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Big Tits

(I would like to thank all the people who have taken the time to read my stories and comment on them. This is part three in a series with hopefully many more to come. I would also like to thank Teloz for helping me with the editing of all of my work. I hope you enjoy!)

Amelia made her way into the recruiting station. The old building had seen better days, the bricked exterior showed its age and she was sure if its walls could talk it would have many stories to tell. The interior was sterile, the harsh fluorescent light cast an unforgiving glow over everything it touched. As she was joining the Air Force, she worked in the Air Force recruiting office which was tucked neatly between the Army and Marine Corps offices. The ancient building housed all four branches of military service, connected by a single narrow hallway.

The morning was spent doing the usual mundane tasks, it seemed as though it was going to be another boring day. Her stomach rumbled, she looked at the clock for the twentieth time that day and was relieved to see it was almost time for lunch. Her thoughts were interrupted by loud laughter as a group of Marines gathered in the hallway, she peeked into the hallway to get a better look. The Marine recruiter, Staff Sergeant Costway saw her out of the corner of his eye, he motioned her over and introduced her to each of them. She exchanged pleasantries and shook their hands.

Lance Corporal Jason Reeds was the last to introduce himself, he seemed stand offish as he stood in his service C uniform, or charlies as they were often called. He was a stocky man, his tan arms were muscular, his buzz cut hair looked to be dark auburn, his uniform hugged him in all the right places and upon further inspection she discovered he had a very nice behind! When first seeing him, she had thought him to be in his mid thirties, he was not the tallest or most handsome man she had ever seen, to be honest she barely gave him a second look.

“I am trying to convince her to join the Marine Corps, but the Air Force got a hold of her first. Damn shame in my opinion,” Staff Sergeant Costway put a firm hand on her shoulder. Before he could utter another word the phone in his office began ringing. “Duty calls,” he smiled and briskly made his way to his office.

“Why are you joining the ‘Chair Force’, can’t handle real men?” Lance Corporal Reed asked sarcastically. His comment causing a boom of laughter to erupt from the surrounding Jarheads.

“Aren’t you a little old to be picking on a poor defenseless little girl?” She glared at him waiting for some sort of response. His fellow Marines burst into uncontrollable laughter at her remark. “Did I say something funny?” she was slightly intrigued as to why her comment had caused such mirth.

“My nickname is old man Reed, because I look old for my age,” he slowly moved toward her, as the other Marines went off to do whatever tasks they had been doing. “I didn’t mean anything by my comment earlier, allow me to properly introduce myself, the name’s Lance Corporal Jason Reed, but you can call me Jason.”

“Hello Jason, I am Amelia Walters, but you can call me Amelia,” they shook hands. He smiled at her, and something changed, he no longer looked to be in his thirties, his smile softened his face making him look younger.

“So Amelia, just curious, how old did you think I was when you first saw me?” He looked at her with his intense brown eyes.

“Honestly, I thought you were in your mid thirties, maybe older.”

“Ha! That’s what most people say, but I actually just turned 21 a few days ago.”

“Happy belated birthday, I would have gotten you something had I known,” she teased.

“Well you could come to lunch with me, if you wanted to make it up to me, my treat of course!” he exuded such confidence and charisma, she found it nearly impossible to resist him.

“It is the least I can do after missing your birthday,” she winked at him and they walked out the door into the mid afternoon sun.

They walked out to his car, a silver Honda hatchback, he opened the passenger side door for her and closed it once she had gotten in. They flirted the entire the way to the restaurant, and she felt a strange connection to him. It was as though she was supposed to be here with him and every moment in her life thus far was leading her to him. She discovered he was home on two weeks leave combined with two weeks of recruiter’s assistance, he had just finished thirteen weeks of Boot Camp at Paris Island, South Carolina, he was going to Texas at the end of his leave to complete training to become a telephone communications something or other, he was from the area, and he wasn’t in a relationship.

The lunch ended when the time came for him to return to the recruiting station. She was sad to see it end, she wanted to spend more time getting to know this increasingly fascinating man. They drove haramidere escort back, arriving precisely on time. He got out of the car first, walked to her door, opened it and offered his hand to help her out of the car.

“What a gentleman! Why thank you sir.” She placed her hand in his, gracefully exiting his vehicle. She curtsied to him and smiled.

“I get off at four o’clock, would you be interested in keeping an old man company tonight?”

“It would be my pleasure. I don’t have a car, and I live about forty-five minutes from here, would you be able to give me a lift home afterward?”

“No problem, just meet me here about four o’clock.” He made his way into the building and she couldn’t help but stare at his scrumptious ass.

Time dragged on, each moment seemed like hours, as her anticipation grew. Four o’clock arrived and she anxiously made her way to the predetermined meeting place. She stood in the warm sun for a few moments nervously fidgeting with her clothes, messing with her hair, and making sure she looked presentable. She propped her foot against the warm brick building, looking up allowing the sun to shine on her face, she breathed in deeply enjoying the beautiful weather. She was so caught up in the moment she didn’t notice him standing beside her. He stood there careful not to make a sound, watching her soak up the sun before quietly making his presence known to her.

“You ready to get out of here? I really need to get out of this uniform.”

“Sure, ready when you are.” She was caught off guard and wondered how long he had been standing there.

Once again he was a complete gentleman, he opened her door, and they made their way to his parents’ house. A short time later they pulled into the driveway of a lovely two story home. Jason walked over, opened her door, holding her hand as they walked side by side to the front door.

“Home Sweet Home,” he boasted as he turned the key in the lock opening the front door. “You can just have a seat on the sofa, I’m gonna go up to my room to change. Make yourself at home.” With that he disappeared up the stairs.

How could she make herself at home? Her home looked nothing like this, she was well aware they were not of the same social class. She had never had a boyfriend, never had to worry about the awkward first meeting with their parents, or deal with the pressure of first impressions. She definitely was not dressed to meet his mother. Amelia was wearing a blue and white striped button up belly shirt, without a bra, her cut off shorts were denim and the fringe touched the edge of her buttocks. Sure the look was great for summer fun, captivating the attention of men, but not quite the look one would wish to present to a potential boyfriend’s mother. Up to this point of her visit she had been lucky, his parents were still at work. She passed the time looking at nick knacks, family portraits, and the beautiful decorations, each one strategically placed. She hoped he would finish changing quickly so she could avoid the initial meeting until a day when she was more appropriately dressed.

He came bouncing down the stairs wearing a nice pair of khaki pants, a short sleeve dress shirt, brown dress shoes, and a brown belt. He was a tall drink of water as she let her eyes pass over his fantastic physique, thirteen weeks of boot camp had done his body good. His cologne was intoxicating as it made its way to her. Now she really felt under dressed and self conscience of her appearance.

“Wanna head out?” he looked at her and smiled.

“Sure, where to?” she had no idea where he planned on taking her, she began to think she had made a mistake agreeing to this date without proper time to prepare.

“It’s a surprise.” he teased.

They walked out the front door, made their way to his car when his mother pulled into the drive behind him. The feeling of dread swept across Amelia, she swallowed hard, feeling a pit form in her stomach. She smiled sweetly at his mother as she made her way to him.

“Hey Mom,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her in a hug. “This is Amelia, we met at the recruiting station today, she is joining the Air Force soon. Amelia, this is my mother Kim.”

“Nice to meet you,” Amelia said in a meek voice.

“Nice to meet you,” Kim said shortly. “Do you mind if I steal my son away for a few moments? I just need a few words with him before he leaves.”

“No, of course not.”

“Go Ahead and get in the car, I’ll be right back,” Jason said before walking to his mother’s car at the end of the drive.

Amelia sat in his car, discretely watching them in the rear view mirror. Kim looked to be in her early forties, she was tall, lean, and well kept. Her blond hair was groomed to perfection resembling the Farrah Fawcett style that had been so popular back in the day. içerenköy escort She wore exquisite jewelry, and from what Amelia could tell it was real, and very expensive. She had glanced away for a few moments paying no attention to the mother and son talking behind her, until she heard the raised voices. She could only make out bits and pieces of the conversation, but she got the gist of it.

“You are not bringing that trash into my house! I don’t care if you are a grown man it is not going to happen,” Kim had her final say, the discussion was over. Storming to her car, she pulled out of the driveway, parked along side the curb and strode angrily back into the house. Amelia was on the verge of tears, she knew some people thought of her as poor white trash, but she had never endured the brutality of hearing a grown woman of high social standing say so.

“I’m sorry about that, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long,” he turned to look at her, grimacing when he noticed the single tear that fell from her chin. “I’m so sorry about that, my mom is a good person she just doesn’t see things the way I do sometimes.” He leaned into her, lightly kissing the tear from her chin. “Anyone could see someone as beautiful as you is far from garbage,” with that he put the car in reverse and backed out of the drive.

They went driving around the small city, chatting and having a wonderful time. Although she had spent most of her life in this provincial town she had seen very little of it. She had lived such a sheltered life up to this point, now she was free to explore the world, see where life would take her, and she enjoyed having him as her tour guide. They walked through the bricked streets, surrounded by old buildings, street lamps, and it felt as though they had been transported back in time. This place had a strangely alluring charm to it, almost like it harbored mysterious secrets within every brick.

They made their way to the flood wall, enormous murals had been painstakingly hand painted from one end to the other. The flood wall in and of itself was a miraculous feat, but to see these fascinating and detailed paintings covering its huge expanse, was truly something to behold. She studied each one trying not to miss the simplest of detail. After viewing all the the murals, they strolled over to an embankment by the river’s edge. The sky was a multitude of colors, ranging from an angry orange, to a soft lilac, as the day drew to an end. The river’s gentle lullaby of rushing water was the perfect accompaniment to the astonishing scenery. It had been a fantastic day, she had cherished their time together and had never had so much fun doing absolutely nothing. They stayed until the colors faded into a dark blue canvas, broken only by the occasional twinkling diamond.

“I have one more place I would like to go if that’s OK with you?” Jason pulled her close to him and kissed her lips gently for the first time.

“It’s more than OK with me,” she fell into his kiss, swept up in the raw emotion of lust, or perhaps love. All she knew is she would go anywhere with him, she would do anything he wanted, and she wanted to do everything with him! There was no outside agent influencing her, no drink to blame her impulses, these insanely powerful feelings were real.

He wrapped his arm around her waist, leading her to his car, she felt as if she floated along side him. They drove to a nearby baseball field. She wasn’t sure why he was bringing her here, but so far he had shown her the time of her life.

“I used to play ball here in High school, I was pretty good, I just like to sit here sometimes at night and think. It’s so peaceful.” He undid his seat belt and placed his hands behind his head.

“I bet you were, I bet you are wonderful at everything you do.” Amelia was unable to hide her infatuation, she was smitten, and she didn’t care if he knew.

She knelt in her seat, her shins tucked under her bum, her cleavage and most of her breasts visible to him as she leaned towards him. She reached over to his belt buckle, her nimble fingers unbuckling it unhurriedly. She took her time unzipping his pants, placing her delicate hand on his cock, which had swelled to its full potential. She wrestled to liberate it from his trousers, failing miserably, in desperation he lifted himself up, pulling the obstructions from his massive hard-on; allowing her an unadulterated view. She wrapped her hand around it tugging it in long steady strokes. She felt it awakening in her hand, becoming alive against her palm. He let out a guttural moan as she continued rubbing her hand over its girth. Just the feel of it was making her wet.

“I’ve never had anyone make me have an orgasm from a blow job.” Jason stated bluntly.

Until now Amelia hadn’t even thought about putting her mouth on anyone’s cock, she was innovia escort shocked at his claim though the challenge excited her; she knew if she were the first she would be special to him always. She had no knowledge of how it was done, so she pulled from the only similar experience she could, and began sucking the head of his dick like a lollipop. She began on the tip, playfully sweeping her soft tongue across it, tasting the smooth clean skin and his leaking essence which invited her to sample more. She twirled her tongue around the tip then slowly lowered her mouth over it to the middle, her warm saliva acting as a lubricant, allowing her to glide ever further on her descent to the base of his cock. She extracted his dick from her mouth with a languid suction, before consuming it again. She went down a little further each time, ensuring her teeth never touched him. She felt the ridge of its head against her lips with every capture or release, feeling the softness of the skin over the steel-like hardness. She was excited, her pussy radiated heat, she felt each tremble of her inner core, each spasm releasing her ambrosia causing her panties to become completely saturated.

He reached down petting the heat between her legs, firmly massaging her triangle beneath the denim barrier, she purred with each stroke. She moved one foot to the floor of the car, opening her legs wider and allowing Jason access to her drenched pussy, sliding his fingers under the denim and into her panties. Amelia concentrated again on sucking his cock, it didn’t take her long to catch on, she allowed her throat muscles to relax, forcing her head down faster and harder taking him deeper and deeper, to the brink of gagging. Her mouth sopping wet, hot and full, as she repeatedly rammed his cock further, making it vanish from sight as she engulfed its entirety. She clutched it firmly at the base with her hand churning it upwards to meet her humid mouth, applying various pressures between her firm grip, tight wet mouth, and licking tongue. She listened to his moans trying to determine which motion caused the most reaction from him, wanting to taste his cum, desperately wanting to make him cum, to give him pleasure, make him love her.

“Good girl!” Jason breathed deeply as he watched her devour his sex. She looked up at him, watching his face and smiled coyly; she was loving it, how could she have known it would be so wonderful to unselfishly please a lover? It wasn’t completely unselfish though, his fingers slid up and down in her slick pussy, touching her nubbin and driving her own excitement higher. His breathing became rapid, his incoherent moans and praises came in quick succession, he placed his hand in her hair coercing her to move faster.

“I want to taste you!” Amelia panted as her enthusiasm amplified. Her motions intensified, begging him to fill her mouth completely. “Please, please, please!” she implored him.

Her request was all it took to send him over the edge, his body began to spasm, his eyes closed tight, his mouth opened, allowing moans of elation to escape.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” his words were labored. She felt his muscle flex as his massive erection thundered its warning in her mouth, releasing a first pulse of salty emulsion. She tasted his essence, feeling its thick texture, demanding more.

She opened her mouth awaiting her reward, his cock spasmed again and again, his thick cream covered her tongue and dripped from the sides of her mouth. She felt his cock go limp in her mouth, with a final suckle, she looked into his eyes, opened her mouth wide so he could watched as she swallowed his load in one thirsty gulp, using her fingers to gather the excess, devouring the accumulation and savoring it. She made a satisfied sigh as she ran her tongue across her lips ensuring she had not let a single drop escape her greedy taste buds.

He sat silent in a motionless heap, stunned by his orgasm. His heart pounded in his chest, his cock now a lesser version lay exposed. She was in awe of his response; of her ability to give him so much pleasure. His fingers had dropped away from her aching wetness, leaving her with a faint feeling of dissatisfaction, though she didn’t know why. She leaned back in the seat.

“So I take it I did OK?” Her voice breaking the silence.

“Wow! Seriously I am speechless, that was totally mind blowing!” He looked into her eyes, “Will you stay with me tonight?” Partially recovered from his zenith, he pulled his pants back up and buckled his belt. His face overtaken by a satisfied smile.

“I don’t think your mom would like that, she made it perfectly clear she didn’t want me in her house.”

“I’ll get a hotel room, come on, you have to let me return the favor. Pleeeeaaaaassseee?”

“Oh, I like it when you beg.”

“Pretty please, with a cherry on top?” He turned his face to hers and stared at her with puppy dog eyes.

“Now how could anyone say no to a face like that?” She leaned into him kissed him softly; sighed. “You know I think I may be in love with you.”

“I think I could live with that. You ready to go?”

“Definitely!” She planted a final kiss on him before she settled back in her seat. He started the car, put it in drive, and drove them to the hotel.

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