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Angela White


I am in a rage. One of total abandon and lust. The world does not exist outside this room. Just he and I. Touching his body I sense emotions and feelings I have never had or can have with any man but him. He is not only young, handsome, fit, sexy, and well-equipped. I am in love with him in a way no normal woman should be in love with a man. These days, I seem to live to please him.

On my knees, I feast on his cock. It’s long but not huge. When I hold it with two hands, the head protrudes for my mouth to enjoy. But I rarely use both on the shaft. His balls are always the objects of attention of one hand. Feeling them on my palm sends shivers up my spine. And his shaft is thicker at the base than the top. So much so, my fingers cannot encircle it. It is imposing, obscene, and addicting.

I lick and kiss around it as he stands in front of me, confident and domineering. He may be young, but he knows the power he has over me. The bond between us unbreakable. Lust and love combined to a level unreachable. As I look up at him, his perfect manly face stares back at me. Lips parted, breathing steadily as my tongue latches on to the underside of his hard tip. I know he loves that and I see hisreaction. All I want to do is please him. Worship him as he does me when it is his turn.

Taking him in my mouth, I suck and lick at the same time. My head bobbing over his bulbous phallus. Lips locked on his shaft, my tongue sliding under him to lash at his cock underside. I do what I know he likes. We have been lovers long enough now for me to be aware. Pleasing him is so natural.

Suddenly, he grasps my shoulders and pulls me up to my feet. My hungry mouth misses his cock already. antalya escort But I do as he wishes. Wanting to show him, my love.

“On your knees on the bed,” is all he says, and I obey.

I wait for him offering all I have for him to see. My ass up as my back arches. Just as he likes. My legs spread so he can see my clean shorn vulva. I never shaved my pubic hair before him. He didn’t ask me to. He did not need to. I saw the disapproval in his face the first time. Then how he responded the second when he saw me shaven bare.

I shiver as his fingers first touch before grasping my hair. Then I revel as he takes charge of me and yanks my head up. He has been manhandling me since our early days. It took us some time before we found our comfortable level of force by him. Now he knows how much I need and I what to expect.

“Face on the sheets,” he commands.

I lower myself for my face and shoulders to hold me up. I can sense my cunt now offered and visible to him. As is my ass. Raising my hands, I pull my ass cheeks apart. He must see it. I want him to see it. To have it there for him to choose. It is my ultimate offering to him. Both my entrances. His to chose and use.

I feel the front of his muscular thighs as they touch the back of mine. He reveals his choice to me when his magnificent tool rubs up and down on my wet labia. Stealing a glance at the mirror I see him guiding his cock with his free hand to tease me. I hold my breath knowing what is to come as I stare at this young man I love and worship. And wait in anticipation for his thrust.

He does not make me wait long. I can tell he is too far gone in his lusting need. Letting go of his shaft, kemer escort I see how it lines up obscenely behind my upturned posterior. Thick and menacing… arousing… enticing.

“Please,” is all I manage to say before he plunges in my wetness.

I gasp as his ever-increasing thickness reaches for my depths. My entrance circle strains as he spreads me wider. More and more of him in me. His tip rubs over my g-spot and cervix before it finds my depths and pushes further. The sensation is beyond belief. It never disappoints me. When his groin makes contact with my labia, I am past full. The pleasure he is about to give me impels me to hold my breath in anticipation.

Fixated on his want, he retreats then plunges back in. Time and time again. Unrelenting. This is no making love. No slow and gentle coupling. Emotion is there but set aside. This is pure fucking. Hard and deep. I gasp and sigh as he continues, only to whimper as he grabs my wrists with both hands roughly and fucks me harder.

Overcome by the sensations and his total domination of me, I lose myself in the fucking. Sweet, hard, rhythmic, constant fucking. He bores into my body as he has invaded my soul. As he continues, all I can think of is the next stroke. My nipples rubbing the sheets on fire. His hands holding my wrists to keep me in place.; pulling him to him with each thrust. Damn him! He knows that sets me off.

“Yes… ram it in me… deeper…”

As if there is anywhere else for him to go. His cock rams my insides and grazes my cervix and g-spot. When he bottoms out, his thick base stretches me to my limits. All those sensations overwhelm me. They build in my inner konyaaltı escort core. Not like a normal orgasm. This is different. Only he makes me feel it with his thick cock. No other man has given me such pleasure. Its why I always return to him.

As he hears the moans of my slight orgasm, my little death, he increases his speed. His trusts prolong my inner pleasure. How does he do this? No man has before. I give myself to him totally to have and use. His slaps on my ass are like kisses. His hands groping my tits are but caresses. His teeth on my flesh leave marks of possession and signs of his true ownership of me.

When did he push me down on my side? I’ve lost track of time and my senses. My right leg is over his shoulder as he continues pounding me. How many orgasms have I had? My mind is reeling from arousal overload. My sweat and his mix as he leans above me. His jaw clenched Lips slightly parted. Perfect teeth. Piercing eyes. I can’t look away.

“I am close,” he announces as he picks up speed.

“Yes, my love… take what you need… give me what you need…” I urge him as I spread wide for him and lay on my back. “Mark me!”

I expect him to cum deep inside me. He might have. I can’t tell. Rushing, he extricates himself from my cunt and moves up toward my face. A thick blast of warm cum shoots from his cock on my tits along the way. But I know his destination. He is back where we started as I open my jaw to let him in. His spurts continue, splashing the roof of my mouth. The taste of his warm cum is well known to me. I have learned to crave and relish it.

Holding his slim hips, I swallow his offering as fast as he gives it to me. His grunts dissipate as his leg twitches in post-orgasmic spasms. I roll the last of him around my mouth letting my taste buds burn the memory of him deep in my brain. The taste of forbidden fruit. A taste I can’t resist. My reward for giving him pleasure. I am his cum whore.

I am in heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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