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Mariana and I were well behaved on our flight. Relatively anyway.

Once we were seated, we held hands until the plane took off. Once in the air, we had a drink or two then I felt the need to kiss my companion so I did. I knew we were being watched and I loved it. The idea that we were scandalizing people made my nipples peak and my pussy go damp.

The flight was fairly short which probably kept us out of trouble. I did manage to throw my jacket over us so I could slide my hand inside Mariana’s panties. She wiggled and squirmed as I rubbed her clit over and over. I grinned when I felt her clinch her legs together and then relax. I pulled my fingers free and sucked the wetness from them, kissing her one last time before our landing.

We were vacationing at Myrtle Beach and had gotten a rental at a fairly secluded singles resort. We got checked in and changed into our bikinis as soon as we unpacked them. It was a bit difficult not to stop for a bit of fun but we had decided we’d like some help in that department.

There were lots of guys at the pool. We got a couple of drinks and found two chairs in the sun. I noticed there were a few girls without their tops, a big no-no on public beaches in South Carolina, but this was a private pool. I untied my top and lay back, smiling at the looks my rather large breasts were getting. Despite the warmth of the day, my nipples were hard and ready. Mariana reached over and pinched one then removed her own top.

We didn’t lay there long before I felt a shadow cross me, blocking the heat of the sun. I looked up. He was in his thirties, tall, blond… and smiling.

“I’m Jack. I noticed you’re new today.”

“Just got in,” I smiled back at him. “I’m Annie and this is Mariana.” I touched her thigh to let him know she was more than just a pal.

“I was wondering if you’d both like to get a drink with me later.”

“I have a drink now.” I held up my rum and coke.

“So you do. We could order in some takeout and have a few more in my place.”

“That sounds good, actually. We don’t know anyone here.”

We set a date for 8 in his condo.

Mariana grup escort got in the shower first. We had spent some time trying to decide what to wear, finally deciding on sundresses without any underwear. I gave her time to soap up and slid in beside her, pulling her close and kissing her deeply. She slid soapy hands down my body, ready to repay for the orgasm on the plane. She rubbed my clit until I was thrusting into her hand then she turned me away from her and bent me over. I heard her grab something and I felt something slide into my pussy. I saw she was using the thick handle of her body brush. I rocked back against it as she reached around to fondle my tits, pinching and caressing them. It felt so good and I came in a flash.

An hour later, we were dressed and walking toward Jack’s condo.

It was nice… he lived here part of the year so it was a bit more personal than our place. We handed him the bottle of wine we’d grabbed to have with dinner and he invited us to sit.

“Margaritas?” He asked, bringing glasses and a pitcher of the frozen concoction into the den. Soon we were on our second drink.

Jack was a lawyer who practiced half the year in the state capitol and then spent his summers here at the beach. He was divorced with no kids. He enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle that the resort offered.

“So do you just pick up women all summer?” I asked as I handed my glass back to him for a refill.

“Sometimes I’m lucky and pick up two.”

“How lucky do you want to be?” Mariana asked, sliding closer to me. Her dress rode up enough for Jack to see what she wasn’t wearing underneath.

“Very lucky, I hope.”

I could see the swell in his shorts. I licked my lips and stared.

“I assume you two are lovers?” He asked in a voice a little lower than it had been a moment before.

“You assume correctly. Mariana fucked me with her bath brush just before we came over. I’m still a little wet.”

I sat back on the sofa and slipped my dress up as I spread my legs. I touched myself and then offered the finger iranlı escort to Mariana. She sucked it into her mouth and then leaned close to kiss me. I pulled her dress down to expose her breasts, pinching each nipple as we kissed.

Jack watched and sipped his drink.

We continued to strip one another as he watched. Then we turned to him. We both worked his zipper down and Mariana took his cock into her hand as I pulled his shirt off too.

We got on our knees in front of him and both of us began to lick and suck his cock. I sucked his hard length as my lover licked and sucked his testicles. He seemed to be having a bit of a hard time standing up. We silently pushed him toward the sofa and he sat with one of us on either side. We finished stripping his shorts off then his shirt.

He was watching us with glittering eyes. We sank back to our knees and continued to pleasure him. Just when we felt him begin to tighten up, we’d slow down, not letting him come yet.

We paused and moved up, kissing him in turn, me then Mariana. He put an arm around each of us and pulled us close.

“I could get used to you two.”

We grinned and both of us kissed him at the same time. It was an odd mix of tongues but not at all unpleasant. My hand slid down his belly and found Mariana’s hand already circling his erection. I placed my hand over hers and we began to stroke him as we all kissed.

He put his hand under my ass and moved me up, so he could lick and suck at my nipples. He was skilled, teasing the tip of my nipple while his teeth tugged it gently at first and then a little harder until I was near pain but even nearer to ecstasy. His hand moved from cupping my ass closer to my tiny hole. He pressed on it when he found it and I moaned.

He looked up at me. “Like it?’

“Yesss,” I hissed as the tip of his finger entered the tight little bud. He resumed his suckling, sucking hard and biting harder. I was on fire. I closed my eyes and reveled in the sensation, and then I felt a finger slide between my nether lips to tease my achingly hard keçiören escort clitoris. Mariana.

“Fuck me,” I whispered and moved to straddle Jack. He was long and thick and filled me as I slid down onto him with a groan of pleasure. He grabbed my hips and slammed me down all the way. He leaned forward and captured my nipple again.

Mariana moved behind me and I felt her finger sliding into my ass just as Jack’s had a few seconds before. I felt like I was going to explode. So much pleasure. Almost too much.

I leaned forward to give her better access, crying out as she fucked my ass with two fingers now.

I came then… hard. I could barely breathe as waves of pleasure ripped through me, causing my muscles to clinch and tighten on Jack and Mariana. I screamed both names as Jack pulled out. I moved so Mariana could ride and ride she did. She mounted him quickly, bouncing up and down on him like a porn queen in a cheap video but this wasn’t faked for the camera. It was real.

I rallied a bit and slapped her ass as she rode. Her big tits were bouncing up and down as she gripped his shoulders. “Fuck him hard, bitch!” I slapped her again, leaving a pretty red handprint on her tanned ass.

Jack came, making almost as much noise as I had, pulling out at the last second and spilling pearly cum all over Mariana and all over himself. We both lapped it up and then sucked him until he was still.

Mariana lay back beside him and grinned at me.

“Come here, my sweet slut.”

I did. I kissed her then moved down her sweaty body, sucking each nipple on my way. I lapped up drops of semen the nearer I got to her cunt. She spread her legs wide and I dove in, sucking at her tiny clit until I had cleaned it of Jack’s juices, then sucking it some more while I fingered her, first with one then two then finally I had four fingers in her, thrusting in and out, all the while, flicking my tongue over her clit again and again.

Jack finally moved and began to suck her nipples with all the zeal he had mine a few minutes before. She whimpered and bucked beneath my mouth. She wrapped her legs around my head as I rammed my fingers in as hard as they would go.

“Damn!” I felt her begin to shudder and shake around my hand. I sucked harder until she finally relaxed and lay still. We all did for a while.

Finally Mariana looked at Jack. “Didn’t you say something about some takeout? I’ve worked up an appetite.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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