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This is part two of four. We recommend that you start at the beginning, which by our calculation is part 1.


I caught the flu, probably from my younger cousins. I got to stay home from school on Tuesday. Mom works part time, but she was off this day. I was lying in my bed in the morning when Mom came to check on me. I heard her coming down the stairs, and saw her standing in the doorway in her baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants that she sleeps in. She asked me how I was doing, and I mumbled “ok.”

“You’re just going to sleep down here all morning, right?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

“Fine,” she said. “I’ve got a plumber coming over this morning, so I’ll just be upstairs waiting for him.

I jerked off having a fantasy about Mom coming down and making out with me and stuff, but I knew she wouldn’t. But I also thought about Mom being alone with a plumber. I wondered if she’d flirt with him or anything. A little while later, I heard truck doors, and the doorbell ring. Mom had closed my bedroom door as well as the basement door. I crept upstairs, opened the basement door, and peered around the corner to the front door. Mom was holding open the front door for two men carrying toolboxes. She was standing behind the door so the neighbors couldn’t see her. She wasn’t wearing her baggy sweat suit any more. She was wearing a tiny negligee. It was not what she slept in last night. I’d seen her in it once on a hot summer night. It was white cotton, and very short. So short it barely covered her crotch. Mom’s bare thighs were exposed to the plumbers. It also scooped down in front. As Mom turned, I could see by the large armholes that she wasn’t wearing a bra under it. Her big tits bobbled as she turned, and I got a glimpse of dark nipples sticking through it.

I ducked back down the stairs a little, but left the door cracked, as Mom led the plumbers into the kitchen, which is where the basement stairs opened up to. “The leak is under the sink,” Mom said. She opened up the cabinet doors under the sink. She then bent over and started removing supplies from the cabinet. Her bottom half was hidden from my view by the kitchen island. But I could see enough to know that her nightgown was riding up to expose most of her panties.

As she continued to remove things and put them on the counter, then repeat her mooning, I could see both plumbers’ jaws drop as they stared at Mom’s ass.

Then she turned just enough so that I got a side view of her bottom. She wasn’t wearing panties! She was showing these guys her whole bare ass!

After clearing the cabinet, Mom bent way over one more time to show the men where the leak was. Then she said, “OK, I’ll be right over here doing laundry.”

With a smile on her face, Mom sauntered over the few feet to the laundry room. While the two plumbers opened their toolboxes and looked at the leak, Mom continued her show by continually leaning over the washer and dryer, and moving laundry around. From my vantage point I could see very little of her nakedness, just quick glimpses. But clearly she was not only showing her bare ass, but she was also flashing plenty of cleavage as she bent over facing the men.

The older man, maybe my dad’s age or older, sent the other one, a young kid, out to the truck to retrieve something. While he was gone, Mom entered the kitchen and said, “So you brought a partner today. I didn’t know you had one.”

“Yeah,” he said. “I need him on the next job.” I got the feeling that Mom was expecting the older plumber to be alone.

Mom returned to the laundry room when the younger man returned. After a little more showing and sauntering, she took a load of laundry upstairs.

“Shit,” said the younger plumber. “What a fucking show!”

“Yep,” said the older one. “A horny housewife.”

“Do you run into a lot of those?”

“Used to when I was younger,” said the older plumber.

“Thinks she’d have fucked one of us if we were here alone?”

“Probably. Sometimes they just want to get attention, but a lot of them will fuck.”

They left shortly after that. “Shit,” I heard Mom mumble after she closed the door behind them. Mom never swears.


Mom went upstairs. I wanted to catch her quickly – partly because I wanted to confront her, and partly because I wanted to see her up close, maybe get a good look at her naked ass, before she put on some clothes, which I suspected she’d do quickly.

Mom heard me walking up the stairs and met me at the landing.

“Something the matter, honey?” she asked.

“Yeah, something’s the matter! My mom’s exposing herself to plumbers!”

Mom glanced down at herself in her short nightie. A pair of dark fat nipples were protruding through the white fabric. “What, this? They came earlier than I expected, and I had to let them in. You get charged if you miss them, then you have to reschedule. I’m covered.”

“You weren’t covered when you bent over. Your whole butt was exposed to them!”

“You maltepe escort saw my bare bottom?”

“From a distance. And I know they did. I heard them talking about it.”

“Well, I didn’t do it on purpose. So they got a glimpse of my tush. I’ll try to be more careful next time. Let’s keep this between you and me.”

“Maybe I’ll tell Dad, unless you want to deal.”

Mom sighed. “What’s your deal?”

“I want to see your butt.”

“Oh, Brad, that is SO wrong! What kind of a mother would I be? No. No!”

I didn’t move. We just had a staring contest for about twenty seconds. Mom’s jaw was clenched.

She turned her back to me, towards her bedroom. I thought she was going to call my bluff. But then she crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the bottom hem of her nightgown, and pulled it up. She lifted it up over her shoulders, exposing her bare backside to me, and then all the way off over her head. Keeping her back to me, she held the nightgown over her chest, and walked slowly and deliberately down the hall toward her bedroom.

My tongue hung out at the sight of Mom’s naked white ass. With each slow step, her butt cheeks alternately rose and fell, wobbling like Jell-O.

Mom stepped inside her bedroom. I could see her bra and panties in a pile on the floor just inside the door. Mom bent over from the waist, her knees slightly bent but nearly locked, to pick up the garments. Her big white ass stuck out at me. I could see a glimpse of brown pussy hair between her legs.

Mom turned around, still holding her nightgown over her front, barely covering her tits and pussy. She began to close the door. But before she did, she glanced down the hall at me, and gave me her dirty little smile. My mom, the slut!


I was in a real easy Chemistry class at school, and my parents wanted me to move up to an advanced Chemistry class. This wasn’t something that the school liked to do in mid-year. They finally got the counselor to agree to the class change if I could get Mr. Pindik, the Chemistry teacher, to agree. I asked him, and he said no. No big deal to me, I wasn’t crazy about taking a harder class anyway, but my mom was pissed. She decided to talk to the teacher. She set up a conference with him and me after school. She got off work early and met me at school. We met by the front doors and I showed her to Mr. Pindik’s second floor classroom. He was sitting at his desk in the corner, facing the door. The thin, bespectacled, middle-aged teacher with the receding hairline got up to greet us, and then told us to sit down at two student desks in front of his desk.

Mom took off her coat before sitting down. Mom was wearing her work clothes; a long skirt with buttons up the front, and a blazer over a black sweater. But now, the skirt buttons were undone to mid-thigh. They were completely buttoned this morning when she left the house. Mom removed her blazer and threw it on a desk along with her coat. I saw that her sweater was very, very tight, making her big heavy tits stand out like some old pinup picture. Not only that, but it was loosely knit, which means there were little holes that you could see through. I could make out the details of Mom’s silky black bra through it. By the way that Mr. Pindik was staring at Mom’s tits, I think he could, too.

Mom leaned back and crossed her legs, causing her unbuttoned skirt to fall open almost to her hips. She wasn’t wearing hose. But I knew she was wearing panties, because I caught a glimpse of her pink panties sticking out the back of her skirt before she leaned back.

Mom was friendly and made a good case for my moving up to the advanced Chemistry class. I don’t know how much of it Mr. Pindik comprehended, since his eyes were moving back and forth from Mom’s big tits under her mesh sweater, to her long bare thighs.

When it was Mr. Pindik’s turn to speak, he gave some lame excuse for not wanting me to move up because of seating arrangements and lab partners. I thought he just sounded lazy and uncaring. I think Mom did, too.

Mom looked and sounded a slight bit irritated, but didn’t get mad or appear angry. She continued with an even tone. She also uncrossed her legs and kept her knees a good foot apart. I could almost see Mom’s panties from my vantage point, so I’m sure that Mr. Pindik could. He sure was staring up her skirt.

We reached a stalemate, with Mom insisting that I should move up, and Mr. Pindik insisting that he wouldn’t move me up.

“Brad,” Mom said to me, “You can leave. I want to talk privately with Mr. Pindik for a moment.” Since we had driven separately, I was free to go. I got up, and started to walk out of the room. “Close the door behind you, please,” Mom said. Mr. Pindik just kept staring at Mom’s tits and legs and crotch.

I didn’t know what Mom wanted to say to him. Mr. Pindik’s door had windows, which were mostly blocked off with posters and stuff, but there was an opening where I could look in. The second mecidiyeköy escort floor hallway was empty, except for some janitor at the other end going into the bathroom.

Mr. Pindik’s desk was facing the door, so I could see his face, and Mom’s back. I heard Mom talking, but I couldn’t make out what it was. She mostly seemed to be asking him questions. Her legs appeared to be opened wider.

Then I saw Mom cross her arms, and lift her sweater up! She pulled it up past her tits, almost to her armpits. She was doing a classic tit flash, like on the “Girls Gone Wild” New Orleans videos! She still had her back to me, but I could detect some of her tits hanging to the sides enough to know that she had also pulled up her bra to expose her naked tits to my teacher. Holy shit!

Mr. Pindik just stared, wide-eyed behind his spectacles, his jaw practically touching his chin.

Mom held her sweater up for a few seconds. Then she started moving her body back and forth, and I could tell from behind that she was shaking her tits at him. She reached down with both hands, lifted her tits, and jiggled them. Damn, I’d love to be sitting where Mr. Pindik was!

Mom pulled her sweater down. She stood up, and put on her blazer and coat. I hurried down the hall, to my car. I was pulling out of the lot when Mom came out the doors. I drove by her van as she was climbing in. She simply said, “You’re in the advanced class.”


I arrived home before Mom, who stopped at a fast-food place for dinner. When she arrived she immediately changed clothes, as is her custom. But I did notice when she came in the door that her skirt was buttoned all the way to the bottom.

The family ate at the kitchen table. I related how the lazy Mr. Pindik didn’t want to move me to the advanced class. Dad asked Mom how she convinced him to move me. Mom said, “I just convinced him that he’d be glad he did.”

Mom was now dressed casually in black denim slacks and a simple black turtleneck sweater, with her black bra underneath. In my head I was composing the words I would use to confront her about showing my science teacher her tits. I was 50/50 on whether or not she would show them to me to bribe me into silence. But my cock was hard envisioning it.

After dinner, my sister disappeared downstairs to watch TV in the basement, while Dad found a ballgame on the family room TV. Eventually I managed to trap Mom in the hallway, out of earshot of Dad.

“I saw how you ‘persuaded’ Mr. Pindik,” I said.

“What did you see?” She asked me, cautiously.

“I saw you flash your boobs. I was watching through the door.”

Mom stared at me with a nervous look for a moment. “I just used my feminine wiles. I did it for you,” was her only defense.

“Would Dad approve, or does he still think you save all your ‘feminine wiles’ for him?” I asked. She knew what I was getting to. She looked down at her tits, and looked at me looking at her tits.

“Not on your life, young, man,” she said. She looked like she meant it, too. “No way. I’m not, uh, exposing my breasts to my own son for your own gratification!”

She looked away, but didn’t walk away. I decided to let it drop for now. I walked into the family room, where Dad had the ballgame on and was reading the paper. He was sitting on the couch, and I sat in the recliner about ten feet away from him.

Mom either had a change of heart, or got nervous that I would tell Dad what I saw. All I know is that I saw Mom standing in the middle of the kitchen, in sight of me, but out of sight from Dad. She seemed to be waiting to get my attention.

Once Mom saw that I was looking at her, she crossed her arms, grabbed her black sweater, and lifted it. I saw her bare midriff, and her black bra exposed. She pulled the sweater up over her head, and dropped in on the floor.

I looked over at Dad. He was still reading his paper, rattling the pages. The TV was blasting out the ballgame. Dad couldn’t see Mom. Mom was close enough to the hallway that she probably could have ducked up the stairs if Dad got up or if she heard my sister coming up the basement stairs.

Mom looked right at me with a smile. I tried to stay deadpanned, so Dad wouldn’t suspect. Mom dropped her bra straps off her shoulders. She reached behind her with both hands, and I saw her bra become loose as she unclasped it.

Mom had her big, slutty grin on her face as she looked at me and dropped the bra off her tits and held it in her hand. Her tits fell out of the bra and hung free.

I’m glad Dad didn’t look over at me, because I couldn’t stop staring wide-eyed at my topless Mom. Her tits looked even bigger than I had imagined. They were very pale, but her areolas were much larger and darker than I had anticipated. Her tits sloped down a little, but her hard nipples were pointing straight out.

Mom stood in a similar pose as when she showed me her bra and panties earlier, like a model with one hand nişantaşı escort in the air, and the other hand on her hip. Then she shook her shoulders back and forth like she had for Mr. Pindik, which made her big hooters bobble and jiggle all over. It was the greatest sight I’d ever seen.

Mom cupped both of her tits in her palms, and lifted them up. She squeezed and jiggled them rapidly, and played with her long fat hard nipples. She leaned over and put her hands on her knees. Her tits hung down, and again she shook them, while looking up at me with a grin.

A few more jiggles and poses, and it was over. She quickly picked up her sweater, and raced upstairs. Dad never looked up from his paper. I was hard and in shock. Mom was such a slut!


I play hockey on a traveling team. It’s not a school activity, so there are no buses, just cars. Sometimes we will travel with another player and his family, but sometimes it’s just Mom or Dad driving me. Since Dad works a lot of hours, it’s often Mom who takes me to the games. One weeknight we were returning from an out-of-town game. Mom was driving the van. I had taken a hard fall on the ice, and had a sore neck and a headache. I was lying down in the back seat, with my head on the passenger side. We were on some empty county road, when I heard Mom mutter, “Dammit!” Like I said, Mom rarely uses bad language.

I could see the reflections of red police lights, and Mom pulled over to the side of the road. As she looked for her purse, I glanced back and saw a police car parked behind us. “What happened?” I asked.

“Nothing, go back to sleep,” Mom said.

A cop approached Mom’s window, and she lowered it. I pretended to be asleep.

“I clocked you going sixty-five in a fifty-five zone,” he said. He asked for Mom’s license. She turned on the driver-side map light, dug through her purse, and gave him her license. He returned to his squad car to check on the license.

Mom had her coat off. She was wearing a white blouse. Earlier I noticed it was buttoned up pretty high, because I couldn’t look down into it. As I lay back I pretended to be asleep in the dark, but I could still see Mom, especially with the squad car’s spotlight on us. Mom glanced back at me. Then she unbuttoned the top several buttons of her blouse. I couldn’t see her bra from my angle, but I could tell her shirt was open and pulled aside a little.

The cop returned to the open window and gave Mom her license back. I couldn’t see the details of his face very well, but there was a pause. I was guessing that he noticed that Mom had opened her blouse. He reached down and grabbed a flashlight. He turned it on, and shined it on Mom’s chest.

“Do you like them?” Asked Mom. “If you let me off with a warning I’ll show them to you.”

Until recently I would have thought that I heard wrong. But Mom was offering to show her tits to the cop to get out of a ticket. I knew she meant it, too.

“Uh, uh,” grunted the officer. “You gotta let me feel ’em.”

“OK,” Mom simply said. From my side back angle, I could see her pull her blouse open wide, probably exposing both bra cups, but still tucked into her pants. She appeared to reach into her right bra cup, and pull her tit out. She did the same to the left one, leaving them hanging exposed over her white bra. She looked up at the cop.

The cop reached in with his left hand, and placed it on her right tit. Mom jumped a little. “Cold,” she said. But then she sat back and let the cop grope her bare tit. I couldn’t see much in the dark from my angle and with only the map light on, but the cop eventually got both hands inside the car, and were roaming freely all over Mom’s chest.

“Mmmmm,” Mom moaned. She turned to her left in her seat, facing the window, so the cop had a better angle.

“Big puppies,” the cop mumbled, as he played with my mom’s tits.

I saw the cop look to his left as a car was approaching far down the road. He withdrew his hands from our van. He said, “Drive carefully,” to Mom, and returned to his squad car.

Mom placed each of her tits back into their cups, buttoned up her shirt, put on her seat belt, and pulled out onto the road. I really wasn’t feeling well, but I did mumble, “Feminine wiles?”

Mom paused for a long time. “It saved us a lot of money and headaches. Not a big deal.”

“Dad might think it’s a big deal,” I said. Mom didn’t reply, and I really didn’t feel well enough to continue the conversation. I decided to confront her again later, and tried to sleep the rest of the way home.


It was very late when we got home. Mom and Dad helped me get settled in a finished room we have in the basement next to my bedroom, that has a couch and a TV. I was given aspirin and an icepack for my neck. Wearing the boxers I sleep in, they put a blanket over me. I felt better sitting up than lying down. The aspirin helped the headache quite a bit, and the neck was sore but bearable. I was watching the TV, but I was mostly thinking about Mom again, and playing with my dick under the blanket.

An hour or so later, I heard someone coming down the stairs. Mom stood in front of me. She was wearing a long flannel nightgown, another sexless garment that she sometimes wears to bed in the winter. “Feeling any better?”

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