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My downward spiral into a submissive bottom slut started late in life. I’m still very much in the closet and outwardly I appear as the perfect suburban husband, father, employee and neighbor. I love my wife and family but I recently found a new hobby that I crave with a passion; I can’t get enough of my neighbor’s big hard cock.

It all started innocently enough. I’m an economics professor at UC San Diego and my office is in one of the older buildings on campus. The basement of my building has several conference rooms used by various student groups. Unless the meeting rooms are in use, the basement is pretty much a ghost town. Students have 24 hour access to use the rooms for studying, but more pertinent to this story, there is a mensroom in the basement that goes virtually unused. It has several urinals and four stalls and rumor has it the remote washroom is a hotspot on campus for guys to exchange oral favors. A recent memo was circulated among the faculty to be on the watch for such deviant behavior and to report any occurrences to the appropriate authorities.

When the one toilet on my floor is occupied, I often take my newspaper and retire to the basement for some quality reading. One day, I noticed some new graffiti scrawled across the stall door advertising an online chat room for guys on campus seeking oral sex. I wasn’t looking for a blowjob, but when I got back to my office, I did logon to see what the site was all about. I was intending to call facilities and have them clean off the graffiti and investigate the online chat room, but I became quickly distracted.

Several guys were online and fishing for takers. I started a chat with one of the trollers, purely intending to do some research on the perverse underground culture apparently running rampant on campus.

The guy’s handle was “facefucker” and it didn’t take long to figure out what he wanted.

“Do you swallow?” he typed in reply to my initial “How’s it hanging?”

Ignoring his vulgarity, I replied, “Are you a student?”

“A grad student if you must know,” he shot back. “Now answer my question.”

Deciding to play along, I replied, “Yes” figuring that was what he wanted to hear.

“Excellent. Can you meet this afternoon?”

Holy shit, this guy wasn’t wasting any time. I had heard the rumors about this kind of behavior around school, but I never knew how aggressive these perverts were. As a member of the faculty, I felt obligated to investigate further and maybe turn this guy over to the authorities. Maybe I couldn’t clean up the whole campus, but I could do my part.

“Sure,” I replied. “Where?”

“Off-campus,” he typed back. “I’m going surfing this afternoon in La Jolla but I’ve got some time now.”

La Jolla was where I lived. I could invite him to my house, find out who the guy was and then call the Campus Cops with the details.

I sent him my address and told him to meet me in my garage at 1pm and use the side door for entry. I figured if things got out of control, I could just hit the remote and open the garage door, instantly diffusing any potential problems.

“Perfect. Hope you are hungry for my 5 day load, cocksucker,” he replied before signing off.

I had no classes scheduled for the afternoon and with the kids in school and my wife at work, I figured I could setup my undercover sting operation, report to the cops, and spend the afternoon working from home.

I pulled into the driveway at 12:45, unlocked the side door to the garage and settled in to wait. Strangely my dick was stirring in my pants as I waited. In horror, I realized my cock was rock hard as I awaited Facefucker’s arrival.

I had never had any homosexual fantasies and was generally disgusted by the thought of gay sex. But somehow, as I waited to bust this degenerate student’s little scheme, I was getting incredibly turned on. As I stroked myself through my trousers, I began to wonder whether I really had a case against this guy. We had chatted online, mutually agreed to meet, and were now scheduled to meet in the privacy of my home. Morally I had every right to be appalled by Facefucker’s behavior, but in reality, I agreed to meet him and more importantly to service him to completion. Shit, in reality there was nothing illegal about our upcoming transaction.

Even as my mind processed this new information, I heard a knock on the side door.

I immediately decided to play dumb and hope he would just go away. Unfortunately, Facefucker wasn’t going to play along. The knob on the unlocked door turned and he stepped confidently into the garage. He was probably mid-twenties, with long dirty blonde hair, maybe 6’2″ with a swimmer’s body. He was wearing a pair of tattered jeans, a polo shirt, and a pair of flip-flops, looking like the quintessential Southern California preppy rich kid.

“Hey cocksucker,” he snarled. “Nice house.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about son,” I weakly replied, deciding on the fly to try and diffuse this unpleasant situation. “Are you bornova escort bayan breaking into my house?”

“Give me a break, dude,” he laughed. “I’d say fine and let you flake except that tent in your trousers says you want this as bad as I need it.”

Horrifically, the boner in my pants clearly screamed that I was ready for action. And as the only action in my future was me, on my knees, blowing this young stud to completion, it looked like I was going to have to honor my commitment. I am not gay, but it was hard to argue that I wasn’t sexually aroused by the situation.

“OK,” I croaked, finding it hard to believe I was nearing the point of no return on sucking my first cock.

“Good,” he smiled. “I like my cocksuckers naked, on their knees. And I don’t have all day, so fucking strip, man,” he commanded as he walked over and unzipped his Levis.

I was torn, but I was also horny as hell. My wife would kill me, but she’d never find out. I could do this just this one time, chalk it up to a “life” experience, and file it away deep in the recesses of my mind.

I stripped off my shirt and slacks, removed my socks, and stepped out of my boxers, now standing in my naked glory in front of this young man. I’m a runner, logging 30 miles or so a week, so I stay in pretty good shape. My 6″ penis was standing at full attention as I eyed the bulge in Facefucker’s jeans.

“On your knees, bitch,” he instructed, “And fish out my rod.”

Within minutes, I was bobbing up and down on his hard dick, taking all 7.5″ down my throat like a practiced whore as he palmed my head and fucked my face like a man possessed. My dick remained rock hard as he used my throat for his pleasure. Amazingly, I had no difficulty transferring my enjoyment of getting head to the act of giving it. I had the guy moaning with lust in no time.

“Put your hands behind your back while I fuck that face-pussy,” he ordered. His balls were literally bouncing off my chin as I fought my gag reflex and did my best to lube his rod as he drove it in and out of my virgin mouth. He began to grunt loudly as I felt him near the point of release.

“Hey Craig,” a voice echoed from the side door, as my next door neighbor, Jack, walked into the garage carrying my hedgeclippers. “I saw you pull up and I wanted to return these…”

Jack’s voice trailed off as he eyes adjusted from the bright sunshine outdoors to the darkness of the garage.

“Oh sorry,” Jack sputtered as he took in the scene; his married next door neighbor, nude, on his knees, his hands behind his back with a young-man’s cock buried ball-deep down his throat.

“I, I, I…didn’t know you were busy,” Jack said.

“He’s real fucking busy, old man,” Facefucker spat. “Get lost.”

With Facefucker’s cock buried in my throat, I couldn’t say anything.

Jack gave a wry smile as he dropped the tool and backed his way through the side door. “I’ll see you around, Craig.”

How was I going to explain this to Jack Horner, my married, retired ex-Navy, grandfather-of-six neighbor? Even as my deep embarrassment took hold, I was shocked back into the present as Facefucker drove his cock deep into my throat and unloaded a thick, salty load of spunk. I had no choice but to swallow as the jizz was already halfway to my stomach as he shot his cream.

He pulled his spent cock from my tortured throat and gave my face a couple of wet whacks with his slowly deflating member.

“Nice job, cocksucker,” Facefucker chuckled as he zipped up and headed for the door. “Good luck explaining that to the neighbor.”

Lying back on the cold concrete floor of the garage, I licked my lips, tasting the last remnants of the salty reward. My hand found my still rock hard cock and I jerked a huge load of cum all over my belly. As a wave of humiliation and regret swept over me, I realized I had a big problem to address. How was I going to keep Jack quiet about this?

I headed into the house and took a long, hot shower before brushing my teeth for about ten straight minutes, eager to get the taste of man-sauce out of my mouth. I sat down at my desk and tried to formulate a plan. I was busted, pure and simple. No excuse was going to undo what Jack had witnessed. He’s found me fully naked, on my knees, completely submitting my throat to the onslaught of a surfer dude. I wasn’t struggling against the guy and I’d done nothing to indicate that the blowjob was against my will. In fact, when caught in the act, I had remained completely submissive, leaving the guy’s cock buried in my throat as Jack watched.

Frustrated and without a plan, I decided to go for a run. I ran down to the beach and put in a solid 5 miles before returning home. As I walked by the Horner’s house, Jack and his wife were sitting on the front porch enjoying some lemonade.

“Hey Craig,” Jack waved. “Hang on a second.”

Jack jumped up and walked out to the street. Although in his early 60’s, as an ex-military guy, Jack kept himself escort bornova in excellent shape. He had a full head of white hair, cropped short, and piercing eyes that had probably made more than one recruit shit his pants.

Keeping his voice low, Jack started, “Interesting afternoon you had, Craig.”

“Look Jack,” I began, unsure how to respond. “I, it, uhhh…I don’t know what to say.”

“No need to say anything, son. I saw the look in your eyes. It was a look of pure lust. I saw that look a lot in the military. It can get pretty lonely on a ship at sea, and men do funny things, things they can’t explain.”

“But I wasn’t at sea, Jack,” I said.

“No, you were at home, in your garage, servicing a guy and clearly enjoying it. What would your wife say if she knew you enjoyed sucking guys’ dicks?”

Was Jack actually threatening me? Was he going to tell Laura about my indiscretion?

“Jack, please, Laura doesn’t need to find out about this?” I pleaded. “I’ve never done this before and I don’t plan on doing it again.”

“Of course you don’t,” he sneered. “Give me a fucking break. You were servicing that guy like a pro. He was buried down your throat and you were licking his nuts like they were candy. I bet you even swallowed his load, didn’t you?”

“Umm, well, fuck, yea, I did swallow his load. He shot it straight down my throat, so I didn’t have much of a choice.”

“Yes, he clearly had you restrained against your will,” he cackled. “The only weapon I saw on the guy was buried in your face and you were doing everything in your power to get him to fire that weapon down your throat. Your wife deserves to know what a perverted little cocksucker you are.”

Shit, he was being a real prick about this. “Come on Jack, Laura cannot find out about this. She would be furious. She’d probably demand a divorce.”

As we started to walk up my driveway, Jack headed back to his house. “Well, Craig, that’s up to you. Maybe we can work something out.”

Fuck, was he going to blackmail me? What was Jack’s angle and how was he going to play this out?

After dinner that night, I logged onto my computer to check email. I had a message from an anonymous source with the title, “Workout Plan.”

The email read:

“Dear Cocksucker,

I know you enjoyed your little escapade in the garage today, I could see it in your eyes. I also know you want it to happen again. Lucky for you, instead of trolling the streets looking for anonymous dick, I have exactly what you need. Take a look at the attached pics and try and tell me your mouth isn’t watering thinking of getting your lips wrapped around my cock. I’m not getting what I need at home, and clearly neither are you. Meet me in the shed tomorrow morning at 9am and we can finalize the negotiations.

‘Jack is nimble, Jack’s not quick,

Jack’s gonna feed you this big, fat dick.’

Keeping it in the neighborhood,


Obviously the email was from Jack. The shed was his backyard workshop that he had built and furnished over several years. He alternately referred to it as the shed or his man-cave. He had a pool table, a workbench, some gym equipment, a flatscreen TV, a bar, and miscellaneous other toys. He proudly boasted that he furnished the shed with all the toys that his wife hated, which effectively made it his personal retreat as she refused to step foot in the shed.

Hating myself already, I opened the pictures to see what Jack was offering in the deal. My jaw dropped open as I saw the pics. The first picture was an older guy from the chest down, presumably Jack, naked and proudly strutting a very impressive member. It was soft but still hung at least 6 inches. The penis was uncircumcised, but a bulbous head stretched the foreskin taught. The meaty appendage was extremely thick. Equally impressive was the low hanging balls that weighted down his stretched scrotum. His chest, stomach, and crotch were covered in wiry white hair. This guy was a real man, and his posture said he knew it.

The second picture made me whimper with lust. No longer was the guy’s penis flaccid, it now stood at perfect attention, jutting wickedly from his flat pelvis. It was straight as an arrow and seemed to stretch on for miles. The college guy had an above average cock, but Jack was packing a world-class tool. I had watched a few pornos in my day and this guy could have been a star.

More to the point, Jack was right. I did want to wrap my lips around his big boner and taste his salty seed. I was mesmerized by his powerful rod and immediately wondered if I was up the challenge of satisfying such an incredible piece of meat. I pulled out my already hard cock and jerked off, fantasizing about sucking his huge rod and swallowing his mighty load. I blew my second wad of the day all over the computer screen.

I cleaned off the screen and turned off the computer before heading to bed. It being Friday night, it was our weekly scheduled love making night. I felt bornova escort certain I’d be unable to perform tonight, but as Laura fondled my soft penis, a condom at the ready, thoughts of Jack’s big rod flooded back into my mind. My cock became instantly hard and I rode Laura long and rough as she had several orgasms before I filled the condom with my third load of the day.

As we collapsed in each others arms, Laura remarked, “What got into you tonight, Tiger? We haven’t had that kind of passion in the bed in many moons.”

“I don’t know, honey,” I replied, knowing full well it was thoughts of my neighbor’s big cock waiting for me in the morning that had revved up my libido.

I got up early the next morning and did some chores around the house before putting on my running shoes and kissing Laura goodbye.

“I’m going for a run, dear,” I said. I typically do a long run on Saturday mornings, but I was planning on cutting my run short and sneaking into Jack’s backyard through the rear gate.

At 9am sharp, I knocked on the door of the shed. “Get in here, boy,” Jack barked from inside.

He was reclined on the weight bench, doing butterflies with some heavy barbells. He was dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of thin gym shorts, the outline of his impressive member clearly visible beneath the sweaty fabric. I immediately wondered how I had never before noticed the gigantic bulge he sported, although to be honest, before yesterday, I was never much of a cock-watcher.

“Good, right on time,” he snorted. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist those pictures I sent you.”

I wanted to dispute his cocky attitude, but truth be told, he was right. I had never been attracted to men before and I still wasn’t attracted to Jack the man. But Jack the cocksman was a different story. Visions of his pictures had played through my mind during my morning run and I had fought to keep my own erection from poking out beneath my running shorts.

“Alright, Jack, I’m here as you requested. What exactly are you proposing?”

“I like a guy that gets right down to business. I may be 62, but I still have sexual urges, urges that Martha has lost any and all interests in satisfying. Not that she was ever completely capable of satisfying all my desires. As you may have noticed, I’m not exactly average in the dick department. Unfortunately for Martha, she didn’t know what she had signed up for until our wedding night, and by then it was too late to back out. For years she grudgingly allowed me to fuck her pussy on occasion as part of her marital obligation. However, I quickly tired of our pedestrian lovemaking.”

“Lucky for me, in the Navy, word spread quickly about what I was packing. For whatever reason, guys are real size queens. I guess they see a big dick and take it as a challenge. Maybe you can fill me in on that later. Anyway, in the Navy I had my choice of fit young men that were both willing and able to provide the kind of service I craved. Unfortunately, since I’ve retired, my pool of willing sluts has dried up. At the same time, my sex drive has shown no inclination to wane.”

I had always found Jack’s war stories to be boring, but this yarn had me completely enthralled. “So if I understand you correctly, in return for you keeping your mouth shut about yesterday in the garage, you want to make me your personal sex slave?” I questioned.

“Slave is such a harsh word. It’s really a match made in heaven. You crave cock. I crave servicing. We live next door and we have my shed as our own sexual oasis. Which part of that doesn’t make perfect sense?”

To be honest, it did make sense. Until yesterday, I had never felt any urges for a man’s penis, but since yesterday, it was all I could think about. And the outline of Jack’s big cock now swaying back and forth under his shorts as he beat the crap out of a punching bag had me worked up and ready for more action.

“OK Jack, you win,” I replied. “I’ll do whatever you say.”

“I know you will,” he cackled. “First off, strip down and go grab me a beer.”

I looked nervously at the big picture windows that faced across Jack’s backyard toward the rear of his house.

“Don’t worry,” Jack started. “The windows are tinted, nobody can see in. My shed is much safer than sucking off anonymous guys in your unlocked garage.”

I pulled my t-shirt over my head, yanked off my sneakers, socks, and shorts and went to the fridge. Jack had already seen me in all my naked glory and what could be more embarrassing than having your neighbor find you on your knees with a stranger’s hard shaft buried down your throat? My cock stood at full attention, clearly enjoying the humiliation of being treated like a submissive little bitch by my dominant neighbor.

Jack stopped his workout and pulled off his sweaty t-shirt, his hard torso covered in a furry layer of white hair. “I always had my suspicions about you,” Jack said. “I’d watch you mowing the yard in those skimpy little running shorts, flashing that tight little bum. Never knew how to approach you; until yesterday, of course.”

“Look Jack, I’m not gay. I admit, something in me snapped yesterday and I really enjoyed blowing that guy. And the pictures you emailed definitely aroused my interest. But I’m happily married and intend to stay that way.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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