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“My Beloved, I am your dedicated lover and I will do anything for you. I thank you for letting me make this web site, where I can feel the whole world watching me. Everything I do here is for you, Beloved. And in pleasing you, I am pleased.” My voice sounded a bit tinny in the cheap computer speakers. I knew I was displayed while the voice spoke: sometimes in my silk and frills, sometimes tied, sometimes in a group. I never knew which photo was displayed but they all had one theme. The words “Slut Sissy” splashed across the page.

My Beloved never let me look. This was the homepage to a website she and I had been building for a while. Down the left side the links to videos we had made piled up in quite a stack. My Beloved teases that we’ll have to add a second layer of links: the bondage videos, the cross-dressing videos, the maid videos and like that. On the upper right was an announcement box announcing the time of the next live show.

The funny part is that I hated making these films, yet I made them anyway. I wasn’t madly in love; I don’t like dressing up as a girl; I don’t like masturbating in front of a camera. And yet I did all these things and more. Lots more. And I do not know why. We had been dating, and then one day, she had The Voice. The Voice I could not refuse.

The first time we made a video, she did not explain what was going on. She dressed me carefully in my frilly little sissy outfit: a short pleated skirt, and a simple button down blouse. White over the knee socks and brown penny loafers. She had done my make up to contrast with the innocence of my outfit. She kept my eyebrows plucked at all times. She had shaped my eyes with bold strokes of blue and green mascara on the lids and a thick black outline below the eye. A bold splash of red along my cheekbones offset the bright red of my lipstick. Altogether I looked like a middle school slut.

As she set up the camera and the computer, I sat up on the stool she had for me to sit on. There was a website up on the screen. As soon as I saw it, I forgot everything else and just stared. My Beloved had set up a web page dedicated to me. The background was of me: bound spread-eagled on the bed, dressed only in stockings, two frilly garters, and panties, blindfolded. I remembered the night but had no idea that she had photographed me. There was a small box with 578 written in it. The computer beeped loudly and the number went to 579.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine that I felt embarrassed when she told me that these were the people joining Escort Bayan up in a chat room to watch a live sex show for free. She’d been advertising it on the web for a few days now. It was scheduled to begin in just a few minutes.

“I know you don’t really want to do this, do you?” A fairly significant understatement, but ever since My Beloved showed up, I have not been able to refuse her.

“But that’s okay, isn’t it?” I stared and then she said in that voice I cannot refuse: “Answer me, Sissy Bitch.” That was her name for me. When she called me that name, I had to answer.


“Answer properly!”

“Yes, My Beloved.”

“Properly.” She twisted one of my nipples, pretty hard.

“Yes, My Beloved, it is okay that I don’t want to do this.”

“And why is that?” Her voice dripped with smug confidence.

“Because what I want doesn’t matter. All that matters is what you want.”

“Yes!” She let go.

The computer beeped twice more in a row. There were now 923 people in the chat room. Almost a thousand people to watch me be humiliated by My Beloved.

“Let’s get started. Go along with everything I say or it will get worse for you.” She turned to the camera as her image appeared on the screen. I was visible in the background over her shoulder. “Let me welcome you to our first public performance. Sissy Bitch and I have been waiting for this, haven’t we?” I nodded in my shame. A thousand people! And then it got worse.

“Stand up.” A bit confused at this sudden command; it didn’t really register. Her hand cracked across my face, and I stood straight away. “Why did you make me do that? I don’t want to hit you, but you make me do it. Please don’t make me slap you again. When I ask you a question, you answer properly.”

Two tears rolled down my blushing cheeks. “Yes, My Beloved and I have been waiting for this moment.”

“There you go. You can sit again.” I slid back on to the stool, trying to keep my skirt down. “Yes, so we’ve been excited about Sissy Bitch’s coming out party.” All of me wanted to leap up and flee, but I could not. Could not refuse that voice. So, I sat. “He has been telling me for a while now that he really wants a chance to suck a cock. He wants to feel the soft hardness and the spurting end. He’s told me how he wants to feel his mouth filling with cum. Isn’t that right, Sissy Bitch?”

“No, I don’t like to suck cock. It embarrasses me.”

It took her a moment to react to what I said. She reached out and took Bayan Escort a grip on my nipples. ” But that doesn’t matter does it, Sissy Bitch?” She twisted my nipples until I gasped. “I won’t let go until you answer me properly.”

Writhing under the sting, I said, “Yes, My Beloved. I like to suck cock. I want to suck cock. I want to feel my mouth fill cum.”

She released her twist somewhat. “And what will you do once your mouth is full of cum?” She twisted harder again.

“I will swallow it, My Beloved.” She let go.

“And why will you do this?

“Because you want it.”

“Does what you want matter?”

“No, My Beloved, what I want doesn’t matter. Only what you want.”

“That’s right and right now I want you to admit to all these people that you are a cock sucking sissy bitch. Go ahead, say it.”

“I’m a cock sucking sissy bitch.”

“And you like to scuk cock.”

“And I like to suck cock. I want to suck cock.” All of a sudden I meant it. I can’t explain what happened but all of a sudden I had a huge hard-on. “I want to slide my lips over the head and swirl my tongue all along its length. I’d lick the balls, and maybe the asshole too.”

“Then let me bring in a friend of mine. You don’t need to know his name. All you need to do is suck him off. Let him cum in your mouth. If you swallow what he gives you, then I’ll let you have an orgasm. A full orgasm with no ruined orgasm nor POT.”

And that was the first tine I ever met Brian. I didn’t know his name then but I would before long.. He was nothing very special, average height and weight, brown hair. He hugged My Beloved and they kissed.

“Is he ready?”

“Oh yes,he was just telling me how ready he is. Sissy Bitch, please say hello to my lover. Usually, I satisfy him, but he has agreed to help us today. He’s going to let you suck him off. Isn’t that nice? I think you should thank him.” I only stared so she reached out and twisted my nipple again.

“Thank you.”

“Say it properly.” A twist so strong I squirmed.

“Thank you, Master, for helping us start this web site. Thank you for letting me suck your dick.”

“There, that’s better. You should stand here.” She guided him until he stood right in front of a pillow. “Alright, Sissy Bitch, let’s get to work for all your fans.”

I knelt on the pillow and wondered if my panties could be seen as I leaned in towards him. I felt a surge in my own dick as I unbuckled his belt, unhooked the waist and drew down the zipper. Each Escort moment, I resisted with all I had but my body moved without my mind. In my mind, I died of horror and shame at what I was going to do. In the world, I pulled down his trousers and his puffy cock hung in front of my face.

Without touching it, I ducked my head and took him into my mouth. He was warm and I felt him surge a bit as my mouth surrounded him. I wiggled my tongue on his underside and he got fully hard. Slowly at first, trying to keep my teeth out of the way, I bobbed my head over his cock. He eventually started breathing as little faster. I took him in my hands and licked all over his cock. My hands slipped with spit, and his balls pulled up into his body. He started to cum when I had just the head in my mouth while my hands twisted on his shaft. He groaned and I braced for it.

The first spurt about filled my mouth with the warm, viscous, salty, funky taste. I swallowed and he spasmed again in my mouth, but less this time. I sucked on his head, slowly lowering my mouth down his full length. I could get only about half his dick into my mouth. He jerked twice more. I pulled off him and showed him inside my mouth: his cum all over my tongue. I swallowed and showed him again: all gone.

“Good boy,” she said in that voice. I felt pleasure shiver through me. “Let’s see your cock. Are you hard Sissy Bitch? Lift your skirt to show us if you’re hard.”

I lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. My cock sprang out, rock hard

“This is your first, Sissy Slut, get started.” I just stared. “This is your fist chance to have those orgasms I promised you. So ,get started or we can forget the prize altogether”

Now?” I gasped. “In front of the camera?”

Her palm landed loud and strong on my cheek. The stinging force shocked me. That really hurt. But my hands flew to my cock” one hand around my shaft and the other rubbing my balls. She lifted the hem of my skirt up to my mouth and I took it in my teeth.

“When you’re about to cum, I want you to tell me.” It wouldn’t be long. I looked at the screen counter and over 9 thousand people were watching me get off. I shouted when the familiar spasms started at the base of eh shaft. She held her hands out in a bowl and I came into that bowl. Stream after stream into her hands. By the time I stopped, she had a puddle in the palm of her hand. She came to stand next to me and for a second I thought she was going to make me eat my own cum. But she didn’t; she rubbed it into my face instead, smearing it all about. She pushed me down to face the camera.

“Say thank you and good bye Sissy Slut.” A large glop of semen slid down the side of my nose.

“Thank you for watching and good bye.”

That’s what we werew hear for today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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