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Double Penetration

My name is Amy. It was toward the end of my second month of grad school, when I happened to run into Janie, a girl I hadn’t seen since high school. We hadn’t been particularly close friends, but we had known each other casually and kind of liked one another. It was lunchtime, so we went to the campus deli where we each ordered a salad and sat down to reminisce a bit. As we chatted, I couldn’t help noticing how really stunning Janie had become. I kind of remembered her from high school as being attractive, but not this beautiful. She was maybe 5’8″, with a model’s figure – lovely long straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and dynamite legs. I tried to remember what she might have looked like naked in the locker room, but it didn’t come to me. She had a small waist and perfect round breasts, maybe a 34C I guessed. She was dressed modestly for campus, with a white blouse, medium length denim skirt, no stockings, and sandals. She wore two-inch yellow hoop earrings. Her fingernails were long, neat, and red.

We talked about psychology – our mutual field, books, movies, dieting, and a bit about guys. Somehow the subject of sexuality came up, and I found myself sharing my own modest experience. Lost my virginity at 17 in the back seat. Like so many other high-schoolers not really satisfying but relieved to get it over with. Then in college a few short affairs, nothing serious. Vaginal missionary-position sex, some mutual oral sex, once or twice some cum got on my lips just enough to taste, but that was it. A few more short flings during the last two years. I had had a total of six guys inside me – I remembered them all. Janie listened patiently, and as I talked a mischievous smile began to appear on her face.

“Amy,” she said, “if I asked you to join me at a party, and there was a chance that at this party you might have, uh, a somewhat more broadening sexual experience, would you be interested at all?”

I thought for a moment, admitted to myself that things hadn’t been all that exciting lately, and said, “Sure, why not?”

“OK,” she said, “here’s the deal.” Once in awhile some guys I know on the football team have a party. They’re having one this evening. They rent out the small theater-in-the-round on the upper campus. It’s got seats for an audience, a round stage good for dancing, a lot of theater props that come in handy for parties, and a concession stand with a bar. I’ve been to a couple of these parties – it’s an experience. But I should warn you, these are very fun-loving, healthy, strapping guys and it can sometimes get a bit wild. What do you say?”

I nodded my assent and gave her my address.

“I’ll pick you up at 8 PM.”

“What should I wear?” I noticed her eyes twinkle.

“Whatever you have that’s a bit exciting. Oh, and Amy, uh, do you know what a Fleet’s is?”

“Huh? Isn’t that, like, you know, an enema or something?”

“I’m using it before tonight, you should do the same.”

“What? Why in the world would you…?” I stopped in mid-sentence. I thought I could guess the answer. “Janie, you’re not suggesting, I mean you’ve go to be kidding; you can’t be serious! You can’t, I mean, I’ve never even thought about…”

She interrupted me. “It just never hurts to be prepared,” was all she said.

Early that afternoon I thought about this party. There were going to be some very attractive guys there I was sure, and I wanted to feel as sexy as I could. I took stock. Like Janie I am 24. By coincidence I am also 5’8″. My hair is auburn, and long and straight down to the middle of my back, and I have green eyes. I bicycle and have long, thin legs with well-toned calves and thin ankles. I keep trim and slim by watching my diet. I weigh118 and measure 34-24-34, not bad at all. I’m proud of the shape of my breasts, and my perky nipples get hard easily, and when they do they point up. I have one body piercing – in my navel, with a single zirconium stone – which I just had had done once just on an impulse. I don’t have any tattoos.

I kept my pubic hair trimmed to accommodate my favorite string bikini, but I was never completely shaved. I had read a couple of magazine articles about this, and I wondered about it now. I passed a salon and stopped in on the chance that I might get a spur-of-the-moment manicure if someone was free. By chance, they had had a cancellation and less than an hour later I had freshly polished bright red nails, not at all unlike Janie’s. Just for fun, I had them do my toenails too. And yeah, on my way back to the apartment I actually did stop in a drugstore and picked up a twin-pack of Fleet’s.

Back in my apartment, I got in the shower and washed my silky hair with a new fragrant shampoo. I studied my pubic triangle in the mirror. I decided. I lathered up, rubbed the cream in thoroughly, and set about with my Gillette. I worked gingerly, but with purpose. I left just a tiny narrow vertical strip of fuzz over my mons, kind of like a little Mohawk haircut, but everything else, including my vulva, was bald. I couldn’t believe how exposed my slit looked with no hair around etimesgut escort it. It felt very naughty and I savored the sensation. I smiled to myself. I contemplated the Fleet’s sitting there on the vanity; I cocked my head, thought about it. What the hell, there was nothing to lose. It was pretty much effortless, and it only took a few extra minutes anyway.

What to wear? I thought about pantyhose, but I took out black lace-trimmed stockings and a garter belt. My briefest red thong panties. A matching red lace bra, or should I omit the bra entirely? A pang of modesty; I decided to wear it. A ribbed red top with spaghetti straps, and a moderately short black skirt. My highest heels were 3 inches. Black. I’d wear sandals and change into the heels in the car. I put on playful long dangling earrings with little yellow crescent moons.

I had a light supper, made up my face at 7:00, and changed at 7:30 into the clothes I had laid out. I dabbed on a little of my best perfume. I thought I looked fine, but the heels were very ordinary and now I wished I owned something a little sexier. The vision of my completely bare pussy under the little red thong lingered. The doorbell rang at 7:55.

Janie was an absolute knockout. Her long straight blonde hair was gorgeous. She had on just enough make up, eyeliner, blue eye shadow, light red lip gloss. She wore red hoop earrings, 3 inches in diameter. Her red top was tight, but her breasts were firm enough that it didn’t flatten them at all. It was obvious she had on no bra, because her nipples protruded noticeably behind the thin material. She wore a brown leather miniskirt, no stockings – the skirt was too short and pantyhose were always a turn-off. Incongruously, she had on sneakers.

“All ready?” she asked. I nodded, and we were off. I carried my shoes in a plastic bag and wondered about her sneakers. In the car Janie told me how nice I looked. I didn’t say anything about having shaved for the occasion, but I was still smiling to myself about it. Even if nothing at all happened, I liked what it had done for my self-image. I wondered to myself momentarily if Janie had a completely shaved pussy, and somehow guessed that she probably did. I more than half-wondered if I might even get to see it tonight…

The drive to the theater was only a few minutes. We parked and Janie popped the trunk and I saw two shoe boxes. The sneakers came off. She opened one box and took out a pair of red 5-inch stiletto heels with sexy thong straps that wound around the ankles and calves. With those incredible shoes on, a change seemed to overcome her. Now she was really statuesque, and the way those shoes stretched her taut calf muscles was tantalizing. I gave a little gasp and she smiled appreciatively. “Here” she said, “I brought you a little prop.” She opened the second box, and there were another pair of 5-inch stilettos, black. These had no thongs, but I wouldn’t need straps over my stockings anyway. I slipped on the shoes which were exactly my size, no surprise as we measured almost exactly the same in all other departments too. The shoes completed me. At first I wasn’t completely sure I could walk in heels this high, but I managed just fine.

“Well, all right,” she said, “you look terrific, good enough to eat. Let’s go.” I half-wondered if she had meant that literally…

We entered the theater through the front door. There was a large attractive guy at the door, who looked like he could be a football player, acting as a bouncer to make sure no one uninvited wandered in. There was a “private function” sign in the foyer. The lights were low, rock music was already thumping in the background, and a number of athletic-looking guys were standing around, a few with a glass or a bottle of beer in hand. I didn’t see any other girls yet. A guy came over to greet Janie, and she introduced me to “Don.” Don introduced me to another guy, Alan, and two more guys drifted over, more intros, and we all stood around talking about music, movies, sports, whatever. All these guys were really built, and almost all of them were taller than Janie and me, even in our 5-inch stilettos. Someone offered us drinks. Janie asked for vodka on the rocks with some lime, and that sounded really good so I opted for the same.

I felt warm and loose after the drink, and someone thoughtfully brought each of us another, even though we hadn’t asked for them. The music seemed to get louder. Don asked Janie to dance, and in a moment I found myself dancing with Alan. The music was fast and loud and we danced with abandon. I thought about kicking off those heels, but I was managing, and anyway I really wanted to keep them on. The next dance was slow. Alan was nice. And gentle. He told me he liked my perfume and when he said it his lips just brushed my ear. I tingled. The vodka flowed through my veins. The music pulsed. The scene was beginning to feel like some pagan ritual. As I swayed with Alan, I glanced over at Janie and Don. They were kissing deeply. Don had both hands caressing Janie’s rear end and etlik escort she seemed to be somehow melting into him. Alan’s lips brushed my ear again. I looked into his eyes and our lips got closer and closer and finally met – very slowly. Then harder and our tongues began to search for each other. Already I could feel myself getting moist.

Don’s hands moved higher up Janie’s back. Then they lifted her little red top over her head, and just like that she was nude above the waist. Her breasts were firm and round and her nipples were fully erect. She untucked Don’s shirt and began unbuttoning it, while they still kissed deeply. They kept dancing. The song ended. The next one was fast again. Janie and Don thumped and gyrated sensually to the beat. Her pretty breasts bounced. Sweat glistened on them. Janie undid a snap on her hip and suddenly her skirt dropped to the floor. Now she had on only a black g-string and those incredible 5-inch stiletto heels with their thongs caressing those beautiful calves. Everyone was watching her. I was mesmerized. Alan kissed me again. I felt his hands feel for the bottom of my top, and a stupid conditioned impulse to stop him momentarily flashed, but vanished almost instantly. Then the top was over my head and I was in the red lace bra. At that moment I didn’t know if I was glad I had worn it or not.

We kept dancing. Slow again. Alan and I pressed our pelvises against each other. We started a slight sexual rhythm. Janie flicked at the corner of her g-string and it too dropped away and was on the floor. Now she was completely nude except for the stilettos. And I had been right about the shaved pussy; there was her perfect slit exposed for everyone. No pubic hair at all. One small silver ring in her pierced left labia. Janie didn’t miss a beat, and… Of course! She was nude on stage with a half-naked guy, and cool as a cucumber. It suddenly dawned on me that my high school acquaintance was no novice at this. Sure, after Janie’s coy warning, I had thought that there was a strong likelihood of some sex this evening, but I had never dared to envision her doing it in public in front of an audience! Janie gyrated with Don. The music stopped. Janie took off his shirt and unzipped his fly and Don stepped out of the pants. He wore only a pair of blue briefs. His huge erection was practically busting out, and Janie just grabbed the briefs and pulled them off. Two beautiful nude people, a stage, and an audience. Don’s cock throbbed and the head was purple and swollen. You could see the engorged blue veins.

Janie’s eyes caught mine. She winked and gave a little nod. I knew it was now or never and I gave her a tiny nod in return. My red lace bra opened in front, which Alan had already discovered. Our tongues entwined and his hand was between my breasts, and as the bra suddenly fell away I undid the zipper on my skirt and let that drop away too. Topless, I now had on just my red thong, the black stockings and garter belt, and those five-inch high heels. The round cheeks of my ass were completely exposed. Alan cupped both of my breasts with his hands and kneaded my precious little erect nipples with his thumbs. Then he caressed each one with his lips, flicking first one nipple, then the other, with the tip of his tongue. I felt light-headed and my knees went weak. Alan’s hand went between my legs and two fingers rubbed my moist pussy. Then he bent down, and with his teeth began tugging the thong down to my ankles. I helped him a little and finally stepped out of it. He held it in his teeth, then ran his tongue over the inside of the crotch, already wet with my juice, and then we kissed again. Now I was nude except for the stockings and garter belt, and the heels, and my naughty bald slit was totally exposed. I could sense all the eyes on me, but I didn’t care. I felt like I was floating on air.

A mattress materialized on the stage. With the loud music pounding, Janie and Don lay down, and she spread her legs wide and put her high heels up in the air as he played with her pussy opening with the head of his big cock. He teased her like that for a minute or two, and all the while poor Janie moaned and her head thrashed from side to side. She was so wet I could see her labia just glistening. I unconsciously touched myself for the briefest second with two fingers, and I was just as wet as she was. Then Don entered her – all the way up to the hilt with one single big thrust. Janie gave a little gasp which morphed into a deep sigh, and then she began to breathe harder as Don moved rhythmically in and out of her cunt. I looked around; some of the other guys had lost their clothes too. Janie and Don fucked furiously for a minute or two while everybody watched, and then she rolled over for him.

Next thing I knew, another mattress appeared and I was on my back next to Janie. She was now on her knees with her ass pointing straight up and Don, who really did look like a linebacker, was ramming his cock deep into her glistening pussy from behind. Two other guys now began taking turns shoving their eve gelen escort enormous cocks in and out of Janie’s mouth. She panted in between deep sucks on the two cocks while Don fucked her harder and harder. Her body glistened with sweat and shook with each deep plunge. Two more guys held my ankles and spread my legs wide and held my feet way up in the air. Alan knelt down and smiled at me and began to run his tongue down my tight body, starting with a caress of each nipple, then down my flat stomach to my belly button. He twirled the tip of his tongue around the jewel in my navel, then slid further down the crease of my left thigh. My whole body felt like it was on pins. My pussy was so-o-o wet and I could feel my vulva swelling and my cunt juice just moistening the outside. I could almost sense all the eyes on my pussy, all wet and glistening.


Alan’s tongue caressed both pussy lips for a few seconds that seemed like minutes, and suddenly it just barely tweaked my engorged clit! My back arched and I thought I was going to cum right then and there. I couldn’t believe how much I craved that tongue on my clit. But now he was French kissing my sopping pussy; in and out his tongue went, I gasped and panted, faster and faster and faster. Everyone in the room could easily hear the slurping noises. The tension was building and building – I was going to cum any second. Suddenly Alan stopped eating me and knelt between my legs. I felt his hard-on slide over my entrance three or four times, and I just wanted him to jam that thing in me really hard. When the thrust came, Alan’s huge rod went all the way in with the first push – I was so slippery inside. I gasped, just like Janie had, and we started fucking, not slow, but really hard right away. I came with a scream after only about ten seconds.

We moved to the music, to the paganism. I was on a stage fucking a guy I had known for less than half an hour! Faster and faster we moved against each other until I came again, and still we kept going and going. Suddenly Alan spasmed and I could feel his cock exploding deep into me. Spurt after spurt of wet warmth filled my cunt and the huge load welled up until my pussy just overflowed. He kept fucking me hard all the while he was cumming and my fists clenched and my head rolled from side to side, and then I screamed and released again with spasm after ecstatic spasm. At the same instant next to me I heard Janie scream out as Don came in her pussy and she too orgasmed in six or seven shuddering waves. Then one of the guys Janie was sucking pulled out of her mouth and turned to me. I could see the perspiration glowing on his face. His cock was already starting to throb, and I could see his orgasm building.

Our eyes met and there was this kind of instantaneous understanding and I gave him this almost imperceptible nod. He straddled my face. I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled his cock between my lips. Two deep thrusts into my wide open mouth and he started to spurt. And for the first time in my life I felt hot salty cum in my mouth – and not just in my mouth but filling my mouth. It just kept cumming and cumming. Quickly I realized I could keep from gagging by opening my mouth just enough around his shaft to allow the cum to ooze around it and dribble out over my lips. He came for about ten or fifteen seconds – I couldn’t believe how much cum there could be in one guy. I swallowed a little, but most of it seeped out, coated my lips and chin, and ran in shiny white little rivers down my neck. I kept just enough sticky stuff in my mouth to play with a little and savored the soft taste.

I smiled up at him and he smiled back, looking me right in the eye while I twirled his semen around with my tongue. I blew a few bubbles and a few very thin strings of cum stayed stretched between my lips. He bent down and we french kissed. When he finally pulled slowly away, one strand of his cum stayed briefly attached to both of our tongues. I milked the semen off the length of his shaft with one hand and smeared it over my breasts, massaging a little of the sensuous lubrication over each nipple.

Meanwhile I had temporarily been completely unaware of Janie. Alan had gotten up from between my legs and had moved over to Janie’s face and now she was eagerly slurping his still hard shaft, savoring the combined taste of his jizz and the juices from inside my own pussy. And I could feel semen oozing out of my slit down both inner thighs and I had sperm all over my mouth. I felt so incredibly slutty – the feeling was delicious and just so totally intoxicating. I reached between my legs and rubbed my sticky hand over my breasts again.

The rock music continued to pound. Someone handed me a glass with some more vodka which I gulped in two swallows – as if I really needed anything to loosen my inhibitions at this point. But the liquor felt great. It burned a little going down and I could feel its warm glow spread over me almost right away. Janie and I both stood up and now we could now see that there were not just a few, but at least thirty guys in the room, maybe more, all muscular and athletic, some already nude. This time I was able to count two girls, a redhead and one with black hair, both very pretty and both fully clothed. They looked younger than Janie and me, probably undergraduates.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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