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Chapter 1: Dana

Fifteen years earlier.

“Hey mom,” Julie eagerly called from the top of the steps, “Can Dana come a few days early?”

A few seconds later Mrs. McGhee came to the foot of the stairs. “What did you say?”

“Can Dana come a few days early?” She repeated holding her phone.

“Why the sudden change in plans?” She could see the frown in her daughter’s expression while waiting for the question to be answered. All the while she kept the phone to one ear and talked quietly into it.

“Mommmm,” she whined. “I don’t know. She said something about her getting a cheaper flight if she moves her departure time earlier. I think they overbooked her flight.” With a huff she added, “Can she come or not?”

“Of course she can come, Sweetheart. But don’t give me that attitude. I was just curious to know why.”

“Cool! Thanks!” she responded and ignored the attitude comment. Julie walked down the hall and headed to her bedroom. “Yes,” she said enthusiastically. “You can come. I can’t wait to see you! What time do you want me to pick you up?”

Julie and Dana talked for another fifteen minutes. When their call finally ended Mrs. McGhee reminded her of all she now needed to do before Dana’s arrival.

“… and strip the sheets in the spare bedroom … and make sure you set out towels … and vacuum that room. I want it looking pristine.”

“I’m going to clean my room, Mom. I haven’t seen her in like forever. She can sleep with me and that way we can talk at night and catch up.”

Becky gave her a quirky look. “Jules, we have an entire bedroom complete with a private bathroom for her to use. I’m sure your room is a mess.”

“It is, but in an hour it will be looking great. Trust me.”

Becky smirked upon seeing her daughter’s adorable baby-doll grin and consented. “OK, but freshen up the spare room just in case. She might want some personal space.”

“So now you want me to clean two rooms?” Julie asked incredulously. “No. Just one. It’s up to you if you want her to stay with you. But if you do, then yes, I want both rooms looking fresh and spotless. The spare bedroom probably only needs the sheets washed and the floor vacuumed. It’s up to you, Baby.”

Begrudgingly Jules turned away and trudged upstairs. She hated housework but the silver lining on these chores was her roomie would be here by this time tomorrow! Exasperation quickly transitioned to excitement thinking of Dana’s all too soon arrival. Stripping sheets, tossing dirty clothes in a pile to be washed and hanging up tops, she quickly organized her space. Julie even took on the bathroom. It definitely needed a thorough overhaul. It had been three months since she had last seen her best friend and just as long since she had cleaned the sink and shower.

Thinking of Dana’s arrival excited her. Even though they face-timed at least once or twice a week there was still the thrill of knowing she’d be coming here sooner than originally planned. Jules licked her lips with longing anticipation.

With a heaping pile of laundry in hand, she all but collided with her younger brother when rounding the corner.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” Tyler exclaimed.

“Sorry asshole,” she grunted. “Why don’t you just get out of my way? I’ve got work to do.”

“I will. I will.” Tyler answered with an irritated tone.

“Don’t give me that look,” Julie challenged. “At least I’m doing some work. You don’t do squat shit around here and you know it.”

“Go get laid,” he mumbled and stepped aside to let her pass. Tyler found his mom in the kitchen.

“Why’s she being so bitchy?” He asked.

“She’s excited, Tyler. She’s not being bitchy. There’s a difference,” Becky corrected. “She just got off the phone with her college roomie. Her flight was changed. She’ll be here tomorrow.”

So calling me ‘asshole’ isn’t being bitchy?” He challenged.

Becky smiled. “Usually it is, but in this case, it isn’t.” She watched her son grin at her assessment.


“She’s cleaning and I like it. And besides, the house needs some straightening anyway. Maybe you could pick things up in the living room and run a vacuum in there for me.

“And why do I have to do that?” he asked.

Because I asked you.” Becky squared her shoulders to face her son. “You know, she’s right,” she said in reference to Julie’s earlier comment. “You’re a grown young man and you don’t do hardly anything around this house.”

“That’s because I don’t own it. You and dad do.”

“Tyler McGhee! What kind of comment is that?”

“It’s just what I said,” he fired back grumpily. “And what is this chic’s name, I can hardly remember her. I only met her once.”

“And I wonder why,” Becky said noticeably peeved. “We all have seen her multiple times. You could have come to see your sister at school with your father and me if you had wanted. We invited you every time we made the trip. You’re the one that never wanted to make the drive with us.”

“You gave me a choice to go or stay with Grammy,” he challenged. Escort Bayan “And besides, it takes like all day just to get there. I knew I’d see Jules when she got home on break.”

“Well if you had come, you’d know who Dana was. She’s a nice girl and I like her. And she’s your sister’s best friend.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Tyler said disinterestedly. “I’m going to the mall.”

“You be back before dinner young man and afterward you will do what I told you to do in the living room”

“Yes, Mom,” he answered soberly.


On a hot and dry California August, Jules and Dana pulled up in her late model Ford Fiesta. The rear seat was packed with several suitcases bulging at the seams. They contained most of what Dana would need for college for the next several months. She had arranged to have two more boxes shipped to school later this week. They contained even more stuff she absolutely had to have.

Becky stepped out onto the front porch of their suburban home just as the girls pulled in. Giggling and holding half-full frappuccinos, they met Mrs. McGhee. Dana greeted her with a flamboyant hug and kiss and profusely thanked her for allowing her to come on such short notice.

“We’re so glad to have you stay with us,” Becky answered. She hugged her tightly once more. “I’m happy you can stay for more than just a day.”

“Me too. I hated my summer job, so leaving early and knowing I was going to be with ya’ll was a much better option than sticking around at home.”

“But you could have made more money if you stayed home and worked,” Becky countered.

“And have that fried fish smell get into my skin. No thank you! Uh,” she exclaimed. “I don’t think could have ever gotten that grease smell out of my work clothes.”

“I don’t smell a thing,” Becky said sniffing and smiling. “You smell beautiful.”

Dana giggled and grinned. Her smile reached her eyes. “Thank you, Ms. McGhee. I don’t smell like fried fish because I threw those clothes in the trash before I left! I’ll never go back and work there. Not ever!”

The girls laughed and moseyed inside.

“Tyler, can you come down and act like the nice young man I know you can be and bring in Dana’s suitcases?”

“Tell Jules to do it!” He yelled from somewhere upstairs.

“Sometimes I just hate him!” Julie snapped. “Just be glad you don’t have a brother.”

“Tyler McGhee, this is not an option. You get your sweet bottom down here and get her things up and in your sister’s room!”

“I’ll be down in a sec.”

Five minutes later Tyler wandered out to the car and peered into the car window. It was hot and the bags were huge. “I’m not doing that. They can bring that crap in themselves,” he muttered.

Once back inside he rounded the corner. That’s when he spotted her. Jules and Dana were sitting at the kitchen counter still sipping on their frozen drinks. His mom stood nearby cutting up carrots and cucumbers at the kitchen sink. He took in the form of the shapely blonde. This Dana chic was hotter than he remembered – beautiful in fact, he thought. Why didn’t he remember her? Then again, he was only in 9th or 10th grade when Julie showed her a picture of her freshman roommate. Maybe his hormones hadn’t really hit full stride.

Dana felt his penetrating eyes flashing alternatingly between her face and tits. She turned to look at the newcomer and grinned. “Hi.”

“Well don’t just stand there gawking, Tyler. Come, join us,” Becky chided.

“Yeah, Tyler, stop looking at her boobs!” Julie said disgustedly.

“Jules!” Becky scolded.

“But he was! Look, he still is.”

“I am not!” He answered. Tyler could feel his face flush red.

Ignoring the sibling spat Becky repeated. “Now come in here and introduce yourself.”

“Hi,” he said quietly and then averted her gaze.

“Hi back,” Dana said teasingly. “You’re Tyler, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

Smiling she replied. “Well, I’m Dana; your best friends’, best friend.” Dana put her arm around her roomie and kissed her playfully on the cheek. Dana watched the awkward response to her playful affection which made her antics all the more worthwhile.

Tyler couldn’t avoid grinning. “Whatever.”

Turning to his mom, he spoke, “Can I borrow the car for a few hours?”

“What for?”

“Tom called. I want to go play ball with the guys at Randolph.”

“Did you bring in Dana’s suitcases as I asked?”

“Yeah, they’re upstairs,” he lied.

“Then yes; but be home by six and not a minute later.”

“Yep,” he said and scurried off without speaking another word.

“Was he rude or what?!” Julie blurted after hearing the door slam.

Becky answered. “You know how he is around new people. He’s always been that way.

“I don’t know why you keep sticking up for him. He was staring at Dana like she was a piece of meat.”

“He’s just a boy,” Becky replied, not knowing why she felt the need to defend him.

“Aww, Jules, your mom is right. He’s just a little shy. But he’s cute. Bayan Escort And I kind of liked seeing him stare,” commented Dana. “It made me feel honored to have him checking out my chest.” She giggled but then made a ‘grrrrrr’ facial expression to emphasize her sarcasm.

“He can be such a pain in the …”

“Nip it right now young lady!” Becky snapped. “He’s your brother and you need not to forget that.”

“Yes Mom; but can’t you see how his shyness comes across as being insulting. He stared at her tits and hardly made eye contact with Dana. And he hardly even talked. I don’t know why he can’t just act like a normal human being. He didn’t even think about making Dana feel comfortable. It was all about him. Ugh!”

“Your father was the same way when he was young but like most introverts, they grow out of it as they mature.”

“So you’re saying Tyler isn’t mature? Now that I can agree with!” said answered exuberantly.

“Now, now, Julie, be good. Why don’t we change the subject? In fact, why don’t you girls go for a swim? The water is warm and you don’t have many more days to enjoy the pool before you head off to school.”

“That sounds heavenly,” Dana replied. “I haven’t gone swimming all summer.”

Jules looked at her quizzically. “You live near the ocean!”

“Going to the beach is different,” she said squirreling up her nose. “Mrs. McGhee, I did go to the beach for a week but I have not even set one of my pretty little piggy toes into a nice warm swimming pool all summer and that’s the God’s-honest truth.”

“Then you best get in there. The water is perfect.”

“Mom… do you want to come out with us? Maybe just hang out?”

“No, I need to stop by work for a few hours as soon as I get this salad finished. Your father is bringing home a baked chicken from the store. I have a few things I need to take care of at the office. You girls go on without me and have fun. I’ll be back by dinner – hopefully,” she added.

“So you’ll be gone awhile? I thought you didn’t have to work today.”

“Just for a few hours. Mrs. Mitchell and I need to meet. Something came up that can’t wait. I’m sorry. Maybe tomorrow.”

“OK.” And with that Dana and Julie left her to the last of the veggies needed that needed to be sliced and diced.

“MOMMMM!!” Julie Screamed from the second floor, “He didn’t bring in anything!!”

“Damn that boy,” Becky muttered. “Well come down and help me,” she called out. “We’ll have to do it ourselves.”

Julie and Dana reappeared a few minutes later in their swimsuits. Both girls looked spectacular. Becky grinned as they sauntered past on their way out into the sun and heat.

“How nice it would be to be that fit and voluptuous again,” Becky thought. Although she kept herself in good physical shape, she had birthed two children and was now closer to 50 than 40. Time had done its cruel work on her body, aging her ever so slowly away from her youthful physique. Her breasts didn’t ride quite as high as her daughter’s and Becky’s B+ cups would never match the ample cleavage of either girl – especially the rack on Dana’s chest. Dana was put together wonderfully and her bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination. “No wonder Tyler couldn’t help but stare at her breasts,” she mused. Although Julie was the taller of the two and had perfectly shaped legs, Dana possessed that naturally sexy look. It was no wonder her appearance had caught the eye of her only son. Becky grinned at the thought.

Unconsciously straightening and lifting her chest, Becky pushed her breast out while admiring the shapely legs and flat abdomens of the two 20-year-old beauties standing on the pool deck just beyond the kitchen window.

“Lord have mercy,” she said to no one. “I was never blessed with bodies quite so lovely but I never heard a negative word from Frank in all the years we’ve been married. Of course, Frank had the sex drive of a parked car,” she silently stewed. How long had it been since he had given her an orgasm? Five years? Every O since forever ago happened whenever she self-initiated one. Depressed at the thought, she turned her attention back to her salad and soon had everything in a large Tupperware container and back in the fridge.

“I’ll be back by dinner,” she called from the sliding glass door. “Have fun!”

“Bye Mom. Bye Mrs. McGhee,” the girls yelled


Dana easily hoisted her body up and out of the pool and onto the deck. “I like your mom. She’s really nice.”

“Thanks. I like her too,” Jules answered.”

“No, I mean I really like her. She’s so easy to talk to and I can tell she cares about what I have to say.”

“Mom’s always been that way. Dad is the same way.”

“You’re lucky to have such good parents,” she said thoughtfully.

“Thanks, Dana. You should tell my mom what you think about her. She’d enjoy hearing your compliment.”

“I just might.”

The girls took turns swimming and sunbathing. Finally, after about the fourth cycle Julie swam to the side of the pool to where Escort Dana sat on the pool edge, her feet dangled calf-deep into the water. “Don’t you just love this?” Julie asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Me, you, us, the pool, the weather, nobody else here and nothing to do?”

“Yeah, it is nice. I’m glad I was able to come out when I did. I needed a break.”

“I’m glad you did. Was waitressing really that bad of a job?”

“The money was good but the smell of food got old real fast. So did some of the people I waited on,” she added. “Some were a real pain in the ass.”

“Sometimes I wish I had a summer job. I know mom and dad have money but I’ve been bored most of the summer.”

Dana smirked oddly. “You should be glad you don’t have to.”

“I guess,” Julie said thoughtfully. Pushing off the side of the pool she glided effortlessly to the far side, submerged and reappeared in front of her stunning friend. Pulling her hair back and rubbing her face she asked, “So do you want me to?”

Dana smiled. “What?”

“You know what I mean,” Julie replied with a lilt in her voice. “Can I?”

“I love it when you ask like that.”

“So do you?”

“Do I or do you?”

“You like playing this game don’t you?” Jules said beaming. “May I?” Julie asked more directly.

“Right here?”

“No one is here; no one can see into the backyard,” she said looking around to confirm what she already knew. “Why not?”

Dana could hear the excitement in her girlfriend’s voice. “Slip off my panties and make love to my pussy.”

“I’ve never done it while in a swimming pool.” Julie giggled and moved to a better position. She effortlessly tread water before this blonde goddess she had come to love. “Lift your bottom.”

Dana complied.

Julie pulled at her yellow bikini bottoms until they moved partially down her thigh. Surprised at the unexpected, Julie exclaimed, “You’ve got hair! A lot of hair!”

Dana grinned. “I thought you’d be surprised. I decided not to shave during the summer.”

“I like it. It’s pretty. Kind of makes your pussy seem more like a hidden treasure.”

“I’m glad you like it. I wasn’t sure what you’d think. But when we finished with finals and I flew home, I knew I’d be going through pussy withdraw with you so far away. I thought since my pussy isn’t going to get eaten why should I worry about taking care of it every day?”

“This is a first, Dana. I’ve never seen you this way. Your hair is darker down here.”

Dana took notice of the darker blonde thicket quickly drying in the arid California sun. “Does it matter?”

“Not at all! I’d eat your cunt no matter how hairy or smooth it was. You know how much I love making you cum.”

Dana giggled just as Julie motioned for her to nudge her ass closer to the edge. She did so, sliding her cheeks forward on the tiled pool deck until her muffin rested just beyond the edge.

Jules disappeared below the water’s surface only to reappear a few seconds later, this time beaming with excitement with her hair slicked back and out of her face. She nestled her head between Dana’s thighs.

Spreading her legs wider Dana watched Julie’s face close in on her sex. Nothing felt more empowering than this. Watching Julie give in to her urge to minister to her pussy was the best. “I love when you come to me like this.”

For almost two years Jules had serviced her pussy on an almost daily basis. Julie loved licking pussy and ass as much or more than Dana relished her doing so. They were a perfectly matched pair. One gave; the other took, but both left satisfied.

“Mmmmm,” Dana cooed. “I’ve missed that tongue. God, you feel good.” Stroking her face and hair Dana let her appreciation be made known while enjoying Jules eager tongue butterflying and probing in and around her nether region. She sat watching with her elbows on the pool deck for some time before closing her eyes as if to imagine in her mind what Julie was doing.

Dana had never been a rapid cummer and she could tell by the way she was being licked that Jules was in no hurry to take her to that celestial place. After many minutes she laid completely back, her legs still dangling in the warm water and feeling completely relaxed. “God this was the best!” she mused. She had forgotten just how precious this gift of Julie’s ministrations was. As her arousal blossomed so did her gyrations.

In time Dana began the predicted cooing and moaning Julie associated with her building climax. When her hip undulations became erratic, almost spasmodic, Jules focused her attention on her swollen bud. Dana came quickly. Her pussy spasming as successive waves of pleasure bolted outward from her loins.

“Mmmm,” Jules moaned. She swallowed the first gush of her nectar then gobbled up three smaller squirts, savoring that taste which had always been so addicting.

When the most intense waves had passed, Dana placed a foot on Julie’s shoulder and pushed her away. “Come up here. I want to feel you close.”

Jules obeyed, climbing out of the pool to come alongside her beautiful friend. Reaching for her arm, Dana affectionately squeezed Julie’s. The girls laid close and kissed for the longest while. “I want more tonight,” Dana whispered

“So do I. You can have more anytime you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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