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It was a hot Friday night when Joe was sitting in front of the TV, alone at his girlfriend Jamie’s house. Jamie was at work and wasn’t due home for another five hours and Jamie’s Mum and sister were both out for the night as well.

Joe was settling back in the couch watching some very poor “reality TV” trying to think what he could do to keep himself amused all night. He started thinking about the headjob he had gotten just a half an hour earlier before Jamie had left for work.

This was the greatest blowjob Joe had ever received, it was the first time Jamie had ever taken any of his cum in her mouth. Like he had done so many times before Joe was sitting on the couch watching Jamie’s head bob up and down on his hard cock when he felt his cum rising up his shaft. Joe was totally surprised when he heard something he never thought he would, Jamie took her mouth away and lightly said,

“I don’t think we should get the couch messy do you?”

Joe didn’t even have a chance to answer, Jamie’s head went straight down on his shaft just as his cum spewed from the tip of his cock. Jamie sucked and swallowed every last drop of her boyfriend’s cum from his cock. The feeling of cumming inside a hot wet mouth was so incredible Joe couldn’t resist screaming out as his girlfriend enveloped his cum-soaked cock with her full lips.

Just thinking about this marvellous event had got Joe’s cock hard again and before he realised it, his hand was wrapped around the exposed shaft of his 8inch prick, he continued to watch the crap TV while slowly stroking his cock when an idea came to him. Joe stood up and made his way over to the TV unit, reaching in the cupboard and behind the videos he retrieved a porno that he and Jamie’s sister, Lucy kept. Joe hurriedley pushed the video into the VCR and resumed his position on the couch, sat back and relaxed as the first scene began.

Joe’s cock was fully erect and he was pumping his hand up and down his shaft as he watched the image of a girl getting eaten out by one guy while she sucked the cock of another guy. The girl was lying on a bed, flat on her back with her legs wide apart as the guy eating her pussy dove his tongue into her slit, the close up photography gave Joe an excellent view of the woman getting tongue fucked by this guy. A muffled moan escaped her mouth as her head was tilted sideways and filled with a rather large prick. This went one for a few minutes and Joe’s cock seemed to grow inside his own hand as the images turned him on more and more.

The guys in the movie changed positions and rolled the girl onto her stomach, the girl got up on her knees in a doggy position and stuck her tight arse out to one of the guy’s waiting cocks. The movie showed in vivid detail the guy slowly entering her wet cunt from behind and him starting to thrust in and out of her. The other guy moved his 9-inch cock in front of her face and she devoured it eagerly. The sight of a woman being fucked from behind and sucking another guy off at the same time nearly sent Joe over the edge and then, just as he was about to cum he heard the front door rattle and squeak open.

“Fuck!” Joe swore under his breath, he thought it must be Julie’s mum home early.

He quickly put his nearly exploding cock back in his pants and turned the TV off just as Lucy and her best friend Rachael came to the top of the stairs and peered around the corner at him.

Joe’s face was still flushed and he was still breathing heavily from his nearly orgasmic masturbation session.

“What are you doing” Lucy asked with a strange look on her face

“Ah, just reading this paper” Joe picked up a week old paper and spread it across his lap hoping the girls had not seen his still raging hard on. Joe quickly glanced at Rachael and by the grin on her face he guessed he hadn’t hidden it in time from her.

“Good for you…” Lucy said, apparently oblivious to Joe’s position “I’ve gotta take a shower”

“Why what happened” Joe asked, for the first time noticing that Lucy was soaked from head to toe.

“We were at a stupid party down the road and some dickhead threw me sıhhiye escort in the pool” she explained as she turned and walked toward the bathroom.

Joe noticed the water had made her tight white pants see-through and he could clearly make out her perfectly shaped arse barely covered by a G-string. Obviously still horny Joe thought how much tighter and sexier Lucy’s arse was than her older sister’s.

“I’m sure you two can keep each other company” Lucy said as she turned into the shower.

Rachael came to the couch and sat right next to Joe, Rachael was a stunning teenage girl, long dark hair, perfectly rounded tits and smooth, long legs.

“So how you been, Joe?” Rachael asked

“Not bad Rach, yourself?” He stammered out

“Yeah good” she said, grinning and giving Joe a strange look.

“What are you laughin at?” Joe asked

“Oh nothing, just you..”

“Whadda ya mean?”

Rachael stared at Joe mockingly

“Why don’t you tell me what you were really doing before we came in?” she queried

“Nothing, just readin’ the paper” Joe responded innocently

“Oh yeah, whatever” she laughed, dismissing the argument, not bothering to interrogate him anymore. “Why don’t we see what’s on the telly?” Rachael grabbed the remote and Joe remembered he hadn’t pressed stop on the VCR.

“No wait…” too late. Rachael had already turned it on and a close-up view of a guy getting his cock sucked by two women was splashed all over the screen.

“Ohhhh, now this explains it” Rachael said knowingly, her interest suddenly rekindled.

Joe was too embarrassed to speak.

“But don’t be embarrassed Joe, I’m quite happy to watch it with you if you want to keep watching…” she said this looking Joe straight in the eye.

Joe found his speech

“Are you serious?”

“Fuck yeah! I love watching porn.” She exclaimed

“Really?? why??” He asked stupidly

Rachael leant over and whispered in his ear

“Because it gets me off, silly”

Joe couldn’t believe what he was hearing and couldn’t help his cock from shooting skyward. Rachael sat back in the couch and continued to watch the screen.

“Have you ever had two girls suck you off at the same time, Joe?” she asked casually, pointing to the TV.

“No I haven’t but it’s always been a major fantasy”

Joe had always wanted to feel the mouths of two women taking turns at licking and sucking his cock, watching them kiss each other as their lips met at the middle of his prick. Sometimes he fantasised about this very girl being one of those women.

“Really” she said smiling at him, Rachael seemed to be enjoying this as much as Joe. The two of them just sat there watching the Porno for a while getting hotter and hornier as every minute went by.

Joe started shifting around in his seat as he got harder and harder then Rachael finally started to speak.

“You know Joe, if you’re getting a little constrained there” she motioned to the tent made by Joe’s boxers and his stiff cock “I really don’t mind if you want to pull yourself off” Joe looked on dumbfounded as Rachael continued to talk “See if you do that, then I can play with myself”

Joe realised the opportunity he had here and wasted no time in retrieving his cock from his boxers and start stroking it up and down the shaft, smothering the pre cum all over the head.

“That’s an impressive package, Joe” Rachael said as she hiked her short skirt up above her waist, displaying a black, lace G-string.

“Tell me how many girls have fucked that beautiful prick” Rachael said as she pulled her G-string to the side and lightly stroked her clean shaven cunt.

“Only two, Jamie and my girlfriend before her, I have come close while I’ve been with Jamie but I’ve managed to restrain myself” Joe explained

“Why would you want to do that, I’m sure lots of girls would like a fuck from you”

“I was just being faithful”

Rachael’s hand had taken the place of Joe’s and was lightly stroking the head of his cock

“So you’re faithful tandoğan escort are you?? what if I said I want to suck your cock right now, would you still be faithful then?”

Joe’s mind was spinning, he couldn’t believe this sexy friend of his girlfriend’s sister was pulling him off and asking him if he would let her suck him off. There was no way he was being faithful tonight.

“not on your life” he said as he leaned forward and kissed Rachael hard on the mouth, he felt Rachael’s tongue slide into his mouth and swirl around, Joe gently reached over and put his hand in place of Rachael’s on her hot, wet pussy. His thumb found her clit and a moan escaped her mouth, he slipped a finger into her hole and he felt her grip tighten on his shaft. Joe started to lightly rub Rachael’s clit while sliding a finger in and out of her beautiful tight cunt. He loved the feeling of a bald pussy under his hand and was even reluctant to let go when she told him to stand up in front of her.

Rachael was now sitting on the couch in front of Joe with her mouth perfectly aligned with his 8-inch dick. Her hand slowly moved up the inside of his leg and cupped his balls lightly in her hand. She leant forward and blew softly on the tip of his cock, a shudder shot up Joe’s spine as he anticipated this beauty sucking his cock.

“I’ve been dying for some real pleasure, Joe” she said up to him “you know your own fingers can only do so much”

He grinned down at her and she slowly took his prick into her mouth while she stared up at him in the eye. Joe’s head tilted back as he felt his dick go deep into Rachael’s warm mouth and emerge again into the cool air. He couldn’t help but watch as her tongue and mouth circled and dived down onto the head of his cock as she skillfully pulled up down on his shaft with one hand and softly stroked and fondled his balls with the other.

As she continued to delight him with her masterful mouth and tongue, Joe was still standing there transfixed on Rachael’s face when he felt a warm breath on the back of his neck and another hand around his cock. Joe, twisted is head to see Lucy standing there naked and moving her mouth toward his. Lucy moved around to the side of Joe, he wrapped his arms around her and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Lucy and Joe kissed heatedly while Rachael continued sucking him off, Joe’s hand made it’s way down toward Lucy’s pussy and found it to be already wet, he slid a finger in and Lucy thrust her clit onto his palm. Joe thrust his finger in and out of Lucy’s cunt in rhythm with Rachael’s sucking who slowly built the pace until Joe felt the cum rise in his shaft and he exploded all over Rachael’s waiting tits. Lucy finally dropped onto the couch next to Rachael as the two girls grinned at each other and Joe sat down between them, he leant toward Rachael and kissed her, his tongue eagerly tasting his own cock.

“I love to taste my own cock” he said to Rachael

“mmmm, I like the taste of it too” she replied

Not wanting to leave the girls out of all the fun Joe dropped onto his knees in front of them and motioned for them to move closer together, Joe moved in front of Lucy and leant up to her.

“I’ve always wanted to do this” he said as he gently spread her perfect thighs apart and dropped his head between her legs.

Lucy felt Joe’s warm breath on her body as he ran his fingers up her thigh and lightly traced his tongue around the outside of her pussy. Teasing her for a while, Joe licked the crease between her thigh and pussy while gently tracing the area between her arse and the bottom of her slit with his finger. Lucy felt his mouth move right over the top of her slit and a slight pressure on her clit as he kissed down on it. Lucy started to wriggle in her seat, getting anxious to feel the tongue of her Sister’s boyfriend on her bare clit. Joe, sensing her restlessness, slowly slid his tongue into her slit, licking up from the top, all the way to the bottom of her pussy, he savoured the taste of her juices as he returned past her opening to her hardened clit. tunalı escort Lucy gasped as she felt Joe’s tongue play with her sensitive clit for the first time, she could feel him circling it and ever so often closing his mouth over it and sucking.

Rachael was sitting next to them staring on as Joe expertly worked Lucy toward an orgasm, Rachael’s hands had slid off her G-string and top and were now massaging her own pussy. Lucy’s head was thrown back on the couch as she felt Joe’s tongue slide into her tight opening.

“Oh fuck, Joe” she squealed “Fuck me with your tongue… yes, that’s it… shit you’re good at this!”

Joe glanced up at Rachael and she darted her tongue out toward him and bit her bottom lip. Joe reached under Lucy’s thigh and up to Rachael’s cunt, he felt her hand was already there and her middle finger was deep inside her pussy, he continued to tongue fuck Lucy and slid his own finger inside Rachael’s cunt alongside her own. Rachael groaned out loud as she felt another finger inside her and they started pumping in and out in unison. Their fingers working as one and her eyes fixed on Lucy getting eaten out beside her quickly brought her to orgasm. As Rachael cried out she was joined by Lucy as Joe moved his attention back to her clit and furiously sucked and played until she too had cum again.

After the two girls had come down from their orgasms they just looked at eachother and laughed.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” Lucy exclaimed

“YOU can’t believe it!” Joe said “I have fantasised sooo many times about you two and here I am fucking you with my tongue!”

“It looks like you could use some help yourself there, Joe” Rachael said as she slid off the couch and knelt down next to Joe. S

he softly wrapped her hand around his straining cock. “I really need to feel you inside me, Joe, and I really need Lucy to watch you fuck the life out of me”

“now I’m sure that’d be better than anything I could see on that” Lucy glanced at the porno still playing on the TV. When her eyes returned to them, Rachael and Joe were kissing furiously, before long she saw Joe’s hand slip between Rachael’s legs. Rachael moaned and allowed her legs to come apart slightly, letting Joes fingers explore her wet cunt. Lucy saw two of Joe’s fingers slide easily inside her friend and had the strange feeling of being immensely turned on by her best friend and her sister’s boyfriend playing with each other. Lucy was slowly rubbing her clit and sliding a finger in and out of her wet opening as she watched her friend get down on all fours in front of her and Joe line his cock up with her pussy from behind.

Lucy watched Joe as he slowly started to pump in and out of her best friend, Rachael was pushing backward in time with Joe’s thrust making him go as deep as possible. Lucy could feel herself getting wetter and wetter under her hand as she watched these two go at it. Lucy was getting extremely horny and desperately wanted to feel someone else on her hot cunt. An idea crossed her mind and she thought about what another girl’s tongue would feel like on her clit, Lucy had never thought about doing anything with a girl before and neither had Rachael but right now she was curious. When she moved forward to the edge of the couch and her pussy was only inches away from Rachael’s face the heat of the moment overtook them and Lucy cried out as she felt Rachael’s tongue dive into her hot, wet slit. Joe couldn’t believe what was happening, he was fucking this gorgeous girl from behind while he watched her eat out his girlfriend’s sexy sister!

Rachael had never felt anything like it before, a big cock deep inside her while she licked the juices of her best friend gave her pleasure she didn’t know existed. She felt Lucy’s legs tighten around her head and heard her moan loudly. She could feel Joe’s cock expanding in her own pussy and knew that all three of them were about to cum.

Both Lucy and Joe said at the same time

“I’m gonna cum…”

Rachael felt Joe’s cock explode with hot cum and she clamped her mouth down on Lucy’s clit as she passed the point of no return herself. A wave of complete ecstasy swept over all three of them and they crumpled in a heap when they had all finished cumming.

“Can we do this again sometime” Joe asked casually

“Oooh fuck yeah” Lucy said and Rachael showed her agreement by leaning up and kissing her best friend on the mouth, letting her taste her own juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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