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Purely fictional. All characters are 18 and above.


Being in a position of vulnerability can be a high on its own. However, it didn’t hurt to be a little tipsy as well. Hesitantly putting my glass down on the wooden table, my mind conveniently started to drift, as though picturing my elder sister killing me for leaving a ring on her expensive furniture would take me away from this place. It would’ve left me a lot less guilty had I not been standing in front of her husband.


Fresh out of school, I’d decided to take a year off to backpack across Europe. 3 months out of school and I still hadn’t made enough money. With little support from my parents, I decided to spend a few months with my sister, Cathy, before I could figure out what to do with the remainder of the year. Ever looking for an excuse to hang out with her little sister, she was more than thrilled to hear the news. The only glitch was that I didn’t get along too well with her husband, Kevin.

Standing outside their front door, I wasn’t too happy to see that it wasn’t my sister who had come to greet me, but my estranged brother-in-law standing there in a tattered vest and his boxers. Had I not known who he was, I swear I’d have taken him for some homeless guy that my sister had decided to take pity on.

‘Hey…uh…come in’, he said, sounding rather disappointed to see me.

‘Hey Kevin!’ came my reply as I walked in without waiting for an invitation. ‘Where’s Cathy?’

‘She’s umm…gone to the store for some supplies.’ There was something about him that made me want to pity him. Not that I wanted to. Dishevelled and with a 3-day old stubble, I was starting to think he was really unhappy, making me begin to wonder if things were okay between the two of them.

‘You sound…a bit under the weather. All okay?’ I asked, realising that this was the most I’d ever conversed with him. For some reason, other than the fact that they’d lives nearly 900 miles away before moving to my city a couple of months ago, I hadn’t really gotten to know him that well. Other than the pleasant smiles and the 2-line customary exchange, we hadn’t really gotten to know each other that well.

‘Umm, yeah. I’m alright’ he replied, sounding like he was being confronted. ‘Let me help you with your bags. Cathy’s already tidied up your room. She’s pretty excited about you coming over.’

Why he was giving me these weird vibes, I wouldn’t find out until barely 2 days later when Cathy headed out for work, leaving her free-lancing business consultant of a husband as well as her little sister with the house to themselves. Not that they’d get in each other’s way. I loved the fact that Kevin would spend most of his time in his study, coming out perhaps no more than once every few hours to get something from the kitchen or their room.

Finally getting out of bed, I’d staggered down to the kitchen to fix myself a strong cup of coffee when I heard what sounded like a woman moaning. Realising it was coming from Kevin’s study, I found myself standing in front of the door, my ear plugged to the door as I sipped my coffee, making sure not to let the slurping get in the way.

There were a few seconds of silence before the moaning resumed, causing me to wonder who could be in there with him considering the fact that I knew Cathy had already left. Wanting to get a better view, I remembered that spot in the backyard that would give me a clear view of the inside of the room.

‘That cheating bastard!’ was the first thought that hit me. Based on my knowledge of her previous relationships, I knew she didn’t like cock so much. Nonetheless, this was no excuse for him to be cheating behind his wife’s back. But the moment I carefully peeked into the window, my hatred of him turned to absolute pity.

Buck naked, Kevin was leaning back in his chair, staring at the screen. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust before I noticed that his right hand was far from idle, the elbow almost resting on his spread out right thigh.

On the screen was this barely-legal, buxom porn-star, her legs spread wide as her co-star slowly fed her tight vagina his monster cock. Upon noticing the girth, something that would definitely tear me apart, my eyes quickly returned to the subject of my interest. From that angle, I could barely see the head of his cock popping out between his thighs, his right fist blurring it as it pumped it furiously.

My timing couldn’t have been better as, within minutes, the pumping got more furious, his head now leaning back. Seconds later, I saw thick loads of cum spurt out of the head one after another, some of it landing on the black keyboard, some on his right thigh. The pumping slowed to deliberate strokes as he came down from his orgasm, the on-screen entertainment now out of sync with his actions.

Not wanting to get caught in case he turned around, I made my way back to the kitchen, quickly grabbing my cup and taking a seat on the bar Ataköy escort stool at the counter. From where I was sitting, I was now facing his study, noticing some movement based on the shadows under the door. Barely a minute after I’d sat down with my coffee, I could hear the latch being undone before the opened. Kevin looked rather surprised to see me there.

Standing there in his now-standard uniform – boxers and a tee shirt – he appeared a little embarrassed, remembering what he’d just done with me barely a few feet away. His eyes locking with mine, his right hand instinctively went down to cover what he thought I’d just noticed: his semi erect member still forming a tent in his shorts. I even noticed a small wet spot from what was probably the residual cum from his little wanking session.

‘Hey Sam! Uh…you’re up early.’ He was trying hard to distract me from looking at his crotch any longer.

‘Well, I thought I heard some weird noises at first. I must’ve been dreaming’ I replied with a sly smile, making him blush before he made his way to the fridge. Having witnessed that show, I felt I now had the upper hand.

Back in my room, I found myself quite horny as I lay in bed meddling with my phone. My mind quickly drifted to Ryan, my on-and-off boyfriend who I’m sure was cheating on me since he wasn’t get much from me in the below-the-belt region. Letting my hand slip under my pyjama bottoms, I was soon reminiscing about the times we made out, especially the last time when I snuck him into my parents’ house after a night out.

After 18 years of teasing guys, I was still a virgin. While most of the other girls in my class were busy bragging about ‘the awesome sex’ they had, I was far from comfortable with myself. I was starting to feel bad for Ryan, for whom every make-out session was a lesson in denial. That night, I was ready to let me take my pants off, to go all the way even until I remembered that I hadn’t trimmed my fur down there.

As always, Ryan made an act of not realising that I wasn’t comfortable going fast as he tried to undo my belt buckle. Swatting his hand away, I decided to restrain him with my usual tactic: a quick handjob. Quickly unzipping his bursting bulge, I pulled out his not-so-impressive hard on and proceeded to pump the little head. With him kneeling above me as I lay down, I got a worm’s eye view of his package as he slid his jeans down to let out more of his little prick.

Knowing he was close, I quickly cupped my other palm under the head, not wanting to let any of it get on the linen or my clothes. Seconds later, he was filling up my palm with his thick, gooey load as my hand continued to squish the tip, squeezing out everything there was left inside him. It was the least I could do for someone who didn’t deserve to be teased and denied for so long.

The knock on my door pulled me out of my dreamland. Yanking my hand out of my pants, I got up to open the door to see Kevin standing there with the cordless phone stretched out towards me.

‘Cathy’s on the phone. Wants to ask you something’ he said, handing me the phone. Without thinking, I reached up to take it from him, my still-moist hand making contact with his fingers before the phone was in my hand. He had that oh-you-were-doing-that look on his face as he looked at the moisture that was now transferred to his hand.

Standing there, waiting for me to finish, he pretended to meddle with his phone as I talked to my sister. Hanging up, I handed it back to him.

‘Looks like Cathy won’t be home until after midnight again. What would you like to eat for dinner?’ I could tell he was still not very comfortable being around me while Cathy wasn’t home.

‘I’m okay with anything. Pizza would definitely be nice.’ I wanted nothing more to be left alone.

Much of that day had passed with me lazing around in bed. I was still horny as fuck in spite of having brought myself to orgasm twice already. The room reeked of my sex and I opened the windows to let in some fresh air. My mind raced back to that morning when I caught Kevin smelling his hand as he pretended to wipe his nose. He knew what I’d been up to and it put me in the same position he was in after I’d watched him play with himself.

A nice hot shower later, I was down in the backyard sipping on the long island ice tea Kevin had so kindly fixed for me. After much awkward shuffling around inside the house, he resolved to join me, bringing a bottle of beer with him as he sat down beside me on the garden chair.

‘I’m sorry to hear Europe didn’t work out. I wish I could’ve helped’ he said, finally breaking the silence.

‘That’s really sweet of you. I’m sure I can find a something to do for the rest of the year’ came my reply. ‘Besides, I wouldn’t have been too happy leaving my boyfriend behind.

‘Oh, Ryan and you are still together?’

‘Um, you know about Ryan?’ I was quite taken aback.

‘Yeah, Cathy had mentioned something about him a while Ataköy escort bayan ago’

‘Is that so? I wonder what else she tells you about me’ I replied, suddenly realising that I’d thought out loud.

‘Well, a lot of things’ he replied, finally smiling, albeit with an evil one. I was now mad at my sister whom I’d trusted with all my secrets. As if reading my mind, he continued ‘Look, it’s totally fine. There’s no need to rush into things. You have your whole life ahead of you’.

‘Excuse me!’ I was shocked at what he just said, knowing fully well what he was referring to.

‘Please don’t mind me. All I’m trying to say is that you don’t have to rush in. Guys at your age are always in a hurry. In the end, it’s your body and no one else’s to decide for you.’

I was still in a state of shock. He now seemed a lot bolder, almost turning the tables on me compared to how things were in the morning. Reminding myself that he was just trying to get to know me better, I loosened up. ‘I’m sorry, I’m just a little upset that Cathy shares our conversations with you’ I replied, now sounding a lot calmer.

‘So, if you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide to go ahead with it?’ He sounded a lot more concerned now. Almost like an elder brother.

‘Well, I’m 18, all my friends have done it. I have nothing to lose’ I confessed, taking a big swig of my drink. ‘Besides, my handjobs are starting to get a little stale with Ryan. Poor guy doesn’t deserve to be treated like that at his age.’

‘To be honest, once you get over it, it only gets better…well, for some time’ he paused, realising what he just said.

‘What do you mean? All okay between you guys?’ It was now my turn to play the role of the concerned relative. I knew from my conversations with Cathy that Kevin’s situation wasn’t very different from Ryan’s. I suddenly remembered what Cathy had told me about not being able to keep up with his needs. After all, her hectic work schedule had started to get in the way of their sex life, leaving him to take care of himself the way I’d seen him earlier in the day.

‘Let me guess, Cathy tells you secrets too’ he replied smiling, trying to brush off the topic.

‘Look, Kevin, you just need to give it time. I know it must be quite frustrating with Cathy being away most of the time.’ I couldn’t believe I was now discussing their sex life with him.

‘Yeah, when you’re older, you’d know what it’s like having a dry spell.’

‘I’m not as young as you thing I am!’ I snapped at his seemingly-patronising tone.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Let’s please talk about something else. How about Ryan and you?’

‘What about us? I replied, feeling bad about my reaction. ‘I’ve been wanting to do it for some time but I’m just not…’ I paused, not sure how to say this.

‘Not sure if you’ll regret it?’ He tried guessing.

‘I’m not very comfortable about my body’ I confessed, feeling good to have gotten it off my chest.

The truth is I had, what most guys told me, was a killer body. No taller than about 5.2, my above average breasts looked even bigger on my short frame. To add to it, I had a butt that could conceal a 10-inch cock along its crack. As if that wasn’t enough, the curvy rear beautifully extended down to thick, muscular thighs. All in all, I was what you’d call voluptuous and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Kevin thought as he checked me out.

‘To be honest, I’d think you were fishing for a compliment. How could a girl, that looked like this, be self-conscious about her body?’ he asked, now blatantly staring at my tits and then my bare legs sticking out of my tight shorts.

‘Oh shut up!’ I blushed. ‘The problem isn’t with what you see. It’s what Ryan will eventually see.’ I confessed, wondering if he would get it.

‘Ohhhh…’ He did get it. ‘So you’re telling me you’re not…’

‘I’m a bit hairy down there. There, I said it!’ I finished his sentence, looking away out of embarrassment.

‘Aaaand…you’ve never owned a pair of scissors?’ he quipped, trying the add a bit of levity to the discussion.

‘Very funny! The thing is, I’ve never cut my hair and I’m really scared of shaving it off.’ I answered, looking him in the eye.

‘Just get a bikini wax!’ He stated, sounding excited about having come up with a solution. ‘I can drive you to Cathy’s parlour tomorrow morning.’

‘Aww, that’s really sweet of you but I’ve heard how bikini waxes hurt like shit. And I also know they don’t do shaving’ I replied, sounding rather disappointed.

After a few moments of silence, Kevin spoke. ‘You know, you could just ask Ryan to do it. I…used to do it for Cathy when we first started dating.

‘You…what?’ I wasn’t sure whether I was more surprised by his suggestion or by the information. ‘Cathy…shaved down there?’

After a long sigh he replied ‘Used to. Now I’ve forgotten what it even looks like’ he said, smiling.

‘You poor thing. escort Ataköy I’m sure things will get better soon.’ I was actually feeling really bad for the guy. It sure sucked to be married.

‘Looks like the pizza’s here’ he said when we heard the doorbell ring.

It was now dark outside as I walked back into the house to the sight of Kevin paying the pizza guy off.

‘Grab some plates and fix yourself another drink. Oh, and could you please get me another beer?’ He said as he carried the pizza boxes into the living room.

We ate in silence, watching some old episodes of the Sopranos. It felt good to have opened up to him. Kevin turned out to be quite a nice guy after all. By the end of the meal, and my second drink, I was started to feel the buzz. My mind was still on the last part of the conversation. I wasn’t sure how to bring it up again but I sure needed to.

‘So, how exactly would Ryan be able to help me when he’s the one I’m trying to impress?’ I asked, breaking the silence.

He turned to look at me, clearly unhappy about having to talk about it again. ‘You do have a point there. Perhaps…’ he paused, suddenly realising where the conversation was going.

My heart was in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was about to ask my sister’s husband if he would help groom his sister-in-law’s snatch. Gathering as much courage as I could ‘Umm…what about you? Look, I know it’s weird but I have no other choice.’

He just sat there staring blankly at the TV, probably hoping the silence would help before turning back to me again. ‘I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.’

‘I know it sounds strange but it’s really just a haircut. Cathy would never find out, I promise.’ I nearly begged.

After another bout of silence, he finally relented. ‘Ok, but let’s make this quick. Oh, and we NEVER EVER talk about this to anyone!’ he said, sounding pretty serious.

‘Our little secret. I promise!’

So there I was, walking up to him as he sat in his office chair, staring at my crotch. Completely nude from the waist down, I watched his eyes as they took in the sight of my naked hips swaying as I made my way to him. On his desk were a pair of scissors, a small comb, a disposable razor, a can of shaving foam, and a hand towel.

Standing in front of him with my legs barely spread, his face was at the same level as my bush and he stared at it for a few seconds, as if assessing the amount of work that would be required. Reaching for the comb, he ran it in short strokes through my hair, his other hand holding the outside of my thigh. It wan’t before long that he grabbed the small scissors and stared snipping away. I watched as a few clumps of my pubic hair fell to the floor between my feet.

Once he was satisfied with the front, he got up and asked me to take the seat. While it felt good to finally rest my ass against the soft cushion, I immediately felt a massive wave of shame and humiliation as he reached for my ankles and lifted my feet onto the chair. In this position, my legs were spread wide, giving him a clear view of my still hairy pussy.

After he finished cutting most of my hair down close to the skin, I innocently ran my hand up and down the skin to feel the smoothness, unintentionally brushing against my clit and causing me to get turned on. Now would come the scary part – the razor. I watched as he sprayed a generous amount of the gel onto his palm before casually lathering it into my crotch.

It dawned on me that this was the first time that I’d ever let anybody touch me down there. And it was exquisite! I loved the way his fingertips dipped through the foam, running along and between my folds. My legs involuntarily spread wider, thrusting my crotch out towards him and he was quick to notice pausing to look up at me while his fingers lingered over my crotch.

Wiping the foam of his hands with the towel, he proceeded to spread the skin on the left side of my lips, gently and very slowly running the razor over it. After finishing up, he moved on to the next side, repeating the strokes. Every now and then, a knuckle would bump against my clit, causing me to jerk my hips a bit.

Using the towel, he wiped the foam and loose hair away, admiring his work. Reaching into the desk draw, he pulled out a small mirror and handed it to me. ‘Take a look and tell me if you like what you see.’ He said, staring at my bald snatch.

It looked like a brand new pussy. I loved the way the entire length of my lips were now visible. Running my hand over the smooth skin, I finally spoke ‘It’s sooo smooth! Like a baby’s bottom!’

‘Speaking of bottoms, it’s time to turn around’

‘No, you really don’t need to…’ I tried to bargain.

‘Well, let’s have a look to make sure there aren’t any stray hairs remaining.’

I managed to muster enough courage before I complied. Without putting my feet back on the floor, I turned around in the chair, my chest leaning against the backrest as I stuck my large ass out towards him. This was the most vulnerable I’d ever been and his silence as he stared at my exposed rear from less than a foot away was only making it worse.

‘Umm…you may need to spread them a bit. I’ll need both my hands.’ He said, trying not to sound too excited.

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