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Thank you again for the responses, the last submission is this series was not as well received. This will finish this series if it is not pleasing to the readers. Thank you all so much for the support, it is truly appreciated.

Chapter 7

I drove home in a complete daze, my dick straining against my pre cum soaked panties. I did everything asked of me, I embarrassed myself while shopping, I have been looking at every man’s cock that I walk near, I have worshipped David’s cock. Absolutely everything he has asked, I so desperately wanted his cock, it’s all I even think about.

When I got back to my dorm room, I put my new panties away and threw out 4 pair of underwear as I was told to do. I have changed so much recently, but what was happening now simply didn’t seem fair to me, I felt so frustrated. But I was determined to please him, to do as he asked. Why did I try and kiss him, what came over me, I am acting like a faggot. I needed him, I needed his cock, I was so hungry for his cum, why was he doing this to me.

I needed to do as he said or I would not be getting his cock anytime soon, in my heart I knew this to be true. I am to wear my panties and new jeans, stare at other men’s cocks. That is his expectations, and I will follow them, I must follow them to get what I needed. I should think focus completely on doing so, I threw the 4 pair of underwear away as he instructed. Why not throw almost all of them away, only keep a few and buy more panties. I like how they feel, and they show off my dick so well.

If I do so I can text him and let him know what I’ve done, he will see and recognize my efforts to please him. I went to my dresser and removed all but 3 pair, putting them in a trash bag I was determined. I walked straight out to the dumpster to discard them immediately, no second thoughts. As I walked, I could feel my dick rubbing against my jeans, I was so hard and so sure it was very noticeable. I walked past several men and noticed every crotch, every cock.

Knowing every single cock, I looked at had balls full of cum, the feeling of pride in pleasuring a man and receiving the reward of warm cum was exhilarating. I absolutely loved it. I went back to my room and text David, letting him know what I had done with my underwear.

I waited patiently, anxious for his response. Here I sit, my dick throbbing in my panties, horny as I have ever been waiting on another man to text me. Life is so strange, how things unfold. My phone vibrated, like a lovestruck teen I grabbed it.

He responded, “I am so proud of you, you are doing so very well, I really appreciate you taking the initiative. To show my appreciation here is a picture for you, I want you to set it as the background on your phone.”

It was a picture of his hard cock, the cock I was craving. But he was proud of me and appreciated what I had done. It feels so amazing pleasing him in anyway. The picture was beautiful in every way, how could I set it as my background. What if someone were to see it? I can’t worry about that I need to do as he says, show him my devotion.

I set it on my phone and text him back, “Thank you, I love the pic, it is set on my phone.”

I did love it, I was just staring at it, thinking of how much I loved it when he text back.

“Good boy, you are becoming a truly wonderful faggot. Have a great few days.”

He loves when I do as he says, I loved it also, I felt a sense of pride in pleasing him, wanting to make him happy. It was late and I had an early class I need to try and sleep. I got ready for bed and it felt different wearing my panties to bed, very comfortable.

I woke up and realized I had tossed and turned all night, I got in the shower and it felt wonderful to actually touch my throbbing dick. I can’t touch myself sexually, David was clear about that, but any touch was pleasant as horny as I was. I quickly got dressed and made sure my dick was very visible, I felt good in my new jeans and panties and was looking forward to looking at cocks.

As I walked, I realized it was becoming much easier and more comfortable to notice the men as I walked past them. güvenilir bahis I could easily tell the ones that were hard, which made me tingle. I was feeling such desperation, I needed to suck cock, I was so hungry for cum. I was enjoying looking at these men, staring at their cocks, wondering what they looked like, felt like, tasted like.

When I sat down in my first class I was so turned on, I kept looking at the picture of David’s cock. I was in love, I adored this cock, I desperately wanted to please David, to do as he said. It was becoming more of a natural feeling to me. The class ended and I was excited to look at more cocks. As I was leaving, I bumped into the guy that helped me pick out my jeans. I apologized and he replied, “No problem, hey, how are the jeans working for you?”

“Very well, thank you I’m wearing a pair today.”

“I noticed, they do look a little feminine, but it did give you what you wanted.”

He noticed my dick, I looked at his crotch, he wasn’t hard, but it looked nice.

“Thank you and thank you so much for helping me, I do appreciate it.”

“Anytime, we have a huge selection of feminine attire to choose from.”

I only bought jeans, why did he feel he needed to tell me about other feminine clothing they had available. It didn’t bother me long, I was back to looking at cocks and I started noticing even more. How strong or weak they appeared to be, their hair, their smiles. Men are just so damn hot. OMG where did that come from. I was consumed with horniness that was all it was. Looking at my phone, at David’s cock, at all of the men I was walking past.

I needed to cum so badly but couldn’t touch myself, maybe porn would help. I went back to my dorm and quickly pulled up some porn sites. Girls with huge boobs, girls with other girls, just wasn’t doing anything. I searched gay porn and there is what I wanted, cocks and cocks and blow jobs. It was working my new jeans were getting a wet spot. The cocks were making me crazy, so big, so full of cum, so hard. God I was so hungry for cum. This was only making it worse, not helping and then I came across a video of a weaker guy with a dominant partner.

As I watched I was thinking of David and myself, the weaker man’s obsession with him. He sucked him with a hunger that I knew so well. Then I noticed something in the man’s ass as I watched closer. He had a butt plug inside himself. My mind was racing, why, what does it do, what does it feel like. So many questions racing through my mind.

I spent the next few hours researching more and more, David has told me he has been researching our relationship, I should also. So many aspects, so many things I could and should be doing. As I was reading and researching, I was in a state of arousal like I had never felt before. A lot of these things is what David is wanting, I should show initiative and start working on some of them. I began reading everything I could on the dynamic of our relationship, watched videos and really was determined to learn more. I wanted to please David, the more I pleased him the more he would let me have his beautiful cock and feed me his cum.

I spent hours and was beside myself with need for cock and cum, there was so much I could do and wanted to do. I left for the mall, I wanted more panties, David liked them, and it would please him. As I drove, I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t feeling the nervousness as I had before. I got out of my car and walked proudly into the mall not caring that my dick was showing prominently in my sexy jeans.

As I walked, I searched for men, I wanted to look at them to see their cocks. I was proud of my confidence in my new self, I walked into Victoria’s Secrets and was greeted by a young woman I had noticed on campus. She asked if she could help me, and I smiled and said, “Thank you but I know exactly what I need.”

I went straight to the display found my size and chose 12 more various colors. I was feeling so wonderful, this was so much easier than just a day before. I paid for my panties and joined the reward program as well.

This felt so good, I was walking with confidence güvenilir bahis siteleri and happy with what I had done, David will be so happy. I walked through JCPenney on my way to the car and couldn’t help but notice some of the female clothing, I had read a lot about men liking when their faggots dressed more feminine, so I decided to shop. I quickly realized the same issue I had while shopping for panties, I had no idea what size I would need in anything.

I found a sales lady and asked if she could help me with sizing and explained the items would be for myself. I was a little surprised how easy it had become to openly admit it but happy. She was very helpful and measured and instructed me on every article of clothing I may desire. It felt so amazing to be doing this for David. I so wanted to please him in every way. Every item I looked at he was on my mind, I left the store spending over $300 but feeling fantastic and horny as could be. What next on my quest to be what my man wanted. The adult store, I could get a dildo which may help with my cravings.

As I drove to the store, I could feel the wetness in my panties and it felt so natural, so normal, I was so happy with David, but I needed his cock. I walked into the store with all of the confidence in the world, my small bulge very prominent. There were maybe 3 men wandering around and I blatantly looked at every one of their cocks. I knew where the dildos were, so I walked to that section and started shopping, I wanted one that reminded me of David. It was so nice to think of him in this way, as someone I wanted to please, someone I desired.

As I shopped feeling the dildos in my hand, thinking of how they would feel in my mouth I was getting even hornier. I noticed an entire section of DVD movies and decided to look at the gay titles. My horniness was taking over my every thought, I had picked out a DVD that sounded good when I realized I could watch them in the back of the store, David had sent me here to do so.

Why not, I was feeling so amazingly good, making my man happy was exhilarating, dressing as he wanted, shopping, as he put it finding myself. I went to the cashier to have him hold my purchases and asked for tokens. He smiled and said, “Of course sweetie.” He just called me sweetie, it actually felt good, I replied, “Thank you so much” and winked at him.

I went to the video booths feeling fantastic and ready to see more men, I found a booth. Sat down and started watching a gay video. As I watched I couldn’t help thinking how insightful David was, he knew all along that I was a faggot, he knew how I was going to feel, how I was going to change. I felt like it was my first crush, I was falling in love with him.

He was so intuitive and insightful, so ruggedly handsome and my god his huge cock. The men on the video were so intent on sucking each other, I couldn’t believe how wet my panties were from my dick leaking. I heard someone in the booth next to me apparently enjoying what they were watching as well. I was literally surrounded by sex and more importantly men.

Completely lost in total horniness I heard someone say, “Are you hungry faggot?”

I wasn’t sure where the voice came from, so I simply sat quietly and soon I heard, “Do you want be fed?”

“I know you hear me, I’m in the booth next to you. I noticed what you were looking at in the store and what you are buying. If you want what I have put your finger in the hole.”

He must be talking to me, the realization hit me, and I had no idea what to do. I had only sucked David, but David did tell me I would figure it out. Was this what he meant, I would suck someone else, would he be upset with me. I had no idea as all of those thoughts were running through my mind. He was obviously horny, and he had cum. I was craving it so badly.

Then I heard, “Will this help? If I show it to you?” With that saw I a hard cock being put through the hole in the wall. He expected me to suck him, I had no idea what he looked like, how old he was, nothing at all and he was offering his cock to me. It was so hard and literally all I needed to do was kneel.

“Is iddaa siteleri your mouth-watering faggot? Take care of it, that’s what faggots do, they service men.”

I did need it, he was right and so did he, I could help us both. David knew this would happen, but how did he know. As I stared at it, I was kneeling, I needed to feel it in my mouth, I needed his cum. I touched it, my god it felt so good, he wasn’t near as big as David, but he had cum. I kissed the head, swirling my tongue around it, I wanted desperately to please him, to get his cum.

He was moaning, calling me a faggot, I loved it, I am a faggot, a faggot that loves cock. My panties felt so good against my hard dick. I was sucking him so eagerly, taking all of him in my mouth. I was trying to get more in, wanting him in my throat. I didn’t know him, knew nothing about him but I wanted him to be happy.

I heard, “Damn you are a hungry faggot, keep sucking cocksucker, I am almost ready to give you what you need.”

It only made me suck harder, knowing I was close to getting his cum. I felt him start to swell and fuck harder and faster, I started to moan, I knew what was coming. As soon as the first load of cum hit my mouth I exploded in my panties. It was such a euphoric feeling, drinking cum just made me cum, sucking cock made me cum.

He kept saying oh god yes, drink it all you faggot cocksucker. After he finished, I licked him clean, he withdrew and said, “Thank you faggot.” Without thinking I immediately said, “No, thank you Sir.”

I could hear him putting his clothes back together and leave the booth. I sat and savored the cum that lingered in my mouth. I heard the door next to my booth open again, a smile came across my face, he wanted more.

I listened and heard his zipper coming down, I waited by the hole. The head came through, but it wasn’t him. This cock was a black man.

“I heard there was a very hungry faggot needing feeding. Get to work.”

My instincts were automatic, I began licking and kissing his beautiful cock, knowing there would be more cum for me. As I was savoring sucking this man’s cock, it was so natural, this is where I was meant to be. Serving real men with beautiful cocks and delicious cum. I was feeling and accepting that I was a faggot cocksucker and it felt wonderful. Just concentrate on pleasuring this man who allowed the honor of pleasuring him.

He was calling me names as I sucked him, all deserved, gay, faggot, sissy, cocksucker, all very fitting.

“Damn bitch you hungry, you love cock.”

I could feel him thrusting faster, his cock swelling, I felt so proud of myself, learning to look for these things, I was becoming a great cocksucker and I felt so good about it. He erupted, I swallowed every ounce of his precious cum, so happy to have it. I cleaned his cock and thanked him.

He responded, “Bitch I need your number, I could use a slut like you.”

I said, “Thank you Sir, I have someone, but I appreciate the compliment.”

“Check with your Master, I would use you often and supply you with all of the cock you would ever want.”

I felt so proud of myself, he desired me, desired my talents and I felt wonderful. “I can ask him Sir.”

“Good faggot, we will meet back here on Thursday, I will feed you and you will share the decision with me.”

I replied, “Yes Sir.”

With that he left his booth, I stood up and I had a feeling of complete satisfaction, I was so happy, I was changing so much and in a way that was appreciated by others. I had just sucked off two complete strangers and I was feeling pride and accomplishment, David has been a god send. I hope David is proud of all that I have done, I hope it doesn’t upset him, I truly want him to be happy with me.

I walked out of the booth still feeling my cum in my panties, a huge smile on my face and walked, rather pranced to the counter to pay for my purchases. I smiled at the cashier and asked to pay for my purchases.

“Of course, honey, did you find everything you needed?”

I smiled my broadest smile and replied, “Oh yes it far exceeded my expectations.”

He returned the smile, handed me my bag and said, “Thank you so much sweetie, we certainly hope you come back soon.'”

I walked from the store, smiling broadly and so happy with myself, excited to share all of it with David.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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