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I headed to the little cafe where Julie and I had breakfast before we went to Tucson. I ate breakfast then took off for the Grand Canyon. I headed north on I-17 and just a few miles out, I stopped on the shoulder. I looked around and said fuck it. I turned back south through Phoenix and went west on I-8. I was San Diego bound. Just before the border to California, I stopped and stashed my 1911 and my .38 derringer as deep in my saddlebags as I could. I knew I really needed to watch my Ps and Qs because I didn’t want to get stopped.

I rode into San Diego and headed for the coast. I wanted to ride the Pacific Coast Highway all the way up to Northern California and beyond. I wanted to stay in San Diego a couple days first. I got a room and unloaded the bike. I took a spin around town and man, have things changed since I was stationed at Camp Pendleton. Duh, its only been thirty years. What else should I expect.

I stopped to get something to eat. I walked around a couple of malls. Went back to the room. Not much going on right now. Friday I went down to the beach and saw it was the same water and sand that was here when I was at Pendleton. I took in a movie late afternoon. Friday night the place livened up quite a bit.

I saw some jarheads slipping into a bar and decided to follow them in. I ordered my Corona and settled in at the bar. I got into a conversation with a couple Marines and they were excited when they found out I had been in the corps. They announced it to the entire place.

One found out I was from Texas and asked what part. I told him I lived just outside College Station now but was raised on the north side of Houston. “Oh, yeah. Where abouts on the north side?”

“One block north of Parker Rd. about three blocks west of where the Hardy Toll Road is now.”

“I know that area. It’s where my dad grew up. He took us kids through there a couple times to show us where he grew up.”

“Really?” I looked at his name tag, it said Richards. “Is Monte Richards your dad?”

“Yes, sir. It was.”

“Hell, I know him. He lived a couple blocks over from me. We were in the corps together. In basic together as a matter of fact. Neither of us knew the other had joined up. We got different assignments after basic and lost track of one another. How’s the old jarhead doing?”

“He was killed in Afghanistan in ’04. He asked for a transfer from the White House detail back to an infantry unit after 9/11.”

“Oh, damn. I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t I feel like an asshole.”

“Not necessary, sir. He died protecting the country he loved so he was doing what he wanted to do. I’m sure he’s ok with that.”

“So how are you liking the corps?”

“”I love it, sir,” he said with a huge smile. “I’ll be a lifer I’m sure. Just like Dad was. After my first hitch I’ll probably look into officer training. Want another beer, sir?”

“No thanks, corporal. I’m on two wheels and I don’t drink much these days anyway.”

“My name is Monte Jr., sir. But everybody these days call me Slam”

“Slam? How’d you get that peculiar moniker?”

“When we all got to the base and when Drill Sergeant Morgan lined us up at the mats he told us, “If any of you pukes think you can kick my ass just step forward. I was one of the idiots that did. I was already a black belt in jiu jitsu and tae kwan do. First thing I did when I got a hand on him was body slam him. He jumped up before I could take advantage and proceeded to give me a royal ass kicking. I’ve been Slam ever since. Even Sgt. Morgan called me Slam. I’m kind of proud of it now. The nickname I mean.”

“Lose a fight, lose your life. He couldn’t afford to lose the respect of his recruits. That would have been the same as losing his life to him.”

“Yeah, I guess that was what gave him the resolve that day. He did tell me after graduation that it taught him a lesson as well. He’ll never underestimate his recruits again. He was used to his guys being street fighters, not trained in the arts. He did me in fair and square, I’ve got to give him that.”

“Never underestimate a Marine is the real moral of that story. Your mom’s name is Janet, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Tell her James Mathison says hello. Sorry to hear about your dad, son. I’ve got to get going. Nice to meet all of you,” I shouted.

I headed back to the room. I was watching a movie when I fell asleep with the television on. I don’t do that very often.

I woke the next morning with some sappy lady telling how she thought illegal aliens helped our economy. I wanted to hurl but didn’t have anything in my stomach to throw up. I shut it off pretty quick. I made coffee with the supplied coffee maker. Damn, I almost always forget to ask for more coffee packets. Only enough to make one cup. I don’t drink decaf. I showered and headed for breakfast.

While at breakfast, I checked the maps app on my iPhone. I was planning to ride the coast south to north then maybe back south again.

I headed for the southern most point on the coast that had paved otele gelen escort roads. I wound up in Imperial Beach. I started north on SH75 with the Pacific Ocean on my left and San Diego Bay on my right. There’s a lot to see on the coast route to Northern California. I watched some naval aviators doing touch and go drills at the naval air station for a while. I hadn’t checked out of the motel yet so when I was done riding I headed back to the room.

The next morning I checked out and went back to the spot where I had left off the day before and headed north from there. I stayed as close to the coast as I possibly could. It was a fascinating journey. I’d recommend it to anyone. I stayed off the interstate as much as possible. As soon as I would wind up back on the highway I would check my maps app for the next road that would put me closer to the coast. I took a lot of detours.

After four days of stops to gawk at some things I had only made it to Santa Barbara. I decided to take in one of the clothing optional beaches so now was a good chance because there was one nearby, More Mesa Beach.

I had been camping all the way up so I checked into a motel and stashed my gear…and my pistols. I took a quick shower. It was still late morning so I lit out for some breakfast and a trip to the beach.

At breakfast a very pretty and young thing asked me if I was riding the motorcycle. Duh, there’s a helmet sitting on the table in front of me. “Yes, I am, dear.”

“Are you from Texas?”

“What makes you think that, honey?”

“I saw the plates on your bike.”

“Well, then I suppose I am from Texas, sweetie.” This one doesn’t seem too bright but I’d still like to give her a good fucking. Blonde, about 19 or 20, tall, about 5’10” or so, and stacked like a brick shit house. A man could get lost in those tits. Must be DDD or bigger. I’m not a really big fan of huge breasts but these looked exceptionally nice on her.

“We’re going to the beach,” she stated. “What do you have planned today?”

“I’m headed to More Mesa Beach myself.”

“We weren’t going to the nude beach, but I’ve always wanted to. None of my friends will go and I don’t want to go by myself. Can I ride with you?”

“I would, except I don’t have another helmet.”

“That’s ok, my grandfather is the mayor. The cops around here won’t give us a ticket. Besides, it’s not very far at all.” A horn outside started blaring.

“Let me tell my friends I’m not going with them.”

“What’s your name?” I asked as she left then again on her return because she didn’t answer me on her way out.

“Shelly, but everybody calls me Shel.”

“I’m James. Nice to meet you.”

I was done eating so I strapped my helmet around the backrest. We mounted up and she showed me the way. I parked the bike and we walked the trail to the beach. As soon as we hit sand, she started peeling clothes off and so did I. Those huge tits stood straight out in front of her. It’s going to be fun just watching her even if I don’t get her back to my room dressed just the way she is now.

The water was a bit cool so we just hung out on the beach and talked. Her family in this area goes back to the big gold rush. That was what, 1848 I think. Her family also owns about half the town hear her talk about it. It was just after three o’clock when she asked if I had a room in town.

“Yes, I do.”

“Can we go there now? I’m really horny and wet. I need you to take care of it for me.”

“Do you always pick up strange older guys like this?”

“Heck no. I’ve always been attracted to older guys, but I’ve never fucked one. All the guys in town know me and won’t try anything because of Gramps. That leaves me with Jared.”

“Is Jared your boyfriend?”

“No, not really. We’re just friends and we just kind of take care of each other when one of us gets horny. Like a friends with benefits thing. We’ve only had each other and neither of us is really that experienced. It kind of leaves something short. Older guys are exciting and mysterious. They know a lot more that young guys. Does that make sense?”

“It certainly does.”

After the hike back to the bike and the ride to the room it was near four o’clock. As we stepped into the room I looked around before ducking in to see if anyone was watching. I certainly didn’t want to face Mayor Gramps and the entirety of the Santa Barbara P.D. but I really wanted this young lass in a bad way.

When she went to the bathroom, I checked her wallet for ID. I wanted to make sure she was of age. Good, she’s nineteen. Sneaky I know, but I’ve never wanted to fuck a girl so bad in my life and didn’t want any trouble over it.

When she returned I grabbed her and pulled her to me and kissed her deep. It was a “let’s fuck” kiss and she knew it. She started pulling on my shirt and tore the buttons off and pulled it from my jeans. She looked at me and said, “I’m on the pill so we won’t need a condom.” I kissed her pendik escort again.

After we were both naked I picked her up under her arms and threw her on the bed on her back. I dove into her hairy pussy and sucked her clit into my lips and sucked hard. She gasped and let out a muffled scream. “Oh, shit. That feels so good.” I sucked on her clit until her body tensed and she quivered. I moved up to suck on those gorgeous tits and jammed two fingers in her pussy hard feeling my way to her g-spot. I felt her cum again.

“Can you cum more than once?” she asked. “Jared has to stop after he cums the first time.”

“Yes. I’m sure I can.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth first. I want to taste your cum.”

I moved up and knelt with my cock at her face. She could only get about half of it in her mouth but she was doing a fine job of licking and sucking and I could feel the vibrations of her moans. I was needling her pussy and pinching her nipples the entire time. She tensed up and quivered again. This set me off and I shot a lot of cum in her mouth. She couldn’t swallow it all and it spilled out onto her chin and hand. She licked it from her hand and scooped the rest from her chin and what fell to the bed and licked it off. “You taste different than Jared. Better, sweeter. Can you fuck me now?”

“Give me a minute or two and it won’t be a problem. I’ll have my cock in you before you know it. I’m going to fuck you hard. Very hard.”

“Start off slow. Jared’s not near as big as you are.”

I moved over between her legs and guided my cock to her entrance. I pushed in really slow. Her pussy was very tight. She grimaced a little at first but soon relaxed and started humping me. I started humping slow at first then picked up the pace.

“Fuck me hard and fast now. Fuck me hard and fast.”

I started really picking it up. I was hammering her as hard as I could pulling almost all the way out and slamming back into her wet hairy pussy. I pulled out to give her a proper pussy licking. I licked her lips and her clit then went down to tongue fuck her, my thumb rubbing her clit. She tensed up again and let out a pretty loud scream. Just as she started screaming I shoved a finger in her asshole all the way and sucked on her clit as hard as I could. This made her scream as loud as she could while she came. I could feel and taste the juices pouring out of her cunt. They tasted oh so sweet.

I moved up and pushed my cock in her pussy again. This time I had no mercy. I slammed in and out, in and out as hard as I could until she came once more then I filled her wet hairy pussy with stream after stream of my hot sticky cum. I collapsed beside her and we were both breathing heavy.

“So that’s what an orgasm feels like. It felt so damned good but bordering on pain.”

“You’ve never had an orgasm before?”

“If that’s what that was about twenty times, then no, I haven’t. I was about to tell you that I’d changed my mind and I couldn’t go through with it, but when you kissed me all those thoughts went away. I’m goddamned glad I didn’t stop you. Whew, the one before the last one was really intense.”

My dick was getting stiff again. I shoved a finger in her pussy, then two. I moved over to a chair and got her to straddle me and pulled her onto my cock. I wanted easy access to her big beautiful tits. I sucked on them and fucked her really slow for a good half hour and she was moaning and groaning the entire time. She came three more times before I drained my balls inside her again. We were both spent.

I called for pizza delivery. When I answered the door the first thing I noticed was his name tag, it said, “Jared.” We ate the pizza then I asked Shel if she needed a ride somewhere. She said, “Back to the cafe would be good. Ok if I take a shower before we go?”

“Sure, that’s fine. I could use one, too.”

When I dropped her off, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Thanks for the memories and the experience. I’ll never, ever forget you, James.”

“I’ll never forget you that’s for sure.”

I thought I may have a tough time getting rid of her but I guess she’s not as dumb as I thought. She just wanted the experience. It seems as if I gave her plenty. No muss, no fuss. She was gone.

I was up and away early the next morning headed north again. After another week I finally made it to the Oregon border. It’s pretty cold at this end of the state this time of year. I’ll hold back on Oregon and Washington till next summer. I headed south following the same path.

When I got back to Santa Barbara, I planned on hanging out a couple days. “If I run into Shel again, maybe she’ll be ready for more,” I was thinking.

I decided to stay a third night. I was at a nice little burger joint when she walked in with Jared. She was in a dress and jacket. When she pulled off her jacket to sit down one table over from mine I could tell she had no bra on. “Damn she’s hot and Jared is a dumbass.” She looked rus escort at me, smiled and winked without him seeing.

Jared got up to place their order and she leaned over and asked, “Are you at the same place?”

“Yep, same room.”

“I’ll come by later.”

“Wear what you have on and you’ll need a change of clothes,” I returned.

She didn’t question me about it. She just said, “ok.”

Around 9:30 Shelly knocked. I let her in and took a small overnight bag from her hand and dropped it on a table. I pushed her back to the wall and kissed her. She returned my kiss with much fervor. I ripped her dress from her torso. She drew a deep breath and exhaled it slowly. She let out a loud moan as she did so. I looked at her firm tits and shoved my hand in her panties.

I said, “These will never do.” Then with one hard tug I tore them from her body and dropped the remains to the floor. She gasped again.

“You’re such an animal tonight, James.”

“It must be you bringing it out.” I kissed her again and she once again kissed me back and wrapped her arms around my body.

I lifted her by the ass then let her slip down to impale her on my cock. She was already very wet and breathing very heavy. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I pumped my cock in and out of her only a few times before her whole body tensed and I could feel her cum on my stiff dick. She let out a muffled scream.

I lifted her off and set her feet on the floor and told her, “Suck my cock.” She went to her knees and did as she was told.

I asked, “Do you like sucking my cock? Of course you do.” She was going fast and trying to get it past her gag reflex into her throat. After several tries she finally managed to take it all down her throat and push her face into my pubic hair. She released it and swallowed it again and again.

I stopped her and picked her up to sit her on the dresser. I dropped to my knees and attacked her pussy with my tongue. She came again in short order. I kept eating her out and at times I would stand and bury my hard dick in her pussy and stroke it in and out a few times then drop and lick her pussy and clit some more.

When she started to cum the third time I grabbed her clit with my lips and sucked as hard as I could. This produced an orgasm that was enormous and lasted at least a full minute.

I tore what remained of her dress from her body and pulled her from the dresser and bent her over the table. I promptly jammed my hard cock in her wet pussy. She gasped and then moaned. She just naturally started pushing back against me. I was pumping in and out of her hard and she was groaning loudly. I pushed in as hard and deep as I could and held her to me by the hips. I spurted stream after stream of my hot sticky cum in her pussy. I kept pumping and she came again.

I pulled out and she turned and fell to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. It was soft but she was relentless and it soon reacted to her warm mouth and tongue. She began sliding it down her throat.

I drew her from her knees and shoved her onto the bed on her back. I slid in between her legs and without pausing shoved my cock as deep in her pussy as I could. I was withdrawing my dick until just the head was inside her then slamming it into her pussy as hard as I could. She would pull me in with her hands on my ass cheeks and gasp with every inward stroke.

“Oh James, I wish you could fuck me forever.”

“Shel, I’m gonna fuck you tonight and throw you away in the morning. You’ll never see me again.”

“Damn it, fuck me hard damn it. Fuck me hard. I want your cum in my pussy.”

“I’m gonna shoot my cum in your pussy tonight. I’m gonna shoot my cum in your pussy in the morning before I leave.”

She started shaking and tensing all over. I slammed my cock in her as far as I could and held it there. She was cumming and so was I. After the first spurt, I started stroking again and I could feel her cum on my cock. I collapsed beside her and we went to sleep.

My alarm went off at 7:30 and it didn’t wake Shelly. I rolled over and got between her legs and gently pushed my hard dick in her pussy. She woke up and immediately started humping me back.

“Make me cum again, James. Oh shit, I’m cumming already,” and she tensed up and scratched me on the back hard. I kept pumping in and out of her cunt until it was over. I rolled us over to get her on top and she moved her knees up and started riding my cock hard and fast. I mashed and twisted and pinched her nipples. She was cumming again and reached around and was kneading my balls when I shot my wad in her.

She leaned forward and said, “Oh damn, James. Fucking is a lot more fun when the man knows what he is doing. How can I get Jared to do to me what you do?”

“There’s always the Internet. You can learn a lot on the Internet. Maybe both of you together should explore and search. I have to take a shower and get out of here. You can take one after me.”

“I don’t have any panties to wear.”

“Go commando. It always gets me excited when I find out a woman doesn’t have panties on. Try it out on Jared. Don’t tell him though. Just let him get a look like it was on accident.”

I showered and as she was getting in I told her I would probably be gone when she got out. She gave my cock a quick tug and smiled. And I was and headed south. Back toward San Diego.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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