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Big Boobs

This is my first time posting so I’ll give you some background on me. I’m a 27 year old female; blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and a voluptuous hourglass figure. My lashes are long and fluffy and my mouth is perky and pink. I have size 36D tits with a round soft ass and silky white thighs to match. I love sex and have enjoyed plenty of experiences with men and women. I think about sex all the time and when I meet men I almost always wonder what it would be like to fuck them. Granted, no one would ever know that about me because of my quiet and classy demeanor.

This story is about the sexual desires that I harbor for my boss, which usually drive me to rub my clit in an empty bathroom stall half way through the day. Sometimes one of my coworkers are in the stall next to me but I don’t care… these fantasies are so strong I can almost cum sitting at my desk outside his office.

My boss (Ken) is 24 years older than I am and a very serious man. To look at him he’s only average at best but the way he carries himself brings out my submissive side. Ken has a no nonsense personality and often dominates other men in conversation and performance. He’s got a serious tone and piercing blue eyes. His head is shiny and completely bald; he’s always clean shaven. Not at all my usual type but that didn’t stop me from wondering how big his dick is or how hard I could get it when he introduced himself 6 months ago.

They hired him as the president of our company when his predecessor almost pushed us into bankruptcy. Ken is here to save this company at all costs and has already fired 25% of our staff. Needless to say, I’m already walking on eggshells but the feelings I’m having for him are driving me wild. I know I have to fuck him or at least suck his dick for any relief. Here’s what I imagine our first randevu will be like…

I arrive at the office at 7:45am as usual, dressed in a white blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt. Under it I’m wearing a cami, shear white bra, a white cotton thong, and nude pantyhose. The look is completed by low black pumps that accentuate the small of my back and Urfa Escort lift my ass up. Sporting typical assistant styles while looking nothing less than professional.

Ken comes in at 8am sharp, walks passed my desk, and into his office. He closes the door without so much as making eye contact. About a half hour went by before the door opened and he called me into his office.

As he sat down I took inventory of his outfit choice for the day; blue slacks, a white button down shirt, camel colored dress shoes, and a smart leather belt to match. Simple and sexy. It looks good on his trim, well kept body. The smell of his cologne assaults my mind.

I stand waiting for direction as he finally turns his attention to me. We make eye contact which he breaks, running his eyes over my face, my breasts, my full hips, and down to my feet before settling on my eyes again. “Sit down” he commands. I quickly sit but it’s too late… his deep voice resonates in my pussy causing my nipples to press against the soft material of my blouse. I wonder if he notices but it seems not, as he tells me to prepare our executive conference room without missing a beat. There’s a last minute meeting with the VPs of a supplier we work with and he wants the room prepped immediately.

Our conversation ends and I head to the conference room to fill the fridge and set out coffee. My pantyhose are soaked and I silently reprimand myself for being such a horny slut all the time. My boss is the kind of man who gets what he wants… he gets who he wants. I doubt he’d bother with his assistant.

I’m so lost in my own thoughts I don’t hear Ken come in. He clears his throat and I spin around so quickly my hair brushes his face and I watch as my Marc Jacobs perfume registers with his senses. That’s satisfying. Wait… why is he standing so close to me anyways? I place my hands behind me, palms down on the sink and lean against them to stable myself. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t hear you come in” I manage to squeak, half breathless. He’s quiet for a moment, completely unreadable. “TURN AROUND” he barks. I turn Urfa Escort Bayan slowly and face the wall, gripping the sink in front of me. Stepping forward he reaches one strong hand around my body and grabs my wrists. His other hand lands at the nape of my neck as he curls his fingers around my silky hair. I’m half aware that my pussy is leaking down my thighs until I feel his hard dick press into my ass… now my heartbeat is off the charts and I feel my tight hole contract, waiting to be filled. “Ken” I try to force out while he buries his face in my hair, inhaling deeply. “Quiet” he replies in a voice I almost don’t recognize.

Letting go of my hair his hand is suddenly running over the curve of my waist… down my hip… now it’s on my ass, oh my god his breath is warm on the back of my neck and my world starts to spin. Now both of his hands are on the backs of my thighs raising my skirt up over my ass. “Yes” he hisses. Ken cuffs my pussy, sliding two fingers between my legs finding my puffy clit. Rubbing he starts to kiss my neck but gets frustrated with my pantyhose. He reaches down with his other hand and rips a role, allowing him access to my body.

His fingers feel so fucking good and I arch my back to press my ass firmly against his pants. “I knew you’d let me do what I want with you” he says. I feel my soaked panties pull away and a finger plunges deep inside me. The unexpected sensation of fullness buckles my knees and he keeps me in place with a firm hand on the back of my neck. He adds another finger and I know he can’t believe how tight I am. He’s pounding my pussy from the back with his fingers and my breath catches hard, “You can do what you want, sir” I confirm.

Ken forces me to face him and when I turn around I see a storm brewing in his eyes. “Get on your knees and don’t touch me” he commands. I can tell he’s getting off on dominating his innocent assistant so I play into it, sinking down on the heels of my palms and looking up at him to see he’s stroking his full length over the top of his pants.

I want to taste him so bad I can’t help Escort Urfa but reach for his belt. I feel the back of his hand slam against my cheek sending a shock through my body, landing in my sex that’s all too aware of its emptiness. “Sir, please” I start to beg as he undoes his belt, takes his rock hard dick out of his pants, and removes the bead of precum that’s glistening at the tip. He cups the back of my head and I take him deep into the back of my throat, sucking hard down to the head and then swirling my tongue. His reaction is instant and he starts fucking my mouth hard, telling me I’m a good girl who likes getting her pretty face fucked. Yes I am.

As I jack Ken’s dick into my warm mouth the pads of his thumbs are working my nipples over my shirt to the point of pain. I need to get fucked now but I keep sucking like a good girl. He removes himself from the back of my throat and rips me up by hair.

We’re eye to eye when he tells me he’s going to fuck me until I cry. My body is on fire and I’m semi aware that there are other people going about their work day in the other rooms. My fear gets the best of me and I start to resist but it’s no use… he’s ripping my pantyhose to shreds and pulling my thong to the side.

I watch as his eyes fix on my perfectly waxed peach, dripping and ready for abuse. He runs the tip of his dick down my slippery lips and pushes into my tiny hole. Ken’s head falls back, eyes on the ceiling as he collects himself. I start to buck, my body begging to be pounded. A deep growl escapes from him as his mouth assaults mine, our tongues dancing erotically.

He’s pumping in and out of my swollen pussy and I can feel my grip tightening, getting ready to cum hard. My orgasm ripples through me and paralyzes my senses. Ken’s hand grips my throat hard, “You tell me when you’re cumming bitch” he demands. “I’m cumming sir, you’re making me cum.” I feel his dick jolt as the first shot of nut lands on my G spot. He fills my pussy with hot cum, tilts my face up to his, and then whispers, “you’re mine now”, squeezing my throat once.

I’m breathless and silent as he cleans my cum off his dick and washes his hands. In less than 2 minutes he looks brand new as he turns and leaves the room without saying a word.

Unfortunately, this is still only a fantasy… but I will make my boss fuck me. Stay tuned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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