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The curtain opens again. I am in my usual spot; a hard wood arm chair, my legs strapped to the legs, arms strapped to the arms and a large strap across my chest. I cannot move other than squirm a little bit. I hang my head toward my chest. I can’t bear to watch again.

I hear the noises from the scene in front of me; the moans and other sounds of pleasure. The words filled with lust and desire. I don’t want to hear, don’t want to see. I cannot cover my ears so the sounds just keep tormenting me. My body begins to betray me just as it does every time the curtain opens.

My breaths become shallow. My nipples harden against the rough strap that imprisons me. My eyes wander to the picture in front of me. I begin to tremble and shake my head in denial.

“No!” I mutter. It does no good to scream. No one will hear me. No one will come to save me from this torture. No one will make them stop.

My love, the love of my life, and that woman; I do not know her just as I do not know most of the others that have come before her. I let my gaze eat up the sight of him. Strong, tall, muscular, his dark skin glistens in sweat; he looks good maybe even better than when he was mine. He has lost some weight but it suits him. He has added some inches in muscle. His penis is still the same amazing phallus that I remember so well. Long, nearly 9 inches, and thick, around 2 inches in diameter.

I move my gaze to the woman. She is approximately 5’5″ tall with brown hair and brown eyes. Her body is his usual preference, full but not fat, large breast and large full ass. I glare at her with hatred. I want pendik escort to rip my body out of this chair and strangle the life from her.

She slowly sinks to her knees and takes my penis into her mouth. I try to break lose, I know it is for not, I have tried before. My Love’s head rolls back as she swallows most of him down her throat. She slides it back out slowly and her spit glistens on it. Back down her throat again it goes, a little farther this time. He is moaning in pleasure. The same pleasure I used to give him.

He grips her by the hair and glides her up and down on his huge shaft; going deeper and deeper every time. She is gagging on his thickness and trying to escape his grip. “Ha! She can’t take it like I could.” I scream at them even though they can’t hear me.

She finally breaks free and gasps for air. My Love pulls her on to his lap and kisses her dirty mouth. I spit on to the floor. “Bitch!”

My legs and arms are screaming out in pain as I continue to try to free myself. The bruises growing on top of old bruises; with every thrash I make.

She is stroking his cock as she sits on his lap, marveling at it’s amazing size. He lifts her slightly and she guides its thickness in to her wet pussy. I see her wince as it stretches her it fit. Slowly she sinks down on my dick. She cannot take it all and squirms to hold herself up off of it. Placing a foot on either side of his hips as he sits on the bed, she rides up and down on his swollen rod.

I can hear every sound from the moans and groans to the sloshing sound her cunt is making. My body betrays me again maltepe escort as I feel my pussy getting wet. My mound is swollen and clit hard as I squirm on the hard wooden seat.” I need his cock.” I moan out of frustration and desire.

All the memories from the years of him making love and so many times just plan fucking me,rush through my mind. Memories that have my body remembering every touch he ever laid upon my skin; skin that is screaming out wanting release from this torture.

My lover has now tossed the slut onto the bed and has placed her feet upon his shoulders. He rubs his cock against her pussy and it opens to him. He slowly enters her again gently trying to help her body receive all of him. As he gets ¾ of the way in she once again pushes back from him. Shaking her head she tells him her pussy is too small.

He pushes harder but she protests again. He glides back out and then in again, giving her only as much as she wants. His dick is driving her crazy and she is bucking against him.

My pussy is burning like someone has poured gasoline on it. It itches and needs to have the release that only he can give me. Just to be able to rub it for a little release would be heaven but the restraints forbid it.

He pulls his cock from her with her juices covering it and orders her to lick her taste off of it. She scrambles to get to it and devours her own cunt cream. Licking every inch of it off of his throbbing organ; she is enjoying it.

I remember the taste very well. My mouth waters with the desire to taste it again. How long had I been here? Time has kartal escort no meaning now.

He pushes her off of his dick and tells her to put her fat ass up in the air. She does as ordered, they all do. He grabs her hips and pulls her back toward his erect cock. It enters her without being guided. He has her where he wants her now and slams his cock all the way inside her. She cannot get away from his thrusts. He has her hips firmly gripped as he pounds her over and over.

My cunt is pounding too. I try to get some release but no matter how I move or squirm the pressure just continues to build. There will be no release for me. There never is here.

She is cumming, having found the sweet end that I shall never have again. Her body thrashing and spasming on my dick! She pinches her huge brown nipples and screams to her God!

Now my lover is about to give her his hot sperm, I can tell, I know the look on his face. It is embedded into my brain. His gorgeous body is beginning to shake and quiver. His eyes are closed in ecstasy. One more thrust and yes there it is; his head jerks forward. Once, twice oh yes three times and she is full of his hot jism.

My body screams. “Why not me? What did I do to deserve this torment?”

The curtain closes and HE appears; his evil face laughing at me. His features are cold and hard. The Devil himself.

“You know why. What I want to know is why we have to go through these questions every time. You shall forever sit in that chair and watch what you had being given to every other woman he chooses. Why? Because it was not enough for you and you sinned. You strayed from your home, from your cock and chose to fuck another man. You sinned and now for eternity you will witness what you gave up.” His evil face disappeared as it had appeared and I passed out.

The curtains open again….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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