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Alina Lopez

My wife, Lily was still a virgin at 29, church going, and naive, even though she had plenty of boyfriends before I met her. With difficulty I managed to seduce her when we became engaged to be married, and fucked her tight cunt on a few occasions before we were married, but basically she made me wait till she had that wedding ring on her finger, her promising me I could fuck her as often as I wished once we were married. However. years later Lily enjoyed denying me sex with her while telling me of how well other Men gave her orgasms.

I had managed to get my hand up her skirt and past her stocking tops while we were still courting and engaged, and feel her cunt through her knickers, but she would not let me remove her knickers or let me remove my trousers, so I used to ‘dry fuck’ her over her knickers and cum in my trousers, while kissing her a lot and sometimes feeling her small but firm tits, having lifted her skirt up to her waist and out the way and undone her blouse and bra. A couple of times I managed to pull down my trouser zip and get my hard cock out and push her knickers to one side and push my cock right up her, but she cried and struggled so much I had to pull out and spunked all over her knickers, and she made me promise to wait till we were married, but I had broken her virginity and she had felt a really tight fuck.

As soon as we were married, I fucked her a lot, whenever I could, but we could not use condoms because she is Catholic, which meant we had to use the ‘Rhythm Method’, which meant I was not supposed to fuck her the days when she was most fertile, which are the days of course when she was at her most willing to ‘make love’, so I ended up making her pregnant within the first ten months, then twice again within the first three years. We started using condoms then, and later she went on the pill. After 15 years I persuaded her being now more curious about Maltepe Escort sex to give her panties to guy who advertised for ‘used panties’ and she got so excited when he removed the panties from her, that when he offered to fuck her as a slut, my wife agreed, and so only the second man to ever fuck my wife used her as his slut and she loved it, and had me take her back to him for a fucking week after week, for the excitement. He fucked my willing wife bareback every time and his spunk ran down her legs as I drove her home, as he kept her panties every time too.

When our sons grew up and moved away, my wife stopped letting me fuck her, a couple of years ago, by which time she had two big cocked boyfriends, Paul fucks her all night Wednesdays after dancing classes, then Doug fucks her all night Fridays, both bareback, plus a few other regular boyfriends who individually take us out wining and dining then back to our place for ‘a long erotic session’, and they let me watch as they spank and then ‘use’ and ‘abuse’ my wife, Lily wearing only her stockings and suspender belt and her very high heels, and the very red lipstick by now, on our marital bed using her as their submissive slut, fucking her face, slapping her, spanking her, calling her ‘whore’ ‘slut’ ‘cock-sucker’ ‘arse-licker’ etc. etc. then fucking her HARD, some bareback, ordering her to do ANYTHING they wish for as long and as often as they wish. My wife Lily loves it ALL. And so do I!

Lily had taken a fancy to Paul, the son of her older cousin, as Paul was always holding her very seductively at weekly dances at which we used to meet, and ‘suggesting’ they get to know each other ‘much’ better, until one night to his surprise she let him know he could come back home with us.

He is a real ladies’ man, always seducing married women, but usually without the husband knowing, so on the first occasion Cevizli Escort it was Paul that was nervous. As it was, my wife wanted me to know about her taking on a younger and more virile lover! And I was delighted.

So when we got home, I quickly said ‘Goodnight, see you both in the morning’, and I went upstairs to bed in the spare room, adjacent to out marital bedroom. As soon as I left then alone together Paul wasted no time, and soon started kissing Lily, feeling her, and getting his hand up her skirt, past her stocking tops and suspender belt straps and into her pretty panties. I could see and hear all this, as unbeknown to either of them there is a hole under a loose floorboard in the spare bedroom and with the aid of a small mirror I could see into all of the room downstairs.

Soon she had his big cock out and she was rubbing him Hard it, so he sat on a chair and persuaded her to get on top of him. (My wife murmured something about using a condom, but he Dominantly said “No way”, and by now she was too keen for him for her to argue).

I could soon see her bouncing up and down on his cock, and the chair was making quite a noise too, so he coaxed her to lay in the easy chair, and he pulled up her skirt again, took off her panties this time and quickly got between her black stockinged legs.

I could see his large hard naked cock at the entrance to her willing cunt, then he pushed and mounted her and started fucking my wife earnestly. She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy and her legs rose higher and higher until I could see the bottom of her shiny black high heeled shoes.

Soon I realised he was spunking inside her, and I heard her say “I wanted you to fuck me for a much longer time?”. He said “Do not worry, I always cum quickly first time, you will get plenty of loving, as I can keep going nearly all night and then again in the morning”.

Then Atalar Escort Paul he took Lily to our marital bedroom, finally undressed her, and within half an hour they were at it again. Again unbeknown to them, I had a microphone concealed in a position near the head of the bed, low down, so each time the bed springs began to creak the noise woke me up, and I could hear all their love making and intimate words, as the two bedrooms back on to one another. I love hearing their sweet talking and the bed creaking when they are fucking each other. I now enjoy being a voyeur and listener while my wife insists in denying me sex nowadays but Lily insists on telling me all the details of her sexual adventures while I wank off next day looking at her pulled open used pussy.

Paul fucked Lily five times that first night, then weekly afterwards he usually fucks her three times each Wednesday night. They do not intend I join in, in anyway. She does it to enjoy a much better lover than me! Lily makes a point of telling me “Paul fucks me so much better with his bigger hard cock which fills me much more than your small cock ever did, and Paul can fuck me multiple times all night and morning”.

I made the mistake of telling my wife about the peep-hole in the floor, and Lily would not make full love in that room after that evening. She does not know about the microphone into the bedroom, and I will not make the mistake of telling her about that.

I love hearing my wife getting well fucked and really enjoying herself and the way Paul Dominates Lily. I only wish I had his stamina, and was allowed to fuck my wife the way Paul and her boyfriends do nowadays, but I do enjoy listening, and sometimes watching when my wife is used as a submissive slut by other men!

Paul has been very Dominant with my wife right from the start, as he quickly realised Lily could be very submissive, so it was Paul who taught Lily to suck cock, take rough mouth fucking and swallow cum, to enjoy her hair pulled, and take mild spankings, and to obey other Men without hesitation. Lily loves how masterful other Men are with her and she is keen to please in every way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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