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It may seem confusing but pay attention to the details and enjoy

Also read the first installments or this won’t make much sense

My Whole Family Needed Me 4

There we were. Katie bent over in front of me with her newly fucked ass gaping wide open, me behind her with my limp cock that was freshly cleaned by my little sister Nessa’s mouth and Nessa laying right under Katie with sweat, cum and saliva dripping off of her face and onto the ground. The clever combination of piss, sweat, and love juices filled the air. And did I forget to mention that my Aunt Lucy, who had been caught cheating on her husband with my father, was angrily standing in the doorway!

“So is anyone going to tell me what the hell is going on here”? She demanded

“You should know” Katie said matter-of-factly. “You broke our family apart doing exactly what we were just doing! I hate you why are you here?” Katie looked upset as she turned over to sit down and realized she couldn’t because her ass was too sore from the pounding it just took.

“Don’t you raise your voice at me young lady” she ordered and she started to make a move towards Katie. I stepped in front of her and asked her what she thought she was doing. She said she was going to set Katie straight by knocking some sense into her. I took issue with that.

She tried to move toward her again and I grabbed her by both arms. Her D breasts jutted out proudly from her low cut red blouse. My aunt wasn’t as beautiful as my mother, but I finally noticed just how sexy she is, she has a tiny waist and a nice plump ass. Her legs are long but I can’t tell what they look like because she has a work skirt and leggings on right now. Her hair is pinned up in a bitchy manner, her nails and eyebrows are done perfectly, and one can tell at first glance how high maintenance she is.

“Let me go you little brat or you’re gonna get it too”

“I don’t think you are in any position to be making threats, Katie, get me the duct tape that is downstairs under the sink.” Without question she got up and went to fetch it for me.

“What are you doing? I thought you said your mother wanted to talk to me and straighten things out” she opened her mouth again to scream and I slammed her face against the pillow so all you could hear was a muffled moan.

“Oh we’re going to straighten some things out all right. Starting with you” Katie returned with the tape and we taped Lucy’s arms behind her back and put tape over her mouth so she wouldn’t be able to make noise. “Nessa go and fetch mommy for me please” I said and it was time for our revenge.

Aunt Lucy kept trying to make loud noises and fidget around so I smacked her across the face and told her to be still. She looked at me wide eyed and agreed. She had the most beautiful big blue eyes.

Mom came in with nothing but a half-open robe on and was shocked to see her naked eldest daughter standing in front of her naked brother and her cheating slut of a sister sitting tied up and basically muzzled.

“What’s going on here” my mother shrieked while she moved to untie Aunt Lucy. “What are you even doing here?” She ripped off the tape from Aunt Lucy’s mouth and she explained how I had called her and told her that she should come here and we would patch everything up. Unfortunately those were never my intentions.

“It was a trap” I said. “She destroyed our family by being a harlot, she betrayed you as a sister and now it’s time for revenge. This is how we can move past dad and his treachery, we will do what she did to us right back to her. From now on she’s going to be our personal sex slave”

“I don’t know who you think you are kid but Vicky untie me I’m getting the hell outta he—“

SMACK! Shut the hell up unless we ask you to speak! I snapped at her and made her realize that I wasn’t joking

“Zack honey do you think this is a good idea” my mom asked.

“It’s what’s best for all of us mom. You are my women and she hurt all of you. I can’t just take canlı bahis that sitting down. I need all of my women to agree though.” Nessa and Katie immediately shook their heads yes. My mother still stood there shocked.

“Please Vicky I’m so sorry for what I did but please untie me and let me leave!!”

I walked up to my mother and placed my hand on her cheek. She was like a frightened child. I brushed my hand through her hair and she let off a soft moan. Then she got serious.

“Whatever Zack says goes in this house! He is the man of the house and you will obey him just like we all will.” I now have all of them, I thought.

“So what are we going to do with her” Katie asked with a little apprehension in her voice.

“Frist we all need to take her and defile her” I said as I walked toward Aunt Lucy with my semi-erect cock. You could see the fear in her eyes as I slowly go closer to her. “This can happen the easy way or the hard way Lucy” I said as I pressed my cock which must have smelled like dry cum and Katie’s ass against her beautiful lips. She looked up at me teary eyed and I could tell she gave in. She opened her mouth and let my cock slide in gently. She even teased me with her tongue.

“That’s good” I moaned as my cock moved in and out of her mouth. Her saliva started running down her face to her neck as she took more and more of my cock in. Eventually I was throat fucking my aunt. While I was doing this Katie had gotten behind my mother and stuck 3 fingers into her ass and Nessa was on her knees in front of my mother lapping up all of her and my juices that I had shot into her just hours before.

When I turned around and saw my mother’s tongue basically in Katie’s throat and Nessa licking at my mother’s throat on her knees like a good little girl I could hold it in no longer. I came almost immediately and Aunt Lucy took it all down her throat and didn’t miss a drop. I kept my cock in her mouth so it would grow hard again for what I was about to do next.

When she made me semi-erect again I pulled my cock out of her mouth and it almost seemed like her mouth didn’t want to lose a new friend. I told her I was going to take the tape off of her hands and if she tried to escape or make noise we would tie her down and take turns spanking her. It didn’t seem like she was going try anything so I took the tape off.

She wiped her spit covered mouth and neck. “Look guys, I’m sorry for what I did to you guys, it was an awful thing to do but my husband just stopped caring about me and it was so frustrating in every way. And one day me and your father’s companies were working together on a business trip and it just happened. I’ve hated myself since we started but please just let me go I swear I won’t say anything”

“It’s too late for that Lucy” my mother moaned as she held Nessa’s hair while she squirted juices into her mouth. “We’re all going to do this to you starting with Zack. You’re ours now”

I ignored the scared look in her eyes and pushed her onto Katie’s bed. I ripped her work skirt off to find that she was wearing no panties, but just the leggings and they were soaked at the crotch area. Tore the crotch off of them and started to rub up and down Aunt Lucy’s cunt. I tore her blouse open and saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra either!

“Aunt Lucy you have no shame at all! You’re a slut, you’re just a little whore and I bet even though you’re asking to leave you want nothing more than to stay here and be fucked by all of us!”

“That’s not true” she screamed but I could tell even she didn’t believe it. I got off of her and stepped back. She looked confused and disappointed.

“Go home then you slut” I said and we all watched as she did nothing. She didn’t even make a move to make herself decent.

“Mom, Nessa and Katie come over here and bend over the bed. Stick your asses into the air” They all complied immediately with confused looks on their faces. “I came in mom’s and Katie’s ass along with Nessa’s pussy today. Either lick all of their holes clean or bahis siteleri get out.

She stared at me for a second then got up. She straightened out her clothes and looked at me once again. I could see her decision in her eyes and wasn’t surprised when she dropped to her knees and started licking my mother’s dirtiest hole. The smell of cum shit and pussy juice infiltrated her nose and she could literally taste the fuck from earlier. My mother moaned as she rubbed her clit softly while she was rimmed.

Before she could move on to Katie, I stood her up and stripped her clothes off one by one. I marveled at her amazing body and her perfectly shaven pussy. She stood naked in front of me and I pushed her right back onto her knees and into Katie’s asshole. It was still partially open as her tongue invaded Katie’s depths and lapped up all of my cum from before. I wasted no time in getting behind my Aunt and slamming my entire cock inside of her dirty pussy all at once. She moaned in to Katie’s asshole as I started to pound her harder and harder. All of my anger at my father was going into this raw fuck. I was plowing in and out of her pussy wantonly and it angered me that she was getting so turned on by my mad fuck. She moaned loudly into Katie’s ass as she came all over my cock and balls.

That was all I could hear from her as her orgasm subsided. I pulled my still fully erect cock out of her drenched pussy as she finally moved behind Nessa to lick her youngest niece’s pussy clean.
“Wait no not there!” My aunt shrieked as I plopped just the head of my cock into her very tight asshole.
“I thought whores got fucked like this all of the time” I said with a chuckle as I jammed more inside of her.
“No not this one please ohh god Zack it’s too much I’ve never done that ohhh god please don’t. I’ll be your whore I’ll be your slut I’ll let you do anything to me just please don’t do that!”

“You are my whore” I screamed with a thrust. “You are my slut!” I screamed with another thrust. “And you’re gonna do whatever I tell you to!” I screamed as I buried my entire cock into her ass till my balls slapped against her shaved wet pussy.


“This is for your own good” I screamed as I pushed her head into Nessa’s crotch and covered her face with Nessa’s juices. Nessa moaned as the assault on her pussy continued. Aunt Lucy yelled as my assault on her ass continued. I kept on forcing my cock in and out of her ass which was now bleeding. I could tell that Aunt Lucy was in a lot of pain but I didn’t care. I don’t think anyone cared as I saw my mother and Katie sitting on the bed watching. My mother had two fingers in Katie’s pussy and was sucking on her neck.

Just when I was about to fill my Aunt up with the rest of the juices left in my body, I was surprised to hear my mother’s voice say

“Wait Zack stop. She doesn’t deserve this.”

“Yes I do. I was so stupid to do what I did. I am so sorry. But your son is filling me up with everything that I was missing. Even though he’s hurting me right now I feel so full and loved by his cock. I want to be his slave. I want him to do whatever to me.”

My Aunt was clearly broken and everyone but me started to feel sorry for her. I pulled my shit, blood and cum-stained cock out of her ass with a plop. Nessa turned around and they all looked at me and asked what do we do now with their eyes.

“Please don’t take it out of me Zack” my Aunt pleaded and bent over offering me her ass. I decided to make her mine and fill her pussy up with baby making goo.

“Are you on birth control?” I asked and when she said no I plunged inside of her. I put the remainder of my anger into this last fuck of the day. I thrust in and out of her with reckless abandon and made her make sounds I have never heard before. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over my cock again.


That was all of the convincing I needed as I emptied my balls inside of my Aunt. I let go of her hips and my cock eventually spurted out of her and a mixture of our cum and blood poured out of her cunt. We both collapsed and fell asleep.

I woke up around 12 midnight Aunt Lucy was still sleeping in the room along with Nessa. I went downstairs to find my mother and Katie cooking food for us. Katie ran up to me and gave me a kiss and I walked over to my mother and gave her a kiss and a light smack on her ass.

“Mom we need to talk about something”

“I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with my sister don’t worry Zack” she chuckled

“It’s not about that it’s about Nessa mom her teacher raped her”

She turned around with a serious face and Katie walked over to us surprised. I spent the next half an hour explaining it all to them and I was interrupted before I could finish.

“Sounds pretty simple just get Nessa back in there and we catch him in the act. Once we get the proof he goes to jail for a long time”

We all still weren’t sure if we forgave her yet, but it was a good idea and when Nessa came downstairs we decided not to tell her about it. We did decide that Katie and Nessa were too young to get pregnant so my mother got them morning after pills and planned to take them to a clinic soon to get pills. When everything was set up it was time for us to have a conversation about Aunt Lucy.

“You and your husband are done Lucy, you’re going to live hear from now on and you’re going to have to earn all of our trust back. You answer to all of us including Nessa and you’re going to do everything that we tell you to.” I said sternly and she did not seem to object at all. I started to think that Aunt Lucy might just be some kind of nymphomaniac or sexual deviant because it didn’t take much to turn her.

The plan was set into motion at 6am the next morning. I decided to skip one more day of school and help with the plan. I told Jereme to leave my homework and classwork under the welcome mat at our house because I probably wouldn’t be there. He never showed up the day before to bring it for some reason. My mother and Aunt went back to work.

I had my camera ready as I stood outside of a window to the classroom that Nessa was going to meet her teacher in. He was sitting there nonchalantly spinning a pencil with his fingers and clearly waiting for Nessa. I wanted to bust in there and kick his ass myself but I had neither the strength or will to fight a middle aged man. He wasn’t bad looking at all and seemed to have on a nice shirt; I wondered why he was raping young girls.

I couldn’t believe what happened when Nessa came into the room; he backed away from her and seemed to be telling her to leave. She was persistent unfortunately and got him against the wall. I noticed a flash as this happened and Jereme walked into the room and locked the door behind him!

I watched as he told Nessa to take out the teacher’s dick and kiss it. All the while he was snapping pictures and getting a bunch of different angles. He told the teacher to sit back down and threatened him with the pictures. Then he unzipped his pants and told Nessa to come suck on what appeared to be his fully erect 7 ½ inch cock. She eagerly licked all over it and sucked on him until he exploded into her mouth.

“Wow Nessa you’ve gotten a lot better have you been practicing”

I snapped out of my trance when I heard him say that and ran around the school to the room and tried to get in. The door was locked and the window to the room was blocked. So my only option would be to break a window and climb in. I rushed back to the window and my poor little sister had the teacher’s cock up her ass through his zipper and Jereme’s cock in her tight lightly hairy pussy. She was moaning and begging them to stop.


She screamed as the teacher and my ex best friend emptied their loads inside of her. I had barely gotten hallway through the broken window when they all turned and realized that I was there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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