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By the time I graduated at age 22, with an impressive degree in a potentially lucrative field, fit and healthy and considered handsome by most, I was popular despite my shyness and optimistic for the future. I already had money in my pocket, having made a couple of sound investments with what I’d made from part time work over the years. A well-spoken, well-educated and apparently charming young Englishman like me with a bit of cash should have been an alluring proposition for plenty of eligible young ladies, but in fact I had practically no experience in that area, and it wasn’t just my shyness that had held me back. In fact I was acutely self-conscious about my body, to the point where I had avoided any intimate situation that came my way, conjouring excuses involving imaginary girlfriends, study commitments, anything that allowed me to extricate myself from any scenario which would have involved being seen naked. Fit and trim I was, but I was also painfully aware of one serious shortcoming.

At the age of 22 my penis, when fully erect, measured just shy of two inches. When flaccid it retracted into my body, disappearing almost fully. I knew even as a child it was tiny compared to others I had seen and it had shown no signs of growing as an adult. Oh, it functioned as it ought, no doubt about that – in fact it functioned to the point where, at age 22, I was masturbating six or seven times a day on average, sometimes more. I had been obsessed with sex for as long as could remember and the subject still consumed my thoughts pretty much constantly. I was an avid pursuer of pornographic magazines, particularly those featuring larger ladies. I would spend hours poring over magazines like Plumpers and Big Women, sweatily ogling the girls’ huge boobs and bottoms and thighs, sticking the pages together with load after load of my spunk, never truly sated. The thought of the humiliation of displaying my miniscule penis to a real live woman always kept me from making advances, until, shortly after graduation, I decided the frustration was too much and made a decision.

As a frequent visitor to the local porno shops I had often glanced at the contact magazines, wondering whether paying for sex might be a safe way to finally ease a little of my frustration. Now I had plenty of cash it suddenly felt like less of a risk. I bought a contact mag, furtively sped home and spent ages indecisively leafing through it until I settled on Laura, who was from her pictures a plump, friendly-looking woman with huge boobies and an inviting smile. Trembling, I picked up the phone and dialled her number. She answered straight away with a cheery, breezy tone which went some way to putting me at my ease.

I told her I was inexperienced and a ittle nervous. “Oh don’t you worry honey”, she giggled, “I see a lot of inexperienced young men. Just come along and you’ll see, you’ll have nothing kadıköy escort to worry about.” We negotiated a price and I booked her for a two hour session that same afternoon, at her flat half an hour’s journey from my home.

Standing outside her flat I almost turned and fled but, trembling, I rang the bell. Laura answered the door with a big smile, looking even prettier and sexier than in her photos. She dragged me inside, closed the door and planted a big kiss on my lips. My willy, already stiff, throbbed in my pants.

We went through to her bedroom, an attractive and softly lit room with a large bed and various uniforms hanging from the walls. We looked at each other.

She was blonde, a little taller than me at about six foot, plump but not huge though her breasts seemed gigantic to me. Would I really get to suck on these gorgeous big boobies? My willy twitched at the thought.

“Well darling, just you relax” she said after I’d handed her the money. “You take off all your clothes and get comfortable and I’ll be back in just a moment.”

She walked out of the room and I watched her lovely fat bottom swaying, which nearly sent me over the edge. I composed myself and clumsily undressed.

I hesitated as I started to remove my pants…but she was so friendly and reassuring, what was I so worried about? She’s probably seen willies like mine before, I thought to myself, and pulled my pants down, red in the face and trembling with anticipation.

Just as I was placing my pants on the chair with the rest of my clothes the door swung open. There she was, dressed in silky black lingerie which barely contained her huge boobies and bulging tummy. I was transfixed.

She looked me up and down and a big, broad smile spread across her face. Her gaze lingered on my little willy for a moment and her smile widened. She looked up at my face, saw my blushing nervousness and gently said “Aw, come here darling!”

Laura pulled me to her, gave me a long lingering kiss and then drew my face to her bosom. I was enveloped by those big beautiful boobies and it was too much, the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me. Before I knew it I could feel it happening – there was no turning back. I was rooted to the spot, paralysed with excitement, and then it happened: I was cumming! I shook and convulsed as I ejaculated forcefully all over her negligee. Laura gave a grasp of surprise but didn’t stop clutching me to her as I came again and again, staining her underwear. I heard her cooing “Ooh, darling! You’ve cum!” and then she laughed out loud. I looked up at her, mortified and helpless, but she just clasped my face to her boobies for a long time and stroked my head.

When I finally came down from the strange heady mix of ecstasy and shame, I looked up and there it was, that lovely big smile, kağıthane escort reassuring me. She kissed me again, long and gently, then held me a little longer. Eventually she said, softly: “It’s okay sweetheart, not to worry. Is this your first time?”

I nodded, embarrassed. “Oh it’s okay darling, you won’t be the first boy who’s come to me for their first time. Why don’t you lie down on the bed and get comfortable? We’ve got plenty of time.”

I did as she said and saw her looking at me with a look of slight surprise and amusement. I realised my willy had retracted to its tiniest state, hiding inside my body. I burned with embarrassment as she asked with a smile “Ooh, where’s he gone?” I mumbled something incoherent and Laura just giggled again. “Right, I’d better get this off, it’s all sticky!” Laura peeled off her negligee and stood before me totally naked. My first naked woman! Those vast wobbling boobies naked and on display for me! At the sight of her body my willy instantly regained its full hardness.

“Oh look, he’s all stiff for me again!” she said delightedly and joined me on the bed.

Laura pressed her huge breasts into my face. I was in heaven,smothered by her beautiful flesh. Shaking, I raised my head from this blissful place and croakily asked “Laura, can I…may I…may I suck on your boobies please?”

Laura laughed and said “Of course you can my darling! You suck on my lovely big boobies.” I sucked gently at first, then more fervently, for what seemed like an age but was probably just a few minutes, licking her lovely red nipples and enveloping as much of her succulent flesh in my mouth as I could manage. Eventually I heard her whisper “Now I’m going to give you something nice darling.” I felt her boobs move down my body, slowly but surely until they made contact with my achingly stiff willy. Down they went, stroking my balls, then slowly back up until they enveloped my willy and Laura rubbed them up and down. It was just for a second but it was too much: I ejaculated a second time, uncontrollably covering her breasts with my spunk.

Laura looked genuinely surprised and gave a quick high pitched laugh. “Gosh! You are excitable today my little darling, aren’t you?” I stammered my apologies but Laura just giggled again and got up and wiped herself clean.

We cuddled for a while, just talking. She put me at my ease with a bit of smalltalk and I ended up telling her more about myself and my insecurities than I had expected to. She stroked my hair gently throughout and spoke in a lovely soft reassuring voice, until the conversation trailed off. After a pause she asked “Now sweetie, I know you’ve got more in you” (I’d told her, to my own surprise, just how much wanking I did, which elicited the sweetest giggles and her admission that she loved to wank several times a kartal escort day too). “What would you like to do?”

“I, er…Laura…your botty’s so beautiful…” I stammered, “can I play wth it?”

“Of course sweetheart” said Laura, getting on all fours and sticking her glorious fat botty up in the air. Shaking, I manouvered myself behind her and caressed her plump cheeks, wobbling them and stroking them and kissing them. I had dreamed of doing this, thousands of times…

i couldn’t shake the fantasy I’d had so often and asked hesitantly “Laura could I…er…” I could barely say it but eventually blurted out “Can I lick your botty?”

“Ha ha…yes of course darling, you lick my bottyhole, go on.”

This was too good to be true. I pulled her botty cheeks apart and buried my face inside. I took several good long sniffs of her pungently smelly bumhole. Dizzy with lust I stuck my tongue inside. I licked her bumhole for ages, plunging my tongue deep inside, intoxicated by her smell and taste, my willy jumping around. Laura made appreciative noises as I licked and licked until my tongue was sore. When I came up for air she turned round, gave me a peck on the lips and buried my head in her boobies once more. I felt her hand clasp my little willy and begin to pull on it gently. After maybe ten or fifteen seconds of this I came over her hand, so hard I thought I might black out. Afterwards she held me close, stroking my hair, as I came down from my explosive orgasm.

We cuddled and talked for a while and I may have even dozed off for a moment. We kissed and stroked each other’s bodies and my willy became stiff again. “You young men! Three times not enough for you eh?” she joked. “Well then, what would you like to do now?”

I was conscious of the fact that, for all we’d done so far, I was still a virgin. “Laura, could I, um…you know…put my willy inside you?”

Laura hesitated for a second or two then said “Sure, of course darling. Er, let me just find a condom…” I realised suddenly that a normal condom would be unlikely to fit. I had tried one or two on before and they had slipped right off, looking comically huge on my tiny little willy. I saw Laura fumbling around in a drawer, eventually settling on one she thought might meet the case. Unfortunately, as she tried to apply it, it was obvious that even this, her smallest condom, was far too baggy on me and would easily slip off.

It was an awkward moment which Laura covered up – “Sorry sweetie, I seem to have run out of my, er, snugger ones, this is a big one, it’s all I’ve got left.” I blushed and looked worried, but Laura said “Don’t worry honey, just lie back and I’ll give you something nice.”

Before I knew it her plump juicy lips were wrapped around my willy, sucking slowly at first then faster and harder. After less than a minute in her mouth I could feel it coming and told her so, but she just carried on until I was spurting inside her mouth, over and over. It felt amazing, just blissful.

After more cuddling it was finally time to leave. I felt dizzy and dazed but happy. Laura told me I could come back any time and I did, several times…which I’ll tell you more about next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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