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We have been the best of friends from my very first day of work. I was so shy and nervous starting my first grown up job, I couldn’t talk to anyone. She saw me struggling and didn’t hesitate to come over to introduce herself and take me under her wing. That was 4 years ago and we are the best of pals.

I just celebrated my 26th birthday not long ago and my friend will be turning 27 next month.

We both have long brown hair and blue eyes, but that’s where the similarities end. She is a lot taller than I am and has a year round tan paired with a very athletic body and kind of small breasts. I on the other hand am short and quite pale, with big boobs a small waist and a round ass.

Friday night rolled around and we started it with a few glasses of red wine, followed by a few more, and soon as we knew it, we were drunk off our tits. This is one of the best things about having you BFF as a roommate, you don’t even have to go out to have a good time.

As the night was progressed, so did our sloppiness.

We were acting out our favourite scenes from dirty dancing when I tripped. I grabbed her to steady myself, but she was too drunk to hold me up and came crashing down on top of me. I laughed but she just stared at me with that glassy look only booze can give you and kissed me. I have to say that I was a little surprised at first but just went with it. I mean, its been a while for me so I’ll take it wherever I can get it!

She moved casino oyna her legs so she was straddling me and broke the kiss to sit up and take her shirt off, throwing it only god knows where. Her bra was next to go.

She threw it in the same direction as her shirt, and I got a good look at her perky tits. Her nipples were all puffy, like someone had been sucking and biting them for days and the colour was a kind of pastel pinky apricot colour. I stuck my tongue out and gave them a little lick, gauging her reaction. Her nipples pebbled almost immediately. Any harder and she could have cut glass with those things. I sucked on one nipple and pinched the other until she pushed me back down and tried clumsily to take my top off.

I half pushed her, half rolled over so I was the one on top and took my shirt off. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was immediately assaulted by her mouth. She bit me pretty hard and I squealed like a schoolgirl. I was getting really wet. She was squirming underneath me, trying to pull her shorts off.

I was still half sitting, half straddling her so I pushed myself down past her hips to her knees so I could assist with the pant situation. I hooked my hands on either side of her hips and peeled the elastic band down her thighs and legs, pulling it the rest of the way off and throwing it into our discarded clothes pile. I moved back up her body to lay half on her and half on the floor next to her.

My hand went back to canlı casino her tits to have another squeeze and then travelled down to the hollow between the swell of her breasts, past the opening at her ribcage, stoping briefly at her belly button to circle it with my fingers. My hand sneaked further down until I was where pubic hair should have been.

So she is brazillian down there!

She was as smooth as a new born babes bottom. I found this really freaking sexy and kept my fingers on the trail to her pussy lips. She was already damp and steaming hot at her lips. I used my fingers to open her up to expose her hooded clit and give it a bit of a rub. She arched her back and thrust her hips up to meet me. I have never tasted a woman’s sex before but thought this might be the perfect time and replaced my hand with my mouth. I positioned my mouth to cover her lips and licked from arsehole to clit, then buried my tongue as far into her pussy as possible. She tasted sweet and tangy at the same time. I moved my tongue up to her clitty, suctioned my mouth over it and licked for all I was worth. She was withering underneath me, making all sorts of noises.

I used my other hand as a make shift cock and shoved it into her dripping cunt, because that’s exactly what I would want right now. “Ugh, right there, right there. Finger fuck me”. She said, in between gasps. Her tits and hips were jiggling like she was attached to a jackhammer, I couldn’t get her to stay kaçak casino still. My tongue was lapping like a kitten with a saucer of milk.

I just couldn’t get enough. She had so much juice leaking out of her that I thought I might drown. As I thought this, her legs clamped around my head like a vice and she came in one massive convolution. It took her a moment to regain her composure before she let out a little giggle.

“Why the fuck have I not tried this before. I’ve never came so hard in my life”.

She then pulled me up to her and kissed me on the mouth, tasting her own pussy on my tongue. She was still laying on her back as she broke away and yanked me up over her head, grabbing my hips and positioning me into squatting position over her face. She pulled me down so that her tongue went straight into my vagina. She lapped at every single fold in my cunt like a dog that hasn’t eaten for days. Nothing was left alone. She worked her fingers into me as she sucked my clit into her mouth. I was grinding myself against her face as she slurped away at me. The feeling was so intense. Really soft but sensually hard at the same time. One finger pressed on the opening of my arse and it didn’t take me long to cum all over her face. She must not have minded because she didn’t let me get off before she had licked every bit of cum out of me and into her belly. I stood up and helped her to her feet also.

She used the back of her hand to wipe any excess pussy juice on her face and smiled a cheeky drunk smirk at me as she asked “Ready for a drinks break before round 2? I have a new vibrator i’ve been meaning to try out!”

Man I love my roommate!

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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