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This is a continuation of “My first BBC while I was babysitting.” Osa was my first black guy and I really liked him although I was in a complicated relationship with Matt. My story continues with me trying to keep the secret relationships I had with both of them from everyone, but mostly from each other.

I received a lot of feedback asking for more and even suggesting some really dirty twists to how things could have played out. I will continue the story keeping it closer to the reality. It’s a true story and I feel it is definitely saucy enough. I hope you enjoy.


Osa and Matt – The ongoing struggle

Matt called on a Friday night begging to meet with me to work things out. I did love Matt; I just couldn’t tolerate his insane jealousy anymore. I agreed to go out with him to talk though.

I heard his old truck before I saw him as he pulled up in front of my apartment building. Making my way down the driveway I climbed in.

“Hi Angel.” He smiled as he greeted me trying to keep the feel as normal as possible.

Seeing Matt I immediately remembered all the fun times and history we had together. I looked in to his steely green eyes as I said hello back to him.

As we drove off, he reached over and took my hand. I naturally grabbed it like I had done a thousand times before. The plan was to hit the Icy Freeze for a bite to eat. The silence eventually became deafening in the cab of his old truck until he couldn’t take anymore.

“Grace, I have miss you so much angel! I don’t want to be without you any longer.” His eyes never left the road as he spoke.

“I miss you too Matt.” I squeezed his hand.

“What do I have to do fix things Grace?” his voice cracked as he finished his question.

“To start with, how about no more jealous maniac?” I said sternly. “I have male friends and I don’t intend to stop hanging out with them because you think I’m cheating on you!”

His voice softened. “You are right Grace. It’s like I can’t control myself and I just love you so much. You know that right?”

“If you really love me, you need to trust me and not lose your mind when I’m out with other people.” I responded gently. “Can you do that Matt? Because that is what it’s going to take.”

“I will try Grace, I swear!” His confidence regained in his voice as the words came out.

“Then I will give us another try too sweetie.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek

We talked as we ate our burgers and enjoyed the frosty milkshakes we had come to enjoy regularly. Things seemed normal and it felt good. Jumping back in his truck we headed home on the long dark county roads back towards my apartment. As I sat beside him, I peered in to the remote darkness. There was nothing but glimpses of farmland in his high beams. It was a desolate area which was seldom travelled. We had enjoyed each other in this area regularly in the past. Tonight would be no different as it turned out.

Taking his right hand off the steering wheel he placed it on my thigh. I could feel the warmth of his hand through my jeans. I parted my legs slightly and he gently ran his hand along my inner thigh. I moved my hand on his thigh and returned the gesture.

My hand slowly caressed his thigh and the closer I moved my hand to his crotch, the higher he moved his hand towards mine. Once I made contact with his groin, it was evident that he was rock hard already.

I looked inquisitively at him.

“It’s been a long time!” he smiled.

It had been a long time, for him anyway. Last Saturday I was getting fucked silly by Osa on a couch.

I reached down and unzipped his pants slowly. Slipping my fingers in and pulling the tip of his hard cock out the opening. I ran my finger over it gently watching as it flexed and he moaned. Slowly my head moved down to his crotch.

I danced my hot breath over the head of his cock and he moaned out loud. My tongue stabbed at his swollen head and circled his sensitive rim over and over causing him to shift himself. His cock stuck out the opening more and I put the head in my mouth.

He blurted out, “Oh fuck yes! I love when you blow me when I’m driving.”

I sucked his head in to my mouth. With the suction I pulled his cock fully out of his pants and began stroking him as I sucked. His hand searched my back wildly as he grabbed and pawed at my flesh. Slowly I took his cock deeper in to my mouth. I was on a mission to drain him.

It really didn’t take long before his breathing changed and his cock stiffened more. I started sucking and tonguing his cock faster. The vehicle had slowed dramatically as he got closer to his orgasm. I knew he was very close to letting it all go.

His cock exploded in my mouth. It was such an unexpected load I didn’t have a chance to put him down my throat. His cum flooded my mouth, lips and chin. I kissed the head of his cock and sat back up in my seat. Cleaning my face off with a serviette and taking a big drink of my pop to wash tuzla escort the musky taste of his cum out of my mouth.

“Oh fuck angel that was amazing.” He panted

I smiled at him. “You should probably take me home; I have to get up early in the morning.”

After telling me he loved me and how happy he was to have another chance with me on the ride home, we finally arrived. He gave me a big kiss and I made my way up to my apartment.

I barely had time to change in to my pajamas and settle on the couch when the phone rang. Looking at the clock I realized it was just after midnight. Curious as to whom it could be I answered, “Hello?”

“Hiya Grace Baby!” Osa’s unmistakable deep voice greeted me.

My heart skipped a beat as I answered. “Well hello there handsome.”

“Did I wake you up Grace?” His voice softened.

“No I was just getting back in from hanging out with some friends.”

“Want to do something tonight or are you too tired?”

“It’s like …midnight Osa.” I giggled.

“What can I say, I miss you sweetie.” He responded smoothly.

“What do you want to do? Nothing is really open now.” I asked.

“Why don’t I come over there then? We can hang out.”

I agreed to see him in as cool a tone as possible, but inside I had butterflies.

Racing to the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix my hair. Tossing clothes around my closet I changed clothes again. I wanted to be as sexy as possible for him, so I put on a stretchy black miniskirt and button down pink satin blouse. Intentionally, I decided not to put a bra on as a surprise for him.

Within 15 minutes he was at my door. As I opened the door his eyes immediately traced my body from head to toe with a mischievous grin.

“Damn Grace!” He gently pushed me back against the wall.

His big lips swallowed my mouth in the most passionate kiss. His hands reached around me and cupped my ass through the thin material of my skirt.

“You were out for with friends looking this fine?” He looked me up and down again.

Putting my arms around his neck I kissed him and he continued to explore my body through my clothing. When his hands reached my breasts he knew immediately that I wasn’t wearing a bra and squeezed my breast firmly.

“Mmmhmmm, my baby girl wants some more of her man.” He jibed

“Yes I do!” I responded with my cutest southern bell impression.

Taking my hand he guided me in to the living room and we stood kissing. He continued to explore my body for a while.

When he finally sat down he said, “I want to watch you take that shirt off Grace.”

Without hesitation I slowly started unbuttoning my blouse as I gazed deeply in to his eyes. Once my shirt was completely unbuttoned, he pulled me in to him and began to kiss and lick my breasts. His hand massaging one breast while his mouth sucked licked and nibbled on my other nipple.

When he finally removed his face from my chest, he sat back and undid his pants. “You ready to see your friend again baby?”

Without waiting for a response, Osa pulled his cock out of his jeans and tugged it a couple times. He wasn’t hard yet and his cock looked amazing already. My memory of last week did not do it justice. Placing my head against his chest I put my hand on his cock. As I squeezed it, I could feel it grow under my touch.

I was determined to do better this time with sucking his monster cock. I moved my head closer and licked his head before parting my lips to take his girth in to my waiting mouth. I tried to relax my jaw more and not suck as hard knowing that he could outlast my sucking stamina.

Slowly I fucked his cock with my wet mouth and surprised myself at how long I was lasting without my jaw aching again.

“Oh fuck baby that feels amazing!” he groaned

Pulling my mouth off his cock I told him, “I want to make you cum like this baby I want you to cum in my mouth.”

His hands gentled entangled my hair and his hips starting moving slowly up and down. Applying pressure to my head as he fucked my mouth he said, “That’s it baby, you can take a bit more of that cock can’t you?”

I gagged when he hit the back of my throat but he kept fucking my mouth slowly. “That’s it girl, take it nice and slow. There’s no hurry baby.”

His cock stayed deep in my mouth occasionally causing me to gag as it poked at the opening to my throat. His hand slid my skirt up over my ass and began working my cheeks. Grabbing my thong he slid it down my thighs and went back to playing with my ass.

As I sucked him I could taste the early seed dripping from his cock as he slowly fucked my mouth. His big fingers found my pussy and began making their way in to me. Slowly he worked more of his fingers in to me until he had three pushing deep in my soaked pussy.

“Let’s take those right off!” He said pointing at my skirt and panties.

I removed them quickly and he positioned himself between ucuz escort my legs before pulling my mouth back down to his cock in a sixty nine position. His tongue lapped at my soaking wet pussy and probed my folds before plunging in to me. I was delirious in pleasure as I took his cock and sucked him wildly trying to make him feed me his cum.

I grabbed his balls in one hand and stroked him as I sucked. His moans muffled as his face licked and sucked at my pussy. I could feel his balls begin to tighten and knew he was close. I began licking his cock shaft as I stroked him quicker before putting my mouth back on him. His hips began to buck wildly; His cock pushed further in to my throat causing me to gag.

Instantly in mid gag his cock erupted. Some of it went straight down my throat, most didn’t and it shot out the corners of my mouth. I held him in my mouth and sucked gently as I ran my tongue all over the head of his cock. Squeezing his cock, I milked all of the seed from him.

I intended to just keep sucking him until he begged me to stop, but it never happened. As I sucked and ran my tongue all over him, his cock began to get harder again. I squeezed it in disbelief. His hips returned to their slow grind as he began fucking my mouth again.

“Let me fuck you again baby.” He asked with a tone that didn’t sound like a question. “Just for a bit, then I will let you suck it all out of me okay?”

In my naivety I agreed to let him fuck me again without protection. I was wedged in the corner of the couch as his huge cock stretched me open once again. It felt just like the first time as I tried to adjust to his girth.

“Mmmm I love my Grace’s sweet, tight little white pussy.” he cooed as he worked his big tool in to me. “That black cock looks so good against your pale skin baby.”

Once he was half way in he began to fuck me faster and my pussy gushed. My wetness allowed him to push his length in to me deeply. He was so deep I started to cough. He didn’t relent and continued fucking me with long deep strokes breaking my pussy in for his pleasure.

“Oh fuck baby that is a tight pussy!” He moaned as he leaned down to kiss me.

His tongue probed my mouth as his big cock stretched me open. I held his face in my hands as we kissed and his thrusts got faster. Our tongues fought wildly as he pounded himself deeper in to me. I starred in to his eyes as he looked back at me with an animalistic gaze.

At this moment, I was his and gave myself to him. I would do anything to please him and let him have anything he wanted. Osa knew I was his and he had me right where he wanted me.

I wrapped my legs around him pulling him deep in to me. He responded immediately with long deep thrusts. His balls slapped against my ass and his cock pushed deeper. He buried himself in me and held it there. Pushing gently he forced his full length in to me and then held it there to stretch me out.

I kissed him and bucked my hips on his cock never taking my eyes off him. His big hand made its way up and began squeezing and massaging my breast as he fucked me with very short thrusts. His cock barely came out of me as he pistoned himself in and out of me.

“Oh my god, fuck …yes baby. Milk my cock for me.” He mumbled his words in my mouth. “I’m gonna cum again…Fuuuuuck.”

I felt him stiffen in me and he pushed himself all the way in me. My pussy twitched wildly as his cum filled me. It was all I could take; I began to move my hips fucking him as I got close to my own orgasm.

He collapsed his weight on me and kissed me.

“You need to ride this now. I want to feel you cum all over my big black dick.” He moved and sat on the couch. Quickly he pulled my leg over his so I was straddling him.

Reaching down I stroked his slippery cock. A bead of cum formed at the tip of his huge head. Lifting myself up, I rubbed his cock along my lips before lining him up and slowly lowering myself down on him.

His big hands grabbed my hips guiding me up and down on his shaft.

I needed to feel him deep in me again. Lowering myself until I had him in as far as I thought he would go. The feeling of him stretching me was so intense; I could have ridden him all night long. He held my hips down on him and slowly pushed himself up.

His cock was deeper than ever now! I started grinding myself on him; my clit rubbing his pubic hair. It was all just too much and I screamed out as my pussy began its first of many convulsions. I could hardly breathe and my orgasm wouldn’t stop. He just held me there and only made the slightest movements causing my orgasm to keep going.

Panting I collapsed on his chest he ran his hands gently over my body. I felt his hard cock begin to soften and my pussy missed his girth instantly. I could feel our juices begin to make its way out of me. He had shot a big load in me again.

I grabbed his face and looked at him. “You weren’t supposed to ümraniye escort cum in me baby. ” I had started taking the pill again with regularity after the last time he came in me although it was too soon to feel safe.

He starred back, “I love you and I can’t stop myself baby.”

“And what happens if you get me pregnant?” I asked playfully.

“You’re my girl, I would look after you.” He sounded very convincing, and the truth was I didn’t care if he got me pregnant.

A few months went by and I continued my relationship with both men. Neither found out about the other. I was truly having my cake and eating it too. Matt would get jealous when I said I had plans, but I reminded him of our agreement and it ended those conversations quickly.

I would meet up with each of them a few times a week. Osa always fucked me when we were together and came in me every time without hesitation. I stopped resisting it after the second time he came in me. I had now been on the pill for a few months, so I started letting Matt have me without a condom as well.

I was infatuated with both guys and enjoyed what each of them provided me.

One night I slept at Matt’s house. We had sex earlier in the day before going out and now that we were back at his place, he wanted some more. After some heavy kissing and groping we made our way to his bedroom and got undressed.

Matt lay on his back with his hard cock pointing straight up. I straddled him and guided him in to me. His hands grabbed my ass. As I bounced up and down on his hard cock, he continued to adjust his hands getting a better grip on me. After one of these adjustments, he put his finger on my virgin ass.

Quickly reaching around, I moved his hand away. “Exit only!”

“Relax Grace; I just want to enjoy all of you.” He moved his hand back and his finger moved quickly back to my tightly puckered ass.

As I rode him he played with my ass until he worked the tip of his finger in and began to fuck me with it. At first it felt awkward and embarrassing, but he liked it and I eventually didn’t mind having his finger in me.

This became a regular thing with Matt and he always fingered my ass whenever we had sex. I knew it would come and about a month later he told me he wanted to fuck me there.

“You can play with it, but you can’t fuck me there.” Was all I had to say about that.

He always talked about how tight I was and how much he would love to fuck my ass, but he never pushed the issue.

At this point I had been dating Osa for about six months.

Osa took me to meet his brother out of town. We had planned on spending the night before driving back in the morning. After site seeing during the day and a good visit with his brother that night, it was time for bed. I was exhausted.

We undressed and climbed in to bed. Osa pulled up behind me spooning me. He slowly massaged one of my breasts. I felt his cock stiffening on my ass cheek. His hot breath melted me when he moved my hair and kissed the nape of my neck. His cock stiffened some more.

His hand left my breast and made its way to spread my cheeks. He began grinding his rapidly growing cock between my cheeks. He spread me open with his fingers played with my pussy while he continued to kiss and suck at my neck.

As tired as I was, my pussy betrayed me and his fingers moistened as they touched me. Eventually they made their way in me. I rolled on to my stomach. Osa put a folded pillow under my hips so my ass was presented in the air for him.

He slid his cock between my ass cheeks a few times before eventually starting to work it in to me. As his head entered I moaned out loud. He quickly placed his hand over my mouth as he pushed his cock deeper in to me.

“Shhhhh!” He whispered.

I pushed my face in to the pillow to muffle my moans and gasps. Osa started pushing himself in and out of me quickly. His big hands were grabbing and squeezing my ass cheeks. He liked spreading them and grabbing them firmly when he fucked me like this.

As he grabbed me he put his thumb on my ass. All I could think was, ‘Not him too!’

I turned to look at him and he just put my face back in the pillow and continued to play with my hole. He fucked me hard and deep in my pussy and used my lubrication to coat his thumb. Eventually he had his thumb buried in my ass and began to fuck me like a wild man until he flooded me with cum again.

He pulled his thumb out of me and went back to squeezing my cheeks as his cock drained in me. Slowly he slid his semi hard cock out of me. He spread my ass cheeks and put his big head against my ass. Slowly he rubbed the drips of cum on his cock against my hole before rolling off me and pulling me in to be spooned.

My ass became a regular target for Osa as well and he regularly fingered it. One night after grabbing dinner, the conversation of his birthday came up. I didn’t have much money but I did want to get him something special.

“What do you want for you birthday?” I asked.

“You don’t want to know what I want.” He chuckled.

“Tell me!” I said play slapping his arm

“I want to fuck that little ass of yours baby.” He watched the shock on my face. “I told you that you didn’t want to know.”

Catching my breath I asked, “I meant a birthday gift, like a present.”

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