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Big Tits

Summer time is beach time. Every single year since I can remember, as soon as it gets warm enough, people start spending their days next to the big lake that is close to the town I life in. And I was one of them. Nothing better than chilling in the sun, reading, going for a swim and enjoying some nice views.

Three years ago, it was summer time, I was chilling at the beach. Reading some entertaining book. When all of a sudden, she showed up. She immediately caught my eye. And I knew her from somewhere, but I wasn’t able to figure out from where. To my surprise, she asked me if the place next to mine was empty: “Yes, sure, it is yours now.”

I didn’t got that much reading done on that day. She was a too big distraction for 34 year old me. I couldn’t stop staring at her and her next to perfect curves. She probably realized what was going on, but she didn’t act on it. At least not on the day she came into my life. Back at home, back in my bed in the evening, all I could think about was her. And about the fact, that I knew her from somewhere.

The following day, I was at the beach, early in the morning, to secure a good spot. She, she showed up shortly after me. Despite the fact that the whole beach was next to empty, she once more asked me, if she could place herself and her damn hot body next to me. A smile appeared on her beautiful around 49 year old face in the moment I gave her a positive answer. And yes, she clearly was up to something.

After she put down all of her stuff, she looked over to me: “You don’t remember me, don’t you?”

I went down the honest path. No need to make up anything: “Honestly, I know you from somewhere. I tried to figure out from where, since you first placed yourself next to me yesterday, but I failed horrible. And yes, it kept me awake last night.”

A smile appeared on her face: “Yes, we know each other. I think we last met close to 25 years ago. I was your elementary school teacher back then.”

Her answer took me by surprise. I was thinking that I was hitting on her while being out and drunk as fuck. Or something like that. But that she was a former teacher or mine, well, who would have thought that.

Luckily that short conversation broke the ice. We kept on talking. We talked about what we had done in the last 25 years. We talked about other people both of us knew. We had the classic “I ran into someone from back then” conversation. But while we were talking, she constantly showed of her fucking hot body. Yes, I had to place a towel to hide the bulge between my legs.

Time flew by. It got hotter and hotter with every hour. I had to move our beach umbrella a couple of times to keep the two of us in the shadow. It clearly was time to go for a swim. A long and refreshing swim in the relatively istanbul escort cold water of the lake next to us.

At first we swam next to each other. Still talking. Until I came up with the great idea to splash some water towards her. A fight broke out. It didn’t took long until we tried to drown each other. And no, you are never too old for stuff like that.

While we were fooling around, our bodies were touching for the first time. It felt great. It gave me a raging boner. It didn’t took long until the fight turned into something else. We kissed for the first time. Beneath the surface, our hands were exploring each others bodies.

She jerked me off, my finger were sliding in and out of her pussy. Horny had taken full control of our bodies. Her hand sliding up and down my dick felt nothing but awesome. She even squeezed my balls a little. It didn’t took long until my balls emptied themselves into the lake we were swimming in.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to return the favor. Luckily she had no problem with it: “Later. We still got a long day laying ahead of us.”

A huge fucking smile appeared on my face. What a damn hot woman she was, my former elementary school teacher.

We were out in the water for about an hour. We both already had some nice blue lips. So we swam back to the shore. Headed towards our place. Dried off our slippery and wet bodies. Got partially dressed and went to grab some lunch. We got some classic beach side food: Hot dogs and fries. She had to eat hers in a very seductive way.

Horny me took over again. I wanted her. I wanted to rip the few clothes off her body and to fuck the shit out of her. But she said no, later. Then she kept on teasing me. All through the afternoon. She was bending over a lot. When we went for a swim, our hands were on each others bodies. She even kissed me from time to time.

But she also kept me on distance. To a point, were saliva was dripping out of my mouth when she showed off her hot body in front of me. The people surrounding us were talking about us. But it didn’t bothered her at all. So I ignored them too.

In the late afternoon she all of a sudden began to pack her stuff together. I probably had a very disappointed look on my face. A smile appeared on hers: “What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to come with me, over to my place?”

It took me only a few seconds to stuff my things into my backpack. Then we headed towards the parking lot. We jumped onto our bicycles and off we went. Towards her place. A nice little house, outside of town. Surrounded by nothing but fields and trees. Somewhat hidden, and off the beaten paths.

After we parked our bikes in a small shed, we went into her place. A very warm and welcoming place. With istanbul escort bayan lots of pictures on the walls. Bookshelves everywhere. Not a single piece of modern furniture. Every piece seemed to have some history. The place clearly had a soul. I immediately felt at home.

She told me to get comfortable. To behave like it was my place. I gladly accepted her offer. Then she told me that she was going to take a shower. To wash the sunscreen off her body. To get rid of the lake water smell. Then she headed upstairs. But she stopped after she had climbed a few stairs: “Don’t you want to join in?”

A huge smile appeared on my face. I ran over to the staircase, then I followed her into her bathroom. Once we were in her bathroom, we both got undressed. My raging hard boner pointed towards her as soon as I was out of my trunks. A smile appeared on her face: “You really like what you see. Your really love my naked body, don’t you?”

I nodded. Then we both went into her shower. Once the warm water was running down our bodies, I tried to approach her. To kiss her. But she gently pushed me away: “Not now. Later. But you can help me cleaning my back. There are a few hard to reach spots.”

I shrugged my shoulders, then I went to work. I soaped up her back, then the warm water washed the soap down the sink. Once I was done, she gave me a gentle kiss and left the shower. To dry herself off. While bending over into my direction. Giving me a perfect view of her damn hot pussy. Yes, she still was teasing me. Then she left the room. On her way out, she stated the following: “Don’t dare to do anything naughty without me.”

So jerking off while I was showering was off the table. Her tone clearly told me that it would have consequences when she walked in and would catch me going down on myself. And yes, a few minutes later, she came back. Fully dressed, with some cloths in her arms: “If you want, you can wear those. It think they should fit you. My dear husband left them here, when he decided to leave me for his 22 year old secretary.”

I thanked her for lending me some clothes. To be honest, I was happy, that I hadn’t to slip in my trunks and my sweaty T-shirt again. And she was right, the clothes were a next to perfect fit.

After I was dressed, I went downstairs. I found her in the kitchen. Singing some song while preparing some food. She seemed to enjoy herself. So I let her be. And took a closer look at the pictures on the walls.

Most of them were showing her or her meanwhile grown up children that were living out of town. On some pictures, as far as I figured out, she was even posing with her former husband. She seemed to be over the fact, that he left her for some far far younger woman. Because if escort istanbul not, those pictures would probably not hand on their walls anymore.

Once dinner was ready she called me over. She knew how to cook. It tasted great. The conversation was more than okay too. We enjoyed each others company. Once we were done, she asked me, if I would be so nice, to put the dishes into the dishwasher. This time, her voice had a commanding undertone. But I wasn’t thinking that much about it. I just did what she asked me to do.

After I full filled her order, we landed on her comfy sofa over in the living room. She was reading a book, I was gazing down her cleavage. With a raging boner between my legs. I really wanted her now. When she saw what was going on with me, when she saw the bulge between my legs, a huge smile appeared on her face: “You really want me, don’t you?”

She got a short “Yes” for an answer. She nodded, but denied my request: “Later. Believe me, it is better that way.”

Then she pulled me closer to her, until my head rested on her breasts. Her next to perfect breasts. My dick got even harder. Horny was in full swing. But I managed to hold myself back. To relax. To enjoy being next to her. I even fell asleep while resting on her breasts.

She later kissed me awake: “Bedtime now.”

We headed upstairs. Into her bedroom. In there she got naked. So did I. Yes, there was a raging hard boner between my legs. Once more, a smile appeared on her face when she saw him: “We got to have to do something against it. We have to cure it.”

A smile appeared on my face: “Yes, we have to.”

Then she climbed on the bed. She sat down. Then she spread her legs. She began to play with her pussy: “I bet you want to stick your dick inside my gorgeous pussy.”

I nodded and climbed on her bed. Immediately positioning me above her. More than just ready to slide my rock hard dick inside her already more than just wet pussy. But as soon as my dick touched her pussy, she once more pushed me away. Gentle. Without physically hurting me.

But the desperation I felt must have shown on my face. She hugged me. She gave me some gentle kisses. While one of her hands was going through my hair: “I am very sorry, but it is better that way. We cannot fuck tonight. Believe me. You’ll realize that soon.”

I was thinking what the fuck? What is she up too? Why can’t we just fuck? Strangely, the thought of getting my stuff, getting into my clothes and leaving for good never came into my mind. I was okay with what she was doing with me. Worse, it was a turn on for me. Horny me loved what was going on.

After she told me that sex won’t happen that night, we both cuddled next to each other. My still rock hard dick poking against her damn hot body. We shared some gentle kisses. Then she fell asleep. My boner kept me up for a few hours. I was thinking off jerking off. Nutting out a big one. But I decided against it. It probably would disappoint her. Or make her angry. And I didn’t wanted to do that. Luckily, at some point in time, I was able to fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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