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This is a true experience that happened a couple of days ago. I wanted to share it while the memory is still fresh.

I am a regular, masculine, straight guy in my early 50s. I am married and active, in good shape. I have a great life and a good marriage, except for sex.

I do have a woman on the side that helps me take care of that. She is a beautiful, younger woman who is also married. We have a very kinky relationship. We have a lot of fun together.

But lately I haven’t been able to get something else off of my mind. I have become increasingly curious about men. I have always enjoyed seeing a hot guy with a nice cock in a porn movie. I also enjoy the view in the locker room at the gym. I take my time getting dressed after the shower so I can check out a hot naked guy sometimes.

i have watched a little bit of gay porn, and read some gay stories on Literotica. I don’t care for most of what I have seen and read, but every now and then I come across a gay video or story that makes my cock throb and drip.

I have gone as far as getting on a hookup site and talking to a few men, but either I chickened out, or the other guy did. Or we just weren’t that interested in each other.

I met a guy online recently, and we hit it off pretty well. So well that we exchanged numbers and started texting, which led to sexting and sharing photos with each other. His name is Dean, and he also is married and curious. He is 38, in good shape and has a beautiful, average sized cock. In the pictures it was always hard, his balls were shaved smooth and he was nicely manscaped. He made it clear that he wanted a blowjob from a man, and that he most likely would not reciprocate at first. He seemed a little nervous.

We Bakırköy escort both had an unexpected opening in our schedule one day, but we had no place to meet on such short notice. I suggested we meet at an out of the way park early in the afternoon, and we could sit in the big back seat of my pickup truck, which has very dark tinted windows, and get to know each other. He was a little reluctant, but as excited as I was so he agreed.

I arrived first and the place was deserted, I parked in a secluded spot near some trees, my heart was pounding with excitement and my cock was throbbing. I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this. I was sitting in the big back seat rubbing my hard cock through my jeans when he pulled up. He got in and sat down, we were both very pleased when we saw each other.

I could tell he was nervous as he looked around. I put my hand on his thigh and told him to relax, that no one could see us. I could see the bulge in his jeans and ran my hand over it, squeezing it, as i asked him if he was ready to get his cock sucked by a man. His cock was getting harder and harder as I rubbed it. It felt like a rock in his pants.

He reached down and unbuckled his belt and slipped his pants and underwear off, and there it was! His hard, throbbing, beautiful cock. It was twitching and bouncing as I softly wrapped my hand around it. I couldn’t believe that I was touching another mans cock, and it felt so good. I was staring at it and slowly stroking it, his balls looked so full and swollen.

I bent my head down and started kissing his thighs, dragging my tongue over to his smooth balls. I sucked and licked his balls while i continued stroking his shaft. Bakırköy escort bayan I slowly kissed my way up his shaft, sucking and licking it until I got to the head. I slowly sucked the head into my mouth and he let out a loud groan as I licked and sucked on it, lapping up his precum as it oozed from the tip.

I was so into it, I wanted to make love to his beautiful cock. I slowly sucked as much as I could into my mouth. His precum was leaking onto my tongue, and it all tasted wonderful. The more I sucked him the harder he was. I kept taking him deeper with each thrust, until I finally felt his head in my throat and my lips were at the base. I held

it there, milking the head with my throat and sucking, with his entire cock buried in my mouth.

I was sucking him harder now, taking that hard cock down my throat with each thrust, increasing the suction. he was still sitting up and moaning now, watching me work his cock. I cupped his balls softly in my hands and put my finger on his asshole. I was so into it, just as I am when I am eating a woman’s beautiful juicy pussy. I was totally lost in the moment, it felt so natural to be sucking his cock. I would pull it out of my mouth every so often and run my lips and tongue up and down the sides of his shaft, down to his balls. Kissing and licking, savoring every inch of his wonderful cock.

I rubbed his balls and worked the fingertip into his ass while I lovingly gobbled his hard, beautiful cock. He was bucking against me now, pushing that cock down my throat, as I increased the pressure on his asshole with my finger and squeezed his tight, swollen balls.

I decided right then that I wanted his cum, I wanted to taste escort Bakırköy it and gulp it all down. He was moaning about how good it felt and breathing really hard . I was whimpering on his cock just like many a woman has done on my cock.

I knew it was coming before he said it, by the way his legs stiffened up and his balls tensed up in my hand. I pulled back so just the head was in my mouth when the first spurt of cum hit my tongue. He clutched my head and pumped all of his cum into my hungry mouth. It tasted wonderful, so warm and silky and smooth on my tongue. I swallowed every drop of Deans cum. He just kept cumming, and pumping it into my mouth. I was softly sucking, and gulping down every drop. I held him in my mouth until his balls were completely drained and started lightly kissing and licking the shaft and head.

I sat up next to him and saw him looking at the cum in the corners of my mouth. So I licked them clean while he watched. I started rubbing my cock through my jeahs and I asked him if he had ever seen another mans hard cock in person before. He replied that he hadn’t. I undid my pants and slipped them off, showing him my hard throbbing cock. It is a little longer and fatter than his, and was dripping precum.

I grabbed my shaft and started stroking it, he was totally transfixed watching my hand slide up and down my cock. I stroked it faster, I was enjoying putting on a show for him. The fat head felt like it was going to burst through the skin it was so hard. His eyes on me were making me even hotter, I started pumping my hips into my hand as I felt that familiar stirring in my balls. His eyes got big and wide when he watched my cock blast cum all over my belly and hand. I kept stroking it, rubbing my cum all over my cock and balls as it twitched and started to relax. “Well now you have seen one!”

The next time we meet will be in a hotel. I cant believe how much I loved sucking his cock, it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life! I definitely want more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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