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When I’d showered I’d had time to consider my behaviour. Being in Hungary, and away from my problems back home, was becoming liberating. It was as though I’d suddenly had a sexual awakening, and I supposed the surroundings of the pornography industry were feeding it.

As I went downstairs to get something to eat, a text came through from David to say he’d be working late, overseeing some editing. I was at a loose end, so after snacking on some cold meat from the fridge, I decided to have an evening walk in the grounds of the house.

Away from the woods where the ‘barns’ were, there were open fields broken up by hedges. I followed a path alongside a hedge, just listening to the birds, and the complete lack of traffic noise, and just enjoying the countryside calm. It was still quite warm, even though it was an October evening.

I came to a narrow lane which looked like it probably led back to the house. The sound of a car coming closer, interrupted the peace. I stepped close to the hedge as an SUV came round the bend, and pulled up beside me. Driving was Viv, the make up artist who I’d spoken to briefly earlier that day.

“Hi Lucy, are you lost?” Viv smiled not really meaning what she’d said.

“No, thanks Viv, I’m just chilling, finding my way around. David’s working late, and so I was just exploring.”

“Well, I’m just going home to an empty flat, why don’t we have a drink, there’s a bar about a mile away from here, jump in.”

I was happy to have someone to spend the evening with, and Viv, although she was much older than me, seemed very friendly, and looked a fun person. The bar wasn’t far, just a roadside inn, with a few locals, so we found a corner table, and got some cheap Hungarian red wine.

It was good to talk to another woman, away from the house, and we both soon ‘opened up’ about our respective histories. It seemed that Viv had got involved in the porn industry by way of a broken marriage, and then she met a guy who was very much on the wrong side of the law who had introduced her to the ‘seedy’ side of it. She was now in her late forties, and remembered some of the dubious videos that she had appeared in years ago.

“It was Chris that rescued me really. She found me when she advertised for a make up girl for her and David, and I’d always dabbled in it. I answered the ad, and having been in some videos myself we soon hit it off. We actually made some ‘girlie’ ones together in the early days.”

“I thought Chris was bi,” I interrupted, explaining about my brief experience with her on the sofa at their house. “But I guess actresses have to adapt to their part in videos.”

Viv looked at me closely, and whispered, “These day’s I think I prefer girls,” and after a pause added, “Particularly young ones.”

As she spoke, she squeezed my thigh under the table. I flushed, and looked nervously away.

Viv giggled out loud, “Oh I’m sorry Lucy, I didn’t mean to come on to you, I fully understand if you don’t play with ladies.”

I üsküdar escort stuttered, and found myself replying, “Oh no, Viv, it’s not that, it’s just that I’m still adapting to this ‘openness’ all around me.”

Viv, placed her hand back on my thigh, and sliding it slowly upwards whispered again, “Well I find you very attractive, Lucy, but I won’t force myself upon you.”

I could feel my pussy starting to moisten, and my heart was racing. Before I knew it I’d placed my hand on top of hers, and responded by whispering back, “Would you like to come back to the house for coffee?”

“If you’re sure,” was Viv’s answer, and I softly said, “Yes.”

As we got back into her car, Viv leaned towards me, and we kissed, softly, and briefly at first, but then longer, and with open mouths. I felt her hand cupping my left breast, and my nipples responding to her lightly squeezing them between her thumb and finger. She broke away, and quickly said, “Come on, let’s get back, I want you.”

My mind whirled, my whole body glowed in expectation. Apart from the brief interlude with Chris, I’d not been with a woman sexually. As if reading my mind, Viv interrupted my thoughts.

“Lucy, I know you’re nervous, let me show you how it can be, just relax.”

Nothing more was said. Viv parked up, and I led her up to my room.

As soon as the door was closed, we kissed, just as before, slowly at first, then passionately, Viv then led me to the bed, and pressed me down on my back. As I tried to catch my breath from the kisses, Viv was reaching to unfasten my bra, deftly unclasping it, and pulling my t-shirt and bra up over my head together.

The feeling of her tongue on my nipples was heavenly. I heard myself gasping as her mouth took in the other nipple. My eyes were closed when Viv raised herself onto her knees on the bed, and undid my jeans, and slid them, and my dampened panties off. I was completely naked, and when I opened my eyes Viv was looking down, admiringly, at my body.

I watched her stand up beside the bed and slowly undress. Her body was fuller than mine, her breasts were large, with nipples that stood out, and her pussy was lightly covered with trimmed dark hair.

“You are very beautiful Lucy, you have a wonderful body.”

As she spoke, she knelt back down on the bed between my thighs. Pulling my knees upwards, her mouth, and then her tongue, found my pussy. There was a loud moan from me, that filled the room, as she started to lap at my juices. Her tongue moving inexorably towards my clit, and the moment it flicked under the hood, and made contact, my whole body leapt off the bed.

Stopping momentarily, Viv held her tongue against my clit, and once I’d relaxed again, she took it between her lips, and gently sucked. As she did so, I felt her fingers sliding into my pussy. The combination of finger fucking, and oral stimulation was bringing me close to orgasm.

“Oh god Viv, don’t stop.” yenibosna escort There was an urgency in my voice, as I pressed my hips upwards, just trying to reach that ultimate relief, but Viv had other ideas, and she withdrew her fingers, and briefly stopped sucking.

“Oh please, please,” I groaned again.

As Viv buried her face back between my thighs, and her mouth closed around my clit once more, I felt the rush of orgasm overtake me.

“Ooohhhhhhhhhhihihh, fuck Viv, oh fuck, ohhhhhhhhhh god.”

My thighs were clamped around Viv’s head, her mouth still softly sucking, and my juices oozing into her mouth. Finally I released her head, and gasping, but smiling, she managed to collapse beside me, her face glazed with my outpourings. It felt so good just to hold someone close.

“I feel so selfish, you’ve not cum yet,” I said quietly into her neck.

“Lucy, that’s not important, what just happened was so exciting, kiss me please.”

We kissed, and kissed again. I pushed Viv onto her back, and our legs intertwined. The feeling of her breasts moving against mine, the hard nipples feeling so unusual to suck, her wet pussy smearing the skin on my thighs. I reached down, and massaged her clit, my fingers moving in a circular motion, just as if I was doing to myself. We were kissing, and I could sense Viv’s excitement building.

Quite suddenly Viv pulled her lips from mine, throwing her head to one side. “Lucy, Lucy, I’m cumming, oh yes, oh yes.”

I felt her legs and hips shudder, and with a loud scream her fingernails gouged across my shoulder blades.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Lucy, are you ok, oh shit, you’re bleeding.” Viv looked horrified at my scratches.

“It’s ok Viv, it’s ok, they’re only scratches, I’m just glad I pleased you.”

“My god, you did, it felt so good.”

We both kissed again, and Viv quickly showered, and dressed. I slipped a bathrobe on, and followed her downstairs.

“It sounded like you two were enjoying yourselves.”

David’s voice came out of the blue, he’d arrived back, and heard us upstairs. We both looked guiltily at him until Viv said, “You shouldn’t be listening David, consenting adults you know.”

He laughed, “Sorry, but you were sooooo loud! See you in the morning, ten sharp, Viv.”

I saw Viv out of the door, and David said, “I know it’s late, I’ve had a long day, but I’m just gonna have a scotch, will you join me, I’ll tell you about tomorrow?”

I was ready to turn in, but I felt I couldn’t refuse. “Yes, ok David, why not,” I said, sitting on one of the leather armchairs.

David poured a large glass for us both. Handing me the glass, he sat down opposite me and took a large slug of the scotch, and outlined what would be happening the next day.

“We are doing something quite complex tomorrow Lucy, I need you to help with the paperwork with one of the office girls, and one of the medical team.”

I was intrigued.

“We’re zeytinburnu escort doing a video about a gangbang. One girl, Tatiana, a Russian girl, and seven guys. I need you to help with checking out their health status. They will be fucking bareback, and all of them has to provide a very recent test status, and show that they are on ‘prep.’

“Wow, it sounds very exciting…I mean the gangbang bit. Yes sure I’d love to help out.”

“Have you ever had several guys together Lucy? Sorry that’s an unfair question.”

The whisky had already gone to my head, and before I knew it I’d replied, “No, but I guess it’s many a woman’s fantasy.”

David chuckled, and poured more whisky into my glass. “Well I know Chris did it a few years ago. A bit of an accident. We were filming with several guys, and when the filming was over she somehow became the ‘centre of attention.’ We didn’t film it, but she thoroughly enjoyed it, it turned me on too.”

“You two keep surprising me, I must say.”

“You surprise me too Lucy, I hope that I’m selling the idea of working for us.”

I smiled. “I’m just so glad to be away from the problems back home.”

The whisky was really kicking in, “And being surrounded by sex has had a strange effect.”

David came over to fill my glass again.

“No I’d better not, I’d better go up if we’re working tomorrow.” I stood up, and immediately staggered, and almost fell. David caught me, holding me up, and I felt a bit of an idiot. The tie around my bathrobe came loose, and as I clung to him my boobs were on display.

“You certainly know how to turn a guy on Lucy, but sit back down before you end up on the floor.”

As I sank back down into the armchair, David dropped to his knees, and my bathrobe fell completely open. Even in my inebriated state I knew he was going to fuck me, and I wasn’t about to stop him.

“You are such a temptation,” David said, as he unbuckled his belt. I watched as he lowered his boxers, and his erect cock pointed directly at me. In one movement I raised each leg over the arm of the chair, slid my bottom lower in the chair, and David’s cock went deep into my cunt.

“Fuck,” I exclaimed, and David said, “That’s nice.”

He started to pound into me, his busy, frustrating day becoming evident with each thrust. But I wanted him just as much.

I put my hands onto his shoulders, and wrapping my legs around his waist, pushed him backwards. Fortunately, although off balance, he cushioned our fall. I ended up straddling him, his cock still inside me, and me on top, and in control.

“Temptation or not, I’m going to fuck you.”

With my hands flat on his chest I started to ride him, rotating my hips, feeling his cock almost bruising my cervix. I knew I’d won the tussle when I saw him close his eyes. Victory was signalled by his grunt, and the sensation of feeling him start to jerk inside me, the heat of the spunk pumping out, and filling me.

“Fuck, Lucy, you’re so good at this, I know Chris guesses what I do, but I’m not going to tell her everything.”

As I lifted myself from David’s body, great dribbles of cum dropped onto his thighs, and I felt the trickle of semen running down the inside of my thighs.

We both needed sleep, and we went to our separate rooms. Tomorrow was going to be another new experience for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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