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It’s been two years since the first meeting and this would be the last Executive Board meeting Roni would attend and was about 9 months before we had to split up and send Roni back to Europe. It would end up being the largest, longest and ultimate gangbang she, or any of the girls, would ever experience. After Roni left, it would be the end to her time as a swinger, hot wife, cum-slut/cock-slut, whatever tag you want to use. She fucked several guys right after leaving, sharing many pictures and video with me, but after a year she met her new husband and is now a closet slut, married to her “Religious” husband and trying her best to forget the past and her urges.

Board Meeting… the sequel…

After the first “Board Meeting’ they were all calmer, never having full attendance nor many other guys. As a matter of fact, the previous meeting was small as only 5 couples could attend due to life commitments and because we were later than usual in planning, this one was begging to look the same. As young children are now beginning to graduate and/or have sports related things everyone needed to attend to.

This time there were 8 confirmed couples, 4 of which that were relatively new to the group and the women of which were horny little devils but had never experienced more than 3 cocks at any one time. Most of them of them had each fucked 8-10 different men in the relationship they are currently in. Being new to the group by a recent referral, only the youngest women, Tami, who at 22, had only fucked 3 men other than her husband, one before meeting him and two of his friends the day she graduated from college, a week before. Greg (her husband) said he was game for anything and to watch her get fucked really good. He played us a video on his phone of her saying the same while he fucked her. We took her at her word. LOL

Roni and I met with the other “elder statesmen” couple, Tony and Cynthia, a great couple, she 32, he 35 they owned 4 small fitness centers and were athletic, well build and fun. The other 6 couples ranged in age from 22-34, most in the 29-30 age group. The 6 husbands joined us for the planning session in secret so as to surprise their wives. Between the two couples, we’d fucked all 6 of the couples so we compared notes, who’s tight, who has the biggest cock etc. As the discussion went on, we found that all of the other 6 wives wanted to be gangbanged, none of them had issues with big or small cocks as long as everyone was “safe” (which we all wanted) and they were discreet.

We decided we would meet the second weekend in June and that we would go to a hotel in the downtown area of the nearby large city since everyone live near there. As luck would have it, we were all able to get rooms on the top two floors, 5 couples on the top floor and 3 one floor below.

Next, we had to figure out how to make it memorable for the ladies. As there were only 8 guys in our group. How do we get more cocks involved? As all of us guys sat around looking stupid pondering this unimaginably difficult calculus… the women, sitting on the sofa, roll their eyes at us. After more than 5 minutes of silence, and more than a few stupid suggestions, Roni got up, walked to Greg, sat down on his lap, rubbing her jean covered pussy.

Roni: Greg, who are the two guys she fucked last week.

Greg, Mike… and Mike

Roni: do they live here?

Greg: Yes

Roni: Would they like to fuck me?… or Cynthia (Cynthia, following Roni’s lead, jumps on Kyle’s lap and lifts her shirt up, exposing her big, silicone assisted 34DDs)

Greg: looks at Roni in dumbfounded silence, as if to say, you’re kidding right?

Roni: looks at everyone, OK, that’s two, and we can invite at least 8 nice guys. Kyle?

Kyle: can barely talk with Cynthia’s tits staring at him, just says 5

Roni went from lap to lap. By the time she was done

By the time Roni finishes, the guys have come up with 38 they think they can get.

Fast forward:

1.The total ended up being more than 38. It seems guys who like to fuck couples are extremely willing to fuck lots of them… even if they have to travel and book a room.

2.Remember “John” and his brother?… the twins from Double Trouble? It turned out they had friends that Roni loved fucking too… that’s another story added to the list.

3.Roni herself ended up inviting 12 of her favorites

Return to normal time. We finished getting everything set up and here’s what we knew was confirmed.

Me/Roni 12 friends

Tony/Cynthia 7 friends

Greg/Tami 2 Friends

Kyle/Kelly 5 friends

Marco/Heather 7 friends

Dan/Tori 6 friends

Chuck/Lori 5 friends

Kurt/Krissy 8 friends

What had started out as a little gathering of 8 couples trying to find enough cocks, turned out to be 8 couples and 52 single cocks. That’s 60 cocks, average 5.6 inches (I didn’t include Chuck or another friend of Cynthia in the average. 10″ and 11″ would have bent the curve… so to speak) that’s a lot of cock.

To accommodate the number of people involved, give all the girls time with all the guys and vice-versa, we decided to split the party up into a three-night gangbang fuck-fest, Thursday 7pm -???, Friday 7pm beşiktaş escort bayan -??? and Saturday and. To save the younger couples money, Tony, Cynthia, Roni and I decided to arrive on Thursday afternoon around 5:00 to check in. Tony had found an online deal so we got 25% off each room that weekend. Each of us had booked a suite on the Mezzanine level. They had a big main room, 2 bedrooms on either died of a big master bath with a party sized walk-in shower. Tony and Cynthia had stopped and got some stock for the Bar, mixers, a few different Bottles and a variety of beer and wine. Roni and I had brought some as well

After many back-and-forth e-mails and several meets between Tony and most of the other guys, things were ready and rules laid out. We had set a schedule. For buildup and for comfort of the women, We, the men, during our talks/e-mails had rated the guys by cock size and experience/ability to handle the group setting. The smallest/most inexperienced would be first.

At 6:45 The other 6 couples arrived and we had a small meet and greet with the other couples. Each girl would need to take off and put on clothes to move to other rooms so they all wore sundresses that went off and on easy. We also had the 12 guys rated “most inexperienced/smallest” set to show up at 7:30.

Several had the same name. Not that the girls (or guys) would care things started.

Mike (3)

Mark (2)

Dave (2)

Eric (2)




Away from the women, Tony and I asked the guys if they remembered the rules:

For the husbands, each of the 3 guys/2 husbands got to fuck the two women in each room before you were allowed to fuck them.

Each group had up to 1 hours to fuck both women. How you decide to do it is up to the husbands in each room. I would suggest a MMMF and a MMF then switch, simple math.

When each guy had fucked them, and you had finished, send me (Dale) a text and we’ll switch within the suite bedrooms. After that group, we’ll switch between suites.

Most important, remember, this is for the women, not you.

Be polite.

Just know guys, if you do your job well, and a majority of the women agree, you will be invited by members of this group more and we’ll share your name and cell numbers with other couples looking for cocks, unless you ask us not to. If you wish to opt out, speak up now. – That got smiles and positive comments… surprise, none of them chose to opt out. Go Figure…

Before people arrived, Tony and I had split everyone up.

In our Suite:

BR 1



BR 2



Suite 2




BR 2



We split the guys up by names which would make it easier for the girls to remember names. LOL Real Scientific. So, at 7:55, we all split up.

I can only report on what happened in my room, but going on what I was told by the other husband, and Roni’s first-hand report after she returned, most of the guys on this evening did pretty even if they were nervous, but did OK.

In our suite I sent I sent the three Mikes to our bedroom and 2 Marks and Jeremy to the second.

Tony got two Daves and Danny, his second room got 2 the two Erics and Roger

Once everyone was set, Roni and I were the last to go in. As We were walking to the bedroom, I whispered to Roni, if you like someone, remember who and I’ll text him to hang around as they are leaving and you can fuck him again afterwards. She giggled and smile “Yes Master” I slapped her ass as she walked over the threshold of the door.

Greg and Tami, the “newbies” were in our room to start. Two of the Mike S and were friends they brought. I knew between them being there and Roni’s natural personality, Tami would be able to get comfortable quickly.

Tami was nervous and asked what we should do, Roni, without saying a word, walked over and kissed her and in seconds had her naked and laid back on the bed. Roni told the guys to strip and when they had, she directed Tami’s two friends “Mike” to suck on her tits and told the third mike to lick her pussy. That was all they needed. While they were busy, Roni pushed Greg in to a chair and started to suck his cock. Mike S saw this and moved over to Roni and let her suck his as well. Mike W had moved his cock to Tami’s mouth while Mike 3 started fucking her.

I went over and took the place of the other two and sucked on her tits encouraging her to suck Mike W’s cock. It only took Mike 3 about 5 minutes to fill her pussy with his cum and Mike W didn’t take much longer in her mouth. Poor girl. Meanwhile, Mike S last another two minutes before he came inside Roni and sat back. At that point, only 15 total minutes had passed. Greg and I looked at each-other and went for it. Greg got up and bent Roni over the edge of the bed so she could kiss Tami while I rolled her to her side and entered her from behind. He and I spent the next 30 minutes easily fucking the others wife while guys got blowjobs. (We didn’t want to overdo it since they had more than 3 hours for fucking ahead beylikdüzü escort bayan of them. When we finished, the girls had a few minutes or so to recover before the shift.

Tami said that she’d never kissed a girl before or had one lick her. She told Greg she liked it and wanted to try it again some time. Needless to say, the three Mikes didn’t get referrals.

We were done at 45 minutes because Greg and I took our time as did BR 2 in our suite and BR1 in the other, the third text for S2BR2 came in right at 60 minutes, I sent them all a “switch” text. In each suite BR1 and 2 switched and it began anew.

The next group was a little better for Roni. Mark D and Jeremy fucked both Tami and Roni good. Mark H actually made them both orgasm with his fingers and tongue and Jeremy had a nice fat although short cock. Mark H would get a “Master request” from Roni, I assume for his tongue.

Meanwhile, in our room, we had Heather and Tori join us. As per the first time, Greg and I get the best of them. Both were nice and tight and Tori’s tongue and mouth were first rate. She actually sucked me dry in a matter of minutes. I’d definitely fuck her again. Greg and I got the majority of the fucking done. This time, everyone was done in 52 minutes Mike 3 had gotten so excited he shot his load in 2 minutes. This time, the girls dressed and passed each other in the hall.

Next up for Greg and I was Cynthia and Kelly. The Mikes were pretty much done. Mike 3 left after failing to get hard again and the other two fucked each girl with semi-hard cocks and would also both leave after this round. Tami was sad they couldn’t keep up since she liked them.

Roni and Tami were now with Tony and Kyle along with the Daves and Danny. She like them all. She said they fucked nice and slow and were all really hard. She like fucking Tony every time she had in the past and Kyle had a nice big cock he knew how to use. She would have “Master” tagged him for she could have. She said after that group she got 100% more horny. Danny had a nice cock but needed practice. She wasn’t sure yet.

In the last group, Greg and I got Lori and Krissy both petite hotties that were great little fucks who knew how to move their bodies to best effect. Since all the Mikes were gone, Greg and I got a full hour’s worth of them and we fucked them silly.

Roni’s last report was for Chuck, Kurt, Eric 1 and 2 (both have last names that start with M) and Roger. Roni loved Eric 1 and 2. They didn’t have a lot of experience but the worked well together after three tries. Eric 1 was fucking her and Eric 2 was licking her clit, and set her off. Eric 1 did the same thing to her while chuck was pounding her with his 10″ and she came again while Eric 1 came in her mouth. At the end of this round everyone came back.

It was now about 12:15am and everyone was having a drink before leaving. Roni was sitting on my lap. All the girls were smiling and saying they enjoy it and were looking forward to Friday night. Roni whispered to me “I’m looking forward to later” I said Oh, and who gets the “Master” request?

Roni smiled and whispered Mark H has a great tongue. I said “OK, Nark H it is. Roni looked at me with her serious I need to get fucked look and said: “Oh, Danny too… and Eric 1 AND 2. I raised my eyebrow at her and she just leaned in and kissed my neck and said “I want to show you what a good little girl I am “Master”. God dammit she knows how to make me hard… good slut that she is.

About 12:45 everyone was saying good-byes. The guys all hoping they’d done good enough to get some calls or texts some day in the future. Four of them did when they got to the elevator.

They were all back in the room in 5 minutes. Roni sucked each of them, one at a time, while making the others watch. As she went from one to the other, she would let the cum from the previous one dribble down on to the next cock, then lick it all off and suck him until he came in her mouth. She made them lick and suck her tits and clit and fucked each of them. She wasn’t done with them until almost 3:30. They could barely talk. She thanked them all with a kiss. She promised them, even in none of the others call, she will and will fuck them again. And she did, a couple times even though they all did get enough good reviews to have a few other couples call them again too.

On Friday couples dribbled in as soon as they could. Greg and Tami showed up at lunch time. Greg said Tami had fucked him for hours when they got home because, other than the men from each couple, none of the guys did justice to fucking and she was really horny. Greg asked us to fuck her so he watched Tony and I fucked her silly for an hour. Greg should have known better, while we fucked his wife, ours fucked him.

Tonight’s festivities would be a more experienced group of guys for the girls. They had all arrived by 6 and were talking and having some drinks. Since all of the husbands got to fuck all the wives the night before we decided that tonight we would fuck them. We’d leave that up to the 24 guys coming and we would all stay in our suite. We brought over every chair and cushion we could from Tony and Cynthia’s bostancı escort bayan suite. All the guys were to arrive at 7:30.

Each girl had a place, a big cushy chair, a big cushion or two, a sofa, anything that would suffice. All Roni wanted and had was a footstool. When the guy arrived, we stood them against the far wall and we had all of the girls stand up and they all pulled their sundresses over their heads. All they guys stood silent looking at the 8 wonderful naked bodies in front of them smiling.

Men, these are your sluts for the night. Each husband will be keeping track. You must fuck them all. Before you leave. They looked like a bunch of wolves at their prey… And the men looked ready as well.

Me: Tami what is rule # 1?

Tami: As he said already, fuck every one of us

Me: Lori, what is rule number 2?

Lori: If we ask you to come in our mouth, do it.

Tony: Heather, what is rule number 3?

Heather: If we tell you to fuck us harder, fuck us harder

Tony: Roni, what is rule number 4?

Roni: If we give you a room number, come after we’re done and fuck us more

Greg: Gentlemen, take off your clothes

Clothes flew everywhere, 24 cocks are already getting hard.

Ladies, time to pick a pussy licker.

Each girl picked a guy by pointing and motion him over, spread her legs and each man knelt between her legs and began licking and teasing. Once they all had someone between their legs each husband walked over and told a guy to go lick and suck his wife’s tits and they complied. Then, finally, one by one, each remaining guy was told by one of us to select an open mouth and put his cock in it.

Each woman now had three men servicing her. As they were starting, we told the guys to move around as they wished after they fucked the girl they were with. After 10 or 15 minutes, the room was nothing but moans and groans. The sound of bodies slapping and against bodies, girls telling guys to fuck them harder or slower or faster. Shifting bodies moved the entire evening.

I watched as Roni sat on different cocks while suck others or sucking three cocks while getting pounded from behind by a huge thick cock. At one point she was laying back over her footstool, with a cock in filling her mouth with cum, stroking another cock in each hand, a guy licking her pussy and while two other guys shot loads of cum all over her face. Roni was in slut heaven.

Greg watched as his little inexperienced wife Tami met her sex monster that night. He was standing across the room from and we made eye contact as he smiled, watching her with a huge black cock buried her pussy while three guys took turns n her mouth. She, like Roni had become one of the favorites. Tami fucked every one of the guys multiple times. While she was pumping herself up and down on 11″ black, begging to cum, Ronni crawled to her and used her finger on her clit to finally push her over the edge in a crazy spasm of orgasm. She started to wilt to the side, so Roni help her to the floor. Tami’s eyes were rolled back in her head. A sly smirk on her face. I doubt she even knew it. Roni kneeled over her and kissed her. Tami woke back up shortly and kissed her back. Roni lifted her head and asked how she was just as Mr. 11″ sunk his cock in to her. Tami giggled and said: “You like that big cock too, don’t you bitch?” Roni just smiled as the cock sunk deeper and deeper.

It was Roni’s turn to beg. She pulled him to the floor behind her and told him to fuck her with long slow strokes as Tami watched. Almost on que, as Roni could feel her orgasm growing, Tami rolled Roni on on top of the man fucking her and buried her face between Roni’s legs. Before long Tami was getting fucked again by someone else and two cocks were fighting for Roni’s mouth. Scenes like this played out everywhere. It was fucking mayhem… literally.

By the time everything calmed down, it was 3am, nearly 3 full hours after each man had already fucked every woman, some multiple times. The women were all fucked out and ready for sleep and the guys were all satisfied. Even my little slut wanted a shower and to go to sleep. All the guys kissed each woman goodnight and made their exit. Us husbands share a knowing smile we had done well. All of the couples went to their rooms for the night. So far, each woman had fucked 44 men, they had 16 to go… the best 16.

Day 2 of the gangbang fuck-fest had come to an end.

We didn’t hear from anyone until well after noon.

Day three, Saturday.

Having had breakfast with a few of the guys, all of us finally got together for a late lunch around 2:45 at a nice small café a few blocks from the hotel and we were off in one corner away from most of the people.

All of the girls were looking fairly chipper by now. A couple of them said they were a little sore but said they wanted to try to make it through the final 16 guys after a little prompting from little Tami of all people. Greg said she was wide awake at 7 am already sucking on his cock; He’d never seen her like this. Kyle suggested to Greg that he seriously consider buying himself a splint for his cock – his life would now never be the same. Everyone had a good laugh at that… except Tami who just blushed with a big wide smile on her face. Tami was relishing in the fact that in the last 36 hours she, like all the girls, had sucked and fucked 44 different men. Given that she had only fucked 4 men total before this weekend, she’d had 11 times that this weekend with 16 more to come. Also, of course, Roni was grinning devilishly as she knew, from her own awakening, that Kyle was 100% correct.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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