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I am a teacher and am currently enjoying a six week summer break. I have just returned from Spain where I decided to go on a last minute holiday deal. I went out there to meet friends and to soak up a little sun.

When I met my friends at the airport I was obviously pleased to see them. There were two old school friends, Barry and Joe and their wives, Susan and Michelle. Also with them was Barry’s niece, Kerry, who was over from America for a few weeks. I looked at her closely as we were introduced. She was petite, with a slim figure. She wore a cotton dress which clung tightly to her frame, highlighting a generous pair of breasts and supple skin. Her face was intelligent and inviting, framing a pair of doe-eyes. I guessed she was sixteen.

Anyhow, we drove back to Joe’s place, where I would be staying, and we all drank and ate for a few hours. When midnight came, Barry and Joe and their wives fell asleep but I was still buzzing from the excitement and the booze – so too was Kerry. We had talked together for some time. She was studying Hegel at that time and I was able to talk to her about other thinkers.

At midnight we both decided to go and taste the nightlife. We walked along the beachfront to a small bar which played bahis siteleri delicate piano music. Kerry took me there – I guessed that she didn’t want a loud venue; she wanted to talk.

We started to discuss free will, community responsibility and then we discussed original sin.

“Don’t you think its a little unfair that Adam was thrown out for fucking Eve?” she asked me.

I smiled, “Well, God only had one rule and he broke it. “

“Still, that’d piss me off. I mean, not being able to fuck… ” she leant back a bit, stretched back her arms and sighed. Her tits heaved.

“Yeah, it’d be tough… but maybe some things are better than sex… “

She leaned to me, her dress fell down slightly and her cleavage opened to me. I could glance the darkness of her nipples through her lace bra, “I haven’t found anything… ” she sucked her cocktail straw and added, “Nothing feels better than a cock between my legs. “

I leaned to her also, “You like that? You like to take a man in your cun?”

She closed her eyes. “Yes. “

“You like a finger in your cunt too?”

Her lips pursed, “Yes. “

I held my drink in my left hand but my right hand reached under the table, under her skirt and along her thigh. canlı bahis siteleri I found her, between her legs, pantiless and wet. I slipped a finger into her pussy.

I started to pump in and out of her cunt slowly; she began to breathe heavier. “And you like to suck cock, Kerry?”

“Oh, yes… I love to suck cock. “

“And your ass, Kerry. Does your ass like cock too?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me as I fingered her wet cunt, “Oh yes, my ass likes cock real bad. “

I drained my beer and passed the bottle under the table to my other hand. Then I replaced my finger with the bottle neck, sliding it into her tight cunt. Kerry traced my hand with hers as I pushed the bottle in and out of her pussy. She began to swear under her breath: “fuck… fuck…. fuck… ” as I quickened the pace. Then she fell back, collapsed in her chair and clamped her legs around the bottle and my hand as she came.

I took the bottle and drained the contents – a mixture of beer froth and cunt juice. She eyed me dreamily and then took me to her, kissing me deeply and tasting herself.

We quickly stood up to go, and we hurried along the sea front to Barry’s house. Along the way I pointed out my hard cock against my shorts. canlı bahis She smiled and slipped a hand into them, wanking me as we walked. Her hand felt so good around my hardness I almost forgot the other people around. I felt my cum begin to build and then Kerry stopped. Abruptly she pulled me against a wall and dropped to her knees.

There was no privacy here. In fact, people were walking past all the time and three bars were within easy visibility. But Kerry unzipped my shorts and yanked my cock out, taking it into her mouth and sucking my off hard while her hand rubbed me off. I was in real ecstasy as Kerry tongued the head of my cock and then deep throated me, all the time rubbing my cock with her hand.

My cum had be building up for a while and now I grabbed her hair, pushed her fully down on my prick and shot my load deep into her. She gulped and gulped and I heard her swallow with pleasure as she looked up at me and smiled. She stood up then. I saw a dribble of cum run down her chin. She took the hem of her dress and lifted it to her chin to wipe it. This gave the bars behind us a beautiful view of her ass and me an eyeful of her cunt. I heard a few cheers.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Kerry” I said to her.

“I hope so. I’ve only just started. “

I had a lot more fucking adventures with Kerry over the last few weeks. Please email me if you want me to submit more. Thanks – hope you enjoyed this. It made me hard reliving it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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