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© 2020 Sal De Klerk, Dakotacpl All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

The characters Mike, and Lisa are the creation of Dakotacpl who co-wrote this with me He wrote Mike, I wrote Kim, and we shared all other characters. They are the same Mike and Lisa who appear in the story Neat N’ Naked 03: Cinn.


This story contains adult content including Lesbian, group, and oral sex. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Mike finished at his desk. He owned the largest private investigating firm in the state, and it had been a busy day. His wife Lisa was busy at home preparing the house and backyard pool area. They were having a barbecue, and party for all the department heads, to welcome the new head of accounting, Kim, a thirty-something redhead with tits the size of a hernia if you know what I mean. Mike closed his computer, and let his mind wander, the things he would do with her, the things Lisa would do to her. He hoped she was down for the kind of party he threw.

Mike left his office and said good night to his assistant. He took the elevator to the parking garage and got into his new Ford F250. As he was driving out, he saw Kim, his new head Accountant getting into Pontiac Montana minivan that had to be old enough to drink by now.

“I wonder why someone with her financial skills and work history is driving such a piece of shit,” He says out loud to the empty car. He slows down, and hears the starter whine, and grind before starting with a loud squeal, and a blast of black smoke out of the tailpipe. Mike made a mental note to double-check her file and run an in-depth background check on Monday. Once he saw her backlights come on he drove out of the garage and headed home.

Lisa was excited about tonight and put on a special bathing suit she had ordered, not only for her, but all the ladies attending. She put on a wrap, and put some finishing touches on the luau-themed party, then checked with the caterer making sure all the staff was dressed in traditional Hawaiian clothing. She nodded her approval as they attractive young co-eds all walked by in grass skirts and coconut shell bras. She giggled at how the coconut shells didn’t quite fit some of the better endowed young ladies.

She made sure the parking areas were well marked and showed the DJ where to set up. As she was figuring out how to put in about 6 more extension cords to he already overloaded outlets, she heard her husband’s truck pull up.

Lisa had learned to tell the kind of day Mike had by how he pulled in. Today was a pretty good day she thought, but he was feeling his oats as she heard the unmistakable squeal of a car stopping short. A sure sign he’s gonna want a little action tonight. Too bad it’s too late for that she thought as she made added yet another surge protector to the outlet.

As she saw Mike walk out onto the pool deck Lisa called out “we need to add more outlets out here love” as she closed the distance between him, and welcomed her man home. After they broke the kiss, she playfully swatted him on the butt “go get changed lover, our guests will be here shortly, and no dragging the servers into a room, and ravishing them, at least not without me” She smiled at her husband knowing that he had plans for tonight, well so did she.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Mike was amazed at how good the yard and pool area looked. His wife sure was something, in more ways than one. He went into the house and stripped naked in the bedroom. He went into the bathroom and took a nice relaxing shower. He grabbed his razor off the little shower shelf and quickly shaved around his cock and balls. Lisa always stayed bare, and they loved the feel of bare skin on bare skin when fucking.

Mike finished his quick shave, and got out, and dried off. He went into the bedroom and saw Lisa had laid out a pair of trunks with his best tropical shirt. Mike began pulling the trunks on and slips on the shirt without buttoning it up. Mike goes downstairs to find Lisa supervising the barbacks who were mixing a rum punch. Mike kisses her on the cheek, thinking, ‘Fuck she looks hot tonight!’

Lisa accepts her husband’s kiss and hands him his favorite cocktail. “Our guests should be arriving soon lover, anything else you see that needs to be done?” Lisa stands there as Mike salaciously runs his eyes over her barely clad body. “Besides me you perv,” she says laughing.”

Mike chuckles, “Wait until you meet Kim, my new head of accounting, she’s our type.”

Lisa smiled thinking of the surprise she has for her husband and his like-minded guests. Except for Kim, all the other guests had been to their parties and knew what to expect.

As Lisa was to reply, the doorbell rang. The hosts walked hand in hand to open it. When they opened the door, there was a beautiful Redhead in a threadbare faded one-piece bathing suit with a towel hanging over her shoulder.

Mike smiles “Hello Kim welcome to our home. “This is my wife Lisa, Lisa this is my head of accounting, ulus escort Kim.” His eyes narrowed at her worn out, threadbare bathing suit. Lisa’s eyes wander up and down the buxom woman’s body as her eyes dart nervously around. Mike notices how she’s looking around the room, almost like she’s casing the joint or looking for ways to escape. ‘How far can I trust her,’ he wondered.

“Come with me Kim we need to talk,” Lisa says smiling, and grabs the hand of the woman, and leads her out to the pool house. Mike watches as they walk away, wondering if he should ask some of his friends to keep an eye on her. His sixth sense was telling him something was off, but that she wasn’ t a threat.

When Lisa met the new girl, it was as if they had known each other for years. They instantly became friends. Lisa lead her to the poolhouse and handed her a box. “We look to be the same size so this should fit you. All the ladies will be wearing them tonight.”

“It’s a bathing suit that. “

“Exactly,” Lisa says, “Mike, and I are swingers. Most of our guests tonight will be. If you don’t want to join in, then just leave after dinner, but I hope you stay, Mike would love to get his hands and other things on you. To tell the truth, so would I.”

After Kim changed into the bikini Lisa offered, she followed Lisa to the pool deck where most of the guests had congregated, and the servers were circulating with hors douvers, and drinks. Almost all the men were in swimsuits, and e female was wearing a bikini, some of them had beach wraps covering themselves. There were some friendly catcalls, and whistles as Lisa joined the party greeting the couples and playing the hostess, introducing everyone to Kim. The wives were welcoming with a tinge of jealousy that they weren’t quite as young, pretty, or well-stacked as her. After making sure Kim was involved in a conversation, she excused herself and went to find her husband.

Mike was mingling with the guests. The wives of his male employees all enjoyed his attention. even coyly smiling as his eyes roamed over their bodies hidden in their pool wraps. A few of his employees, and their wives, had shared his marital bed.

Mike went to the bar for another drink and eyed the new girl chatting away at the end of the bar. He couldn’t wait to see what her body looked like later on when e one started using the pool, and hot tub. She caught him looking, and smiled, and raised her glass, just as Lisa joined him at the bar.

Lisa kissed Mike, “Are you ready for the real party to start?” she asked raising her eyebrows salaciously.

Mike pulled her in tight “What do you think you sexy bitch?” He asked his penis throbbed at its closeness to its favorite ride.

Lisa giggled and moved away from her husband. She climbed on top of a footstool and clapped her hands to get her guest’s attention. “It’s time ladies’ drop the wraps” As one, the woman removed the wraps covering their bathing suits. The men who were not busy studying the female flesh on display noticed the bikinis were except for the colors, were identical.

“Gentleman, all of you were promised a treat tonight, and all will be revealed soon.” Those who were familiar with these parties chuckled at the double entendre

“Here are the rules for tonight. As you may have noticed, the ladies are wearing matching swimsuits. If you can make a ladies swimsuit come off her body without touching any part of it, that lady will surrender to whatever you desire. Oh, and by the way, there is a secret to getting them off, and believe me studs, it’s not talking.”

E eye was on Lisa as she made looked at all the ladies in attendance. Each gave a slight nod to indicate they were game. “Let the games begin” She jumped down and walked over to Kim waiting for someone to try and get her out of her suit. The guys were all looking at the barely dressed girls trying to figure out how to take off a bikini without touching it. Lisa saw Mike across the pool as he was walking toward his intended target.

Mike said to Kim, “You look incredible in that suit,” Kim just smiled, and sipped on her drink. Mike knew he was going to need Lisa’s help to win his prize.

Knowing that the boss was trying to score with Kim several of the other male employees descended on Lisa.

“Come on, Lisa what’s the secret?”

“How do we get you naked without touching you?”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”

Were among the comments the gro surrounding Lisa was whining like the petulant little boys all men become when they want something that is being denied them.

“Now now boys, if I told you’ that wouldn’t be fair. You have to figure it out.” She blew them a kiss and walked away.

Mike was talking to Kim asking her if she was in on the secret. “Lisa let me in on the plans for tonight as we toured the house. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous but I always had a bit of an adventurous streak soo. ” Kim’s voice faded as she saw 2 girls walk yenimahalle escort over.

“Give it Mike” she called as she strutted by. “You’ll never guess WET… er… I mean what you need to do.”

Mike laughs. but feels his cock stir in his trunks. He wants to see Kim naked., and bad. He sees Lisa working her way through the crowd of men. fuck he has a hotwife.

Lisa walked over to Kim and put her arm around her. “Have you figured out the secret yet,” she asked Mike, “You’ve gotten several hints.”

Mike shakes his head, seeing no one else was having any luck either.

Lisa looks at Kim, and says, “You know nothing in the rules says it has to be a guy to get then suit off.”

Kim’s face blanched when Lisa took her by the hand, and lead her over to the hot tub, “Get in Kim,” Lisa ordered the buxom redhead.

Kim reluctantly got in the hot tub and sat so the water covered her from her shoulders down. The crowd sensing something was happening surrounded the hot tub. Kim’s face was as red as her hair. “Aren’t you getting in too Lisa?”

Lisa shook her head no, and just stood here watching Kim’s skin get even redder. Soon some small bubbles formed around her, and after a few minutes, Kim’s top floated away from her body. Lisa licked her lips, and turned to the crowd.”Well, I got Kim’s suit off so she’s mine to use as I please. It’s to you to figure out how.”

A voice from the crowd shouted “dissolving bikinis. I saw them on YouTube. They melt in water.”

Several guys looked around. Trying to find a female. 3 of the guests grabbed a woman and jumped into the pool. Suddenly her was pandemonium as the guys began to chase the females around to get them into water. One enterprising male guest picked a hose and started spraying the crowd.

Mike stood there dumbfounded as Kim’s bottoms floated to the surface noticeably smaller than when she was wearing them. Lisa looked at her husband in amusement. “Go ahead stud she’s yours, for now, but I want some later.” Lisa spun around and walked away looking a well-hung stud to get her suit off.

Mike thought he would get things rolling quickly. He dropped his trunks and got into the hot tub. Kim watched him as he walked closer to her. eyes on his extra thick swinging cock. Mike walked right up to her and laid his half-hard cock right between her incredible breasts.

Lisa watched her husband strip down, and get into the hot tub. As she was eying the cock that gave her so much pleasure she bumped into one of their guests, Jenny. The collision made them lose their balance, and they fell into the pool.

As Jenny surfaced she looked at Lisa, “So who got who naked,” before Lisa could respond, Jenny’s date jumped into the pool, and pushed both of them underwater.

When they surfaced a second time, He looked at the two girls, and said I guess I did”, and laughs.

Jenny introduced Lisa to her new boyfriend Chuck. As Lisa, and Chuck greeted each other, Jenny dove under, and yanked off Chuck’s bathing suit. Lisa looked around and saw several couples, and a few gro s all engaged carnal pleasures.

Lisa surfaced and kissed Jenny as Chuck started to caress both sets of naked boobs. As Chuck played with Lisa’s nipples, she watched as Mike titty fucked Kim. She was so turned she needed some relief, “Jenny lick my cunt.”

The threesome swam to the side of the pool and climbed out. Lisa lay down on a lounge chair, and Jenny got on all fours between her legs and began to eat the boss’s wife. Chuck wanted to get in the action began to finger Jenny as he watched the hot lesbian action. Lisa could feel Mike watching her, and wondered what he was thinking.

Mike saw Jenny licking his wife’s pussy. He saw the huge tool her new boyfriend had, and couldn’t wait to see him use it in his wife. Kim had her huge tits pushed together, and he pumped his extra thick seven-inch cock between them. Jenny was feasting on Lisa’s pussy, Chuck was pounding Jenny’s pussy, and all were feeling good. Once Lisa was good and wet she asked: “Mind if I ride that cock for a bit?”

“Only if you eat my cunt” Jenny replied. The girls quickly switched positions, and as Chuck was about to enter her, Lisa shouted, “Hey Mike watch this.”

Mike turns from admiring his big purple cock head pumping between Kim’s big breasts. He sucks in his breath as he watches the well-hung kid line it with his wife’s slit, and start to push it in.

As Chuck thrust himself into Lisa, “Oh shit!” she moaned as her moistness was crammed full.

“It feels so fucking good” she cried out as Chuck began to pound her mercilessly.

Lisa buried her face into Jenny’s pussy and began licking her labia as she moaned in pleasure from then assault on her pussy.

Looking around the pool deck there were dozens of people in gro s of various sizes pleasuring each other. Even some of the servers had shed their skirts, and bras, and were joining in the fun. Jenny grabbed Lisa by the ears, and shouted: “Mike, I’m gonna cum on your wife’s face!”

Mike had pulled his cock from between Kim’s big tits, and she was twirling her tongue around on his head. He hears Jenny’s comment, and looks over, and laughs. He replies. Lisa is a talented pussy eater, isn’t she? He sees how hard Chuck is fucking her, and says. easy there kid. the night is young!

Jenny’s body gyrated in climax rubbing her wet cunt all over Lisa’s face. Lisa relished getting her face covered in her friend’s juice. Once Jenny stopped convulsing, Lisa extricated herself from the threesome. She kissed both of them “We have to get together again soon.”

Lisa strutted over to the hot tub ducking invitations to join various gro s. She climbed in and stood next to her husband. “Want to lick some girl cream from my face,” she asked?

Mike moaned. he loves the taste of girl cream. He tongue kisses Lisa getting a hint of Jenny’s essence while Kim is bobbing her on his big cock, taking more of it on each stroke.

Lisa watches Kim sucking on her husband’s cock, when suddenly there’s a loud popping noise, and the smell of ozone permeates the air. The only light is from the tiki torches scattered around the yard.

A voice is heard from the darkness “Ohhh a blackout party.” I always wanted to go to one of those.” Other guests shouted their agreement to leave the lights off.

Lisa shrugged her shoulders, squatted down, and joined Kim helping her pleasure Mike with their warm mouths.

Mike moans. The two girl blow job feels amazing. There is just enough light to watch both gorgeous women suck his cock. Jenny leads her boyfriend with the huge pole into the tub, and sits him on the edge, and starts giving him head. Mike gets close to cumming and pulls his cock away from his two women. They turn towards each other and start kissing. Kim whispers to Lisa, and Lisa sits on the edge of the tub. Kim stands. Mike gets his first look at her body.

Mike smiled, as he drunk in her naked body covered in droplets of water, the dancing flames making the shadows dance over her womanly form. Her big firm tits topped with pink nipples, a taut stomach, and her neither regions obscured by shadow, just a hint of red pubic hair visible in the flickering light.

Kim turned, and leaned over, putting her arms out onto Lisa’s thighs. Lisa spreads her lips open, and Kin said, “You look delicious hon. She probed Lisa’s depths with her tongue. Lisa moaned and leaned back supporting her self with one arm. Mike plays with Kim’s big round ass admiring how firm, and luscious it is. He licks his hand, and coats his hard cock with his saliva, and guides it to Kims waiting hole. Kim moaned into Lisa’s pussy as Mike drives himself balls deep into his newest employee.

“She’s no stranger to eating pussy,” Lisa tells her husband as her face is forced deeper into Lisa’s pussy by the power of Mike’s thrusts.

There are moans, and groans all over the yard. All the guests, and most likely the catering, and bar staff are engaged in sexual activities. Lisa looking around can only see shadows, and can’t tell where people are joined together or by what body part. The veil of darkness that hid the debauchery all around her aroused her even more than observing her guests.

Kim starts to moan as Mike drives his erect cock into her over, and over. Lisa started to rub her clit watching the shadows as they morph into different shapes.

A man walks to Lisa, and stands on a chair, offering Lisa his erect cock. Lisa tries to see who it is but his face is hidden in shadow. She doesn’t care though. Lisa sucks the man into her mouth recognizing the taste of the cunt cream coating it. Lisa moans around the mouthful of meat and rocks her hips forward encouraging Kim to be more aggressive in eating her.

The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are overpowering Lisa’s senses making her a sexual beast only wanting pleasure. She swallows the unknown cock and puts a hand on Kim’s head forcing her face deep into her dripping pussy.

Mike sees his wife overcome with lust, and he pulls out of Kim’s pussy. He slaps her on the ass, and says, “Don’t you dare go home tonight. Lisa, and I want you to spend the weekend.”

Mike has no idea who’s cock Lisa is sucking, and feels his cock get even harder. He takes her hand and leads her around the pool. Moans and groans come out of the shadows as shadowy figures performed sex acts. the whole scene is so erotic. A hand reaches out of a shadow and grabs Mike by the cock. He feels the hand pull him into the shadow, and he follows. bringing Lisa along with him. A mouth engulfs his cock, and he hears the unmistakable sounds of flesh hitting flesh.

Someone had crept behind Lisa and rammed an average length but immensely thick cock into her without so much as may I. Lisa was so hot she didn’t care as long as it felt good. Lisa watched as a mouth swallowed her husband’s cock while someone fucked her from behind. She started rocking her hips to meet the thrusting dick. Lisa reached out and cupped Mike’s balls as he is getting blown by a shadow woman.

Several people walk by and caress Lisa on the ass, tits, and pussy making her hotter than ever. She drops to all fours keeping the cock in her, and shouts “I need something in my mouth.”

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