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That night after my return to mum’s bosom, I could not sleep well. Dozing off after wanking myself for the third time to tire up my body, I awoke in cold sweat from a bad dream. I found myself in a strange place and met demon-like creatures from Haw Par Villa. (For those not familiar with Hong Kong, Har Par Villa is a famed tourist spot where visitors could have a visual education of the eighteen levels of hell that awaited earthly sinners.) It was then only midnight. My body was shivering with fright and my otherwise sizeable prick had shrunk out of fear, retreating into the groin leaving only a smallish one inch of skin covered protrusion to indicate the presence of my manhood.

I remained restless in bed wondering if that was the Jade emperor’s warning that I could expect retribution if I continued to breach his laws of nature. My tormented mind was confused as I tried to make sense of the dream and the happenings of the previous day.

What I had done seemed innocuous. It wasn’t that sinful to lust for my own mother’s breast. After all, it was precisely those female organs that had nursed me from birth. Even if I had secretly longed to have access to her bosom, it could not be said that I was invading her feminine secrets. I would feel that such a longing might for mother’s milk might not be something which other adult male of my age would crave for. However, it could not be so abnormal that I should be warned of the severe consequences. Infantile instincts perhaps, but definitely not that ultimate in wrong doings. Even by ancient Oriental teachings. Surely there were stories of women of the past nursing adult males when adversity struck and the poorer parents could only think of something as good a human milk for rejuvenating the sick.

But then, there were other aspects of the day’s happenings that were more troubling to my mind. For one, mum was murmuring her longings for my manhood when she climaxed during her masturbatory escapade with that vibrating toy. I wondered why hearing her secret moaning and watching her indulging in self pleasuring was so exciting even though I knew that it was wrong of me to entertain incestuous thoughts for my own mother. I had such a massive erection which watching her. It was no better as I felt excitement and fire emanating from my pubes when I leeched her beautiful nuts. I was also secretly excited then knowing that there was this new possibility of engaging in sinful sex with her because of her secret desires. It seemed that something had been awoken in my body.

Whereas I might have had just a primordial need for a mother’s teats, yet I felt strong sexual responses in my body when sucking those stubs. I had a bulge beneath my boxer short that she could visualize easily. I would under normal circumstances have felt shy to display my excited cock form, but I never had any but randy feelings then. I harbored that deep longing for her to touch me, even to relieve me through pulling or even by oral administration. I felt deeply tormented in bed knowing that sickness in my mind, that strange unexplainable urge to want her to engage me sexually as she would with my father or even any other men. They did not passed through her vagina, hence their sexual access to mum would be anything but unnatural. But not for me, her son! But then she should know better. If she had felt intimate desires for me, perhaps it was not that sinful. I found myself rationalizing and justifying absolving myself from any wrong doing and finally found a measure of peace of mind.

Finally I found sleep in the wee hours of the morning. I awoke the next morning much later than usual and found that mum had already finished beylikdüzü escort cleaning up the house. I found her resting her back on the kitchen chair. She was happy to see me and immediately offered me breakfast she had prepared earlier.

Somehow I had always admired the freedom of communication between parents and children amongst my Western friends in school. We Orientals tended to be more conservative and parents and children generally would speak to each other from different levels. Subjects also tended to be limited to those things that did not touch on things of a personal nature. No matter how old the children, parents assumed the position of seniority and supposedly would be wiser and more knowledgeable in the way of adult living. I was thus happy that with the ice broken between mum and me that I could speak more freely to her. Likewise, she took me to be an adult who could share secrets with her.

I noticed a sudden transformation in the way mum dressed herself. It seemed that she was dressed more casually alone with me in the house. She seemed no longer bothered about house formalities and wore her usual two-piece night-dress instead of more formal blouse and pant. She also had no brassiere beneath her dress, something uncommon except when she was about to retire to bed. Her face beamed with her smile as she casually tended to the household needs. Despite our relative strong financial grounding, mum had never wanted the presence of a maid in the house. She treasured the family’s privacy and ungrudgingly performed all the household chores.

Mum became very inquisitive about the nature of my relationships with my girl friends. I told her that I did not have any steady person in mind. She encouraged me to bring them home so that she could meet with them. She was also more daring as she probed my sexual interactions with them, especially Rachel who had constantly called for me at home. I admitted that I did have some exchanges of mutual petting with them, but nothing more and that Rachel was a virgin like me.

Mum offered to take me for dim sum lunch. I was delighted and we went to a good local restaurant. She was reluctant to return home and instead we found ourselves at the local cinema watching a R-rated film starring Veronica Yip. She was talkative during the whole show, whispering her admiration for the shapely form of the naked actresses as they flaunted their feminine assets so freely on the screen. I signaled my agreement to her judgment by constantly gripping her hand. The evening was uneventful as we sat quietly on the couch watching local TV programs.

Two days after that intimate contact with mum’s busts, she once again offered me the taste of her teats. It was after lunch and we were sitting on the couch when she suddenly moved to stoke my hair and told me she really enjoyed what we did the previous time. Without asking me, she removed the top of her dress to expose her busts and move my head to her bosom. I could not resist the delicacies before me and once again began to sucker on her magnificent teats. This time I was able to see the large darker colored areola protruding as from the primary mounds. Her skin in this area appeared more delicate than the main covering of her breasts. As I ravished her nuts, I drooled wetting her with a ceaseless flow of hot saliva that flowed from the summit to the valley of her chest. She kept her eyes closed as she searched and explored my neck and my ears, digging her index finger gently into the ear passage before holding the ear lopes with her thumb and the index finger. She was gently gripping and rolling the fleshy lopes beylikdüzü eve gelen escort as she held my head closer to her bosom. After ten minutes, she was again breathing heavily as she pressed my head even closer to squash her 36C busts. At her urging, I took larger mouthfuls of her nuts and bit her harder as she cajoled me to torture her mammary studs. I noticed that her legs were spread wider as she moved her agitated body. I began squeezing and bashing her boobs and she began buckling her hips upwards as she cooed and began muttering sexy words to me. ‘Son, it’s soooo….. nice…. Ohooo…..ohooo……’

I moved my left hand and placed it on her dress at the thigh position and she seemed not to mind. My own little monster was also getting aroused and I felt a sense of horniness sweeping over me. I began to tell myself that it was alright feeding on her busts, but I must not touch her in any other way. But I did desperately want to feel her skin. I surreptitiously shifted the helm of her dress upwards an inch at a time and she did not take notice. I became bolder by the minute and gradually had my palm resting on the naked thigh. It felt warm and so smooth, in fact perhaps smoother than the skin of her breasts. I moved the palm in light circles with an upward direction towards her crotch. She seemed to like my touch and closed her legs as she heaved her hips to increase the pressure of my touch. I knew she was too excited by my oral ministrations to bother retarding my attack on her pubes and seized the opportunity to move the whole palm to cover the crotch covering of her panty. I felt her dripping her wet and enjoyed the smooth feel of her vaginal fluid. I pressed her harder to assess the elasticity of her vulva fat and enjoyed it so much.

Mum was once again mouthing verbal obscenities. She was moving her torso like a person who had lost control of her senses. As she moved closer to her climax, I lifted my buttock and turned to place my hardened cock on her thigh and began masturbating on her through my boxer shorts. She seemed to enjoyed that and moaned, ‘fuck mummys thighs… it’s so comfortable, …. So niceee.. … ‘

I obeyed instantly and began rubbing and humping my pubes against her. I retrieved my left hand and took my cock out of its confinement and rested my weeping prick on her thigh as I found my own excitement rising and reaching a crescendo. I knew that I could no longer control myself and told her I was cumming. She grunted and as I rubbed with a new vigor, she quickly took her own hand and began pressing her own vulva like she did the first time. I knew that the end was near and biting her teats so hard that it could have hurt and bruised her, I commenced my ejaculation onto her thigh. The first spurt was so strong that it spilled onto her panty crotch. Then the next shot came as I rubbed and pressed harder onto her skin. She herself was also climaxing and screaming for me to bite her nipples off.

It was my first time experiencing an orgasm of such a dimension with another person. The fact that it was mum and not Rachel perhaps intensified the eroticism of that moment as I knew I was tasting forbidden fruit. Yet, at that moment, no other person featured in my thoughts as my mind was swamped by the illicit delights of the flesh. We remained in a hugging position for about five minutes and then I felt the semen seeping down her thigh. She moved my body off her thigh and then fascinated me by using her fingers to scoop out my testicular offerings. She the fingers to her nose, smelled intently, and fed each to her mouth to strip off the precious coatings. She continued, beylikdüzü masöz escort removing the creamy liquid from her panty and from the couch and seemed not to want to waste a single drop.

‘It’s so delicious and so precious, your virgin sperm. I must not waste.’ I looked at her as she scraped the balance from my cock head and boxer shorts. Closing my eyes I was hoping that she would use her mouth to suck me dry. But she stopped and pushed my drooping cock back into my shorts. We rested and then she got off the couch to wash herself, instructing me to do the same.

We met in the hall an hour later and she was wearing a pair of white shorts with a translucent blouse with no bra inside. She looked radiant and happy as we sat facing each other. ‘Thank you for making mummy so happy today. Your cock is so much bigger than your dad’s. It is so handsome and so strong. I like to taste your sperm because its is so precious and so health giving to a woman like me.’

I looked at her sparkling eyes and at that instant I found myself loving her more and more. She was the most beautiful woman in my sight and so caring and so good to me. ‘Mum, I also so happy you allowed me to masturbate on your thigh. It was so much better than doing it with my hands or Rachel touching me. I thought my sperm would flow and never stop coming out. Mum, do you eat daddy’s sperm too?’

‘Yes, in the early years of my marriage, I did. But not now as he is weak in health.’

‘Mum, did you mind me touching your thigh just now?’

‘Darling, it’s alright at that moment. But we must not be touching each other so freely because I like you am not comfortable going beyond what we just did. You saw my pussy before and I do not mind you seeing it when I am not wearing clothes, but not specially showing you. Understand?’

‘Why not? It’s the same thing. I really want to be able to see it close up and know what it is like inside the gap? Maybe next time you can allow me to look closer when you are changing clothes or bathing?’

‘Okay, but don’t do anything silly unless I tell you to do so. I do not want you to peep at home. I think it’s not polite to peep. I will let you know as much of my secrets so you need not find out secretly. Be a good boy and study hard.’

‘Okay mum, but today just allow me to do something?’

I then told her of my strange desire to find out how her pussy smelled.

‘Silly boy, okay. Come over and I will allow you to smell it inside the panty. But you must not touch my pussy except from the outside of my panty.’

I accepted her invitation and moved to her crotch as she unbuttoned the shorts and pulled it down to reveal her white lacy panty. I pushed my nose closer and immediately was rewarded by a highly intoxicating scent from the crotch area. It was a combination of her soap fragrance, but there was unmistaken aroma of something fresh, something delightful and cock rousing. At that moment as I savored the rich aroma of her sex, my cock began to harden and erect again. It was something so magical and must have been caused by the so-called pheromones that I had read about. Despite the strong arousal it evoked, my mind was peaceful and I felt no desire to want to copulate with her. However my blood pulse rate seemed to increase and I felt my heart thumping furiously. Mum meanwhile was fascinated as she looked at me savoring the richness of her pubes. She used her hands to pull her panty tighter to amplify the shape of her vulva and intensify my visual lust. I felt delightful sensual naughtiness as I moved my nose in response until it was touching the panty at the point where her vulva lips separated. As I lingered in that area exhaling warm breath towards the crevice, I could sense a new wetness seeping out through her panty. Ultimately she was a sexy woman at heart and light teasing of even a son seemed to heighten her exhibitionist tendencies. I was to found out the depth of this aspect of her sexual make-up later as she revealed her intimate past to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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