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So I tell “my good friend” that I know a spot that has a great glory hole. Him being clueless to what it is I explained to him that it was a place you go and get an anonymous blowjob from the person on the other side of the wall. You stick your cock thru a hole and get it sucked by someone you never see, and they never see you. Well it seems all he heard was blowjob so he was all in.

Thing is, I have had the hots for this guy for some time now and don’t know how to tell him. I’m not even sure if he is into guys. I do know I accidentally saw his cock one day and have been wanting to taste it since. He has a big dick and I want to suck it! So I am tricking him into thinking we are both going to go get blowjobs at a glory hole. The whole time I plan on being on the other side of his wall.

On the way he asked me have I been before and how was it. I told him its pretty kinky and gives you a thrill like no other. You get to stand there and watch good porn and get your cock sucked till you cum. As he still seemed a little nervous I suggest we grab a drink just to take the edge off, so we do.

As we pull up to the glory hole after a quick drink I see him rubbing the bulge in his pants. I get excited because I can see the outline of that mushroom head of his. My cock immediately jumps. I comment and say, “I see your getting ready over there.” He tells me he has been thinking about the concept of a glory hole and it had him hard the whole way there. Me, trying to keep it cool I say, “yea it’s a pretty good experience if you ask me. And the chick I know illegal bahis here gives a damn good blow job and makes me cum hard.” But in my head I’m stoked that he is working his cock and I keep looking over. He catches me watching but doesn’t say anything. This of course makes me curious! I say ready when you are and we go in.

In the lobby I point him to his room and proceed to mine. I tell him when he is done just wait for me out here. I am rubbing my pants and walking to my room as if I’m in such a hurry to get blown. I really just want to make it to the room before he has a chance to realize its going to be me on the other side of his wall. I get there just in time enough to look thru the hole and see him walk in. He is still working his package in his pants as he closed the door. He turns around and quickly undoes his belt, button, zipper, and then he drops his boxers. I start to salivate and my cock is hard. Mmmmm I think to myself. He has a nice big dick and he is stroking it real good. I start stroking mine and thinking about how I am going to swallow his and it is making me precum.

He walks over and slides his cock and balls thru the hole without hesitation. At this point my mouth is dripping wet with desire. I wrap two fingers around the base and use my tongue to start massaging the head. He lets out a pleasing moan and his cock jumps. I start to slightly jerk it and swing it side to side slapping it across my tongue. He moans again as I suck the head in my mouth for a few bobs, mmh, mmh, mmh! As I pull away there is a trail of precum between illegal bahis siteleri his cock and my lips so I use my other hand to stroke the head and begin licking up and down his shaft. I hear him holding his breath and feel him pressing against the wall as my salivating tongue slides up and down his throbbing shaft. Between his precum and my saliva his cock is well lubed and I begin stroking it as I lick his balls. He lets out another moan of pleasure as I suck one of his balls in my mouth. I was using my tongue to massage his balls while I was humming on his sack, and stroking that big wet hard cock!

I start to tease him and play with it. I take my hands off and just run my tongue from the bottom of his balls to the ridge of the head where it is extremely sensitive. I do this a few times just so I can see his dick bouncing. Just looking at his cock swing up and down was enough for me at that point. By now I can tell his balls are full of cum and I want him to release it all in my mouth so I grab his cock and start sucking the head, mmh, mmh, mmh, mmh! Going deeper with every suck I start to feel his cock head throbbing on the back of my tongue. I deep throat it and keep it there gently going back and forth while I start playing with his balls again. I feel his sack getting tight so I slowly pull his cock out of my throat and start jerking him off. Mmm, this is some good dick I think to myself and begin sucking some more, mmh, mmh, mmh. My mouth is loose and wet and I have a nice rhythm going so I decide to stroke him with the same rhythm. I feel him canlı bahis siteleri press harder against the wall as I’m licking, and sucking, and stroking and just then he says, “Oh shit I’m about to cum.” I give him what I call the trinity, 1) I grab his balls and start massaging with one hand, 2) the other hand is stroking that saliva lubed shaft, 3) I am sucking the cock head simultaneously. I open my mouth and put the cock head on my tongue and start jerking him with two hands. Knowing he is point five seconds from exploding, I suck the head a few times to give him that push he needs. And just like that, I was stroking out load after load of warm cock cum across my tongue and down my throat. I start sucking it again letting the cum drip on his cock while I was still stroking it, just to give him that added satisfaction. He was moaning something wicked and rubbing that wall like he was in love with it. He was cumming hard and a lot and I was proud and at the same time horny as ever!

I hurried up and got to the lobby before him so there would be no speculation. He came out smiling and gave me a hand slap saying, “Dude, we defiantly have to come back. One of the best blowjobs I have ever had. That shit was so good I kind of want to meet the chick back there. But she is probably some old fat lady so I guess its better this way (laughing).” Then I say, “Or some guy”. He didn’t think twice about it and said, “I know right, either way we are coming back.”

Me already having a cock full of cum, the fact that it might not bother him if a guy gives him a blowjob, takes me over the edge. So I had to go home and jerk off. On the way back and ever since that day I have been wanting to tell him it was me that gave him one of his best blowjobs ever…but it’s our kinky secret (the reader and I).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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