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Big Dicks

It was 3:45am and my wife had just fallen asleep. Her orgasm had exhausted her. Now she lay there naked, her beautiful figure partially buried under the pillows along one length of the large sectional sofa.

Just moments earlier she had been writhing amid those pillows and panting “yes! yes! oh, God yes!”

Her orgasm had arrived as I pounded my cock into her mouth, while her best friend Kay kicked and stroked her clit and thrusted a large vibrator in and out of her. Now she was sleeping peacefully, her mouth partially open, as if she were still crying out in pleasure.

Her best friend Kay was stretched across the other length of the sectional sofa, still awake. Her perfect little body was strewn among the cushions, with her head awkwardly bent forward, one leg up on the the sofa and one foot planted firmly on the floor, she was working her cunt with the same large red vibrator.

She held the phallice loosely in her long fingers and worked it skillfully along the outer lips of her vagina, pausing intermittently to plunge the thick head of it in and out of her opening.

As I watched her masturbate, it seemed to me that the device was running out of power. I watched as her frustration built up. I leaned over close to her face and asked, “what can I do for you, baby?”

She did not respond. Her eyes were just barely open. If she hadn’t been so skillfully manipulating that vibrator, she could have been confused for being asleep.

“I’ll do absolutely anything.” I said.

I meant it.

“Kiss me” she whispered.

I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. Her mouth opened to welcome mine. She began to swirl her tongue around lustfully inside mine.

As I broke from our kiss she shut her eyes and began to let out little gasps that told me her excitement was building. I knelt on the floor facing her and paused briefly to imprint the image of her in my brain. She was the same size as my wife. A petite little thing with a round little ass and small boobs. Even her pussy was the same as my wife’s, shaved clean around the lips with a narrow “v” shaped patch of hair perched up above.

Slowly, I moved my face in beneath the vibrator and caught the escaping juices with my tongue as they ran toward her anus. I worked my way back up, greedily lapping up her cum. She responded by pulling away the vibrator and spreading her legs a bit more–inviting me in.

I desperately wanted to please her.

So I focused my attention on her engorged clitoris, placing my tongue flat against it, then slowly rocking my head back and forth. Then I varied the pressure. At first, firmly pressing my tongue flat against her clit, then lightly flicking my tongue as I pulled away. Then I licked along her folds, flicking them from side to side and then lapping along the length to clean them.

I had learned all this from my eating my wife, of course, and the fact that my wife now lay sleeping just a few feet away while I ate-out her best friend only added to the excitement.

Kay and I were now locked in a private little dance. Her writhing body and the rhythm of her breathing was sending me little messages about what felt good to her. I cherished her sweet little messages. I didn’t want them to stop. I didn’t want anything ankara olgun escort to stop. I would have licked her until day break, and maybe longer, if she wanted me to. I wanted to lick her from head to toe.

However, our desire for each other was culminating rapidly. Her breathing turned heavier and she began to grind her hips against my mouth as I pressed it against her. Then she came. Her clit became fully engorged and grew increasingly sensitive, so much so that she had to gently coax my head away with her free hand. Her other hand was still clutching that big red vibrator to her chest.

I backed away and knelt a few feet away. Once again, I burnt the memory into my brain. This time, it was the picture of the two of them. My wife and her best friend, strewn across the sectional sofa, naked. Kay was clutching that large plastic penis– and my wife lay where I had left her– with her mouth open. I wished I could photograph them, so I could secret the picture away and sneak looks at it on lonely afternoons.

As for me, I was still hard — I hadn’t even come. But it didn’t matter to me. I had the rest of my life with the memory now.

I fetched two blankets from the closet and covered them both. Then I kissed them both on the forehead, first Kay and then my wife, then I laid down beside my wife.

I thought about the fact that Kay’s husband, Aaron, was sleeping in the adjoining bedroom about fifteen feet away. I thought about how this had all come about. It was a long story…

It had started had started a few months earlier…

[PART 2]

My wife and I enjoy spending time with Kay and Aaron. About once a month, the four of us go out for dinner and then go dancing or to see a local band. We live about an hour away from Kay and Aaron, so if we re out late on weekends we stay at their house–or vice-versa.

Kay and Elle have been friends since high school. They are two peas in a pod. They have the same fun-loving personality and they have similar bodies. Both are about 5 2″ with round little asses. Whether they re lying side by side on the beach or walking together in the mall, they turn a lot of heads.

Some time ago, my wife and I had got in the habit of including Kay and Aaron in our private fantasies. Sometimes when my wife would ride on top of me, I d ask her what she is thinking about and she would whisper gently in my ear “I m thinking about eating Kay.”

Then she ll start panting and she ll press her mouth against mine, flicking her tongue across my lips as if she were licking her best friend s clit. That always put us over the top. Her head would drop and she would moan as she started coming, as I empty myself into her.

Other times, I ll fuck her from behind and imagine her sucking on Aaron s cock. I could tell she was thinking the same thing. And sometimes she’d stick her vibrator in her mouth and pretend to suck it off, while I pound myself into her.

Until recently though, it was all just a fantasy. Then one night we found ourselves at their house after a long night of bar hopping, and things started to get real.

We were standing around the kitchen drinking wine, when the conversation turned to sex. The girls ankara ucuz escort wanted to know if I d get jealous if Aaron kissed Elle or whether Aaron would get jealous if I made out with Kay. Aaron and I agreed that it wouldn t bother us, but we d prefer to see the girls kiss each other.

And just like that, Elle embraced her girlfriend and kissed her firmly on the mouth. As Elle slowly began to pull away from Kay, Kay reached out and pulled Elle back to her. Now they kissed more intensely. They re tongues explored each other. My wife s hands began exploring her friend s tight little ass, rubbing and squeezing her cheeks through her jeans.

Aaron and I stood there watching –completely speechless. I could see that Aaron was just as pleased as I was though, I was rock hard.

A few minutes later they turned to us. They were both flush and breathing hard. “Wow! She s a good kisser!” Kay proclaimed

“That was nice” Elle said, “her mouth is so soft.”

As Aaron and I talked about this recent turn of events, Elle took Kay by hand and led her from the kitchen. I heard a door close down the hall. Aaron and I continued to talk and soon the topic drifted. After a while, as difficult as it to believe now, we both forgot about the girls. Maybe it was the wine. It was now almost 3 A.M.

After a while though, Aaron turned to me and asked “what do you suppose those two are up to?”

I smirked “they re probably in your bed having sex.”

It was only a flip comment when it left my mouth, but the silence that followed had us both replaying the scene from earlier in our minds.

We turned and started toward the bedroom. As we approached the bedroom door, Aaron called out “Girls?”.

The door swung open and there they were. Lying under the blankets, asleep. The night was over. We both stretched, grumbled unintelligibly, and resigned ourselves to the night.

Aaron crawled onto the King-size bed, fully clothed, and quickly fell asleep. I undressed down to my underwear and crawled under the blanket. As I pulled myself close to my wife I realized that she was naked. I snuggled in close to feel the warmth of her body and I started to wonder about how fast my wife fell asleep. This was highly unusual, even after a night of drinking my wife takes a long time to get settled for bed.

I decided to investigate. I slowly I slid my hand across her body and felt the warm nakedness of her friend Kay lying next to her. All three of us now lay like spoons, facing Aaron who was face down on the far side of the bed. I slowly traced my hand from Kay s shoulder down along her arm and across her hips, then back again, this time below her arm, to confirm he nakedness.

They giggled softly. They weren t asleep.

I tried to imagine the scenario that unfolded while I idly gabbed in the kitchen moments before. How much time had passed? I couldn’t fathom it.

Eager for the story, I leaned over to kiss Elle and smelt the sweet aroma of the female sex on her face. I licked her cheek. She laughed out loud. I thought for sure Aaron would wake, and I fixed my eyes on him in the darkness. He didn t budge.

I ran my hand down between my wife s legs. My fingers slid ankara yabancı escort easily across her. Her pussy was wet with excitement.

Just then I felt a hand on mine. It was Kay. She tenderly brushed my hand aside and slowly began to stroke my wife s pussy lips. I welcomed the intrusion. I grew more excited as realized that their night of play was not yet over.

I lay my hand on top of Kay s and ran my finger along her hand as she drove her fingers deeper into my wife s pussy. Her movements told me that she welcomed my presence.

A waive of guilt passed over me. How could I do this with her husband inches away? “Aaron?” I called out in the darkness.

“Oh, he s asleep.” Kay said, in a matter-of-fact sort of way.

“I feel like he should be in on this. Don t you?” I asked.

We were now speaking in fully awake tones, like we were in the living room. “Oh, he’s o.k.” she said.

So I let it go at that. Soon I was stroking and fondling the two of them. Kay rolled over on top of Elle and kissed her deeply. I slid down toward they re feet, taking the blankets with me. The dim light revealed their sleek bodies pressed tightly together. I paused briefly and looked at Aaron, he lay motionless face down beside them. I couldn t resist the urge to touch Kay any longer. I reached our and grabbed Kay s firm ass cheeks. I gently rolled her butt-cheeks in a circular motion until I could hear the gentle squishing sound as the flaps of her wet pussy rubbed together. Then I pressed my face into her backside. She invited me by spreading her legs apart slightly. I greedily lapped at her pussy lips from behind. She let out a little gasp as I ran my tongue up and down and around her anus.

Then I heard Elle say “roll over and let him eat you, he s good at it”

I didn t have time much time to relish the compliment before I was darting my tongue along Kay s clit, lapping at her hungrily. I cleaned her juices carefully from the folds of her delicate pussy and swallowed every new drop she produced.

Suddenly my wife s head appeared in front of me. She had spun around in the bed and gently nudged me out of the way and pressed her face into Kay s pussy. I nudged in close to get a good view as my wife licked and sucked on Kay s sweet flesh.

I stood up beside the bed for a better view. The two women were now firmly locked in the 69 position. I leaned over and watched as Kay frantically licked my wife, pinned down by Elle s writhing body. I flicked my tongue across Elle s butt-hole as I stared into Kay s eyes from above. This seemed to excite her tremendously and she let out a series of little squeals.

Kay s eyes rolled back, her mouth opened wide and her breathing became fast and short, I kissed her on the lips as she came, my wife still mounted over her.

Finally, Elle rolled off of her friend. She smiled wide, proud that she made her cum. Then she proclaimed “I need a penis.”

I laid down on the bed and Elle mounted me, as she rocked back and forth on my shaft she kissed Kay passionately as she lay beside us. Kay leaned in and sucked Elle s nipples. I felt her hand reach around and gently begin fondle my balls as my wife fucked me. It was too much for any man to handle, I came at once and Elle quickly followed.

Then we all just lay here. “Aaron?” I said.

No answer. The girls giggled softly.

How could he have slept through that? The poor guy missed the whole thing.

Through the window, the pale gray morning was beginning to break. I was sorry it was all over. The next time, we all agreed, we d have to start earlier, so the poor guy doesn t fall asleep on us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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