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I am not a writer so bust someone else’s balls on style.
The background story on my life is one long series of off the wall sexual encounters. I am sure most would envy the escapades I have enjoyed.
I was fresh out of high school and healthy as they come. I was 6’1” tall and 175lbs. and ran several miles every day. I was at a friend’s house waiting for him to get back from wherever he went; we hung out together most of our free time. His dad was very successful, but his work caused him to travel quite a bit and even when he was home he worked long hours.
Long story short, my friend’s mom was evidently feeling somewhat frustrated about his absence.
When I had arrived at my friend’s home, his mom had answered the door and invited me in to wait. She had said he left to go see someone and should be back shortly. I noticed her speech was somewhat slurred and her movements more relaxed than usual. I found a spot on the couch and was staring at the TV when she came into the room and set down across from me with a glass of wine in her hand.
Now understand this she was not a beautiful woman but for her late thirties she had an amazing body and she was very pleasant to look at. I had checked her out many a time over the past several years and often wondered just how hot she would be in the sack. And apparently now I was going to find out.
“What is going on in your world today Mrs. Jones?” and Yes real name!
“Not a damn thing!” she replied looking a bit sullen towards life over the rim of her glass.
Now understand that Mrs. Jones never before had cursed in my presence. “Oh? Sorry about that.” I said a bit sheepishly, I liked her and had not meant to upset her.
“It isn’t your fault. My husband called and said he was going to be held over2 more days and I had been looking forward to this evening.” She still had a hurt tone to her voice. But as I looked closer at her I realized she was not in a dress as I had assumed when she met me at the door but in a fancy bath robe and her hair was made up and she had on more makeup than usual.
“I am sorry Mrs. Jones, was tonight something special? I don’t follow dates very well.’ I said to soften the dumb question.
“Yes it was going to be! Today is mine and John’s 20th wedding anniversary. He sent flowers and called to say he would not be able to get back and he would make it up to me when he did.” She paused to take a large drink of her wine, “I don’t have a lot of hope for the, “make it up to me” part .” she finished turning towards me to make izmit escort eye contact for emphasis to her statement. And in doing so she caught me checking out more than the TV show.
I had been hungrily looking her over rather hard. Her satin robe seemed to cling to her body and was quite the sight. Her breasts were obviously not confined to a bra and her C-cups were still standing very nicely on their own. Her right leg was raised slightly higher than her left, she was resting her right foot upon her left calve and the robe was slightly open. I could see about half of her inner thigh. Mrs. Jones was the perfect 1980 model MILF. She was about 5’6” and maybe 125lbs. She had shoulder length hair, dishwater blonde and she had just enough hip and butt to set off any 18 year old guy.
I tried to move my eyes to her and act as if I had not been lustfully staring at her body, but she had busted me full out. She slowly dropped her leg and shifted slightly as a light blush came into her cheeks.
“Well Phillip, I think that I should go get dressed.” As she stood up to do so the phone rang and she stepped to the end table across from my seat on the couch and answered it. “Hello.” Then a short pause, “Okay son I will tell him.”
Mrs. Jones hung up the phone and after what seemed like a strangely long pause turned and said to me, “Steven is not going to be back for some time, He wanted to say sorry and he hopes you are cool with it. Joyce has him hanging with her parents through dinner.”
Mrs. Jones had not made eye contact again until she spoke again after a short pause, “I don’t see a reason either of us should give up our plans for company this evening. Would you like a glass of wine Phil?” To this day I don’t know what I read in her eyes. I could have seen a touch of fear, loneliness, anticipation, hope, hunger or lust. Maybe it was all of these, I do not know.
I said yes I would love a glass. She turned and walked to the kitchen as if she was in no hurry. I heard the sound of glass touching glass as she poured the wine. I was hopeful she would bring it to where I set because I had a raging hard on, and if I had to stand she would surely see it. My mind had let itself run to a fantasy in which this woman was about to screw my brains out to get even with her husband.
As she walked back into the room with our wine she came to the couch where I was setting and offered one of the glasses to me, as I accepted it she sat down next to me, just far enough away not to touch my leg with hers. Holding out her glass yahya kaptan escort to me she waited for me to look into her eyes and said, “Here is to good company.” I touched my glass to hers and said, “Here’s to good company.” Our eyes were still locked together as we drank. Her a sip, me a rather large gulp.
I could see a fire light up in her eyes as she spoke again, “Am I making you nervous Phillip?” She had the most amazingly wicked smile on her face.
“Well Mrs. Jone…”
She cut me off, “Call me Anne, Phillip. It seems more cordial.”
I started again, “Well Anne, maybe just a little. I mean you look amazing and it is hard not to notice.” I played the shy guy card and looked away and took another drink.
“Why thank you! I don’t get many compliments from handsome young men these days.” She leaned into me some and asked, “Do you like my perfume?”
I had noticed her perfume and yes I liked it, but know my eyes were busily taking in the view down her robe, a hint of one of her nipples showing. “Yes Anne I like it very much.” She had been watching me and knew where my eyes had been. She smiled and leaned back as she slowly took a long sip from her glass. I followed suit with my own and found that I had emptied it. Anne set her glass on the coffe table and took mine and placed it beside hers. She stood and faced me on the couch. “Phillip, can you keep secrets?” Her eyes locked on mine in a most serious state of inquiry.
“Yes I can, I am very good at it actually.” Mrs. Jones had no way of knowing all the secrets I had been keeping most of my life. Sex is best when kept secret, even if everyone has the same secrets as you.
Anne undid the binding of her robe and let it fall open revealing her completely nude form to me. Her pussy hair trimmed into a perfect dorito and a very even and light tan. “Phillip, I am horny as hell and have not had sex in almost a year. I am offering to screw your brains out if you promise two things. One, keep it secret. Two, make it worth my time and screw my brains out back.”
“I can do both of those things Anne.” I said as I stood up causing her to have to tilt her head back to look at my face. I was no longer interested in eye contact as I place my hands on her shoulders and pushed her robe back and off her now naked skin. As it dropped to the floor I bent slightly and licked her lips lightly waiting for her mouth to open. Her lips parted and I leaned in again pushing my tongue into her mouth gently at first until her lips met mine and I felt gebze escort her push into my kiss.
We kissed for several long moments, my hands wandering over her body, caressing her back, cupping her buttocks and checking both breast with my hands. I felt her hand move to my crotch and squeeze my cock. As she did she groaned into my mouth and broke the kiss. “My God, Phillip your cock is huge!” as she started to undo my pants at a feverish pace.
It did not take long for her to have my dick in her hands as my pants fell to my knees. She was looking down at it while she stroked it. The way she was pulling on it I knew she would make me cum if I did not do something. I placed my hand on her hair and pulled back slightly causing her to tilt her head back; I kissed her again harder this time as I stepped out of my pants. Leaning down I pushed my forearm between her legs and lifted her up the hand on her hair had moved to her back and I turned slightly and laid her down on the couch. I stood up and looked down at her naked body as I removed my shirt. I could see a blush come to her cheeks as I stared at her like a wolf ready to eat. My eyes focused on to her neatly trimmed bush and I knew what I wanted. Kneeling down I lifted her legs and spread them apart and dove into her pussy with my mouth and tongue. He r juices were already flowing and she tasted so good.
I heard Anne say my name, “Phillip,.., I really need you to fuck me right now.” Her voice so imploring and filled with need I almost shot my wad on the floor.
I pulled my face away from her wonderful cunt and to a moment to look at the swollen wetness of her, Mrs. Jones, my best friend’s hot mom. I climbed up over her on the couch and placed my left hand close to her head, as I began to lower myself onto her ours eyes met again. As my cock head touched her swollen pussy I spoke into her mouth, “I really need to fuck you right now Mrs. Jones.” And drove my fully hard 10” cock into her. She screamed but not in pain, her hands clamping around my ass grabbing me and holding me fully inside her grinding her hips into mine.
“Oh FUCK, Oh Fuck!” her voice became a guttural whine, “fuuucccckkk.” And I pulled back just enough to drive forward into her again and again as she came on me cock, whining over and over again, “fuck, fuck fuck.”
I did not try to hold back when I felt my cum boiling up in me. “Anne I am going to cum in your pussy, I am cumming..”
“Oh yes fill my cunt Phillip give it to me cum for me.”
As I lay on top of her relishing in what had just happened she asked me, “So, what are you doing for the next three hours?’
“As much as you will let me.” My still hard cock jumping inside her.
More to come………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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