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College Guy

John had just finished dinner with his new friend. She was eating dinner at his place for the first time; he wanted everything to be perfect. They’d been friends online for months and finally agreed to meet. Her demanding work schedule and his traveling hobby made it really hard to get together.

Cathy, John’s lady friend, was a local business owner. Her boutique “Beauty Within” is located right down the block from John’s loft in the business district. He had no idea, until they discussed it over dinner which, Cathy said, was amazing!

It was obvious by the lavish dinner John prepared for Cathy that he loved to cook! Cathy was pleased with his abilities because she loved to eat! This hobby had lead to a few extra pounds but John didn’t seem to mind that Cathy’s physique wasn’t minimal; actually he seemed to like it.

John returned to the dinner table to collect the remaining dishes from dinner. Cathy found herself staring. John wore a dark stone washed pair of jeans that had a relaxed fit, he wasn’t poured into them, but they were not high on his hips. His pink pinstripe button down business shirt was tucked neatly into his jeans, which was laced with a fashionable black leather belt.

John’s eyes meet Cathy’s and she smiled playfully realizing she’d be caught staring. She felt the blush on her cheeks warm her face.

“He’s such a nice dresser” Cathy thought. The last date she had showed up in ripped jeans and a holey t-shirt. That was a night she’d not soon forget!

“I’m just about finished in the kitchen” John said as he walked away from the dinning table.

“What would you like to do tonight, Cathy?” he asked from the kitchen sink.

Cathy thought for a moment; what she wanted to do tonight? Was he really expecting her to respond?

She hadn’t thought about making plans or even really doing more then staying in and making out on the sofa; possibly some groping. They had shared some pretty racy fantasies when they chatted but nothing she figured would be happening tonight. She wasn’t prepared to answer John’s question!

“Damnit! Cathy, make a move!” She thought to herself.

Cathy put her hands on the dinning room table and slowly pushed her chair backward. She had been watching John do the dishes and he was nearly finished.

“Now is the time, Cathy, Now is the time. Make a move!” she said mentally.

Cathy walked the short distance to meet John in the kitchen. The sink water ran while he washed the last pan from dinner making enough noise to disguise Cathy’s foot steps on the hardwood floors. She stood behind John, for a brief second, took a deep breathe and stepped as close to him as possible.

Cathy wrapped her arms around his waist and squeezed him firmly against her person. John was trapped between her womanly heat and the kitchen counter. She pressed her lips against the base of John’s neck and nibbled softly. Cathy’s hands were roaming over his torso; she could feel his muscle tone on her fingertips.

Cathy continued to kiss his neck while she moved her hands to his shirt collar. She slowly slid the top button thru its hole. The hair on John’s Kurtköy Escort neck began to stand on end; she pushed the second button thru its hole. Cathy could feel the heat in John’s neck on her lips. She nibbled slightly harder then before and moved along his shoulder biting his skin thru the light weight cotton of his shirt.

Cathy pressed the last button thru, her hands slid against John’s skin as they moved up his body. She took the collar of his shirt and rolled it over his shoulders exposing his warm skin. Goosebumps grew along John’s back, Cathy couldn’t resist pressing her lips to John’s back; stripping him of his shirt was absolutely divine. His hands at his sides and shirt sleeves bunched at his wrists, John takes a long deep breathe and exhales slowly, as if he were trying to relax.

“This isn’t the date night I had in mind” John thought “but a beautiful woman striping me of my clothes at my own kitchen sink is just more then I could ask for.”

John could feel her breast press against his back. Cathy’s hands were roaming his front while she kissed the nape of his neck. Cathy’s thumbs sunk into his jeans, her hands lay atop his crotch. She felt the twitch of his manhood. Cathy was anxious to grope his package; she moved her right hand down the length of his zipper and firmly grasped the man beneath those jeans.

Cathy dug firmly into the denim as she drew her fingers over John’s growing erection. Her hands touched his bare skin as she hugged him tightly.

“He has such a firm build” Cathy thought.

She touched him sensually with her finger nails, deep enough to leave a small mark but not hard enough to cause any real pain. She inhaled his scent with her face pressed against his back; her hands slid into his front jeans pockets. The heat of his cock radiated thru the thin material.

John’s pockets were empty, this made things easier for Cathy to roam and move about within his jeans. She rubbed his hips and could feel him twitch and grown with each glancing touch of his cock. Cathy’s hands were spread wide to cover more of John’s body. She clenched her thumbs to massage the base of his penis. She began to work the length of his shaft, when Cathy pressed against the bottom of his pockets she was expecting John’s jeans to slide. She pressed harder to work to the tip but with no avail they would not move any further.

Cathy moved her hands within John’s pockets and again slides them deep along his shaft. This time, there was an unforgiving noise; her thumb had busted a seam of John’s pocket. With this a hole was formed, Cathy pushed deeper with her fingertips. John felt the warmth of her touch on his thigh as she poked thru the hole. Cathy smoothly opened the seam with quick effort and ran her hand up and down John’s thigh. Cathy could feel his cock rub against her hand as it twitched with excitement.

Cathy squeezed John tightly, pressing her body against his, her arm wrapped around his torso tightly. John’s cock slides along her palm. Cathy slowly grasps his shaft; gripping his skin, while she moved the length of his manhood. John’s tip damp with excitement. Maltepe Escort Cathy rolled his cock head between her first finger and thumb.

John’s cock leaked pearls of pre-cum. Cathy made a ring with her finger and slid her hand down John’s tool. His shaft wet with love juice and throbbing with each beat of his heart, John took a deep breathe.

Cathy pumped her fist over his shaft, her thumb rubbing the underside of his cock. Her first finger deep massages into the groove above his testicles. John’s body flinches with excitement as she works her sensual hand magic. His cock thick and full of heat; growing with each stroke Cathy makes on his tool.

Cathy’s caresses John’s warm, wet cock. Steady and smooth she strokes up and down the throbbing member in her hand. Cathy’s rhythm brings John to a euphoric state of mind. He begins to reach his peak, John’s body tenses and his steam explodes from deep within his love stick. She pumps his cock until its empty.

John sighs. He climaxed in Cathy’s arms. She’s holding him tight against her body. John regains himself with quick short breathes. Cathy removes her hands from his pockets and slowly unzips his jeans. She slides them slowly over John’s hips and down his thighs. John’s clothes fell to the floor and that’s how Cathy made her move that night at John’s.

“What shall I do now?” Cathy thought. “I’m horny as fuck.”

She took a quick glance at her surroundings, Cathy saw nothing out of place or thrown about; John keeps a neat and tidy home she thought.

That’s when Cathy saw the electric toothbrush setting on the bathroom sink. She walked briskly thru the dinning room, peeking over her shoulder for any sign of John. Cathy arrived at the small room; she kicked off her shoes, pulled her blouse over her head, and slid her shorts down. There was a pile of woman on the floor.

Cathy stood in John’s small bathroom looking at her reflection in the window. Her red lacy bra and matching hipster panties were perfect for a sexy date night. She sat on the edge of John’s tub and slid her hand over the sexy lace. Her nipples were hard and Cathy was sure her pussy was dripping.

Moving the swatch of lace to the side, Cathy fondled her wet lips with her longest fingers. She went deep between her labia and opened her fingers like scissors, Cathy’s clit stood out thick and taut.

“Cathy. Cathy!” John called.

Cathy didn’t hear anything but the buzz of John’s electric toothbrush on her clit. She used the juices of her loins to dampen the handle. Cathy’s left middle finger worked rings around her surging clit. John’s toothbrush slid deeper between her lips, the buzzing handle was giving Cathy immense pleasure. Cathy let out a moan as the handle penetrated to just the right spot; she moved the brush in and out of her pussy in very short thrusts. Cathy’s clit was dancing with her fingertips and she felt the heat of her lust build.

John was standing just outside the bathroom door. He could hear the buzzing of his toothbrush “Is she brushing her teeth?” he thought. John’s hand pressed against the door as he peeked thru the doorway. Tuzla Escort What he heard next was truly mesmerizing; Cathy’s orgasm erupted full force. There before John’s eyes; her hips were bucking, her pink pussy covered in lust and red lace. Cathy was cumming; John was speechless.

John couldn’t stop staring; she was so beautiful, basking in her orgasmic glory. He felt a strange sensation on the tip of his penis. John’s cock had gotten hard, from all the excitement in his bathroom, and was rubbing against the hardwood door. John took his cock in hand and began to work it. John’s fist grasp tight on his lovestick, his balls moving up and down dancing with each stroke of his cock.

John pushed the bathroom door open and gazed upon the glorious woman on his bathroom floor. Cathy’s eyes are closed basking in her post-orgasmic state; when John knelt between her thighs and softly kissed her lips.

Cathy moaned.

John grasp her hips and pulled her bottom closer to his. Cathy’s legs spread wide to accommodate John’s mass. He took his cock and rubbed the head along her slit. Her panties moist with juices from her first orgasm felt damp on John’s skin.

Cathy’s nipples were hard, poking thru the lace of her bra; John couldn’t help to notice. He licked his lips and nibbled first on her right breast then on her left.

John took time to caress Cathy’s body. He spread his hands along her belly and squeezed her firmly. His hands traveled over the red lace bra and along her neck, John wanted to touch all her at once; she was so soft and warm.

A sigh escaped from Cathy’s lips. John leaned in to kiss them soothingly as his hands progress on her backside. Seductively, John unclasps her bra on snap at a time, not breaking his kiss on her lips; he then tossed it aside. Cathy wrapped her arms around John’s neck, pushing her breasts against his chest.

Cathy nibbled at John’s neck. This seductive little trick made his cock jump, and he was ready to fuck her.

John took Cathy by the thighs and lifted her to the edge of the bathtub. He pushed her red, wet, panties to the side and slid his cockhead between her labia. Cathy made a lustful groan, as this is what she wanted to do tonight!

John wanted deep inside of Cathy’s pussy; he pushed his cock deeper inside and in return Cathy let out a moan. John pulled his cock out and pushed it back in again. This time he was nearly all the way in; John pulled out and sunk his cock deep into Cathy’s pussy. He held her tight and lifted her from the tub. His cock deep insider her pussy, he felt the walls of her love muscles clamp down on him as he carried her out of the small room.

Cathy clenched her tunnel around his cock as he carried her down the hall. John was full of lust for this creative curvy creature.

Was Cathy milking his cock with her pussy? John thought; she was!

He groaned hungry for her sex. John couldn’t wait for the bedroom; he put Cathy against the wall and drove his member home. The depth of her pussy was hot and wet; he could feel the juices squeeze between them.

Cathy found the idea of sex outside of her own bed thrilling, but she’d never considered having been thrust against a wall! What an amazing little tryst. What more would John have to offer?


Thanks to EJ for the inspiration. Thanks to everyone else who gave encouragement and feedback.

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