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Chapter 2 A mother’s love:

The home-made pasta had been delicious. Mark’s mom loved to cook and he loved eating it. Bill had broken out of his lustful daze by the time dinner was served, though, as always, his eyes kept searching for Elizabeth’s chest. She’d tried to be engaging when the conversation had turned to the latest fads, though it was clear she was a bit out of her depth. Still, she tried to participate and act interested.

After dinner they all went to the living-room. Taking a seat on the large couch, the boys on either side of Elizabeth. Leaning on her and having a nice, cozy time. They’d turned on the TV and were watching some documentary about body-modding. Of which, one of the more popular kinds was furryfication. Adding animalistic traits to their bodies, such as fur, tails and claws.

There were many interviews, including one with a beautiful blonde teacher, who’d had her esophagus turned into an erogenous zone. So that according to her, she could cum hard when she took long, stiff cocks down her throat. That made Mark muse out loud whether he was long enough to make her cum that way. A short discussion followed that. There was no way to know for sure, so the discussion didn’t really go anywhere.

That was, until his mom decided to try and see how far down the throat it could actually go. The answer? Pretty far. It had his mom gagging and choking, struggling to keep it it all down. A firm push on the back of her head though, had gotten it the last bit. Sputtering and gasping for air, she’d pulled her head off the large member. Giving a thumbs up, as she tried to catch her breath. Her nipples clearly stiffened, she’d been affected by the effort.

Laying down on her side, she moved to the edge of the couch, patting the cushions behind her.

“Cuddle time.”

Mark moved in behind her, propping his head up on a pillow, to be able to see the TV past her. Wrapping his arm around her waist, his hand idly trailed over her stomach. Elizabeth raised her left leg and pressed up against her son, then lowering it again, trapping his hard cock between her shapely thighs. Rubbing them slowly together, stimulating him as they watched. Soon Mark started moving as well, pushing back and forth, his cock sliding up against Elizabeth’s pussy. Sliding along it, aided by the slippery mix of his pre-cum and her wetness.

They stayed like this for several minutes. Enjoying the documentary whilst cuddling. Grinding against each-other, while Bill alternately watched them and the screen. Elizabeth’s hand started idly playing with the cock-head, as it went between her thighs, against her pussy and then sticking out on front of her. Making it look like she’d grown a short penis. Distractedly running her fingers over it, as her son moved his hand up from her stomach, to one of her shapely breasts, massaging it and gently playing with the stiff nipple.

Slowly, he continued. Teasing soft moans out of his mother. Soon she couldn’t quite take it any more, lifting her leg once more, she pushed and guided his cock. Guiding it to her wet, wanting, entrance.

With his next slow thrust forwards, he entered her. His cock spreading the walls of her vagina, pushing in easily due to how incredibly wet she was. Still focused on the documentary, they kept moving with soft movements. Slow and sensual. Mark loved their cuddling sessions. There was nothing quite like being close sahabet güvenilirmi to the person who birthed you and loved you unconditionally. There was no pressure or expectations. Just a desire for them to be happy and feel good.

As he gently cuddle-fucked her and watched the documentary, he would occasionally kiss or nibble on her neck and ear. Making her shiver with delight. It was during one of these nibbles that her shiver grew to something more, growing in intensity and length, her pussy clamping down on him.

The first orgasm was a small one, but it wasn’t the last. Keeping a steady pace, Mark kept at it. Loving the warm, wet feeling of fucking his mother. Looking down, he noticed that Bill had grabbed one of Elizabeth’s feet, massaging it, while pressing it against his groin, using the movements of her foot and toes to stimulate his small cock. Getting off on watching the incestuous act in progress.

Mark resisted the urge to let loose, to really give him a show. This was meant to be cuddling, not some wild orgy. With practiced ease he kept the tempo, rubbing his cock against the walls of her pussy, hitting her g-spot at just the right angle. Soon enough, his mom clenched down again, her breath catching in her throat as she came once more. As she came down from her second orgasm, he decided to do something fun. As her shoulders heaved from her labored breathing, he bit into it. At the same time pinching and pulling on her nipple, the way he knew she loved it.

The effect was immediate. Letting out a wail, she came hard. Her pussy milking his cock with the convulsions. He couldn’t resist it anymore, with three quick pumps he felt his orgasm start. Pressing tight against his mother, he filled the womb that had carried him, with his seed.

As they both lay there panting, recovering, Elizabeth gave her son’s arm a little slap.

“You jerk. I’ve told you not to leave marks before a show. Gawd, now I’m going to have to cover it up with make-up.”

“Sorry mom, but you love it…”

“… You’re right. Still though, what I love and what I should do are often very different things.”

After that, Elizabeth had taken a shower, getting ready for her show. Putting on make-up and her outfit, packing her equipment and lube while doing small singing-exercises, to ensure she’d not hurt her throat taking her son’s large cock. Happy that she was all set, she gave the boys hugs goodbye and then set out.

Mark and Bill decided to play some video-games for a couple hours, before Bill went home. Leaving Mark alone. He spent a little time planning for his homework, before crawling into bed for the night.

The morning after, he woke up to the smell of fried eggs. Getting out of bed he shuffled his way to the kitchen. Finding out that his mom was busy making them egg-sandwiches. Humming away cheerfully while she shook her cum-stained ass.

“Well, you seem like you’re in a good mood today.”

“Morning hun. And yes! I was paired up with Lisa as my guitarist. Turns out, that medical leave she’d taken? Was to get a horse-cock attached!”

“Wow? Really?”

“Yupp! And oh my god, the way it swung around as she played? I could hardly focus on putting on a good show. And once it got inside me? I’m fairly sure I missed a few words. Though, the crowd didn’t seem to mind.” Mark’s mom was absolutely beaming, radiating satisfaction and sahabet yeni giriş joy.

Mark was happy for his mom, though the cum on her was starting to flake off. He informed her of this and the fact that maybe, she should take a shower.

As she got the water running, he finished up his breakfast and poured himself another glass of juice. Savoring the flavor. Being all done, he put away the dishes and went to brush his teeth. Opening the door the the bathroom, he was met by his mothers soothing singing and a cloud of steam. As his mothers unreasonably hot showers tended to fog the place up.

Brushing his teeth, he idly watched his mother through the foggy glass. Seeing her blurry form sway back and forth. Cleaning herself and enjoying the shower.

Spitting out his toothpaste, he rinsed the toothbrush and his mouth, feeling much freshened up and more awake.

“Mom, are you gonna be using the shower for much longer?”

“Mmmmm~ what was that hun?”

“I said I need to shower before I head to the academy.”

“But it feels soooooo nice.”

“I’ll be late if you hog the shower all morning.”

“Ugh, fine, just a little longer… Or… why don’t you just join me and let mommy help.”

“I’m not a baby anymore!”

“Fine, be late then.”

“Okay, okay. You win.”


“But turn down the heat first! I don’t wanna get boiled alive.”

Stripping out of his underwear, Mark opened the glass-door and stepped in, greeted by the sight of his mothers wet, flushed body. Shampoo in her chestnut hair, and boobs jiggling delightfully as she rubbed the shampoo in.

Him redirecting the water-stream to hit him instead earned him a pout, followed by his mother pushing into him. “Waaaateeeeeeeeer”

“Mom! I need to get washed up, I can’t do that if you’re gonna be like this.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, mommy’s got the solution, just let me handle it.”

With that she grabbed the body-wash, pouring it into her palm. She started gently rubbing it onto his chest. Standing behind him, pressed up against his back. Arms around him, hugging him close while lathering him up. Her firm boobs were pressed into his back as her hands worked on his chest and then stomach. Making sure to get him properly clean. Pouring some more body-wash on her breasts, she started rubbing them against his back, cleaning him on both sides at the same time.

Mark let himself relax, a little embarrassed at being treated like a child, but also enjoying it. His mom’s tender ministrations eased out what little stress he had in him and got him even cleaner than he tended to do himself.

Her hands went up to his shoulders, massaging him a little before resuming the washing. Mark let out a little sigh of contentment and fully let himself enjoy it. It wasn’t like any of his friends were here to see this anyway.

Slowly his arms got washed, one by one as his mom pressed them between her boobs, against her toned stomach. He took the opportunity to lightly run his fingers over her pelvis. Enjoying the feeling of being pandered and taken care of.

He felt her body slide against him, as she went down on her knees, both hands around one of his legs, rubbing the lather onto his thigh, going down, slowly. As she reached his knee she gave a little kiss to his left buttock. Continuing down further, getting his calves all clean.

“Grab the bar and lift sahabet giriş your foot” She prompted him to grab one of the handles that were installed in the shower. Following her directive, his sole was cleaned and then properly rinsed off, to prevent slippage. Though, that was unlikely with the no-slip flooring. However, safety always comes first for a mother when it comes to her child.

Elizabeth moved on to the next leg, slowly letting her hands work their way downwards. Finishing with washing the foot. As she put it down, she placed it further to the side, leaving Mark’s legs spread. She put her hands on the inside of her sons calves. Kissing his other buttock and sensually moving her hands up. Sliding them up the legs, up the thighs. Reaching the top, she started washing, first the butt-cheeks, then between them and to the taint. Rubbing the outside of his prostate softly.

Stretching to the side, she grabbed a bottle of lotion, applying it liberally to her hands. Then she moved one forwards, starting tho gently cradle and wash Mark’s balls. While her other hand rubbed his little butt-hole. Probing the sphincter, pushing the tip of a finger inside. Mark moaned again and his semi-hard cock started to fully harden. Her hand moved up from the balls, washing the erect shaft. Slowly stroking up and down.

A second finger soon joined the first inside his anus. Softly widening the opening, rotating the fingers inside him.

“Got to make sure you’re properly clean everywhere, don’t we hun?” His mom said with a playful giggle.

After several seconds of this, she removed her fingers. Using it to grab his leg, her other hand was around him, gripping his cock, stroking it. Pulling him backwards and bending him slightly forwards as he gripped the railing, she leaned in. Placing a kiss right on his clean, puckered hole. Then another kiss, and another. As her hand kept stroking his rock-hard cock. Mark could feel her tongue make contact, pushing against his anus. Dancing over it, circling it. Rimming him just the way he loved. The stroking of his cock sped up, as the tongue probed forwards. Pushing into his sphincter, before it retreated and started dancing over the opening again.

He started breathing heavier as he knew he was getting closer and closer. As the tongue once again probed, undulating inside his opening, He felt his prostate contract, as thick ropes of cum started shooting out of his cock. Intense orgasmic feelings overtaking him, his grip on the handle being the only reason he stayed on his feet. He panted and moaned in pleasure. His mother didn’t let off though. Instead she kept stroking and probing, stretching the orgasm out until Mark didn’t know how long he’d been cumming. Splattering the shower-wall with his cum. Spurt after spurt, until all that remained was a slow dribble that ran down onto Elizabeth’s hand.

And still she continued. Savoring the pleasure she was giving to her boy. She kept at it until she felt his cock shrink in his hands. With a final kiss, she withdrew. Taking the shower-head, she used it to rinse off the lotion, lather and cum. Getting Mark clean and ready for the day.

“Thanks mom.”

“My pleasure~ But better get all toweled off now darling. Or you’re gonna be late for class.”

Blinking off the last post-orgasmic haze he realized how long they’d been at it.

“Oh shit! Right!”

Hurrying out of the shower, leaving his mother there to enjoy her hot water, he grabbed a towel. Using it to dry himself.

Quickly he went off to his room, getting dressed and grabbing his back-pack. Rushing out the door, he hoped that he’d get to the station in time to catch the express-train.

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