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This work is copyrighted to the author and the Unfaithful Wife Organisation © 2003. Please don’t remove the author information or make any changes to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration.


Authors Note: I have always wondered how to write a story about one man’s power over two women and how far that power would enable him to dominate him; this is my first attempt at such a story. It’s also slightly kinky as the two women have a strong, almost family bond. I have never understood how siblings can fancy each other. I like and maybe love my sisters, but no way do I even want to see them screwing, let alone join in and as for touching them, excuse me but I feel sick. Part One, Part Two, Part Three


Part One

Becki is my kid sister, well not exactly my sister, but that’s how we see ourselves. I am five years the elder and was all of eight when my parents brought a three-year-old Becki home from the orphanage.

From then on Becki and I acting like regular siblings, we played together, fell out, rowed, and made up, the usual things. As I was the elder I started dating and was already engaged to Brian before Becki really became ‘active’.

Soon after that we started to go our separate ways. I suppose the genes we didn’t share started to kick in. Becki was the wilder, her tastes in men weren’t the same as mine and pretty soon she moved out.

I married Brian and we raised two boys before Becki came back into my life. I mean, it wasn’t that we hadn’t kept in touch, but mostly by mail, telephone and more recently by e-mail.

She’d been a bridesmaid at my wedding but that and the boys christenings had been the last time I’d seen her. So when her latest e-mail asked if she and somebody called Cliff could visit it was more than a little surprising.

Still she was the nearest thing I had to family other than Brian and the boys, so, of course I said yes.

Brian, who knew Becki only from our courting days, always went along with my plans. He might have been a mega successful lawyer, but where the house and family were concerned then he always deferred to my judgement.

“They could have the guest house, if you’re uncomfortable about her bringing a complete stranger into the house.” I had suggested and Brian had agreed. I knew him well enough to read the signs and although he wouldn’t say anything I knew he was unhappy about a complete stranger like Cliff having unrestricted access to the house.

I told Becki all this in my e-mail to her. I did wonder if she’d take exception to the guesthouse bit, but her reply claimed that they’d be glad of the privacy.

It was strange to see Becki after so long, my youngest, Kenny, was almost four, so it had to be almost as long since we’d been together.

I should say that Becki and I might be ‘sisters’, but we don’t look like kin. I am slender, almost willowy with red to auburn hair and green grey eyes. Becki might almost be your typical Californian blonde, all curve and nubile blondness.

We met, hugged, looked each other up and down and then hugged again. It was good to see her again.

“This is Cliff.” Becki explained, gesturing to her partner. “Cliff, this is Catherine, the nearest thing I have to family, hell, she’s better than family.”

“Hi!” He offered me his hand and we shook. He was gorgeous, tall, well build, maybe the wrong side of forty. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes, deep and calm. I could have fallen for him myself, but he was Becki’s and I was still in love with Brian.

We chatted, exchanged reminisces, drank wine and finally separated for bed. Brian was up state on an important case and the boys were at his parents. I had never held with keeping children tied to their mother. So I had the big house to myself whilst Becki and Cliff stayed in the guest house.

The phone call came about mid morning. I was slumming around, wondering how long I should leave it before I called in on Becki. The phone call answered that question.

It was Becki, a slightly breathless Becki. “Hi, want to join us?” She almost grunted.

“Be there in five minutes.” I replied.

“Fine.” The phone clicked dead.

It took the better part of ten minutes as I decided to change and then use the bathroom. The door to the guesthouse was open when I arrived. Still I’m no gatecrasher, and even if it was my property Becki and Cliff deserved their privacy.

I called out. “Hello, it’s me.” I have always thought that just saying me is stupid as everyone is a me.

“Come in.” Cliff called.

I should explain that the guesthouse has only one real level, the ground floor, then an staircase to an open area to the only bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom overlooks the ground floor, it’s a kind of seventies thing, but one I have always resisted changing.

I had expected to find them on the ground floor but was wrong. A very naked Becki was leaning over the balcony rail and by her grunts and the presence of Cliff right behind her casino oyna even an idiot would have guessed what they were doing.

I spun on my heels and looked out over the picture window. “I sorry.” I spluttered. “I didn’t mean to burst in like this.” I could still see them; the picture window replayed their reflection. The only way to escape seeing them was to either stand there with my eyes closed or to walk out.

I had expected that my arrival would have broken them up in a mutually embarrassed moment. It didn’t, they didn’t, and they just kept on doing it! I could even hear the sounds; those sex sounds that you hope the closed door will keep away from the kid’s ears.

“I’ll go.” I said and made for the door.

“Join us.” Cliff called after me.


“Come up stairs and join us?” Cliff repeated.

I stopped, had I heard him right, perhaps the sex sounds and Becki’s moans had distracted me.

“Ask her, Becki.” Cliff almost ordered.

“Join us, please!” Becki said and then cried out. I knew that sound, it was one I did when my climax was nearing. I couldn’t help myself. I turned round just as Becki’s cry became a scream. I had seen Becki do many things, but never climax.

Cliff never broke his stride, if you’ll forgive my crudeness. Becki might have climaxed but it was obvious that he hadn’t. Brian was strictly a one shot man; it was something that had never been bothered me. It was simply a fact in our relationship. Brian was caring, loving and always considerate but a stud he wasn’t.

Becki groaned and hung her head. Cliff grinned at me and gestured me to join them.

“I can’t.” I protested and then I added. “I won’t join in.” What was I saying?

“Just watch then.” Cliff answered. “Becki doesn’t mind, do you?”

“No!” Becki grunted.

“Come on.” Cliff urged.

I took one unsteady step towards them. I could hear the sex sounds, the slap, slap sound of a man entering a woman. It should have sounded obscene, but it wasn’t. I felt my nipples tingle.

I took another step and then another until I was at the bottom of the stairs. I could almost see them and I knew what they were doing, how they were doing it. I wasn’t naïve.

“Come up.” Cliff gestured towards me. Becki was almost out of it; she was leaning back against him, her hands on the balcony and with her head slumped between her arms.

I moved up the stairs, they are quite steep, almost like a ladder and legs felt like lead. As my head reached the same level as the bed I could see them. I mean I could see his cock and also see how it was sliding into Becki.

I stopped and just gaped. I had never seen a couple having sex, not even in a porn movie. Brian and I didn’t believe in that sort of thing so to say I was breaking new ground was an understatement.

I think that I just stood there with my mouth open. The proverbial hick from the sticks. Still, even though my senses were racing, I started to take in details.

Obvious things like they were both naked, that Becki’s nipples were hard, that there was sheen of sweat on both their bodies.

“Come up.” Cliff gasped.

I still hesitated, as if joining them on the balcony was actually invading their privacy. I mean what was I doing already?

On my slightly hollow legs I made it onto the balcony and then collapsed onto the only seat in the room. It placed me almost behind Cliff but at enough of an angle that I could see everything.

Cliff half turned towards me. “Join us.” He never missed a beat as he looked at me.

Finally everything tumbled into place. He wanted, they wanted, me to join them on the bed, to become part of their sex. I just shook my head.

Cliff inclined his head and asked once more. He wasn’t demanding, just insistent. I shook my head again; my mouth was so dry that I couldn’t trust myself to speak.

“Alright, this time you can watch.” He answered finally.

This time! My head whirled at that suggestion, but I stayed for despite myself I was becoming affected. It wasn’t just that my nipples tingled. I knew that I was moist and getting damper by the minute. I’d have never ever imagined that I could have become stimulated watching other people, especially a woman I regarded as my sister, but I was, an unfortunately Cliff knew.

“I always get hard watching Becki with someone else.” He said almost conversationally. “Quite a turn on isn’t it?”

So god forgives me. I nodded. It was such a natural reaction that I didn’t think, I just nodded. I could see Cliff’s dick as it entered Becki, the way it drove into her, leaving her sex open and very wet. There was literally a slurp as he withdrew, and then that was exactly what he did, pull right out so that I saw the full extent of his penis, hard and glistening with Becki’s juices and I saw her open sex.

Did Brian’s dick look like that after it been inside me and did my pussy look like that, so open?

“Want to touch?” Cliff asked. He offered himself towards me and then pointed to Becki’s exposed canlı casino and open sex.

I was tempted. I really was tempted. It shames me to admit the fact but I was hot and wanted to touch him. I also felt the need to touch Becki, to see if hers felt like mine.

For the first time Becki looked towards me, her eyes were glazed and her jaw slack, but it was still Becki when she spoke. “Come on Cat (short for Catherine). Just touch, please.”

I had to slide off the chair and onto my knees, but I did it. I even crawled a pace or two until I was at the edge of the low bed. The smell of sex was very strong, in the large open plan of the guesthouse the smell had pretty much dissipated, but this close there was no escape.

Cliff literally hauled Becki nearer to me, so near that I could make out her bikini line and where she shaved. I was nearer to Becki’s sex than I had ever been to mine.

“Touch her.” Cliff urged. “Touch me.” He added and pushed his cock towards me.

I looked at Becki’s gaping sex and then towards Cliff’s erection. Common sense said walk away, reject their ideas, but common sense wasn’t a factor that day. I reached out and touched Cliff’s dick. It was preferable to touching another woman’s sex.

I don’t know what I expected. I’d handled Brian’s dick often enough, but it had been years since I’d seen another man’s cock. Cliff’s wasn’t huge, or thick, but it was rock hard and hot and sticky, sticky with Becki’s secretions.

Cliff let go a long, slow groan and then grinned. “Fancy feeling that anywhere else?” He suggested crudely.

“No!” I let go and moved back.

“What about Becki?” Cliff taunted. “Here, give me your hand, no, the other one.” He took my lifeless left hand and simply pressed it against Becki’s sex.

I shuddered, this was something I’d never dreamed of doing, touching another woman had never figured in my mild fantasies. Becki cries out and wriggles back against the palm of my hand.

“Not so difficult?” laughed Cliff. “Push a finger inside her, Becki loves that.”

Something snaps. I am on my feet and down the stairs before either Cliff or Becki has a chance to move or say anything. I am out of the guesthouse and across the patio and into the safety of the main house without pausing to look back.

Then and only then I pause for breath and to collect my scattered and disturbed thoughts. I have already done more than I would have ever thought possible. I look out across the deserted patio, expecting to see them in pursuit. There is nothing, perhaps they have returned to their sex, most probably amused at my reaction.

Well let them laugh. I know where my loyalties lie. I am a happily married wife and mother and that means more than a cheap fuck. I go to wash my hands, conscious that they are covered with their goo. What was it, the right hand touched his cock and the left hand touched Becki’s pussy? Yes, that was right.

So help me but I lift my fingers to my nose and smell them, smell first Cliff’s cock with his scent mingled with Becki’s and then Becki’s. I know what a woman smells like, least ways, what I smell like and Becki is different. I can’t say how, but she smells different.

Then sanity returns and I wash my hands. I try not to think about the incident in the guesthouse, but replaying the scenes and words over and over again. Each time the images cause me to moisten. I want to touch myself, but that is something I had never done. The words disturb me the most.

“I always get hard watching Becki with someone else.” Cliff had said. I replay the words over and over again and gradually a set of images accompanies them, images of Becki having sex with Cliff watching. I get even wetter with those images buzzing around my head.

There has to be a meeting. After what has happened we have to meet and sort things out. I am dreading it and yet know that it must happen and so about two hours later a sheepish looking Becki is in the lounge.

I don’t know what to say or even how to start the conversation and yet I feel that I have to.

“Where’s Cliff?” I ask.

“Shopping, I sent him out for some booze.” Becki is wearing a halter-top and short skirt; she has her legs drawn up beneath her.

“We have plenty.”

“I pay my way.” Becki grins then goes serious. “Did we shock you?”

“Of course!” I explode.

“Cliff likes to put on a show.” Becki smiles.

I am caught. It isn’t something that I like to admit but I am caught. The images return and now I imagine Becki is naked and sitting opposite me.

“Where did you meet?” I ask softly. I have an almost irresistible urge to touch myself there, between my legs. I fight it but I almost lose.

“The usual place at a party, we hit it off straight away.” She smiled secretly.

“When was this?” I ask.

“Six months ago. Cliff’s a writer, the top shelf sort.” She smiled again. “I moved in with him after only a couple of weeks and since then things have been pretty wild.”

“He writes pornography?” I gasped.

“Sure, kaçak casino and scripts for the movies, though mostly its fuck, fuck and then fuck again. Still that takes imagination.”

I had a revelation. “You, you perform in those?” I gasp.

“I’m usually the inspiration.” Becki laughed softy. “Cliff mostly tries his ideas out on me.” She grinned. “It’s a hell of a lot more fun than typing for a living.”

“So this morning…”

“Cliff says there’s a great story there with lots of variations, sisters, real sisters, best friends, lots and lots he can work on. He just needs one more thing to enable him to complete the story line.”

“What?” I felt the blood drain from my face.

“He wants you, Cat; he wants you to join in.”

I didn’t answer. I couldn’t. I had lost the power of speech. I just looked at Becki and knew that she wasn’t joking and that she would let me join them.

“Cliff wants me.” I said eventually but in a tiny, tiny voice.

“We both want you.” Becki corrected.

I started to hyperventilate. It was bad enough to think of Cliff wanting me for sex, but Becki was my sister, or the nearest thing I’d ever have to one. It was incest or something dam close to it.

“It’s all wrong.” I manage to gasp.

“Think about it.” Becki gets to her feet. “I’ll just warn you that Cliff is very determined and persistent.”

She left me then, left me to stew on the most incredible proposition I had ever had. There was no way that I even consider doing anything like Becki was proposing. No way.

I saw Cliff return, he waved in my direction. I thought the gesture was for me to join them but I just ignored it. I carried on as I always did, clean through the house, set the washing machine running; prepare the evening meal (not hard for one). I was working in the kitchen with the radio tuned to a local jazz station (I don’t especially like jazz but it makes great background sound) and so I never heard Cliff enter or knew how long he’d stood there until his hands closed about my waist.

“Hey!” I squealed and tried to move to one side. Instinctively my hands grabbed my assailants wrists (I didn’t know it was Cliff yet) and tried to escape.

“Easy, calm down!” Cliff’s voice did nothing of the sort. I twisted and wriggled and finally broke away.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I snarled.

“Relax Catherine, I didn’t mean to startle you.” He is making those placatory gestures with his hands.

“Well you bloody well did.” I rub my hands down my skirt, trying to smooth it back into place, a meaningless gesture as my clothing hadn’t been disturbed.

“Sorry, no offence was intended.”

I was beginning to calm down. “Alright … what did you really want?”

“You, I came for you.” The gorgeous eyes have never left me and I find that I just can’t pull myself away.

“I’m not available.” I manage to whisper. I’m not exactly panicking but I didn’t want him any closer.

“Everyone’s available; you just have to have the right trigger.”

I wonder what the hell he’s talking about. Trigger? I’m not a pistol. I don’t say anything, if I’m lucky he’ll take my silence as rejection and leave.

“You look gorgeous, I thought so from the first moment that I sure you.” He continues. He’s smooth, obvious but smooth. I’m not gorgeous and I’m not plain and I’m not stupid. I’m not gonna fall for such an old line. He takes a step closer, I hadn’t been expecting that, I should have but he takes me by surprise.

One moment he just mouthing platitudes and the next his arm is around my waist and pulling me closer.

“We mustn’t …” I begin just before he kisses me. He does that well, all to well. I mean if he wasn’t so dam good it would be easier to fight him. He holds my head in his hands, sweeping my hair back so that his fingers are stroking the lodes of my ears and that sensitive spot just behind them and all the time he’s still kissing me. It just isn’t fair, not bloody fair.

I try not to respond, to offer him any encouragement. I try to just stand there, hoping that he’ll finally take my apparent apathy as a rejection. I said try, he kisses so well, and his fingers are so educated, as if by magic he finds that spot on my neck, the one that builds goosebumps and makes my tummy tremble.

I grumble deep in my throat, so low and gentle that I barely hear it myself but Cliff does, it’s all the encouragement he needs. The hand leaves my neck and cups my breast. I jump, kissing is one thing, but touching my breasts is almost a violation of my body.

“Nice.” He breathes, finally breaking off from kissing me; those gorgeous eyes seem to be feasting on me and his hands strokes each breast, once more cupping them as if trying to guess their weight or size. “You have great boobs.”

“And you are full of bullshit.” I say, suddenly finding the strength to speak.

Cliff stares at me, smiles a perfect white smile and then laughs. “You are ssoooo right, but if I’d have said that you are a scrawny bitch with the tits of a schoolgirl how would you have liked that, what do you prefer?” He kisses me again and I kiss him back before realising what I doing and pull away. “Well? What’s the preference, bullshit or….”

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