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Part One – The Fantasy

Soft candlelight reflects off the water as it rolls lazily in the steamy mist. Numbed by the warmth of the bath, you float suspended in a womb….lost in a hazy consciousness induced by wine and classical music.

Thoughts of him cross your mind….they dance into view then flicker away. Like the flare of a candle that shines brightly then fades, you see his face briefly. In these moments you feel a tingle in your loins….your nipples harden slightly. Memories of your most recent encounter bring a flush to your angelic face. Suddenly you sense darkness closing in…which recedes as you deeply inhale. Chuckling to yourself at the realization that you are so lost in the dreams of him, that you have forgotten to breathe….

Startled by the sound of your own voice… “What IS it?”…shaking your head and finishing the thought silently in your mind… ‘About him that affects me this way?’ A question you know will only be answered when you let yourself go and give in to the crazy desires floating around in your head. When the time comes that you accept a reason for the encounter and flow with the tide of unbridled emotion that oozes from your every pore. A feeling that if there ever were two people that could share the same body, the same mind…it is you and him.

Smiling, content in the acceptance that finally, he is exactly what you have been seeking. Holding your breath, you stretch out in the water…scalp tingling as your head sinks below the surface. Your fingers roam over your body. The soaps and oils have soaked into your skin causing your hands to glide easily along your slick flesh. You lie submerged in your own little world….with one hand nestled between your parted thighs and the other encircling your breast. Lost in this erotic game you feverishly masturbate and pinch your nipples……that quest to achieve an orgasm before your breath runs out. Many times have you played this, only to burst forth from the water thrashing for air, completely frustrated by an inability to succeed.

Reaching for the bottle, you pour yourself a fresh glass of courage, downing it in one swallow. Determined to numb the realization that no matter how hard you try – you just cannot force yourself to do – anything. You are much too strong willed, much too self reliant to ever be so supplicant of another.

Leaning back against the rim of the tub you rest your aching head. Disturbed by your failure, you squeeze your eyes tightly shut…reverting to that age old act of wishing. In your minds eye, the familiar scene opens before you like a theater curtain….hoping with all your might that maybe now, with him, you can be complete.

A tear rolls from your eye, cascading down your already damp cheek….moving ever lower …to finally fall with a silent drip into the water below. Struggling not to be as easily enveloped in that sameness, you focus your thoughts on his most recent words….from a phone conversation regarding the possibility of being together….

“If I could come to you as anything…. It would be as one of your tears. How could I want more… than to be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes, live on your cheeks…and die on your lips?”

His unfailing romantic nature complimented with an uncommon, almost surreal, hunger for passion…has you totally infatuated. This you will concede to him. And this is what you long for as you drift off to sleep…

Part Two – Becomes Reality

Awakened by a faint rustling sound….you are amazed by how cool the water has become…how low the candles have burned down. A breeze blows into the room and extinguishes some of the minute flames…wisps of smoke swirl bahis siteleri and dance in little pirouettes.

You rise from the now cold bath, the water cascading over your firm flesh. Reaching for a soft oversized towel and wrapping it about you. Stepping out from the antique claw footed tub onto the pure white ceramic floor, your attention riveted on the doorway. The darkness of the hall beyond concerns you, sending a shiver along your spine. The gooseflesh awakens across your body like a wave as you realize the music playing on the stereo is no longer the selection you had set.

Paralyzed with fear, the pressure in your bowels increases…pressing against your rectum. A typical reaction when terror invades the psyche, and yet in you there is an underlying erotic feeling. The reflex of your anus to tighten sends shivers through your nether region. You are undeniably excited by the unknown. You ache to be fucked, to be filled…to be ravaged…to be forced into what you cannot make yourself do willingly. It is with this need, this absolute need that you step out into the darkness….

Here things happen at a staccato pace…as if bits of reality are revealed to you in a strobe light. You see flashes of a dark figure from across the room – coming closer. The strange music drowns out all sound…wailing human voices rising and falling in unison, humming out a melody that is both strange – and familiar to you. Where have you heard this before? The chill that had so overtaken you is now replaced with heat. A fire burns deep within you, giving you the strength to boldly move forward.

Suddenly, from the darkness you feel a pair of strong hands grab you from behind….A hot breath hits the back of your neck as you are forced forward across the room. Your knees collide with the foot end of your mattress and you topple down onto your stomach…letting out a shriek as you fall. The grip is strong and unrelenting…easily moving your body into whatever position is wished. Gasping for air and moaning in protest you try in vain to scream but cannot.

Your arms are pulled over your head as a blunt object forces itself down against the small of your back. The knee presses you down and holds you motionless as iron hands pull yours up to the brass headboard. In the flashes of light you see straps of soft leather dangle from the glimmering metal. These are wrapped about your wrists, firmly securing you to the bars.

Wincing in pain as your wet tousled hair is pulled, raising your face from the pillow. A velvet cloth is strapped over your mouth gagging you. Fingers rake over your back and hook beneath the towel now loosely hanging about your body, pulling it…forcing it down and off. The assailant moves off the bed, leaving you to lay in your nakedness.

Shocked and dazed by the furry of the assault, yet you are aware that you have not been hurt. The act of tying your wrists was done gently and the gag was applied with care as to not cause pain. This moment of inactivity allows you the opportunity to think. The music, although not common by any means, you have heard before…but where? Searching your memory for this clue…and just as the realization of where you had heard this begins to form in your mind….a feeling of an electric shock at the base of your neck pierces your consciousness – in an instant casting away all thought.

When the intense feeling begins to move downwards along your spine, it’s then you realize an ice cube is being drawn over your hot skin. A small trail of moisture resides in its wake. You feel the hot breath again at the back of your neck…then the unmistakable feeling of lips and tongue licking and sucking the wetness canlı bahis siteleri away. Following the ice, but not too close, leaving just enough of the sensation to assure it sinks in. Slowly the cube is dragged ever lower…now hovering at the crevasse of your tightened ass. The melting ice left there is drawn by gravity, soaking your anus and pussy.

Strong hands grasp your ankles and forcefully spread open your thighs. A second ice cube touches your skin against the back of your knee. Its movement upwards is also followed by lips and tongue. Ever so slowly the duo of pain and pleasure proceeds. You struggle but your restraints hold you too firm. Unable to resist, unable to move, unable to even protest – you simply lay there…helpless to affect change, helpless to do anything.

The cool water slowly drips along the inside of your upper thigh…teasing the sensitive flesh. The bed beneath you becomes wet with a combination of melted ice and your own moist excitement. You squirm beneath the watery onslaught, groaning into the gag over your mouth. Your breathing quickens causing you to draw breath forcefully through your nose.

Fingers move along your scalp and entwine in your thick fur, yanking your head back once again. You feel a hot breath against your ear and for the first time the assailant speaks. Clearly a male voice, gruff and animalistic… “I am the harbinger of your desires. Welcome…to your new existence.” Speaking slower and more clearly… “I know your thoughts, your inner most fantasies…I am here to bring life to each and every one of them.” He flicks out his tongue, wetly fluttering over the crevasses of your ear. “My hot bitch wants to be fucked doesn’t she?” Not said as a question, but more a statement of fact. “DOESN’T SHE?” Confused and helpless to fight against something you so badly want, you simply nod, your flushed face and tear filled eyes a portrait of fear and need.

He shifts position yet you are unable to see his face. Still holding your head back, you feel his hand press against the small of your back, hard fingers moving between the fleshy orbs of your ass. You move your hips to meet his hand and moan loudly as he presses a finger against your anus. “That’s right slut – every desire.”

The pressure of his finger meets the building resistance in your bowels, causing the sensation to penetrate you deeply. Almost as if his finger were stroking the very core of your sexually. He senses your excitement and moves to kneel between your open thighs. Releasing the hold on your hair you feel him loosening the gag. Knowing the only screams that will come from you are ones of ecstasy, he pulls the cloth free. In a gruff voice he commands you to tell him what you want, to hear you plead and beg for it. He knows your every desire, and he now knows you would willingly do anything, anything he asks.

Your mind reels with what is happening to you. Having just come to the conclusion that the only man you could ever succumb to is thousands of miles away. And yet here, now, your every fiber is begging to be taken. To be forced to enjoy the things you have so far been truly unable to. You hear your voice speak beside yourself, in a lusty pleading tone that is new to you… “Oh yes…FUCK ME! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” You push you hips back hard onto the stranger’s hand.

His hard man flesh presses against the back of your thigh, his fingers stroking your dripping slit. You feel him pry your fleshy cheeks, opening your body to him. Taking his penis, he replaces his fingers, sliding its bulbous head along your slick sex. The movement parts your sex petals wider with each pass, pressing his cock in deeper and deeper. “Ooooooooo canlı bahis don’t tease me…PLEASE!” You beg. “Give me your cock now!”

Pulling at your restraints…you arch up, your body begging to be filled. The head of his cock is large, almost as if he were rubbing a billiard ball over your pussy. Your mind spins with the realization of its thickness; you fear that you will be split in two when he finally enters you.

His rough hands grasp your fleshy hips and he pulls your body upwards…lifting you to your knees. The leather straps pull and begin to dig into your wrists. Pain seers along your arms but in an instant – vanishes. Your senses are overtaken by a totally different sensation as his beefy manhood spears your sex…filling your needy cunt. A guttural scream escapes you as you feel the thick flesh fill your body. Instantly he begins to pump his cock into you, a large piston moving full stroke, never quite pulling free but always burying in deep. Strong fingers dig into your hips and upper thighs, kneading the meaty flesh.

You pant with each stroke, totally enraptured by the feeling of his man flesh ramming into you. The wailing voices of the music blend into the sex cries that escape both your lungs. And as the odd melody builds to crescendo, so does your passion. Every nerve in your body is alive; every fiber willingly gives in to this feeling.

You shudder in a way that you have never quite felt before. The feeling seems to spark from deep within you and spreads outwards, lighting every inch of your flesh on fire. All your senses meld into one reality as your pussy explodes in an earth shattering orgasm. Screams of ecstasy fill the air, yours and his. His cock moves erratically, violently, as he is overcome by climax…erupting deep within your body, pumping you full of his seed.

You collapse with him on top of you, the queer position stretches and presses your cunt as his manhood is still firmly planted within you. His breathing is ragged and deep. Your bodies squish and slide, sweaty flesh hot and tingly. Unable to breathe as your face is buried in the pillow, you struggle to speak. You begin to cry, shoulders shaking as you sob into your pillow. They are tears of satisfaction, of shame…of loss and of need. Temporarily satiated, your need for release is replaced by the need to know who has given this gift to you. Tears of shame pool in your eyes as you were convinced it could only have been with your dream lover, not some whacked out rapist.

He slowly lifts off and out of you…an inch at a time…assuring that you feel every distended vein. He reaches up and unties you; his hands roam and caress your body. Standing now, he commands you not to move, not to look…because if you do, he will not return to do this again.

You groan in protest, turning your head slightly – obeying his words as best you can, yet begging for answers to the questions that buzz around in your head. He simply laughs…disappearing into the darkness. You are alone in the silent room…no queer melodies, no sounds of footsteps. You lay there; the only sound save your pounding heart is you panting for air as your body begins to gradually relax.

Finally able to move you sit up gingerly, amazed how even muscles you didn’t know you had ache from use. You draw your knees to your chest, head shaking as the realization sets in as to what has just happened. Common sense screams to call the authorities….but how can one claim to be violated when it’s a dream come true?

The events run through your mind, and one fact keeps tugging at you…the music. As strange as it was, you swear that you’ve heard it before. But where? You have the feeling that when you find the answer to that question, all your questions will be answered. Squeezing your eyes tightly shut, you concentrate with all your might, and wish for the clarity that will bring the revelations that you seek.

(To Be Continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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