and leaned close to me. “Or, we could stay and take advantage of this empty theater,” she whispered.

Smiling, I asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” Joy whispered, now directly into my left ear, and resting her left hand on my thigh, “I’ve always had a fantasy about sucking a dick in a crowded theater, but this one might do in a pinch.”

“I’d be an idiot to turn that down,” I whispered.

“Yeah you would,” she beamed at me while she ran her hand along my thigh and began to gently fondle my balls through my jeans.

Joy tossed her blanket on to the floor at my feet, pulled her hair into a ponytail with an elastic from her wrist, knelt on the blanket, and looked up at me while she reached forward to undo the top button of my jeans. I moved to help her by spreading my knees farther apart and shifted forward in my seat.

Joy discovered that my jeans had a button fly and that I was wearing boxers without a button on the fly. She looked up at me smiling and whispered, “Nice! Easy access.”

As Joy reached into the fly of my boxers, I lifted my hips to help her get my rapidly hardening cock out. Once my dick was free, Joy reached her little hand back in to bring out my balls.

“Not a proper blowjob if you neglect the balls, “Joy giggled, before she ran her tongue along the length of my penis from the base to the tip and engulfed the head of my now fully erect cock.

Joy’s right hand could only go part way around the base of my cock and she could only fit the first third of my penis into her mouth before I could feel the tip pressing the back of her mouth. Gathering some saliva, Joy let it run down my cock wrapped her left hand around my cock above her right and used that hand synchronized with her hot, wet, sucking mouth to stroke my shaft.

The sight of Joy between my legs her mouth full of my cock was incredible. Her head bobbing up and down, the light from the film shining off of her hair, and the brief glimpses of her face, set in a look of deep concentration, that were revealed by the changing light of the movie.

Despite seeming to struggle with the length and girth of my cock, Joy was very good at giving head. Her tongue was alive along the underside of my cock, especially as she reached its head, the suction was perfect—consistent and firm—and she kept a steady rhythm her head moving up and down almost without pause.

Joy started to moan on my cock, and I placed my right hand gently on the top of her head. Almost as soon as Joy felt my hand, she pulled her mouth off of me, looked up at me with wide, bright eyes and said, “Adam! Fuck my throat, Papi!”

“You sure?” I asked, not wanting to hurt her.

“Yes! It’ll be fucking hot!” she affirmed, taking her hands off my shaft and topkapı escort reaching back to hold the heels of her shoes and swallowing the head of my cock again.

I grabbed the sides of Joy’s head with both hands and thrust my hips up pushing the shaft of my penis until I began to feel her throat resisting, and then relaxing my pressure slightly. Watching what I could see of her face in the dim light, I thrust harder and felt my glans slide past her soft palate into her throat, which caused Joy to extend her tongue as if to lick my balls on the next thrust, and made a small, harsh noise, “gong!”

Seeing that she wasn’t gagging, I relaxed my hips and thrust into her mouth again. Joy’s right hand released her heel and grabbed at my thigh, pulling at my jeans to tell me to keep going. Her left hand disappeared between her own legs.

After several more thrusts Joy pressed her right hand down, telling me she needed a pause. I let her head go and her right hand started to stroke my cock again as her face moved down to lick my scrotum and gently suck first one, and then the other, testicle into her mouth while running her tongue around them like a hard candy.

Pulling her mouth away from my balls, and stroking my shaft faster, Joy whispered, “l can’t wait to taste your cum. I want you to blow your load in my mouth!”

“Keep sucking my cock and I will,” I assured her.

“I’m going to cum before I make you cum,” Joy smiled before inhaling my cock again; the hand between her legs now worked furiously.

Suddenly, Joy’s hand and head movements stopped altogether. I could feel her jaw tighten on the shaft of my cock and her breath came in ragged bursts from her nose as her orgasm ripped through her, making her tremble slightly. As it passed, she took her mouth away from my cock to snatch a couple of rapid breaths before plunging back into her task of getting me off. Her head bobbing was more rapid and the stroking of my shaft was almost frantic now.

Fairly soon, under Joy’s renewed efforts, I felt my balls begin to tighten and the pressure at the base of my penis rapidly increased. As I had been taught by my previous blowjob experiences, I tapped Joy on the shoulder as a warning, and Joy stopped moving her head but increased the speed of her hand in response.

My balls contracted toward my body and I could feel my cock swell and jerk as I ejaculated into Joy’s mouth. She hummed happily with each pulse and I could feel her tongue and palate move as she swallowed each one.

Joy softly sucked on my now very sensitive cock, making sure that she got everything and then with a soft kiss on my frenulum, sat back up, reached over to her purse for her water bottle and rinsed her mouth.

I tucked my junk away and we got ready to leave, the movie still playing inanely in the background.

Leaving the little theater, Joy stopped me and nodded to her blanket that she was carrying in front of her. “Now it’s one thing with four uses,” she said.

“What’s the fourth use?” I asked, slightly confused.

Moving the blanket away to show the wet material at the crotch of her leggings she said, “To cover this,” she laughed.

“That’s a very useful thing then,” I said chuckling, “Want to bring it with you back to my place?”

“That sounds perfect, Papi. But don’t expect a repeat performance, my jaw is sore, so you’ll just have to fuck me.”

“Sounds like a plan, Mala.”

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