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Well now. I have got a story that should blow your mind… and maybe something else. So lets get started and get down to the nitty gritty.

It all started when I began work with this new construction company that would put up condos and houses. My first day there, I noticed this great looking brunette that was in the prefabrication pit constructing the frame for a wall. Just watching her made me want to walk over to her and introduce myself, but due to my nature, I kept quiet and simply went about my business, which I was going to find out was more than I bargained for.

I was sent to start on the second floor, hoisting the wall up from ground level and nailing it down. I caught myself constantly looking back to the pit and the brunette within it, still making the walls for the second floor. From up here, I got a great view down her t-shirt and I was more than impressed with what I saw.

She kneeled down there, stapling away, oblivious to my eyes watching her until she stopped and looked up towards me and my friend Dave. I turned my head quickly, but I knew it was too late and that she had seen me staring. Dave on the other hand, had been working there for some time and knew her pretty well, so he offered to introduce me to her when the lunch break came around. Of course, I agreed.

Finally, lunch came around and I looked at Dave with what must have been the stupidest grin a person could wear. Needless to say, I froze when Me and Dave met up with her at the trailer. Though I was shaking her hand and looking right at her face, I was as speechless as a sixteen year old child meeting some hot movie star. She laughed and pried my hand from hers so she could go eat and all I could do was grab my lunch and walk off to the nearby schoolyard. I felt like the biggest idiot, but I knew that I could fix it later when it was break time.

Again, I was on the second floor, nailing up the walls and keeping up a good pace of work, my mind wandering to the great view I had gotten of that woman from up there, not even caring that I couldn’t remember her name. Eventually, it was break time and my chance to redeem myself. I walked up to her and asked her for a cigarette, even though I had my own in my pocket which were clearly visible, she agreed and gave me one of hers.

“Sorry about earlier.” I said before lighting my cigarette, “Just a little güvenilir bahis slow today from lack of sleep.” She didn’t seem to care since she was looking over at my friend Dave. I figured that I might as well get her attention, so I held out my hand, “Forgot your name too. Mind telling me again?” I asked, wondering just how stupid I must look. “It’s Sarah. And it’s ok. My tits must have looked pretty good from up there if you can’t remember my name” she said with a grin as she shook my hand.

Needless to say, I got a little flushed and let go of her hand, puffing away on my cigarette vigorously. “Yeah. Sorry about that” I muttered, knowing that it was a lie and I enjoyed it plenty. She shrugged and looked around, “Don’t worry about it. All the guys here stare at me like that, but Tanya gets more attention than me.” she giggled, “And no, she isn’t here if you’re wondering who she is.”

I was wondering but I had no intentions of ignoring Sarah either, “Well. I guess I’ll have to be careful. Sounds like you might get jealous.” I said with a mild chuckle, flicking the butt of my cigarette into the dirt. She looked at me a little cold, as I seemed to have touched a nerve, “Well, when you have all these hot guys around and you’re not getting any, then yeah, I suppose I would.”

I was surprised that she’d admit that and even more so by my response, “Then how about you come over to my house for a couple drinks after work?” I asked, mentally scolding myself for being so blunt, but soon that scolding became praise as she agreed, on the condition that I would fuck her. I shrugged and started to let the asshole part of me take control, “We’ll see what happens when that time comes.” I said before walking away and back up to finish my work.

Once it was time to head home and get a good nights rest, Sarah met me at my car. She was sitting on the hood, something I really hated since my ride was a nice 69 Camaro. But I let it slide and walked up to the passenger side door, opening it before walking around and hopping in, turning the radio on and turning up the tunes. She touched my radio and changed the station, another thing I really hated. If she was trying to get on my nerves, she was doing a great fucking job of it.

We were pretty much at my place when she placed her hand on my knee and slid it up my leg, “So? When do we get to work?” güvenilir bahis siteleri she asked eagerly, ready for a good fuck. I shook my head and pulled into the driveway, getting out and walking up to the door. I looked back at the car to see that she was looking rather disappointed. She soon followed me inside where I grabbed a couple beers and tossed one to her, “So how long have you been working for Harold?” I asked, steering the conversation away from sex. She shrugged and opened her beer, taking a sip and turning on the T.V. “Almost a year.” She muttered, clearly upset that we weren’t in bed yet.

I walked over and sat beside her, taking the remote and turning the T.V. off, “Just how long has it been since you got laid last?” I asked curiously, only to find out that it had been just as long as she had been working for Harold. “Christ! I can barely go a week!” I said, hardly believing that this sexy woman couldn’t get any.

She had finally lost it and stood up, straddling my legs as she sat down and moved up so she was sitting on my crotch. “Then why not put my out of my misery?” she cooed, almost in a pleading tone of voice. I thought for only a moment before smiling and nodding, “I guess I should. No one should feel what you’re feeling” I said as he leaned up and brushed my lips against hers softly. She pushed her lips against mine roughly, not wanting to wait or be passionate, just to fuck.

I happily placed my beer on the floor in front of the couch and slid my hands up her sides, pushing her shirt up and eventually removing it as she raised her hands into the air. She looked down at me as she slowly brought her hands back down, placing them on my chest and kissing me roughly again. I enjoyed the roughness of her kiss and was looking forward to more of it.

We sat there and kissed for a few minutes until she dug her nails into my chest, making growls slightly, getting turned on greatly by her aggression. She slid her nails down my chest and to my belt, undoing it and pulling it from my pants only to toss it on the floor.

I reached around her and unsnapped her bra, pulling it off and letting it join my belt on the floor. I looked at her beautiful tits, admiring them more now than I had at work. She didn’t want to sit there and go through the foreplay shit, I could tell since she undid my pants and pulled out iddaa siteleri my cock, which had been hard not too long after she took a seat on my crotch.

“I want it rough.” she said sternly, “I want you to fuck me till I scream.” Who was I to disagree. I grinned and turned, laying her back onto the couch and positioning myself between her legs as I pushed her panties off to the side and slipped my cock into her tight hole easily. She moaned with pleasure as I started to fuck her slowly, grinding my hips in small circles every time I pushed forward.

“Yes. Fuck me harder.” she begged as I picked up the pace. I gave in and grabbed her hips, pulling her into every thrust as I buried myself into her deeper and deeper. She growled when I gripped onto her hips hard, digging what little nails I had into her skin. “This good enough for you, bitch?” I asked, getting right into my role.

“Fuck yeah.” she moaned as she arched her back, her tits rising into the air, her nipples hard as rock and just begging to be sucked on. So I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth, teasing it with my tongue as I kept fucking her, the whimpers of pleasure escaping her lips only made me want to fuck her more. I bite down on her nipple gently, hearing her gasp before I smacked her ass and looked at her face.

She screamed in ecstasy as she was the first to reach her orgasm, her pussy throbbing and gripping my cock as her juices flowed freely over my cock and ran down my balls and onto the couch. I grinned as she looked at me, her eyes telling me she wanted more, so I pulled my cock out of her pussy and pressed it against the entrance to her ass. She gasped and shook her head, “Maybe next time.” She muttered as she reached down and started to stroke my cock.

I sighed and dipped the head of my cock into her pussy each time she moved her hand up and down my length. I took my cock from her hand and started jerking off until I let loose a load of cum all over her tummy and pussy.

We both laid down on the couch and cuddled together until we fell asleep. My dreams of her wanting to do all this again making me rather happy and determined to take her ass next time. We got up and went to work the next day. It was then that I found out there was no Tanya. I had been played like a fool and I didn’t care. I became the envy of every guy on the site, as if I had just climbed Mount Everest or something.

We didn’t do anything that night, but I asked her out and she accepted with a smile. Now we’re a happy couple and we’re looking forward to publishing more of our, adventures, here in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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