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On many military bases set up in Southeast Asia, soldiers live in “tent cities,” or, if they’re lucky enough, hardened “expandables,” which sleep anywhere from four to eight soldiers per structure. There is little privacy to sleep, but even less to bathe, where a tent or trailer is set up with somewhat private cubicles which barely provide room to turn around, and none to bend over. Desire, however, is the mother of innovation, as evidenced by one of my more memorable adventures…and one of my riskier ones.

Glancing quickly to the left and right, I scurried across the sharp gravel, praying that no one would be watching in this dim, dusky light. With a quick half-shuffle, I quietly opened the door to the men’s showers and slipped inside, thankful that only two cubicles were being used – and I knew one had to be his.

Sneaking down the short corridor, I prayed my footfalls wouldn’t give me away, hopeful that the sound of gushing water would mask any noises I might inadvertently make. My presence here was forbidden, and to get caught would surely end my military career. And if I was caught inhisshower, it would mean the end of not one career, but two. Since Clinton’s reign of terror, fraternization was severely punished—and the object of my stealthy mission was not only of the opposite sex, but my direct superior in my chain of command. One was bad enough to get me in trouble, but the other was sure to earn me a courts-martial. However, after five long months of trembling at the sound of his deep, melted-chocolate voice and aching for the feel of those big, dark hands to touch me, I had decided to take matters in my own hands.

I spotted the distinctive stripes of his towel at the opposite end of the unit from where another bundle of possessions lay. Oh, how many times I had lain in my bed and stroked the soft folds of my pussy, imagining that same towel being wrapped around his hips, envying it being lucky enough to dry those rivulets of water from his gorgeous body. Whereas most Army soldiers make do with plain colored towels, his were distinctively striped and, as I discovered, my fingers slipping lightly across the fluffy piling, very soft to the touch.

Slipping out of my t-shirt and shorts, I quickly pushed them under his pile of sundries, before pulling back the edge of the shower curtain to slip inside. I stood there, one foot raised to step over the ledge, naked and vulnerable, my breath frozen in my chest. What an awesome spectacle, my sergeant standing there under the sporadic pulse of the spray, head down, water pounding the back of his neck, dog tags softly jingling under the force of water.. My eyes followed that cascading water down his long, dark body, my mouth watering at the delicious picture being burned into my memory. The cessation of water from the other cubicle made my inadvertent gasp of pleasure audible, and my sergeant’s head snapped upright, his dark eyes nailing me in place as they traveled leisurely down the length of my exposed body. At the sound of the other curtain being slid aside and recognizing the danger of my being caught out in the open, my sergeant snatched my wrist and pulled me into the shower with him, one hand covering my mouth while his body pressed mine into the corner and out of sight.

Tense with the fear of discovery, we listened as other shower occupant collected his things, and we both heaved a sigh of relief at hearing the door shut behind him. My sergeant glared down at me, the water dripping off his nose doing nothing to lessen the fire in his eyes.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing, soldier?” he hissed, crowding me back even tighter into that corner. At 6’1″ he had only three inches of height on me, but I wanted to cower into that corner, trembling at the wrath evident in his dark eyes. This wasnotwhat I had envisioned at the start of this adventure!

“I’m… I’m sorry, I just—” I got no further before his voice sliced through mine, deadly sharp shards I’d only heard him use in the most dire of circumstances.

“Spit it out, soldier. I don’t have all damn day.”

I closed my eyes, mortified, and wished the floor would open up under me, or that I would somehow miraculously fit down the drain. Far from pleasuring this man, as had been my intention, I had obviously blown any possible chance I could ever have with him. Fighting back tears of humiliation, I pushed against his shoulders, averting my eyes from the wrath in his, silently begging him to just let me go.

Snarling his displeasure, my sergeant grabbed my forearms and shoved me back in the corner, taking no notice of the wet hair slopping into my eyes. Effortlessly lifting me up on tiptoe, he shook me as much as he could in that small, confined space, making my teeth rattle and the tears I’d been fighting fall down my cheeks. I ducked my head, trying desperately to hide those tears, but there was nowhere to go. My cheeks burning, I stood there, trembling against him, the forgotten water still pouring over us both in a lukewarm caress.

With my eyes clenched tight, I could bahis siteleri feel the force of his burning gaze, but it was quite to my shock when he wrapped both arms around me, hauling me up against him and ravaging me with the deepest, darkest kiss I ever could have imagined. Tipped with rage, tinted with fear and full of frustration, it buckled my knees and made me sag against his hard body, shock and ecstasy coursing through me in equal measures. Running my hands up his arms, over his shoulders and down his water-slicked back, I pressed against him, my tongue tangling with his as we shared ragged, panting breaths.

Ripping my mouth from his, I struggled to breathe, fighting the silvery dots swimming around my vision. I didn’t want to waste a moment of this gift I was being given. But he never gave me a choice. Fisting his hand in my hair, he lifted me on my toes and plastered his lips to mine. Moaning, I slid my hands up the plane of his back, caressing each bold bulge of muscle, simultaneously lifting one leg to wrap around his waist. My knee slammed against the side of the cubicle with a loud bang, and I cursed under my breath, trying to shift into a different position that would accomplish basically the same thing. I lifted my arms, wrapping them around his shoulders and rubbing the tips of my nails over his smooth head—and banged an elbow on the wall so hard my fingertips tingled. Every time I tried to shift, tried to wrap myself around him, I ended up making more noise, noise which was ill-afforded given our location. I whined in frustration, mewling my displeasure at being unable to get closer to him.

“Slow down, baby,” he murmured against my lips.

The sound of his voice soothed me instantly, my mind automatically obeying a higher-ranking soldier, while my body instantly obeyed the velvet roughness of my lover’s command. Oh, granted, he wasn’t technically my lover yet, but there was no way that wasn’t going to happen now, not after this! With a soft sigh, I melted against him, gasping in pleasure as his kisses gentled; nipping little tastes of my lips, sexy, sweeping strokes of his tongue. Rising on tiptoe I cupped the back of his head in both hands, much as he had mine, and made love to him with my mouth, tongue, teeth, and lips. I pressed myself tight against him, feeling the water pool between my breasts and his broad chest, feeling the tight grip of his hand squeezing water from my hair to drip down my back, following the arch of my spine and curling over his fingers, splayed low on my back.

With a groan, he pulled away, burying his face in the soft curve of my neck, shudders wracking his body. Wrapping my arms around him, I just held him.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” he finally murmured, so softly I almost missed it. “Wecan’tdo this. If we get caught….”

“Shhhh.,” I murmured, caressing his back with my hands, trying my best to soothe him. I could feel his unease, and it echoed some of my own. Sliding my hands to his jaw, I lifted his head, locking my eyes with his. “If all I can ever have of you is this one time, then please, let me have it. I simply can’t go another day without touching you, without hearing you say my name, without tasting and holding and caressing you. I’ve ached for you for the five months we’ve been here. Icannotlast another seven without having you in my arms, for at least this one time.” I closed my eyes and laid my head back against the shower wall, my voice a broken whisper. “Please, Sergeant – please give me this.”

Pressing against me, he let me feel his response, saying without words what I needed to hear. In between passion-filled kisses, he whispered for me to stop calling him “sergeant,” at least for this special time. Quivering, I complied, whispering “Tommy” with a soft, dewy smile, feeling a forbidden thrill as it trembled from my lips to hang between us in the air, somehow feeling so right.Tooright.

“I have wanted this for so long,” he murmured, eyes closed. “I know it’s wrong, that you’re my soldier and I shouldn’t do this—but I can’t help it. I tried not to. God, I tried not to.” His eyes opened and he smiled at me, a wry, boyish grin that made my knees weak. “You have no idea how many cold showers I’ve taken, right here in this cubicle.”

“Probably about as many as I have over in the women’s shower unit,” I said, caressing his cheek, a flush turning my face crimson.

“Mmmmmm.” His pleasure in that mental image vibrated along my nerve ends, making me arch and gasp, rubbing my breasts against his chest. His breath hissed at the evidence of my own arousal, my nipples like diamonds scraping across his chest.

“C’mere,” he moaned, cupping my head and angling his lips to mine. Licking the beads of water from the soft curve of my lips, he tasted and teased and nibbled his way inside, stroke after stroke of his talented tongue making me dizzy with desire. Stroking his fingers through the wet, heavy length of my hair, I was soon gasping in pleasure and writhing against him, loving these kisses but wanting more.

When he twisted us around canlı bahis siteleri so that I was directly under the shower spray, I quivered in pure pleasure. The sexy length of his warm body pressing against me, the feel of the cooling water cascading over me in a liquid caress, the sound of his ragged breath in my ear, the tactile explorations his hands were making over my body…all of it combined to give me a heady rush of pleasure like I’d never felt before. While the water poured over my head I lifted my lips to his and offered myself to him completely, his name rolling off my lips in a tuneless chant as my body shook in an undeniable orgasm, waves of sensuous delight rolling through me. Feeling me rock under the strength of this kiss-induced orgasm, he moaned, throbbing against my stomach.

His fingers stroking my cheek, he waited for me to come back down from that euphoric high, waited for me to open my eyes so I could look right into his. When my bright gaze met his dark one, I trembled at the fire there, a fire that I new matched my own. I fire I had never dared hope to see.

Lifting my arms, he curled my limp wrists over the showerhead and tipped my head back until the water was streaming against my forehead and along the curve of my scalp, almost a lover’s caress. Cupping one hand over my hip and caressing my length with the other, he admonished me not to move, tightening his fingers into my skin whenever I dared disobey. Then, with a skill and style that set me aflame even as I write this, he proceeded to make love to me, claiming every inch of my body as his, tasting me with his lips, laving me with his tongue, nipping me with his teeth, until I couldn’t tell up from down—not that I cared to. From his sexy whispers in my ear as he nipped my lobe, to his lavish attention to the full swells of my creamy breasts, he set every nerve screaming for release, every neuron bursting with pleasure. Slowly, softly he nuzzled my breasts, starting at the upper slope and curling around to the underside in ever-narrowing circles that had me babbling incoherently for him to take me. When my hips rocked against him, pressing my heat to his length, his fingers tightened on my hip, reminding me to be still. When I tried to lift my head from the teasing spray, shivers coursing through me at the added slickness of water to our skin-on-skin caresses, he wrapped a hand in the ends of my hair and tugged, reminding me of my position. And when his hot, hungry mouth finally enveloped my throbbing nipple after countless minutes of purely sinful attention to my aching breasts, I exploded in ecstasy—and my thrashing body was rewarded with a sharp slap to the butt, reminding me that I had been told not to move.

Lifting his head from my breasts, he released my swollen nipple with a swift, curling lick that made my toes curl in pleasure, before snarling at me that I had been ordered to stay still. Pinned in place by the fierceness of his scowl, I tipped my head back and closed my eyes, knowing that his slightest touch now would send another orgasm spiraling through me, rendering me incapable of refraining from thrashing under its onslaught, and doubtless earning me yet more punishment. I quivered in both longing and dread, reminding myself that any punishment was worth the pleasure of having this man as my lover for even this brief stitch in time.

Standing up straight, he kissed my eyes closed, a light, gentle pressure that made me ache. He reached up and slowly disentangled my wrists from the showerhead brace, softly sliding his fingers along the undersides of my arms before closing his hands around my ribs and lifting me up, only to turn and set me back down. A quick adjustment of the showerhead had it pointing directly at my aching, throbbing breasts, wringing a low moan of pleasure from me. With my eyes closed, the sensation of water flowing over me nearly brought my to my knees, but it was the first touch of his mouth against my soft, shaved pussy that had them buckling for real. Only the sheer strength of his arms supporting me held me up as he slowly stroked his tongue over me, broad and flat on the outer lips, then curling and stiff for a slow sweep along my creamy wet slit. Whenever his tongue rubbed over my clit, he’d curl it up and flick over it, faster and faster and faster, before capturing it between his teeth and tugging gently. My legs clamped around his head, hands grasping for anything to hold onto, as I shrieked his name at the top of my lungs, my cream gushing all over his face, coating him in my pleasure. Letting go of my hip with one hand, he took advantage of my pleasure and shoved four fingers up inside me, spreading them out to stretch me, preparing my pussy for the impressive dimensions of his dick. With each motion of those invading fingers into the depths of my spasming pussy, each flicker of that wonderfully talented tongue against my throbbing clit, I spurted cream all over his face.

Surging to his feet, hands holding my hips to steady my shaking, dazed body, he slid me out from under the water’s canlı bahis spray and pushed me down to my knees, his hand gently tipping my head back. With a low moan he tipped his own head back, stroking the swollen length of his cock, and splashed his cream all over me. Opening my mouth I caught what I could, but much of the thick liquid landed in my hair, on my cheeks, and dripped down onto my chest, rivulets of cum sliding down to coat my nipples before dripping of the hardened tips. Refusing to let any of this sexy man’s offerings go to waste, I scooped the falling droplets into my hands and eagerly licked my fingers clean, reveling in the sweet, tangy taste of his cum.

Panting for breath, watching my stuff my cum-coated fingers in my mouth to lick them clean, Tommy leaned down to help me up off the shower floor like a gentleman, but halfway up his objective changed, and suddenly his hands were back in my hair, his mouth devouring mine, our tongues tangling as I slipped and slid my way up the wall, nails catching at his back, scratching him. As his tongue mated with mine and we shared the taste of each other on our lips, he hissed in a pleasured pain, the sound peaking my nipples. Nipping at his lower lip, I purposely scraped my nails across his back again, feeling the skin give way. Growling low in his throat, he yanked my head back, exposing my throat. Careful not to leave a mark too high for me to hide, he ravished me, bruising me from shoulder to collarbone, nipping at the neck he dared not mar. As he sucked and bit at my creamy skin, I trembled like a leaf in a storm, wanting desperately to bear some mark of his possession, as he would now bear the scars of mine.

Finally I could take no more, and grasping his head, I pulled his lips back to mine. The little balance we’d found in the slippery shower was destroyed, and we tumbled out into the dressing area, barely catching ourselves before crashing into the bench where his clothes were still piled, mine tucked safely beneath them.

Pushing my shoulders back against the bench, he straddled my hips, still hard, rubbing himself against the soft skin of my stomach. Uncaring of the dangers of being caught like this, we were completely focused on each other to the exclusion of anything and everything else. I slipped my hands between us, stroking him against me, feeling the head of his cock brush against the underside of my breast with each long caress. His head tipped back as his hands gripped my shoulders, my fingers caressing him, stroking his dark, throbbing length. Scooting down a little, I slid him into the valley between my breasts, moaning at the feel of his hot flesh pressed between my creamy swells. Squeezing my breasts together, I completely encased him, shifting my hips to gently rock him up and down that tight tunnel.

Leaning down, he pulled out of my hold, and cupping my jaw, pulled me up to kiss me. In my mind, I can still see how we must have looked, my wildly curling hair tumbling over the back of the bench, lips locked with his, my arms braced on his shoulders, hands gently cupping his head and holding him to me, his arms wrapped around me, curling me up close. Opening my eyes and smiling softly into his, I lifted my hand and softly traced the barest fingertip over the sweet curve of his lips, feeling the tingles still shooting through me from our prolonged, deeply sensual kisses. Swinging a leg over me, he smoothly reversed our positions, until with a gasp of surprised pleasure I found myself straddling his hips – and my splayed pussy was sliding along the length of his hot, hard, throbbing cock, making me ache for him to fill me.

Playfully he rubbed against me, teasing me. The swollen lips of my pussy slickly caressed him, and each brush of his cockhead over my swollen clit made me jump in pleasure. Leaning forward I kissed his head, his ear, his eyebrow—wherever I could reach, I branded him with my lips. Ever so gently, he raised me up and then slowly lowered me down onto his swollen, eager cock. His shoulders were now supported by that bench, his dark hands clenched against my shoulder blades as I arched in pleasure, gasping as he stretched me. As I had made my marks on his back, he now made his inside of me, making sure that I fit him, and only him. Lower, ever lower he guided me, until finally I could feel his smooth balls pressing against the softness of my shaved pussy. Gasping at the mix of pleasure-pain from being stretched like this, his name trembled from my lips as my pussy clenched around him, that rhythmic internal caress signaling yet another orgasm given me by this special man.

As I trembled and shook my way through euphoria, he never moved, forcing himself to just sit there and ride out the waves of my pleasure, watching me as I gave myself over to pure sensation. Knowing that he was watching me compounded my pleasure, even as a little voice in the back of my head laughed at how stupid I surely looked and sounded—but I was too far gone to care, arching and rising and falling on his cock, catching glimpses of his possessive smile through the haze of passion fogging my eyes. Every slightest movement set off another round of fireworks in my belly, and drenched him with another volley of my cream. I was insatiable for this man, and loving every second of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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