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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to do much writing, and unfortunately, even longer since I’ve had a lot of true material to write about. However, Kelly and I had an encounter about five nights ago that was absolutely one of the hottest we’ve ever experienced, and the fact is we never even made it to the sex! I thought it would be worth sharing now.

I was determined that we were going to have a hot evening of sex last Tuesday. It’s been very difficult to find the opportunity, but I planned ahead and made sure we had nothing that could get in the way. The dog was asleep. The TV was off. I made sure Kelly had enough wine to relax, but not enough to get sleepy. I, of course, was so horny that I could have screwed her through her panties. But I waited and let the mood build so as not to rush things. Around 9:00, I suggested that we make our way to the bedroom for some fun.

Kelly has been feeling very horny too, and also frustrated by our busy schedule. She agreed and we set off towards the bedroom hand in hand. Since the temperature has been dropping a bit lately, we quickly stripped off our pants and underwear and slid under the covers. No fancy lingerie tonight, I realized with a bit of disappointment, but at least we were finally in bed, naked, and awake at the same time!

I brought by hand down to Kelly’s thigh and began Escort Arnavutköy stroking it gently. She moved her leg around a bit in anticipation, then reached down and took my hand. She pressed it firmly onto her crotch, indicating that she was hot enough that she didn’t want to waste time on subtle foreplay, but wanted to get right into something a bit more pleasurable. I ran my fingers through the closely cropped pubic hair above her pussy, feeling the stiff hairs bend at my touch. Kelly spread her thighs widely and arched her hips upward in an attempt to force my hand onto her vagina.

I let myself be coerced and ran my fingertips down her slit slowly. That she was mentally aroused was clear by her actions, but she definitely wasn’t very wet yet, so I took my time touching her lightly and rubbing my fingers across her hood-concealed clit to tease it into wakefulness. At the same time, I took the VCR remote from my bedside table and switched on a porn movie that I know she enjoys. It features Lexington Steele, a black actor with an amazing 12″ cock that never fails to turn her on. I could tell she approved, although she rarely says so out loud; her hand immediately slid down to begin squeezing and jacking my erect cock. I also felt a flush of wetness slicken her cunt almost instantly.

We enjoyed the feeling of Avcılar escort our hands working one another’s genitals for several minutes. I began working two fingers slowly in and out of Kelly’s moistening gash as she stroked the fullness of my shaft. I made sure to spread her wetness around her labia and onto the outer folds of her pussy in order to prepare her for the fucking I planned to give her. First, though, I wanted to kiss her down there, and tease her with one of our many sex toys.

I pulled out a large vibrating dildo from my goody drawer and slid between her legs. At first, I started gently licking her slit and sucking at her clit, but she became ticklish and I had to stop. Not wanting to be deterred, I shifted gears and started very gradually working the dildo into her snatch, switching the vibrator on to a low speed.

I spent several minutes working the dildo between her legs, gently pressing it slightly into her, and then twisting it out and across her clit to moisten both the thick dong and the skin of her cunt. Every second or third stroke I pushed just a bit harder on the dildo. After about five or six minutes I had worked roughly half of the 10″ dildo into her cunt. Kelly was getting more and more worked up and had begun to quietly moan.

Throughout this, I was becoming extremely turned on myself. Bağcılar escort bayan With my other hand, I was busily stroking my cock as I stared hungrily at her pussy, swallowing the pink latex cock. I decided to do something new to Kelly. She has always left her vibrators at the very lowest setting when we have used them during sex, so I decided to start turning up the power.

Kelly’s moans grew much louder when I turned up the speed a bit. Emboldened, I pushed the vibrator another two inches deeper in her now sloppy wet pussy and turned up the power some more. “Oh fuck,” she whispered faintly. “You’ll make me come if you do that.”

Unfortunately, Kelly is so hyper-sensitized after an orgasm that our sex is effectively done, so we tend to be careful not to get her over the edge in foreplay. However, I was getting so turned on by this point that I didn’t care so much if I fucked her – I wanted to keep going with this!

I turned the vibrator onto full speed and pushed it fully inside of her. Its two-inch diameter stretched her cunt beautifully. Then I began fucking her with it, long strokes in and out of her, while I jacked my cock in rhythm. Kelly closed her eyes and reached down to rub her clit while I fed her pussy the latex cock. Her moans grew increasingly louder. Finally, she came with a loud cry, thrashing around on the bed. Her climax was so erotic to me that I came as well, squirting my load all over her legs and pussy. Afterwards she had to ask me if I had come on her – her orgasm was so intense that she hadn’t felt it! We never did fuck that night, but I hope we’ll be able to have a repeat of this experience someday very soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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