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I always loved that our apartment complex had a courtyard. It offered a nice view, right from the center of the apartments. The apartments fit together nicely on all four sides, all with windows opening up on the courtyard, and consequently, across the way. At this point in the season, the snow blanketed everything with the Christmas holiday coming up. A couple weeks ago, I had noticed that an attractive young woman had moved into the apartment across the way from us. She looked to be about 24, with shoulder length blonde hair, a slender build, and a great figure. A little shorter than me, she probably measured up to about 5’7. After one week, I noticed that she had also taken note of me. My husband works second shift, and I have the apartment to myself for the afternoon/evening hours, as well as the woman across the way.

As is my nature, I was unable to resist boldly showing off from my side of the complex. About once a day, I would make sure to walk past my window wearing very little, or nothing at all, usually something festive. On the third day, the woman noticed, and did a double take: I pretended not to see, but I felt the success of catching her attention.

This continued over the next two weeks, me boldly passing by, or ever staying in front of, the window pretending not to see her watching me. I wore everything from a slip to only some Christmas bows, advertising myself as a gift that I knew she wanted. She appeared to not have anyone over most nights, and as of yet I had not mentioned her to my husband. One particular night, I was feeling very frisky, and made sure to leave myself in plain view of the window, lit up by only the gaziosmanpaşa escort Christmas tree. I started to play with myself, pretending I did not know I was in sight of the window. I noticed her watching, but pretending not to see me. I smiled to myself as I played with my clit, allowing myself to start getting into it. To my pleasure, she kept watching as I started to writhe in ecstasy. I allowed myself to lose sight of her to get even more into it, massaging my breasts with my hands, tasting myself, and working myself into a strong orgasm. I glanced over right before cumming just in time to notice she too had started playing with herself. Triumphantly, I came with a sudden burst and moaned.

I knew my husband would be coming home soon, so I quickly cleaned up and mentioned nothing. The next evening, I knew he would be looking for some good, end-of-the week sex, and I had a surprise Christmas present in store for him.

That evening, when my husband called from work, I worked my plans into the conversation.

“Hey baby, I have an early Christmas present for you tonight.”

“Oh yeah? What might that be?”

“I can’t tell you. I guess you’ll just have to wait until you get home and see what’s under the tree.”

He sounded aroused and interested, and I knew it would be a good night. Shortly before he was due home, I marched purposefully around the complex to the room I knew belonged to the blonde. I knocked, waited, and had the pleasure of her answering promptly.

“Do you have plans for tonight?”

“Uh, n-no…,” she stammered.

“Well, you gölbaşı escort do now. Come with me.”

She followed me somewhat nervously, but I could sense her anticipation as well. By sheer luck, we arrived back to my apartment shortly before my husband. We chatted briefly over wine before he got back, and I found out her name was Mariah. She seemed to really like my Christmas tree, and I moved us to just underneath it, enjoying the aroma of pine and my excitement for the night. As my husband got home, I answered to the door, leaving Mariah under the festively lit up Christmas tree.

“Mart, meet Mariah. She will be joining us this evening.” Just with my words, I saw a nice bulge start to rise in his pants. It was already late, and I was eager to get started. I grabbed Mariah’s hand and told her to follow me. As soon as I got to my room, I threw her gently down to the bed.

As I reached down to kiss her neck, I whispered “I know you’ve been watching me. I see you every day.”

“I…I-I…,” she stuttered.

“Shhh, it’s ok. Tonight you get what you want,” I replied, “This is my Christmas present to you.”

I quickly moved my way to her mouth, kissing her aggressively while removing her shirt. To my delight, her breasts popped nicely out of her shirt, revealing that she had not been wearing a bra. I sighed as I took in the sight. I was already feeling quite wet with excitement and anticipation. I kissed her breasts, rolling her nipples around with my tongue, feeling them harden. Remembering Mart, I moved back and let him take the lead as I unclothed myself. I watched keçiören escort him kissing her body, then moving down to remove the tight skirt she wore. As she pulled her slender, well-toned legs out of it with some hesitation, I smiled to myself. Reaching forward, I undressed Mart as well, taking in the wonderful sight of his long, hard cock, a sight of which I would never tire. I moved in and took Mart’s mouth full on mine, kissing him passionately and letting Mariah watch. Once I sensed her desire to get back involved, I pushed my way into her crotch, taking her clit full on with my tongue. She gasped sharply and shuddered as my tongue plunged deep inside her, forcing her to moan.

Mart came at me from behind at this point, massaging my back and ass, playing with me as well. This time Mariah was the one to make a move, flipping me over so that she was now on top. Slightly surprised, I smiled at her, kissing her deeply. Mart then took her from behind, shoving his throbbing cock into her pussy, giving way to a moan himself. I slip upwards on the bed so Mariah could take in my pussy, dripping wet at this point. At the touch of her tongue, I plunged into ecstasy once more, enjoying her every touch.

Mart led the next change, putting himself in between us, fucking me harder and harder as he ate Mariah out. I could feel myself working up to certain orgasm, which I held in for as long as I could. I heard Mariah becoming louder and louder, a sound for which I had been hoping for over a week now. Mart grunted in work and pleasure, forcing his way deeper and deeper inside of me. Feeling the rage of the orgasm now, I called out and commanded the other two to cum with me. In the buildup of the moment, I screamed out at the same time that Mart grunted and Mariah shuddered underneath him. With simultaneous sighs, we collapsed into a heap.

Mart whispered to me, “What a Christmas present.”

I squeezed his hand in response with a smile. I had finally gotten the Christmas present I wanted all along.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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