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Eventually, after several more minutes of zealous, almost forceful kissing in the hot tub, Maggie settled into my lap and laid her head on my shoulder, We held each other tightly. As much as I enjoyed Maggie’s fervent passion, I was starting to worry that Gloria might get a bit resentful. Up until now, Maggie had sought Gloria’s consent before moving forward. But now, her attention was solely on me and she didn’t seem to be worried about getting approval.

I looked over Maggie’s shoulder at Gloria to see if I could gauge anything from her expression. But Gloria just smiled back at me… She showed no jealousy or resentment… just love.

Then, Gloria gave me what I would call a calculating grin, and turned back to Cassandra. She leaned in and kissed her again… This time a bit more aggressively. I could see their arms moving beneath the water… Their hands were obviously exploring each other’s bodies. And despite the fact that I had just finished fucking Maggie, I began to feel a stirring between my legs once again.

Apparently, Maggie felt some movement below her as well. She lifted her head off of my shoulder and turned her head to see what was getting me worked up. When she saw Gloria and Cassandra kissing & groping, she slid off of me, turned, and sat down. She wedged herself tightly against me, then reached under the water and dropped her left hand down between my legs.

My cock was relatively limp, but I was surprised that it wasn’t completely soft and listless after what had just occurred. I was certainly in no condition to perform again, at least not right away… So I just leaned back and watched Gloria and Cassandra while Maggie softly stroked my cock, trying to bring it back to life.

I noticed that Cassandra’s top was off and hanging over the side of the hot tub… I wasn’t sure when it came off… Probably while Maggie & I were fucking. Gloria was running her hands softly over Cassandra’s breasts just below the water.

I could see the swell of Cassandra’s breasts just above the surface water. Her tan chest gave way to the milky white skin of her beautiful round boobs… Occasionally her erect pink nipples would appear just above the water line during the rise and fall of each long, deep breath she took.

Maggie was watching them intently as well, still stroking my cock softly. I reached over and put my arm around her back… Then, placing my hand over her right breast, I gently caressed, and playfully pinched her erect nipple. Maggie lifted her arm slightly to give me more access, then leaned into me even tighter, as her breathing became deeper.

We sat in the tub for another half an hour and watched each other kiss, caress, grope, and touch each other, still broken into pairs. I could have stayed in the hot tub all night, but eventually, it got to the point that everyone seemed ready to get out, and move inside.

Directing the question to Gloria, I asked, “Do we want to move inside? Maybe get some fresh drinks?”

“Sure,” Gloria replied.

I retrieved my swim trunks and the various bikini pieces floating around the tub, and hung them up over the side. Then I stood up and climbed out of the water… Maggie watched me as my penis broke the surface of the water… It had grown a bit, and now hung with a bit more firmness & fullness.

I grabbed our towels, threw one around my shoulders, and held the rest in my arms. Maggie stepped out first… She was, of course, completely naked, and she was not at all bashful about being complete nude outdoors. I took her hand and helped her step out of the tub, watching her long, gorgeous legs as she swung them over the side of the tub… She smiled at me and left her legs parted for several seconds, allowing me a look at her tight slit. Then as she stepped down, I gave her a quick kiss before I handed her a towel.

As Maggie dried off on the deck, Cassandra began to climb out… I took her left hand to guide her off of the side of the tub. She still had her bikini bottoms on, and she held her right arm over her breasts… She was obviously a bit more shy about being exposed. Her nipples were hidden by her arm, but as she hopped onto the deck from the side of the tub, the underside of her large, milky white tits quivered and jiggled. I handed her a towel, then gave her a kiss, before she wrapped it around her chest and headed for the door to the great room.

As I helped Gloria out of the tub, I noticed that she too still had her bikini bottoms on, but she made no attempt to cover her breasts. She stepped down to the deck, then wrapped her arms around me and gave me a passionate kiss. Then I handed her a towel and she followed Maggie and Cassandra into the house.

As I walked into the house, the first thing I noticed was the chill in the air… I could literally feel the breeze of cold air being pumped out of the air conditioner vents. I instinctively dropped my hand down over my penis… It was bound to shrink up from the cold.

It was obvious that I wasn’t the only one that was cold. Gloria canlı bahis had her towel hanging over her shoulders and I could see her nipples poking straight outward. Maggie had her towel around her waist and I could see goosebumps on her arms and her nipples pointed straight out from her small tits. Cassandra had her towel wrapped up around her chest, but she was tightly hugging herself with her arms.

I made a quick detour to the bedroom and yanked the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around Gloria and Cassandra who were standing beside each other. Then, as I walked passed Maggie I gave her a sly grin. Then I reached out and tugged her towel off of her waist, taking it with me as I continued toward the kitchen to get fresh drinks. Maggie let out a playful shriek and chased after me.

I got to the kitchen, and Maggie was just a couple of steps behind… When she caught up to me, she playfully pushed me up against the refrigerator and kissed me, giving my soft cock a few quick, playful tugs in the process.

After pouring the drinks, we returned to the great room, each carrying two glasses. Gloria and Cassandra were sitting on the couch, buried under the blanket. We set the glasses down on the coffee table in front of them. I was prepared to climb onto the couch and snuggle up under the blanket myself, but before I could, Maggie put her arm around my waist and stood next to me.

We stood side-by-side in the middle of the great room completely naked. I looked over at Maggie with curiosity… She had a devious look in her eyes, and I was sure she was up to something.

Maggie looked at Gloria and Cassandra, and said, “Um… I noticed we have a problem here,” she continued, “Shawn and I discussed it in the kitchen… It doesn’t seem fair that we’re the only ones naked.”

As the word ‘naked’ came out of Maggie’s mouth, she reached down and gave my penis a quick wiggle… When she did, Gloria giggled, and Cassandra grinned, as her eyes dropped down to my cock… It was starting to slowly rise again.

“So,” Maggie went on, “I think it’s only fair that you both strip for us.”

Then, Maggie grabbed my hand and led me to the couch where she started to pull the blanket off of Gloria and Cassandra… Following her lead, I grabbed the other end of the blanket and pulled it loose from their grip.

Gloria and Cassandra were giggling as I wrestled the blanket off of their bodies. But as soon as I had the blanket in my arms, Gloria stood up and moved to the middle of the room.

Maggie and I sat down on the middle of the couch and we pulled the blanket up over us… Cassandra sat at the far left end of the couch, her towel still wrapped tightly around her. Gloria was still standing in the middle of the room… With just a towel over her shoulders, and her bikini bottoms on, it would obviously be a brief show.

We looked up at Gloria, and without saying a word, she started slowly gyrating her hips while she held the towel up, blocking our view of her tits. She looked just a little embarrassed, but I could tell she was excited about exposing herself in front of everyone.

Giggling, she slowly dropped the towel downward, giving us quick peeks of her bare tits, before pulling the towel back up. Then, she turned around so her back was facing us and dropped the towel to the floor. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at us while she swayed her hips from side to side

She slowly turned around, her hands flat on her chest covering her boobs. The she dropped her hands down to her hips and slowly shimmied her bikini bottoms downwards… Stopping just above her pussy. Her bikini now barely hanging off of her waist, she slide her hands up over her stomach… Then, raising them further, she pushed her breasts upward, pinching her nipples as she did.

She quickly spun around giving us a view of the top half of her ass exposed above the bikini… I glanced at both Maggie and Cassandra, and they looked mesmerized.

Gloria reached back down and gripped her bikini, then bent at the waist. Her legs were spread about a foot apart as she began to slowly slide them down… Over her ass… To her knees… Then around her ankles.

She stayed bent over for several seconds, giving us a clear view of her clean shaven pussy between her legs from across the room. Gloria stood back up, stepped out of her bikini, and turned towards us. After pulling my eyes up from her beautiful naked body, I noticed she had devilish grin on her face, and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

I was fully erect and was slowly working my hand over my cock under the blanket… But only Gloria had noticed my arm movement… The girls were too busy watching Gloria.

When Maggie noticed Gloria staring at me, she glanced over and saw what I was doing. She pulled the blanket up so I was exposed below the waist. Seeing my rock hard cock, she grabbed it and took over masturbating me.

Gloria just smiled and walked towards us. She stepped around the coffee table, then sat her bare ass down on bahis siteleri the glass table top, facing us, while watching Maggie slowly slide her hand up my shaft. She slowly spread her legs… a little at a time, until her knees were spread far apart. Maggie and I stared at her beautiful pussy, as Cassandra scooted over closer to us for a more clear view. Gloria had obviously shaved while in the bathroom earlier today… The skin between her legs was silky smooth, without a hint of stubble.

Maggie continued to stroke my cock as Gloria stood up and turned around… Her ass was just a foot in front of my face when she bent over and put her hands on the table in front of her. I had the perfect view of her glistening pussy and tight anus, wide open right in front of me.

Gloria started to push her ass back towards me, and I was preparing for her sit down on my rigid cock, when we were interrupted…

“We still have another act,” Maggie said. Then, letting go of my cock before sliding to her right, she said to Gloria, “Here.. sit down between us,” then patted her hand on the couch.

Maggie turned towards Cassandra to my left, and said, “Your turn.”

I slid over on the couch, and Gloria dropped down into the open space between me & Maggie. As she squeezed in between us, the feeling of her soft, smooth skin making contact with mine gave me chills, and I became even more turned on. She was wedged tightly between us, and I couldn’t help but to put my hands on her… I dropped my right hand down in between her legs and carressed the inside of her thighs, as all three of us turned our attention forward.

Cassandra had moved to the center of the room… Her shoulders were bare above her towel, and the entire length of her legs were exposed below. It was at that moment I realized I had never seen Cassandra completely nude… Sure, I had seen her tits in the hot tub, and on the beach… But even when we had fucked, her lower half was completely blocked from my view.

My arousal level jumped, and I reached down and began stroking my cock again. I was totally captivated by Cassandra, who was shyly standing in the middle of the room in front of her audience of three.

Maggie said, “Come closer… We want a better view.”

Without saying a word, Cassandra came towards us, stopping just on the other side of the coffee table. I was surprised by how embarrassed she seemed… Despite all the intimate moments we had all been through together, her cheeks were flushed and she seemed very apprehensive standing right in front of us.

After a few moments of hesitation, Cassandra reached up and began loosening the towel where it was tucked in above her breasts. As soon as it was loose, she pulled each end of the towel outwards and dropped it on the floor. She stood in front of us timidly in just her bikini bottoms, hands at her sides.

Cassandra’s breasts were, in my opinion, perfect… They were large, but still firm and perky… Her tits pointed almost upwards and the soft underside of her boobs were perfectly round. Each breast was surrounded by matching tan lines that dropped down into a ‘V’ shape sinking into her cleavage. Her breasts were an alabaster white where her bikini top blocked the sun, and her areolas were light pink, about the size of half dollars. Her erect nipples were a darker shade of pink.

She still looked a bit apprehensive, but was now staring down between my legs as I stroked my cock, which was now sticking straight out in front of me, and at full length. Gloria moved her left hand to my thigh and softly teased my balls with her finger tips, without ever glancing away from Cassandra.

Finally, Cassandra reached down and pushed her bikini down her legs until they hung around her ankles… She carefully lifted her legs one at a time and stepped out of them, before standing upright.

The skin below her waist, and above her legs was a soft milky white in the shape of her bikini bottoms and her pussy was neatly trimmed… Just a thin strip of light hair… It was less than an inch wide, and extended above her pussy by no more than two inches. Her pussy lips were clearly visible below the narrow stripe of pubic hair… They were thin, with very little space between them, and disappeared as they narrowed down between her legs.

I was hypnotized by my first view of Cassandra’s pussy, only slightly distracted when Gloria moved her hand from my inner thighs to my cock.

Maggie said, “Cassandra, come over here… I think Shawn needs a better view.”

Cassandra stepped around the coffee table and stopped directly in front of me… As I leaned forward, the sweet musky scent of sex emanated from between her legs. I reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her close, then eagerly pushed my lips onto her pussy.

As I extended my tongue, blindly searching for her clitoris with my mouth, Cassandra let out a barely audible gasp… Then she put her hands on the top of my head, and pulled me closer while spreading her legs a several inches further bahis şirketleri apart.

Cassandra’s pussy tasted quite different from Gloria’s. Or, as far as I remembered, different from Brooke’s or any of the couple of other women I had been with in college… Cassandra tasted like what I would describe as slightly tart, but sweet peaches.

I was totally entranced by Cassandra’s fragrant aroma and flavor. I aggressively pushed my tongue into her vagina. As I did, she increased the pressure of her hands on my head, pushing me into her deeper. Glancing upwards could see her stomach expand and contract above me, as her breathing became heavier.

I desperately wanted to get Cassandra off, but wanted more access… I pulled my mouth away, quickly stood up and turned her around. I gently guided her onto the couch, into the same spot I was just sitting as I pushed the coffee table back with my right foot.

Cassandra sunk back into the couch as I knelt down in front of her. Then, she lifted her feet up onto the couch, knees in the air, and spread her legs. I reached down with both hands and gently spread her pussy lips with my fingers, then eagerly sunk my head down between her legs… My tongue went straight to her clitoris, and I ran my tongue across it…

Cassandra let out a soft, but discernible whimper of pleasure as I steadily, and persistently, licked her clit. When she let out another soft moan I turned my eyes upward, and noticed that her eyes were shut tightly and Maggie had moved back behind the couch. She was leaning over it, and had her hands over Cassandra’s breasts… Gloria was leaning into Cassandra midsection, softly kissing her tummy around her belly button.

I pushed my tongue forward, with just a bit more pressure and flicked it up and down over Cassandra’s exposed pussy. As I did, I moved my hands to the underside of her thighs and pushed her legs further back… This led to her slit opening even further, giving me complete, open access.

My eyes still looking up at Cassandra, I dropped my right hand down from her thigh, and pushed the tip of my finger against her anus. As soon as my finger made contact, she let out a gasp of surprise and and looked down at me opening her eyes wide, as she clinched her butt cheeks together.

I quickly pulled my finger away from her asshole and gave her a reassuring look and continued softly licking her pussy. After a few seconds, she relaxed, and opened her legs up another couple of inches.

I slowly slid my tongue downwards, until it was down to the narrow strip of skin separating her vagina and anus. Continuing in a slow, downward motion, I allowed my tongue to drop down to her tight, puckered anus. Her entire body quivered, and this time she didn’t tighten up, or clinch her cheeks together… Instead she pushed her hips forward as my tongue circled around her butt hole, occasionally probing it with just the tip of my tongue.

Cassandra was now letting out long, soft moans… And as I moved my mouth back up to her pussy, I looked up again… and met Gloria’s eyes… She was resting her head on Cassandra’s lower stomach, watching me intently with a smile on her face…

I went back to work on Cassandra’s clit, and as I did, I pushed my finger into her ass… just a fingertip… Not even to the first knuckle… And then, after just a few gentle flicks of my tongue, Cassandra let out a loud, drawn out moan as her entire body trembled.

I immediately knew Cassandra came… The taste of her pussy juices subtly changed from delicate, sweet peaches to an equally delectable, but more tart, acidic composition as she collapsed back and sunk into the couch. As I rose back up on my knees, Maggie was working her way back around to the front side of the couch.

Though it’s hard to describe, and maybe I was the only one that fully sensed it, there was the feeling of sexual desire in the the room… Really, more like a deep yearning or hunger. I think we were all eagerly anticipating more exploration… How far would we go to please each other?

Gloria placed her hand on my arm to get my attention… She gave me a sly smile and asked, “My turn?” Then spread her legs.

My cock was rock hard, and needed attention, but I knew Gloria wanted me to please her orally. So, still on my knees, I moved over in front of her, and dropped my head down between her open thighs.

By now, I knew exactly how to get Gloria off… I knew exactly the way she liked me to eat her pussy. As the familiar fragrance of Gloria’s pussy wafted into my nostrils, I pushed my lips down onto her labia. Just as I did, I felt the cushion she was sitting on move and shift, and I looked up.

Maggie had climbed onto the couch and was standing above me. She stepped over us, her feet sinking into the cushion as she did. Facing Gloria, with one leg on each side of her hips, she bent her knees slightly and pushed her cunt right into Gloria’s face.

Gloria hesitated in surprise for just a second, but then pushed her mouth up against Maggie’s pussy. I was now completely distracted from Gloria’s needs as I looked upward… I had the perfect view from below… Maggie’s legs spread, her vagina open and exposed, and Gloria’s tongue gently gliding over it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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