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Ch. XIV: After The Luau

As they drove to Susan’s house Tom committed, “great party, but I think we will need real food at mine this weekend.”

“What do you mean, ‘real food’?” questioned Susan.

“You know like hamburgers and stuff,” he replied.

“I know what you boys need,” said Judy.

Tom and Susan looked at each other and started to laugh.

“To eat!” she said.

“That’s good but do you think you could handle four tongues at one time?” laughed Tom.

“I thought you invited 7 boys?” questioned Susan.

“I did but half of us will take you and the other half will get her and then maybe we will trade off latter,” replied Tom.

“Oh Tom, your dreaming, none of your friends would be interested in a couple of old women, besides after a few beers none of you boys will be able to do anything anyway,” Judy said.

“We’ll see,” said Tom, “and I wouldn’t refer to either of you as old women.”

“Thank you Tom for the complement, but Judy and I won’t be part of your party,” Susan added. “Just pull in the driveway, do you two want to come in?”

“Thank you,” said Judy, “but I have to work in the morning and need to get to bed.”

“Well I’m going to stay here with Susan tonight,” Tom replied as he climbed out of the car and grabbed Susan around the waist, spun her around, and placed his lips firmly on hers.

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow evening,” Judy replied as she backed out of the driveway and headed home. Tom’s commits echoed in her mind as she drove alone through the dark streets. Four young, firm bodies with their hands and tongues caressing her body. The thought started the heat to rise in her body and her breathing started to increase. “Stop it Judy these boys would not be interested in you,” she told herself.

She pulled into her drive and parked her car. Judy went into the house and decided she would shower before she went to bed. She undressed and noticed that her panties were wet. “Ummmm” escaped from her lips as she thought about her and Ed earlier. She stepped into the shower and the warm water pelted her naked body and dripped off the tips of her large nipples that were getting firm. She closed her eyes and allowed her hands to follow the rivers of water over her ample breast and down across her abdomen. Her hands reached the junction of her thighs and a low illegal bahis moan escaped her lips as she rubbed over the shaved, pouting lips of her love box. Suddenly her head was again filled with the picture of four young men rubbing her body, kissing her, and trying to place their hard members into her. Judy fell back against the wall of the shower as her fingers rubbed her magic button and her body began to convulse. “Ohhh yessss” she cried as the waves of pleasure once again this evening swept over her.

As her nerves quit tingling and she was able to open her eyes she said to herself, “you are not going to make it with Tom’s friends just get that thought out of your head right now Judy!” She finished her shower, set her alarm and headed to bed.

During the night she dreamed of Bobby and Jeff lying beside her, rubbing her body, she felt them remove her clothing and each of the young men took one of her large nipples in their mouths. She felt the stimulation cause her nipples to harden and become like rocks. The she felt someone slid between her legs and a tongue lick across her clit, she felt the young man suck her firm little button into his mouth and gently nibble on it with firm but soft pressure. She felt him run his finger into her now dripping hole while his thumb rubbed down the sensitive skin between her holes. She felt his thumb rub the opening and then slid into her back hole while his fingers danced inside her wet hole. She couldn’t take anymore as the tongue flickered across her clit. Her body convulsed and bucked on the bed as a massive orgasm consumed her.

When she opened her eyes gone were the young men and her hand was between her legs, her fingers soaked with her love juices. “I’ll be glad when this party is over, why did Tom have to make those commits?” With that she drifted back to sleep.

As the lights of the car faded into the distance Tom and Susan broke their kiss and headed for the door. Susan unlocked the door, stepped quickly inside and shut off the alarm system. Tom followed her and when she had finished turning off the alarm turned into his waiting arms. His lips met hers and his tongue darted in between her lips. One hand reached under her blouse and rubbed the hard nipple under the soft material. His other hand started to fumble with the buttons in the front. By the time he broke the kiss Tom had illegal bahis siteleri unbuttoned the blouse and Susan’s chest was totally exposed.

Susan took Tom by the hand and placed a finger over her lips, then led him up the stairs. When they reached her bedroom door she slowly opened it and could see a figure under the covers. She let go of Tom’s hand and motioned for him to wait at the door. She moved across the room, climbed up on the bed, and pulled the covers down gently. Two arms came up and rapped around Susan’s neck pulling her down. She waived for Tom to come to the bed and then went back to pushing the covers down exposing Linda’s naked body.

When Tom got to the large bed he could see Susan kissing the naked woman who’s body was now accented by the moonlight that filled the room. He reached down and helped Susan who was struggling to free herself from her blouse. After the blouse was off Tom reached under her waist and undid her shorts. As he slid them down over her hips he couldn’t help but admire the effect the soft glow of the moonlight had on her soft white skin. He stepped off the bed and removed his cloths as he watched Susan’s hand slip between other woman’s legs. Tom climbed back on the bed and slipped his hard shaft between the wet folds of Susan’s love box. She moaned as he filled her and began to pump. She lowered her head and whispered in Linda’s ear.

Linda shook her head but Susan again whispered in her ear. Suddenly Susan pulled forward and Tom was left behind as she rolled over Linda and landed on her feet beside the bed. Tom was startled as he now looked at the naked Linda lying on the bed. “Tom the only time Linda has been with a man is when she was young and was raped by him. I told her that she does not know what she is missing and that you would show her. I told her that you would be gentle with her and would stop if she said to.”

Tom looked into the Linda’s big dark eyes and could see the fear. “Are you sure,” he asked as he ran his hand through her black hair.

Linda reached up and grabbed him around the neck, pulling her face into his shoulder and suddenly starting to sob. Tom pulled her close to him and felt her spongy breast crush against him. Her body shook in his arms as he consoled her. “It’s ok Linda, you don’t have to do this.”

She pulled head back from his chest canlı bahis siteleri and placed her mouth on his. Her tongue darted into his mouth as he felt her heated passion. Tom lay back on the bed pulling her soft yielding body with him. She was now on top of him and his hands started to massage her chubby body. Linda kissed Tom passionately and Susan had placed her hand between Linda’s legs and was fanning the flames that were growing in Linda. Linda felt Tom growing under her, then she looked down at him, “oh my god!! There is now way that will fit in me!!!!!”

“Kneel above him and slowly lower yourself down. I’ll be here to help you,” said Susan as her hand stroked the young woman’s wetness.

“Ok, but kiss me first,” Linda said to Susan as she positioned herself above Tom. Susan got up on her knees and her lips met Linda’s. Tom lay back on the bed excited by watching the two women make love above him.

Susan took hold of Tom’s large manhood and held it straight up, it brushed against Linda’s hot lips. Slowly she started to lower herself down. It filled her like she had never been filled before. The head stretched her lips wider apart than she could ever remember being stretched. Slowly one inch, two then three and four. She stopped. Susan’s hand was rubbing her clit and exciting her while Tom lay there like nothing was happening. The electricity was sending shock waves through her body. Susan took one of Linda’s nipples in her mouth and sucked on it while her tongue did a dance with the tip. Linda started to slide further down Tom’s hard shaft. She had used some large toys in the past and some were the expensive ones with a vinyl coating and vibrated but they could not come close to the sensation she was receiving now. Finally she only had a little bit left to go and her legs collapsed under her and she plunged the last inch deep into her. She let out a scream as Tom’s manhood stretched her insides.

“Now ride him girl,” Susan said as she released the nipple from her mouth and kissed Linda’s neck.

Linda slowly raised up and then lowered herself again as the waves of pleasure started to rock her body. Several up and down motions and it was all Linda could handle. She fell on to Tom’s chest gasping as her body shook.”

Tom rapped his arms around her and rolled over. Linda raised her legs as Tom pumped into her. He felt the heat race from his balls and explode inside this young tight woman. He rolled off of her but held her tight to him.

Susan snuggled close to these two and the tree of them drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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