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OK, here’s one that happened just the other day and was so good that I had to sit down and write about it quickly so that I could get down as much detail as I could remember.

I made the left hand turn into my driveway and pushed the button on the garage door opener. While I waited for the garage door to finishing rising, I caught a glimpse of the brown package out of the corner of my eye. God yes, it had finally arrived. My new toy. God bless the delivery man. If he were still here, I’d kiss him.

I couldn’t get my car into the garage fast enough and close it behind me. As I quickly threw my left leg out the car door, I felt the excitement, the heat, the wetness in my pussy. I grabbed the grocery bags I just purchased, ran into the house and feverishly began to stow away the goods.

You know, of course my new toy would come the same day I had groceries to put away. In my mad rush to get everything put in its place, all I kept thinking about was ripping my clothes off, getting into bed and abusing myself with my new toy until I passed out.

I ran to the front door and flung it open. There it was. Just sitting there so peacefully on my front porch. Thank you UPS man. Did you know what you held in your hand today as you walked up to my front porch? Did you know the great and wondrous pleasure you were bringing someone? With every delivery of this type, I ponder this question.

I reached down and grabbed the little brown box and as I walked back inside the house, I ran my fingernail across the brown tape. The little machine inside had no idea of the workout I had in store for it this evening. Then I pulled open the flaps of the cardboard box. I reached in through the Styrofoam peanuts and pulled out the plastic encased, the newest, the bestest and most orgasmic inducing device ever made for women. Of course I had to have it.

You practically need a blowtorch to open the plastic packaging on this thing but after a couple of busted nails, a single edge razor blade and it was free. I then took it over to the sink and gave it a good soapy scrubbing.

It seemed like eternity but it had only been about ten minutes since I’d been home. Nevertheless, my pussy is leaking and I’m still frantically fiddling with my new toy trying desperately to get it ready for its first use. To take its virginity! The first time with anything is always best.

A part of me wanted to drop everything and just run upstairs to my bedroom and grab one of my old trustworthy toys and get down to business. Get a few good cums in to relax myself then set up my new toy with the care and diligence it deserves.

But instead, I soldiered on. Meanwhile, pussy seemingly started to vibrate all on its own in anticipation of what was to come. My thong panties began to overload with my wetness and I could even smell how excited I was. But, I finally did it. My new toy was ready for use. Ready for my pussy!

All Bahçelievler escort bayan I needed to do now was to run upstairs and tear off my clothes. So I did. I was naked, wet and more than ready. What! The doorbell? I threw my new toy on the bed, put on my bathrobe and ran back down stairs to answer the door.

I flung open the door to see my retired neighbor from across the street. She began to explain that just a few minutes before I had returned home from work, my street was abuzz with fire trucks. Of course it was all just a false alarm but it was the biggest excitement of her day and in her mind, I just needed to be informed of this.

Are you OK Jen. You seem a little off.

I’m fine Mrs. Smith. Just a little frazzled from a hard day at work today is all. Need to relax a bit and I’ll be fine.

As I’m speaking these words to Mrs. Smith, I can literally feel the wetness inside my pussy begin to well up inside me to the point where the first drip escapes the confines of my lips. Slowly, this first drip begins to streak down my thighs. Once the first drip breaks through, it’s like a dam bursting. It just doesn’t stop.

As Mrs. Smith goes on and on, I try to indiscreetly rub my thighs together in a desperate attempt to spread the juices so that they don’t end up dripping so far down my legs she notices.

Still, I can’t take my mind off getting back to my new toy. I’m going crazy with lust inside my head and body. Finally, Mrs. Smith lets me go. I can’t wait to run back upstairs, get out of my bathrobe and flop onto the bed with my new toy. I just know that I’m going to cum in about a second.

With my robe now in a pile at my feet, I lie back onto my bed and begin to fondle my new toy. I decide to put it to my lips. The lips of my mouth that is. I stick out my tongue and lick it. I make it all wet and slick as I introduce myself to my new friend.

I am now so horny and dripping wet that I decide to forget about the self made foreplay and get down to business. But just as I do, I instantly and horribly come to a realization. I realize that I didn’t install any batteries. Ahh!

I race back downstairs. Please. Please. Please. I hope I have three “C” size batteries left. Whew. I do. I quickly install them and run back upstairs. Just before I get to the top, the doorbell? What? Again? I lay my new toy on the top of the landing and run back into my bedroom. I grab my bathrobe, wrap it around me and run back downstairs.

I open the door and it’s again, Mrs. Smith. I just came by sweetie to apologize for disturbing you earlier and make it up to you with dinner. I know you’re under a lot of stress so here is a homemade plate of roasted chicken, potatoes and fresh vegetables so that you don’t have to cook tonight. You can just relax. I made it fresh today and so enjoy.

As Mrs. Smith walked toward my kitchen, Escort Bahçeşehir all I could think about was that my new toy is just sitting there, out in the open and waiting for me at the top of the steps. Waiting to meet and greet my sweet and dripping wet pussy for the first time.

I kept thanking Mrs. Smith hoping she would leave faster. She explained to me that the chicken and potatoes are hot and I could eat it right away or that blah, blah, blah.

Thank you so much Mrs. Smith and I showed her out the door. I ran back up the steps. My new toy was still there at the top. Waiting patiently for me. Almost as if it were staring at me.

Anyway, I grabbed my lover for the night off of the landing but I was now so completely out of my mind with lust. I needed to cum very bad.

I again remove my bathrobe and flop down onto my bed. I place my new toy on my belly and started to pinch and pull on my hard and aching nipples. They needed attention so bad I thought they were going to scream at Mrs. Smith to leave all on their own.

I grab my new toy by the base and trace the head slowly up my belly past my tits and my aching rock hard nipples. I once again begin to make love to my new toy with my mouth. Mmmm, it felt so nice sliding past my lips.

My nipples are now very stiff and standing tall as they point straight up at the ceiling. So, my fingers abandoned my erect nipples and instead they slowly trace their way down my stomach. With my middle finger leading the way, I slowly push my finger through the closely cropped and narrow strip of hair that points the way to the promise land. My fingers continue across my pubic bone then dive down and onward toward the lips of my pussy.

Oh yeah, my fingers can feel how wet I am.

They can feel the heat.

I am so ready for this.

My fingers feel so good manipulating the delicate folds of my pussy that an involuntary moan escapes my lips and body begins to shudder. My body starts to quiver from the self-induced pleasure. My fingers are slick with my self-made lubrication. I move the tip of my middle finger and gently tap at the top of my clit.

I can almost feel my clit throbbing now. It’s buzzing just like my head. I’m drifting off into another world. Time is slowing. I begin to gently rub at my clit. I pull back the thin pink skin that protects it from above. My clit, it’s so excited that it’s fat. It’s puffy and it’s swollen. My clit is trying to break free and expose itself to anyone, to anything that can fulfill its desperate need.

Me, I’m so excited that it takes every ounce of inner strength to come back to my senses and remove my fingers from my wanton and desperate pussy.

If I want to, I can simply continue on with pleasing myself with just my fingers and make myself cum over and over and over again like I have so many times before. My fingers are very well Bakırköy escort practiced at making me cum. They know what to do.

But see, neither my pussy nor my clit knows what my brain knows. Even through the fog of lust, my brain knows that if I can somehow manage to remove my slick fingers from my swollen clit and dripping pussy, they will soon be replaced with the latest in modern female orgasmic technology. It says that it can deliver the most powerful sensations ever experienced. I can’t wait and I’m ready for them.

But all my leaking pussy knows, all my throbbing clit knows is that they need release. They both need it so bad and they need it right now. They have waited and have been delayed more than they can take. More than they will stand. Come hell or high water, they will be worked on right now. My pussy, my clit will not let me be until it they are satisfied. My pussy needs to be filled. My clit needs to be worked.

I swear that my pussy, my clit… they are monsters. They never cease to let me be. No matter how much attention I give to them, they will not release me from the terror grip they have on my sole. But tonight, I plan to try. Me and my new toy will try to beat them. Try to satisfy them. Try to wear them out.

So, my fingers reluctantly leave my throbbing clit and I pull my new toy from my mouth. I stare at it for a moment with eyes that are glazed over and filled with lust. I turn on the electronics. My new machine comes to life with battery powered electricity. It reminds me of Frankenstein’s monster. It’s alive! The clitoral attachment almost seems to smile at me as it buzzes about.

I place the tip of my new toy at the entrance of my hole and rub it all around my lips for a minute. Then I steadily push it past the slippery lips and it enters me. I can feel my juices leaking and squishing out past the toy and down the crack of my ass.

I keep applying pressure and pushing until eventually it’s all the way inside me. I am in heaven. I leave it there and keep it still except for the vibrations. Then I pull on the bass and begin to slowly slide my new toy back outside of me until it’s all the way out again.

I bring it back up and in front of my eyes so that I can look at it one more time. It’s so wet and shiny with my pussy juice. Then I put it back in my mouth to suck on it and to taste my excitement.

Then it’s back down you go. It’s time to begin the onslaught. The frenzy. I jam my new toy back into my sopping wet pussy. For some reason, I try to hold back and try to make it last. Try not to cum so quickly. I hold off as long as I can then suddenly I say to myself, I can’t take it any more and so what.

I decide I’m going to cum right now. I’ll hold back on the next one and make that orgasm last or the next one after that because all I can think about right now is the release I crave so bad. The release I so desperately need is right there so, why wait.

I want to start cuming right now. I want to be cuming all night long. I decide right then and there that I’m going to wear my new toy out on its maiden voyage. It better have a warrantee because damn it, I’m not going to stop cuming until I break it or it breaks me.

I know who wins. I always do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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